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Book 4: Chapter 86: Blood Prison

Countless citizens in Major Metropolitan City goggled.

The experts to the east, south, and west looked like they could not last for much longer. However, Gu Hai not only stopped the vast army to the north but even flung back the Second Battalion commander barehandedly.

“Where did this Zhang Sanfeng come from?” Gongyang Sheng looked at Ye Shenzhen.

Ye Shenzhen: “…”

If you ask me, who am I going to ask?

The battles at the other three city gates paused.

Chang Sheng, Chang Ming, and Archduke Xi Kang goggled.

However, Mo Yike frowned at Zhang Sanfeng as though analyzing Zhang Sanfeng’s moves.

The Second Battalion commander got back to his feet with a sullen expression. Even so, the Second Battalion commander did not let his rage overwhelm his rationality. He simply stared at Zhang Sanfeng and Gu Hai, who was on Zhang Sanfeng’s head.

The Taiji wind continued to revolve around Zhang Sanfeng. However, Gu Hai’s heart pounded heavily.

Gu Hai sensed that Zhang Sanfeng placed a great drain on the ritual array and that the spirit stones would run out soon.

The spirit stones are nearly depleted?

The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array’s drain on spirit stones is indeed horrifying. If this continues for a few days and nights, even the Yuan Imperial Dynasty cannot afford it.

“You are the one controlling this Go Dao ritual array’s cloud beast?” The Second Battalion commander suddenly focused on Gu Hai, looking straight at the source.

Zhang Sanfeng did not speak. Instead, Gu Hai smiled coldly. “What’s wrong? Are you afraid? Even if I do not control it, what can you do against Zhang Sanfeng?”

“Huh?” The second battalion commander felt slightly startled.

Far away, Mo Yike also felt slightly startled. What does Mister Gu mean? Can this cloud beast work without anyone controlling it?

Then, Zhang Sanfeng suddenly turned, going to the northwest.

The Second Battalion commander looked at Gu Hai in confusion.

Then, Gu Hai suddenly parted from Zhang Sanfeng, jumping off with another golden Go stone in his hand.


Gu Hai pressed the golden Go stone against the air, and surging fog suddenly appeared in the northwest sector of Major Metropolitan City. Gu Hai leaped into the fog, but Zhang Sanfeng’s body trembled.


Zhang Sanfeng scattered.

“The spirit stones are drained?” Mo Yike’s expression changed.

Mo Yike’s Bat Ancestor cloud beast still had not drained all the spirit stones, but Gu Hai already completely drained his.

“You bastard! Brat, you were lying to me?” the Second Battalion commander glared, knowing that he got fooled.

He took out his bow and shot arrows at the fog in the northwest sector.


The arrows immediately plunged into the fog.

“Spinning Taiji!” A shout came from the fog.


The arrows turned around and shot back out of the fog, towards the Second Battalion commander.


The Second Battalion commander leaped aside, and the arrows blasted a hole in the ground.


The fog scattered, and Zhang Sanfeng reformed in the northwest sector of the city.

The Second Battalion commander’s expression changed. “You reformed Zhang Sanfeng by changing ritual arrays? Humph! I am not the First Battalion commander. After getting blocked by you once, I won’t let it happen a second time. Second Battalion, heed my command. Ignore Zhang Sanfeng and enter the city. Slaughter everyone and collect their blood!”

“Yes!” The Second Battalion let out a unified shout.

“What?!” The expressions of the citizens changed wildly.

On Zhang Sanfeng’s head, Gu Hai’s face sank. However, he could not do anything about this.

In the west of the city, the First Battalion commander also realized that he had been wasting time on Mo Yike.

“First Battalion, heed my command. Ignore this ritual array. Enter the city and slaughter everyone. Collect their blood!”

“Yes!” the First Battalion cried out as one.

The Major Metropolitan City citizens immediately revealed horrified expressions.

Enter the city?

They are going to ignore the two ritual arrays?

Isn’t Major Metropolitan City finished if they enter the city?

Mo Yike’s expression changed dramatically as well. At this point, no amount of wisdom would help.

He could only shout in horror, “Your Reverence!”

“Your Reverence!” the citizens also shouted in horror.

The Divine Blood Army had eight battalions. Only four had stepped forward to fight. Even so, the Yuan Nation could not hold them off. There were still another four more battalions at the rear.

All the citizens appeared horrified.

Gu Hai and Mo Yike could not be blamed. If the Divine Blood Army ignored them, they could do nothing, no matter how capable they were.

Everyone let out startled cries.

The two battalions had already started marching on the city.

Gu Hai showed a sullen expression.

“Save me! Quickly flee!”

“Ah! The demons are entering the city! Save me!”

The citizens near the city gates were panicking.

Qin Zibai went over to help resist. However, he was no match for the Second Battalion commander. Once the Divine Blood Army entered the city, they would win.


Just as a bloody slaughter was about to commence, the soldiers of the two battalions suddenly stopped. Then, they all looked at the carriage that the other soldiers surrounded. That coffin suddenly started moving.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

The coffin lid opened slowly. Then, a tempestuous aura rushed out of the coffin, causing the crimson blessing cloud in the sky to start churning. The crimson blessings dragon in the sky suddenly seemed to gain boundless strength.


