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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 82: Command to Slaughter the City Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 82: Command to Slaughter the City

Major Metropolitan City:

Crimson clouds filled the western sky outside the city, and crimson blessings appeared. The crimson blessings dragon and the Yuan Nation’s golden blessings dragons roared at each other while the entire Major Metropolitan City fell into turmoil.

In a remote residence in the city, Fairy Waner frowned slightly as she looked west.

“The west of the city? The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty sealed itself west of the city? That’s not right. Are the records of my Myriad Age Daoist Sect wrong?” Fairy Waner narrowed her eyes slightly.

In the city, the army entered battle readiness.

As the crimson clouds spread, the bat spirits and vampires fled in terror. A bloody aura surged out in all directions.

At the west city gates, the Bat Ancestor appeared slightly worried as he muttered, “Alive? They are still alive?”

Finally, blessings stopped coming out of the ground. Instead, a blood mist covered the original Bat Valley.

The explosions stopped, and silence descended upon Major Metropolitan City. Everyone goggled.


Suddenly, the silhouette of a gigantic horse appeared at the edge of the blood mist.

This crimson horse was over three meters tall, and a crimson-armored warrior rode it. This warrior held a saber in his hand. When he swung his saber, it sent out wind.

“Hah! Hahahahaha!” that warrior laughed carefreely.


Suddenly, more crimson horses manifested in the blood mist behind. These horses all carried crimson soldiers.

“General, we are back!”

“General, we are awake! We have returned to the Divine Continent!”

“Hahaha! We are back! My Divine Blood Army has returned! Hahaha!”

The group of crimson soldiers laughed.

In the city, Gu Hai and the other members of the Qian Nation contingent looked over.

They saw that this crimson army numbered over five million. When it suddenly appeared, it gave off a ferocious aura. Even from a distance, they could smell a bloody stench.

“The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty’s Divine Blood Army?” Gongyang Sheng’s eyes narrowed.

“The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty was infamous? Did they kill a lot?” Li Shenji asked.

“Kill? Ha! They established their nation by killing. Do you think that they have killed a lot? Blood Prison—the evilest saber in the world—was once the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s weapon. He was also the one who forged it,” Gongyang Sheng explained.

“Blood Prison?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

Gu Hai had heard of Blood Prison before. The crimson saber that Long Wanqing previously lent him was an imitation of Blood Prison.

“Blood Prison? That is Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s current weapon? The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor forged it?” Li Shenji narrowed his eyes slightly.

“The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty’s national beast is the horse. Horse blood is of the extreme Yang attribute, able to swallow the sun and moon. Do you see the old man standing on a giant horse’s head at the frontmost of the Divine Blood Army? That is Ma Sanyan, the horse race’s prime,” Gongyang Yang explained.

[TL Note: Ma Sanyan’s name means horse three eyes. The family name means horse, and the given name means three eyes.]

Indeed, everyone saw an enormous horse with a blood-covered old man standing on its head at the front of the five-million-strong army. This old man had a crack on his forehead, like a third eye. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he appeared mighty.

“The eight battalion commanders of the Divine Blood Army are all powerful experts. They warred everywhere for the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, committing the sin of devastating slaughter,” Gongyang Sheng said as he pointed to the distance.

Indeed, after the five million soldiers appeared, they quickly separated into eight groups. Each group had a mighty crimson general mounted on a giant horse in the lead.

“Why are all these people covered in blood?” Long Wanyu asked out of curiosity.

“It is not that these people are covered in blood but that they are not human,” Ye Shenzhen explained with slightly narrowed eyes.

“They are not human?” Gu Hai looked at Ye Shenzhen, feeling confused.

“Soul bodies. They are souls and not physical bodies,” Ye Shenzhen stated with certainty.

Everyone’s expression immediately turned solemn.

At this moment, the five-million-strong Divine Blood Army all turned their heads to the center of the blood mist. The blood mist slowly coalesced, turning fainter and clear.

Then, a large carriage with a huge crimson coffin on it appeared in the center of the army.

As the five-million-strong Divine Blood Army looked at the coffin, they placed their hands on their chests in a military salute and shouted.

“Long live His Holy Eminence! May His Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!”

“Long live the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty! May the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty last for ten thousand years!”

The voices of the five-million-strong army shook the sky.

The huge crimson coffin trembled slightly but did not open.

At the frontmost, Ma Sanyan suddenly said, “His Holy Eminence has not awakened yet. There is no need to disturb him!”

The five-million-strong Divine Blood Army responded in acknowledgment as they looked at him.

“Generals, someone seems to have occupied my Central Metropolitan City?” Ma Sanyan said coldly.

The battalion commanders all turned their heads to look at Major Metropolitan City.

The five-million-strong army looked with ferocious expressions, making the citizens shiver.

Suddenly, one of the crimson generals trotted his horse forward, apparently coming forward to negotiate with Major Metropolitan City’s people.

Nearly everyone in the city could feel their heart in their throat, feeling very nervous.

“According to the rules of my Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty, we do not slay the cities that surrender. Open the city gates right now and submit to my Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty! Hurry up!” That general glared.

They do not slay the cities that surrender? Open the city gates and submit to the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty?

How could this be possible? No one could possibly agree to surrender.

That general narrowed his eyes slightly. “Humph! Last chance. If you do not submit, we will slaughter the entire city!”

