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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 10: Meeting with Acting Grand Master. Bahasa Indonesia


“Ah, The Grand Master Varka, a man among men, also called Knight of Boreas or by his enemies, The Titan of The Knights of Favonius and most likely the strongest person in the city of Mondstadt has departed half a year ago on an expedition and has yet to return.”

“Heh, where did he go?” Hu Tao asked.

“I might sound like a douche, but this is classified info.” Kaeya smiled wryly at her pouting face and continued, “Unfortunately no can do… Well, I can tell you that he took all the best men with him, leaving us with these…rejects.”

‘Oof that was harsh.’ Yomite thought, but a huge smile was plastered on his lips.

He glanced at Kaeya and asked,

“Kaeya, there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you ever since I met you.”

Kaeya waved his hand in affirmation, “Go on, brother.”

“There was this one weird thing that has been bugging me ever since I came here. You are the Cavalry Captain, right?”

He nodded, “Yes, the best Cavalry Captain if I may add, although it’s not like there are any other besides me.”

“I see, so…where are the cavalries?”


“There should be horses, soldiers or rather, Knights riding horses right? At least that’s how I remember the definition of Cavalries.”

This was probably the thing he paid most attention to as it was sitting on his mind the entire time. When he came here, he saw a carriage being pulled by some sort of lizard instead of a horse.

Horses. Mounts. Something he can use to travel. He wanted to ride on something. This was an isekai world, meaning there might be things like traveling lizards, ground dragons, flying traveling companions, and of course horses and donkeys, maybe even camels.

He always dreamed of riding horses. Back in his old world, he only got to see horses a few times during his life.

Horses were really rare to come by. He would even dare to say that seeing horses live in the flesh when you live in modern Japan is close to impossible, almost like winning a lottery ticket, and riding one is even more impossible.

‘Seeing that he is called the Cavalry Captain, that must mean there are some horses here…’ Yomite concluded.

“Kaeya, where are the horses?”

“…Ehm…Hmmm…umm…about that…” he had trouble explaining, “Well…you see…ehm…all of the horses were sent together with the Cavalries…to the said expedition of Grand Master Varka…”

“All of them? Wait…if all of the Cavalries were sent on the expedition…as a Cavalry Captain…shouldn’t you be there with them or am I wrong?”

Kaeya started sweating profusely, “Well…you see…” he started scratching his hand, feeling nervous, and Yomite knew he hit the bullseye.

Seeing Kaeya this anxious was a first for him. Although he looked nervous in front of Diluc, Yomite knew he was just pretending, but this was different, and something inside of him has awakened.

“Kaeya…dear brother…spit it out…” Yomite really felt like bullying him right now to get back at him from the previous stunt he has done.

“…Well…I-I…I overslept…and they left without me…”


Silence. No one spoke. It was so silent that if a pin fell on the ground, it was definitely going to be heard by everyone present. It was silent, yes. Until a certain girl blew up.

“Sir Kaeya!? Didn’t you say that the reason you didn’t go was that Grand Master Varka gave you an important mission in Mondstadt!? Was that a lie? I can’t believe you!” Amber was furious.

“E-he…Did I say something like that? I can’t quite remember now~…”

“I will tell Acting Grand Master Jean! You are a very bad boy! Even worse than the Knights from earlier!”

“…Yes…sorry…Although she already knows about it…”

“That doesn’t mean you can just push it away like that! It’s your responsibility to do something about it! What if Grand Master Varka needs you!?”

While Amber was violently abusing Kaeya with words, Yomite observed the corridor they were in. He had to admit, the building was quite grand.

There was a large hallway that acted as a huge room you would see upon entering.

There were doors on each side of the building, and even stairs that led up to the second and maybe even third floor. The building itself was made of stone bricks that brought a familiar medieval feel to Yomite.

Still, he was quite disappointed there were no horses, but he will definitely see some later on during his travels.

After apologizing profusely to Amber, Kaeya led them through one of the many doors that were present within the hallway. The door he picked was precisely the door that led to the Grand Masters Office. The room itself was composed of mainly wooden furniture of decent quality.

At the back of the room were a few rows of shelves, full of books, making it seem like a small library of some kind due to the vast quantity of them stacked across the shelves, and a few of them laying on the table.

The windows were tinned just enough for the light to permeate inside without being uncomfortable.

In the room were two women, the first one was standing near a table while holding a book and muttering to herself under her breath. She was a mature woman, presumably reaching her forties, yet still preserving a youthful charm enough to claim any man as her own. Her fair skin and gorgeous green eyes with brown hair made Yomite feel like he struck gold.

Coupled with her witch like attire, purple white dress with black gloves, large witch hat, black stockings and high heels, it made her very attractive in his eyes. A milf has appeared. A magician milf.

‘She really knows how to dress that’s for sure, and she also has a Vision, huh…Seems like everyone around me is chosen by a god.’

The Vision was clasped on the collar of her dress, once again different in design from other Visions he has seen, with a purple color as the main theme.

The other woman was tall, athletic and just like the first one, pleasing to eyes. Blonde hair tied in ponytail and blue eyes simply cliche yet beauty to behold. Yomite would guess her age to be around twenties and despite sitting down, anyone could feel she carried herself with dignity. She wore white shirt with blue tailcoat attached to it and white tights embroidered with gold diamond-dot pattern.

A bright green light shone from beside her waist. It was yet another Vision.

‘So this is the Acting Grand Master. Well I heard it was a woman but hell…does every girl in this god-damned world have to look so good? What is up with this SSS-Class beauty department. Not only that, this one has a Vision too…’

The dignified woman smiled and with her left hand, allowed her guests to take a seat, “Welcome, to the city of Mondstadt. My name is Jean, the Active Grand Master of Knights of Favonius. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


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