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Genius Summoner – Chapter 1287: 1287 Master’s Power (4) Bahasa Indonesia

1287 Master’s Power (4)

The Great Elder of the Yun family nodded. “To be able to defeat a level-6 God, the power must be above that!”

After the fierce collision between the Yun family and the Bai family, Yun City regained its usual peace. On that day, because the Yun family’s mansion was located in the deepest part of Yun City and because of Mu Canghai’s spatial blockade, Yun City wasn’t damaged much. Even though almost half of the Yun family’s mansion was destroyed, the members of the Yun family didn’t complain at all. Soon, the Yun family would return to the Inner Region!

The Bai family, on the other hand, had completely declined. The leader of the Bai family, Bai Zhiyu, died in the Yun family. The pharmacist, Bai Qingfeng, left the Yun family. The outstanding member of the younger generation, Bai Qingyan, was also dead. The Bai family could be said to have collapsed in an instant. Their status as one of the ten cities would probably not be stable anymore in the future. They would be in danger of being ostracized sooner or later. However, no matter how much the Bai family hated the Yun family, there was nothing they could do. The leader was already dead. The remaining people wouldn’t dare to cause trouble at the Yun family’s door even if they had a hundred guts. Besides, the status and position of the Yun family would be very different if they returned to the Inner Region decisively.

The changes in the ten cities could be said to be the biggest and most obvious this time. The Jiang family had the most complicated emotions. Even though they didn’t get the qualification to enter the Inner Region, the Yun family was leaving and the Bai family declined. The Jiang family was the king in the world outside of the circle of power. They more or less got some pretty good gains.

The other cities naturally learned about the battle between the Yun family and the Bai family soon after. They only sighed at Bai Zhiyu’s boldness and ruthlessness. The friendship between the two families for so many years was ruined in one day. It was truly a bit unbelievable. The Yun family didn’t do anything. The Bai family really shot themselves in the foot. The discussion was all in secret. The identity of the Yun family was different from before. The other cities were more or less a bit more fearful.

The Yun family had been recuperating during this period of time. The ordinary houses that had been destroyed were simply repaired. It was fine as long as they could accommodate people. The atmosphere of cultivation in the Yun family was unprecedentedly high. It was to accept the challenge after entering the Inner Region and not let anyone bully the Yun family!

They were united and worked hard to improve. Such an atmosphere made the elders of the Yun family feel gratified and proud! It also made the three elders of the Yun family heave a long sigh of relief. After all, Yun Feng was the reason why the Yun family could be so energetic today.

Bai Qingfeng, who was on his last breath, gradually got better during this period of time. He was already awake, but his body was still very weak. He stayed in Yun Xiang’s yard. Even though Bai Qingfeng was using the surname Bai, everyone knew what he did for the Yun family. The members of the Yun family also acknowledged this live-in son-in-law in their minds. And Yun Xiang still took on the responsibility of taking care of Bai Qingfeng after he woke up. Even though she was very awkward, Bai Qingfeng smiled happily every day.

“Silly, it’s time for your medicine!” Yun Xiang pushed the door open and came in. She saw Bai Qingfeng leaning against the bed and smiling foolishly alone. Yun Xiang shook her head helplessly. She really didn’t know what he was smiling about. What exactly was there to smile for?

Bai Qingfeng raised his head with warmth in his eyes. “Xiao Xiang.”

Yun Xiang’s entire body went numb because of Yun Feng’s gaze and tone. She couldn’t help but blush. “Why are you shouting? Drink the medicine!” She stuffed the medicine bowl in her hand into Bai Qingfeng’s own hand. Bai Qingfeng chuckled and glanced at Yun Feng with an extremely warm gaze as he drank the medicine in his hand in one gulp.

Bai Qingfeng didn’t have any psychological burden anymore right now. He was almost killed by his biological father. He had completely given up on the Bai family and Bai Zhiyu in his mind. Besides, his pharmaceutical ability had made a lot of contributions to the Bai family over the years. After all, he didn’t owe the Bai family anything. If it weren’t for Yun Xiang and the Yun family, he would have lost his life in the Bai family.

“It’s great to see you,” said Bai Qingfeng in a low voice. Yun Xiang was startled and grabbed the medicine bowl a bit rudely. “What nonsense are you talking about? I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Bai Qingfeng chuckled and nodded. “Yes, I know you care about me.”

Yun Xiang suddenly blushed and glared at Bai Qingfeng furiously. This fool was much bolder. He would never say such things in the past. Who taught him to say such things?

“Brother Qingfeng, are you feeling better?” The door was pushed open again and a little head stuck in. When she saw that Yun Xiang was also here, she stuck out her tongue abruptly. “Sister Xiao Xiang, you’re here too…”

Yun Xiang looked at Yun Xiaoxiao, who seemed to have done something wrong, and her face suddenly darkened. “Xiaoxiao, it seems that you visit this idiot quite often.”

Yun Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue and walked in, closing the door. Bai Qingfeng chuckled on the bed. Yun Xiang immediately understood something and narrowed his eyes. “Xiaoxiao, did you teach this fool to say that, huh?”

Seeing that Yun Xiang was about to burst into fury, Yun Xiaoxiao raised her head in embarrassment. “Sister Xiao Xiang, I just asked Brother Qingfeng to be straightforward… We know everything about you two…”

“You!” Yun Xiang blushed and scolded with a smile. Bai Qingfeng said, “Xiao Xiang, I have to thank Xiaoxiao. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t understand your feelings.”

“My feelings? Don’t listen to other people’s nonsense, you idiot!” Yun Xiang’s face became even redder. Bai Qingfeng only felt that the person in front of him was very cute when he saw this. If it weren’t that his body was weak, he would have hugged her and held her in his arms.

Yun Xiaoxiao also smiled when she saw how shy Yun Xiang was. However, she thought of something and her face immediately darkened. “If Sister Xiao Feng can wake up and see Sister Xiao Xiang and Brother Qingfeng like this, she’ll definitely be happy.”

“Yun Feng?” Bai Qingfeng raised his brows. “She’s still not awake?”

Yun Xiaoxiao nodded. “I just came from Sister Feng’s place. She’s still not awake.” She looked much more lonely. Yun Xiang’s face also darkened after hearing that. Ever since Yun Feng fell unconscious because of the exhaustion of her mental strength, she hadn’t opened her eyes and had been unconscious.

“It’s been almost half a year. The idiot has already woken up. How can she not wake up?” Yun Xiang was about to walk out anxiously, when Yun Xiaoxiao immediately stopped her. “Sister Xiao Xiang! Let Sister Xiao Feng rest in peace. With Qu Lanyi here, Sister Xiao Feng should be fine! I heard from the Great Elder that Qu Lanyi is a light-element mage!”

Yun Xiang and Bai Qingfeng weren’t surprised. Bai Qingfeng’s life was saved thanks to Qu Lanyi. That’s right. With him here, how would anything happen to Yun Feng?


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