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Genius Summoner – Chapter 1289: Naxi Lanyi (2) Bahasa Indonesia

1289 Naxi Lanyi (2)

The giant blood-red eyes slowly narrowed with viciousness in them. Yun Feng’s smile became deeper. “You lied to me so that I’ll let you out. Don’t think about that for now.”

“Haha!” The sound of chains suddenly echoed, as if some huge creature was moving back and forth in frustration! “Even so, do you know what they want?”

“Yes! They want the summoner bloodline of the Yun family, and the purest and most strange bloodline power!” After shouting, Yun Feng’s expression suddenly turned vicious and she clenched her fists in an instant. “My brother’s soul appeared on the Central Continent for no reason. Our ancestor, Yun Lan’s soul, was taken away and everything that happened to the Yun family is related to them! I have an irreconcilable grudge with them! So…” Yun Feng raised her black eyes and looked at the ferocious giant eyes in front of her. “If you know, please tell me.”

“Hahaha, this is the best joke I’ve ever heard!” The giant blood-red eyes emitted a hint of viciousness. “Do I have to tell you if I know?”

Yun Feng’s lips curled up. “Do you want to come out?”

The giant red eye was stunned. “You’re willing to let me out?! Kid, don’t joke around!”

Yun Feng shook her head. “Why don’t we make a deal?”

“A deal?” The sound of chains dragging on the ground sounded frequently. Yun Feng waited patiently. The sound of the chains continued for a long time, making the usually quiet space unusually noisy. Finally, the sound of the chains stopped abruptly!

“Yun Feng, are you serious? If you lied to me, believe me, you’ll definitely not have a good time!”

A loud laugh spread throughout the entire space. Yun Feng looked at the huge blood-red eyes that were even taller than her in front of her and a glint of light flashed through her black eyes. “A deal certainly has to be based on fairness and honesty. If you don’t trust me, forget that I said anything.”

The blood-red eyes narrowed slightly as they sized Yun Feng up from head to toe. “Hm! It doesn’t matter if I believe you once. If you change your mind, you’ll suffer in the end!”

Yun Feng nodded. “Since you’ve agreed, you should understand the conditions of the deal. Tell me everything you know about that mysterious organization, and I… promise to set you free when I have the ability!”

“When you have the ability?” There were traces of confusion in the blood-red eyes. Yun Feng chuckled. “You know very well that I don’t have the ability to let you out at all right now. I can’t even see your real appearance clearly.”

“Humph! Got it!” The blood-red eyes closed and the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up in satisfaction. If the Yun family really sealed this giant beast into their bloodline, it seemed that it wasn’t a coincidence that it entered her body.

“I don’t know if the mysterious organization you’re talking about is the same as what I know. If it’s not the same, the deal between us can’t be nullified!”

Yun Feng pondered for a while. “Most of them use dark elements. The black robe they’re wearing has mysterious and complicated patterns. Of course, if you want to confirm, you can.” She flipped her wrist and a small bottle appeared. Yun Feng opened the bottle and something hazy and translucent immediately floated out, trying to escape. Yun Feng reached out and grabbed the milky white soul fiercely.

“Yun Feng! Let me go!” The soul of the hooded man struggled crazily in Yun Feng’s hand. Yun Feng sneered and looked at the blood-red eyes in front of her. “Do you see it clearly?” She lifted the soul in her hand in front of the blood-red eyes. The soul of the hooded man suddenly calmed down and turned around slightly. He immediately struggled crazily again.

“Yun Feng! Let me go back! Let me go back quickly!” The man in the hood was stared at by the huge red eyes and his words were trembling with fear. He tried his best to get back into the bottle from Yun Feng’s hand. The huge red eyes glanced at her. “Haha, I didn’t expect you to catch one?”

Yun Feng stuffed the soul into the bottle. This time, the man in the hood didn’t want to escape at all. He stayed in the bottle very obediently. Yun Feng closed the bottle and put it back. “Is it the same as what you know?”

“More or less. Only those above the God Level can keep their souls after they die, but the one you caught also kept its soul at a very low level.”

“They keep souls above the God Level?” Yun Feng was stunned. A glint of light flashed through her huge red eyes. “Why? Have you never heard of the saying that those above the God Level are immortal?”

Yun Feng was a bit shocked. Above the God Level were the immortals… In other words… Bai Zhiyu wasn’t dead! At least, his body was destroyed, but his soul body might have escaped! “You’re lucky. When your five-element fusion burst out, even his soul would be destroyed. Otherwise, why do you think those Gods were running for their lives?”

Yun Feng heaved a sigh of relief in her mind. She didn’t want to leave such a root of trouble behind. She wouldn’t give him a chance to recuperate before letting him make a comeback! She must eliminate the source of the problem!

“It seems that what you know should be the same thing as what I want to know.” Yun Feng smiled lightly as darkness flashed in the blood-red eyes. “If you want to know, it doesn’t matter if I tell you! You must remember the deal between us clearly. I’ll wait for the day you fulfill your promise!”

Yun Feng smiled. “Alright, deal!”

Half of the Yun family’s mansion had been destroyed, but the main hall was still intact. After a few months of intense repairing, the damaged parts had already been cleaned and rebuilt. Many members of the Yun family were focused on cultivation. There was a faint golden color in the air in the courtyard behind the Yun family. It was the Golden Cauldron Fluid that had already fused into the air! With the help of the Golden Cauldron Fluid, even if the younger generation of the Yun family had been tampered with, they would still make a lot of progress.

Today, the Yun family welcomed a few very special people. Visitors from the Inner Region came again. This time, they were going to take the Yun family to the Inner Region officially. However, before going to the Inner Region, they certainly had to make things difficult for the Yun family.

“Congratulations to the Yun family for getting the opportunity to enter the Inner Region. You must seize it this time.” Three people came to the Inner Region this time. They were all at the God Level. The three elders of the Yun family and Yun Xiang were receiving them in the main hall. The three of them looked at each other. “Why don’t I see Yun Feng? Why? Are the three of us not worthy for her to welcome us in person?”


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