The crimson dragon roared, and its vast aura suppressed the Yuan Nation’s golden blessings dragon’s aura.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

All the Divine Blood Army soldiers snapped to attention, facing the coffin, and placed their fists on their chests in a military salute.

“Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!”

“The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty shall last for ten thousand years, ruling the world!”

“Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!”

Waves of such shouts shook even the sky.

These voices sent a chill throughout the body of anyone who heard them.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor has awakened?


The coffin lid opened all the way, revealing what was inside—a figure dressed in red imperial robes embroidered with golden thread. He wore a crown on his head and had a golden talisman on his forehead.

As the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s fingers twitched, the golden talisman pasted on his forehead burned to ashes, disappearing.


The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes.


A storm seemed to rush out of the coffin into the surroundings. Some of the nearby Divine Blood Army soldiers’ figures wobbled.

This aura could make even Heavenly Palace Realm experts lose stable footing?

Archduke Xi Kang, Mo Yike, Chang Sheng, and Qin Zibai gave up on fighting. Even the expression of the Bat Ancestor, whom Ma Sanyan was suppressing, changed.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor had been lying down in the coffin. He then stood up in a strange manner. His body did not bend at all, merely floated up to a standing position.

The beads hanging from his crown swayed.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor seemed to recover his wits, his hollow eyes gradually turning spirited.

Then, the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor took in a deep breath as though he was taking in reality.


Suddenly, the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor roared at the sky.

The roar shook the land surrounding Major Metropolitan City. The mountains and rivers trembled. The sound was so loud that the ten-odd cities around Major Metropolitan City could hear the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s voice.

The expression of Gu Hai, who stood on Zhang Sanfeng’s head, changed.

“We are back! Hahahahahaha!” the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor guffawed.

“Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!”

“The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty shall last for ten thousand years, ruling the world!”

Five million soldiers cheered.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor shouted for a while before stopping. The Divine Blood Army soldiers’ voices stopped as well.

As the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor stood on the carriage, he looked at Major Metropolitan City.

“Our Central Metropolitan City? Major Metropolitan City? The Xi Clan? We assigned you to protect this place, but you tried to replace us? Humph!” The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s eyes flashed cold.

In the southern sector, Archduke Xi Kang was startled. What’s this situation? The Xi Clan? The Xi Clan was assigned to protect this place? Why do I not know this?

“Blood Prison, come out!” the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor shouted coldly.


Major Metropolitan City suddenly shook. Then, a blood mist erupted from the city, soaring into the sky and filling the surroundings in an instant, covering the entire Major Metropolitan City.


Suddenly, the blood mist gathered at the center, moving towards the Great Sigh Palace Hall.

A crimson saber hovered in the sky above the Great Sigh Palace Hall.

What looked like blood vessels gently pulsated on the crimson saber, sucking in a lot of the blood mist. Gu Hai, who was far away outside the city, picked up a bloody stench.

A destructive aura caused all the citizens to feel worried.

“The world’s evilest saber, Blood Prison?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Indeed, Blood Prison was ferocious. When its aura spread out, it shocked and horrified even the Divine Blood Army. The imitation that Gu Hai had previously paled in comparison by far.

As the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor looked at the distant Blood Prison, his eyes took on a gentle cast.

“Our Blood Prison, come back!” the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor called out in a deep voice.

As the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor spoke, he suddenly extended his hand. Then, a crimson palm manifested in the sky and moved towards Blood Prison’s handle in the distance.

A crimson energy gathered as the crimson palm tried to grab Blood Prison’s handle with an irresistible force.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor wanted to take back his weapon, Blood Prison, the evilest saber in the world.

Just as the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor was about to grab the saber, a crimson palm image appeared from the Great Sigh Palace Hall and reached Blood Prison’s handle at the same time.


The two crimson palms grabbed Blood Prison’s handle nearly simultaneously.

From the Great Sigh Palace Hall?

Countless people goggled. Who was in the Great Sigh Palace Hall? Was it not Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, who was in closed-door cultivation?

“Hmm?” The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s face sank. “How audacious!”


Blood Prison trembled in the air. The two crimson palms holding the handle pulled the saber in a tug-of-war.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor felt enraged. His crimson palm gave off an even intenser bloody aura as its strength increased.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s crimson palm slowly changed color, turning white. Cold energy spread into the Great Sigh Palace Hall’s surroundings, and snow fell.

“Slaughter Heavenly Emperor!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s indifferent voice came from the Great Sigh Palace Hall.

“The current Xi Clan’s clan head? How dare you defy us?” the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor said in an icy tone.

“We are Xi Yu. Now, there is no Xi Clan but the Yuan Imperial Dynasty. As for this Blood Prison, it no longer belongs to you!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s voice rang out indifferently.

The white palm suddenly released a dazzling, white light. Surging white snow instantly filled the entire Major Metropolitan City, covering the area within five thousand kilometers in ice.


A loud sound rang out. Blood Prison struggled free from the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s crimson palm, leaving Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s white palm in full control of it.


The Great Sigh Palace Hall’s doors opened.

Snow blew out from inside as a figure in white imperial robes with golden threads walked out. It was Imperial Emperor Xi Yu holding Blood Prison.


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