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Book 4: Chapter 94: Number Eight Dongfang

As Gu Hai and Fairy Waner weaved through Major Metropolitan City, the spies of many factions followed, including Xi Yong, who wanted to kill Gu Hai.

Gu Hai guessed that many factions were following him. With Fairy Waner’s growth in her music Dao, her hearing had improved further, which allowed her to hear the voices of these people.

She could even hear Xi Yong and Mister Dongfang discussing killing Gu Hai and herself.

However, Fairy Waner just glanced at Gu Hai and did not say anything.

When Fairy Waner extracted the Damage Fixing Pearl and opened the Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array’s entrance, those spies goggled.

“What’s that? Where did that hole in space come from?”

“How did Mister Gu cause such a big commotion again?”

“Hurry! Quickly, report this to the clan head! Hurry!”

“Hurry! Inform the nearby soldiers to seal off this place!”

The sounds of the various factions rushing about reached her.

Xi Yong’s group of four goggled on the summit of a mountain.

The two guards stood at the very back, while the white-robed Mister Dongfang stood behind Xi Yong.

“What is…” Xi Yong goggled as he stared at that black hole.

“An entrance? Gu Hai managed to find another entrance?” Mister Dongfang said sullenly.

“Mister Dongfang, what entrance are you talking about? Could it be…” Xi Yong’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Finding an entrance is pointless. My main body found an entrance as well. However, entering it is extremely difficult. Humph!” Mister Dongfang said seriously.

“Main body?” Xi Yong looked at Mister Dongfang in confusion.

“Gu Hai is about to escape. Don’t let him get away! Humph! He killed Number Seven Dongfang. I’ll take revenge for Number Seven. Let’s follow,” Mister Dongfang said coldly.

“Ah? Are we going to just ignore this entrance?” Xi Yong looked reluctantly at that entrance.

“Just ignore it. My main body should already know about it. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu knows about it too. Are you going to try and snatch it away from Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?” Mister Dongfang said.

“Uh, right!” Xi Yong nodded, immediately understanding.

The group of four rushed after Gu Hai and Fairy Waner, in close pursuit.

Gongyang Sheng, Long Shenwu, and the others had been paying attention to Gu Hai. However, the two immediately ignored Gu Hai the moment the entrance appeared, switching to staring at the entrance instead.

As the entrance grew larger, more experts rushed over. Ripples even appeared in the sky about Major Metropolitan City, spreading out in all directions.

However, Gu Hai and Fairy Waner could not be bothered with all this. They directly sped to the south city gate.

The south city gate was in turmoil at this moment.

“There are guards checking the city gates, even when there is no commotion in the city. How are you going to get out?” Fairy Waner frowned.

“Do we even need to care about those guards with our strength? The gate is open. We can just barge out. Furthermore, it is currently so chaotic. Let’s go!” Gu Hai pulled on Fairy Waner as he shot towards the city gates.


Gu Hai and Fairy Waner zoomed out in an instant. The guards could not even see who had passed them.

“Who is it?”


The guards shouted.


Fairy Waner extended her hand and threw palm strikes in all directions.

After all, Fairy Waner had already reached the Heavenly Palace Realm. These guards were just in the Golden Core Realm, at best the Nascent Soul Realm. Furthermore, the Nascent Soul Realm guards were paying attention to the ripples in the city. How could the others be a match for Fairy Waner?


Gu Hai and Fairy Waner rushed out, leaving through the south city gate. Then, Gu Hai took out a flying ship with a wave of his hand.


The flying ship quickly carried the two far away.


The guards’ expressions changed as they got back to their feet. Even now, they still did not know who it was. They only felt two people racing by like a gust of wind.

“Hurry! Inform the higher-ups! Two people broke out of the city earlier!” one of the guards immediately shouted.


Xi Yong’s group arrived at this moment.

“Young Archduke?” The guards felt slightly startled.

“Trash!” Xi Yong shouted angrily.

After leaving the city gate, the four boarded a flying ship and gave chase into the distance.


Two flying ships coursed through the air—one in front and one behind.

Gu Hai’s flying ship was in front. He was about to go and meet up with his subjects outside the city when a blue flaming serpent rushed over from behind.

“What?” Gu Hai’s expression changed as the flying ship’s defensive barrier activated.


The fire was like a chain, instantly wrapping around Gu Hai’s flying ship. Then, another flying ship appeared amid the fire.

“Mister Dongfang, your enchanted treasure is incredible! Hahahaha!” Xi Yong suddenly guffawed.

Mister Dongfang held a blue talisman, the source of the blue fire.

Gu Hai’s flying ship stopped. The other flying ship stopped as well.

Xi Yong?

Gu Hai did not feel surprised. Rather, he had been anticipating that Xi Yong would seek trouble for him. However, he heard Xi Yong call out Mister Dongfang’s name.

The figure next to Xi Yong appeared exactly like Mister Dongfang.

“Mister Dongfang? Didn’t you already die at Dragon Vein City? How did you come back to life?” Gu Hai shouted while glaring.

“It’s good that you admitted to it. Hehehe! I did not believe it when they said that you killed Number Seven Dongfang. Indeed, it was you, after all. It looks like I did not find the wrong person,” Mister Dongfang said coldly.

“Number Seven Dongfang?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

“I am Number Eight Dongfang!”

Gu Hai’s face sank. Number Seven? Number Eight? Don’t tell me there are more of them?