That general’s declaration touched off a loud commotion among the citizens. What do you mean slaughter the entire city? Are they going to kill everyone?

“Twenty-Sixth Squadron!” that general called out coldly.

“Present!” Ten thousand soldiers immediately came forward on their horses.

“Attack the city!” that general shouted.

“Hoo-ah!” the ten thousand crimson soldiers shouted as they charged at the west city gates of Major Metropolitan City.

“What? Attacking our city with just ten thousand people?” The citizens showed disbelief on their faces. Do you think that our city gate is made of paper?

The Bat Ancestor and the other officials did not act rashly. Instead, they watched as the ten thousand crimson soldiers reached the city gate tower in the blink of an eye.


The ten thousand crimson soldiers raised their sabers simultaneously and ferociously swung them at the city gate tower.

Ten thousand manifested sabers appeared, seeming to form a river that crashed into the city gate tower.

“Even Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators—no, Middle Heavenly Realm cultivators—cannot break Major Metropolitan City’s defensive barrier,” Mo Yike said in the distance.

In the next moment, a loud report rang out.

Major Metropolitan City’s defensive barrier, along with the west city gate tower, exploded in practically an instant.


The entire Major Metropolitan City shook intensely. Countless buildings toppled over and crumbled.


“The west city gate tower exploded?”

“The defensive ritual array exploded?”

“Ten thousand Divine Blood Army soldiers?”

“This is impossible!”

Countless citizens screamed in horror as they fled.

The hearts of Mo Yike, the Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, Qin Zibai, Chang Sheng, Chang Ming, Gu Hai, and others pounded heavily.

“They established heavenly palaces? Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? That’s impossible! Completely impossible!” Archduke Xi Kang goggled in an expression of extreme disbelief.

“Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? These ten thousand Divine Blood Army soldiers are all in the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm?” Mo Yike exclaimed.

“This is just the Twenty-Sixth Squadron, but their army totals five million! Gasp!” Li Shenji inhaled sharply.

Prince Shenwu appeared horrified.

“Five million Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators? There are not even that many Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators in the entire Divine Continent!” Ye Shenzhen exclaimed in horror.

Were these Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators mass-produced? To think that there are so many of them?

“Something’s not right. They are slightly weaker than Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators.” Prince Shenwu’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

“That’s because they are just soul bodies and not in their complete physical form.” Gongyang Sheng’s face sank as well.

“Even if they are soul bodies, aren’t they unrivaled with five million of them?” Ye Shenzhen said with a sullen expression.

When the Slaughter Nation appeared, their first attack shocked and scared the citizens witless.

Defy five million Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators? That was simply seeking death!

Far away, the general who ordered the attack showed a cold gaze when he saw the city gates fall. “First Battalion, heed my command!”

“Hoo-ah!” about six hundred thousand crimson soldiers shouted in unison.

“Slaughter the entire city and collect the enemy’s blood!” that general shouted.

“Yes!” the six hundred thousand soldiers answered as one. Then, they charged at the city on their horses.

The crimson horses moved astonishingly fast, carrying six hundred thousand Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators toward the city.

All the citizens shivered, feeling a cold sweat all over their bodies.

Slaughter the entire city?

“Save me! Quickly flee!”

“Hurry! Let me through! I want to leave!”

Countless citizens fled in horror.

“Second Battalion, heed my command! Block the north of the city. Do not let anyone flee. Work with the First Battalion and kill!”

“Third Battalion, heed my command! Block the south of the city. Do not let anyone flee. Work with the First Battalion and kill!”

“Fourth Battalion, heed my command! Block the east of the city. Do not let anyone flee. Work with the First Battalion and kill!”

Three battalion commanders led their battalions to the other directions of the city. The crimson horses broke out in a gallop and surrounded the entire Major Metropolitan City in no time.

The First Battalion was already about to reach the city. They regrouped with the Twenty-Sixth Squadron and held up their sabers with ferocious expressions, preparing to charge into the city.

“Oh no! Save me! Your Reverence!”

“Your Reverence, save me!”

“Don’t kill me!”

The citizens in the western sector of the city shouted in horror.

The Bat Ancestor’s expression changed as he flung out his sleeves.


A gale suddenly appeared, howling towards the six hundred thousand First Battalion soldiers.

“How audacious!” the Bat Ancestor shouted with a cold expression.

The Bat Ancestor unleashed a strong aura, and dark clouds instantly manifested above him. Countless bats appeared out of nowhere, forming a vast bat army ready to charge at the enemy.

In the middle of the Divine Blood Army, Ma Sanyan suddenly narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Bat Ancestor.

“Oh? Peak Middle Heavenly Palace Realm? Humph! Just an insignificant bat that overestimates himself!” Ma Sanyan snorted coldly.

Ma Sanyan’s figure flashed, charging at the Bat Ancestor. Then, he threw a palm strike, manifesting a crimson palm that arrived before the Bat Ancestor in the blink of an eye.

The Bat Ancestor’s expression changed as he countered with a palm strike.


Two palms met in the air. Ma Sanyan remained unmoved, but the Bat Ancestor moved three hundred meters back.

“What? You are just a soul body?” the Bat Ancestor exclaimed with shock on his face.

“Kill without mercy! Take no prisoners!” the earlier Divine Blood Army general shouted. The First Battalion immediately charged ferociously into the city.

With six hundred thousand Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators, it could sweep across the whole world.

Nearly all the citizens revealed expressions of despair.


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