“Humph! Gu Hai, no one ever dared to frame me and lived. Both of you can forget about leaving today. Hah! You did not expect me to come, right? Hahaha!” Xi Yong sneered.

“I had long guessed that it was you. I just did not expect you to be so cowardly. I thought that you would have brought your men to barge into my manor days ago. Unexpectedly, you still did not do it,” Gu Hai said.

Xi Yong: “…”

“Humph! Words are useless now. Hehe! This demon woman? She looks quite pretty? I happened to be tired of one of my concubines already. After I kill you, I will replace that concubine with this demon woman. Hahaha!” Xi Yong said sinisterly.

“Kill me? Ha! Xi Yong, I don’t seem to have that deep a grudge with you. Had you not insisted on barging into my manor that day, I would not have shouted like that. Furthermore, I did not frame you. They were all facts. What? You want to kill me just because I did not let you do as you pleased?” Gu Hai said coldly.

“That’s right. I never need a reason to kill people!” Xi Yong said coldly.

However, Gu Hai revealed a cold smile as he looked at the four. “Is this all you have? Yet, you want to get in my way?”


The two guards suddenly appeared in front of Xi Yong. They held up their weapons with murderous intent as they unleashed berserk auras.

“They are Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators,” Fairy Waner said with a frown.

“There’s no need to worry. Just protect yourself.” Gu Hai shook his head as he stepped forward.


Gu Hai reached back and drew the Life Executioner Saber.

Gu Hai did not show any fear of the two Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators. He even approached.

Xi Yong’s expression changed slightly. Things were not developing as he expected.

“Ha, Xi Yong, there is still time if you leave now. If you wait any later, then don’t blame me,” Gu Hai said with narrowed eyes.

The faces of the two guards sank slightly. Indeed, Gu Hai did not show any fear in his eyes.

“Even Qin Zibai was no match for me in Five Sacred Mountains Academy. Ha! Yet, you only have these two?” Gu Hai sneered.

“Five Sacred Mountains Academy? That was because you tore ‘Bring in the Wine’ and gained an infusion of noble spirit, which allowed you to defeat Qin Zibai. However, you are now just an ordinary Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.” Xi Yong glared.

Gu Hai showed a cold expression and suddenly took another step forward.

As he set himself as tengen, hundreds of saber qi promptly appeared around him, forming a saber qi domain.

“Hurry! Kill him!” Xi Yong cried out.


One of the guards charged forward.

“Cycle Saber Technique…Third Cycle!” Gu Hai shouted.

The Life Executioner Saber flared with a dazzling purple light. When Gu Hai executed the Third Cycle, a strong saber conception rushed over.

The two guards suddenly felt their hair stand on end. This was especially so for the guard charging forward. His face sank further as he thrust his sword at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai nearly managed to execute the Third Cycle outside Dragon Vein City in the past. However, he could now barely execute it after the recent increases in his cultivation. Although it was not as powerful as when he fought with Qin Zibai, its power posed a threat to Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators.

As the purple light rushed into the sky, the saber’s edge contacted the manifested sword.


With a loud report, a shock wave surged out in all directions.

The explosive power of the Life Executioner Saber swept out berserkly together with electricity.


That guard let out an agonized scream. The sword in his hand exploded, along with his right arm, which held the sword.


That guard vomited a mouthful of blood as the attack sent him flying back.


Gu Hai put his saber away and looked at the four coldly.

In the end, Gu Hai’s cultivation was too weak. Otherwise, it would not have been just that guard’s arm that exploded but the entire person.

“You must have just advanced to the Heavenly Palace Realm. Do you think you are all-powerful because of that? Hah! I took your arm today as a lesson for you!” Gu Hai said coldly.

Then, Gu Hai pointed his saber at Xi Yong. Showing a cold expression, he said, “Xi Yong, we have not formed a deep grudge yet. The citizens blamed you for everything that day, but that resolved my predicament, so I’ll let you off this once. If this happens again, I’ll have your life!”

When Gu Hai shouted coldly, Xi Yong suddenly trembled.

The two guards that he brought as fighters could not even last one saber strike from Gu Hai. That guard who charged forward earlier was holding the stump of his arm and looking at Gu Hai in horror. He probably would not dare to charge forward again.

That’s impossible! How did it turn out like this?

However, Gu Hai simply stood there, holding his saber, exuding a strong murderous intent. That was enough to deter that guard from approaching.

Gu Hai’s cold gaze inspired in Xi Yong the urge to retreat.

“Ha! You are only capable of bullying the failures that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu raised to the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. How capable can that feat be? Gu Hai, do you really think that you can escape today?” Mister Dongfang said with a ferocious expression.

As Mister Dongfang spoke, he pressed the blue talisman he held against the air.

“In my name—the name of Dongfang—I call upon the deity of the East Spiritual Fire Sea. Bless upon me a divine item and destroy my enemies!”


The blue talisman suddenly burned. Then, ripples appeared where the talisman was. It was like the doors to the nether realm opened, and a cold, sinister wind blew out.


All at once, a ferocious dragon head poked out from this door to the nether realm. When the dragon head appeared, boundless blue flames immediately filled the air.

While roaring, a sixty-six-meter-long blue dragon rushed out.

When the blue dragon appeared, a vast aura spread out as a sea of blue fire encased the surroundings.

Blue flames? Cold flames?

Gu Hai’s face sank.

“The nether realm’s nether fire dragon?” Fairy Waner’s face sank.


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