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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 74: Why Do We Need a Plan? Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 74: Why Do We Need a Plan?

At Mo Yike’s residence:

Purple Subtlety and Longevity remained in the kitchen. The Mo Residence’s servants rushed in and out, continuously bringing food. As they delivered the food, they broke out in a cold sweat.

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Quickly send over the last serving of braised meat rice!”

“Steward, they finished everything already? Again?!”

As the servants delivered a constant stream of food, Purple Subtlety and Longevity kept eating.

Mo Yike had just finished accompanying Gu Hai and Long Wanyu around Major Metropolitan City. He returned to his residence alone, wanting to meet the two people that Gu Hai praised.

“Clan Head! Clan Head! What should we do?” a gray-clad steward called out with an unsightly expression.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yike asked in confusion.

“Their appetite is too great. They have eaten everything in the residence—enough food for twenty thousand people!” the steward complained bitterly.

“They ate everything?” Mo Yike said with a frown.

“Indeed. We are about to run out. They are about to finish eating everything in the residence,” the steward said bitterly.

“What are you waiting for, then? Why are you not buying more?” Mo Yike asked with a frown.

“However, Clan Head, these two gluttons have too great an appetite. The way they eat, my Mo Residence will go broke,” the steward argued bitterly.

“Why are you still wasting time talking about this? Is it your place to consider whether we go broke or not?” Mo Yike said coldly.

“Yes! This subordinate overstepped!” The steward immediately lowered his head.

Suddenly, a furious shout rang out after Mo Yike scolded his steward and was about to step into the kitchen. “Gu Hai, get out here!”

Screech! Screech!

All at once, countless bats filled the Mo Residence’s surroundings, wanting to charge in.

“Huh? Chang Ming?” Mo Yike raised his eyebrows.

“Clan Head, this is bad! Bats have surrounded my Mo Residence!” The earlier steward came rushing back.

“This should not be happening, right? Chang Sheng can’t possibly have come to seek trouble for Gu Hai. Chang Ming?” Mo Yike narrowed his eyes slightly.

Flinging out his sleeves, Mo Yike dashed towards the entrance.

Major Metropolitan City:

Earlier, Mo Yike had accompanied Gu Hai and Long Wanyu around Major Metropolitan City. Then, Long Wanyu wanted to wander around with just the Qian Nation’s people. Naturally, Mo Yike permitted that.

Despite their disguise, many people still recognized them.

“Mister Gu! It’s Mister Gu! Greetings, Mister Gu!”

“Mister Gu, I especially enjoyed your ‘Chivalrous Legends’!”

“Mister Gu, I enjoyed your ‘Bring in the Wine.’ The line ‘Heaven made me; my abilities must have a purpose, one I must discern. I spend a thousand gold pieces completely, but they will return’ is very well written!”

Along the way, the group met many enthusiastic calligraphy Dao cultivators.

After all, the two poems that Gu Hai composed at Five Sacred Mountains Academy were exceptional. To ordinary calligraphy Dao cultivators, such excellence was a tall mountain to scale. When they saw him, they naturally wanted to greet and befriend him.

Gu Hai smiled as he greeted them back. Long Wanyu also felt excited. This is my brother-in-law. Brother-in-Law is incredible. This is something to be happy about.

Only Li Shenji showed a sullen expression. He did not like seeing Gu Hai enjoying such a warm reception. However, Long Wanyu liked seeing others praise Gu Hai, so he could only endure the continuous harassment.

The group eventually entered a manor. A group of unassuming people waited in a guest hall there.

“The Divine Night Guards?” Gu Hai asked.

“Yes. Princess, Hall Master Gu, Battalion Commander Li, please wait for a while. Lord Envoy Commander will arrive soon,” one of the unassuming gray-clad men said respectfully.

“What’s going on? Li Shenji, where did you bring us?” Long Wanyu did not like the quiet here.

“Envoy commander?” Li Shenji’s expression changed.

Just at this moment, a skinny man walked out of the inner hall with a measured pace. This man showed a cold and stern expression.

“Eunuch Ye?” Li Shenji’s expression changed.

“The Divine Night Guard envoy commander, Ye Shenzhen, greets everyone.” The man bowed slightly.

“The Divine Night Guard envoy commander?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

“Eunuch Ye? You actually came to Major Metropolitan City?” Li Shenji appeared slightly astonished.

Apparently, Ye Shenzhen held a very high place in Li Shenji’s heart.

“Impotent Ye? Why are you here? Didn’t the old fogey say you were not to leave the capital?” Long Wanyu immediately exclaimed.

[TL Note: The address that Long Wanyu used, Taijian Ye, also translates to Eunuch Ye, but a ruder version. The address that Li Shenji used is Gonggong Ye, which also translates to Eunuch Ye. However, gonggong is a respectful term of address for a eunuch, usually one with some authority, while taijian literally means eunuch. The difference is similar to addressing the emperor as Emperor or Your Majesty, but much ruder. Hence, I went with Impotent Ye as the translation, as that would be the rude part about calling another person a eunuch (taijian).]

Impotent Ye?

The faces of the surrounding Divine Night Guards twitched. In all their memories, no one had ever dared to address their envoy commander as Impotent Ye. Anyone who had dared to do so would already be dead. Although the envoy commander did not show his face much in the Qian Nation, most Qian Nation officials trembled in fear upon hearing his name.

This is the Divine Night Guards’ envoy commander, and you called him Impotent Ye?

Only Long Wanyu dared to use such an address. Ye Shenzhen did not dare to talk back.

Long Wanyu even dared to address the Qian Heavenly Emperor as old fogey or darn old man. Calling Ye Shenzhen Impotent Ye was nothing.

Ye Shenzhen could only show a faint, bitter smile on his stern face. “Princess, indeed, this humble one rarely leaves the capital. However, this matter is very important, so I came to oversee this personally and assist everyone.”

“Alright.” Long Wanyu nodded, still confused.

“Eunuch Ye, is there any news?” Li Shenji asked.

Ye Shenzhen shook his head and said, “I’ve been here for two months already and still have nothing.”

“Eunuch Ye, there’s no need to worry. I have already sent out the Divine Strategy Battalion disciples. We should get some information soon,” Li Shenji said with a smile.

Ye Shenzhen nodded.

“His Holy Eminence trusts the two of you; I am here only to assist this time. If you need to scout out any information in the city, I might be able to provide help. I hope that you will meet His Holy Eminence’s expectations,” Ye Shenzhen said seriously.

“To think that His Holy Eminence even sent Eunuch Ye. It looks like His Holy Eminence values him greatly,” Li Shenji said.

Ye Shenzhen nodded as he said, “The Ten Thousand Sages Convention is about to begin. It will be held in my Qian Nation’s capital.”

“In my Qian Nation’s capital?” Li Shenji raised his eyebrows.

“What is the Ten Thousand Sages Convention?” Gu Hai asked, feeling confused.

Ye Shenzhen looked at Gu Hai in shock. Your calligraphy Dao is so incredible, yet you don’t know?

Gu Hai’s firm expression indicated that he really did not know.

“The Ten Thousand Sages Convention is a convention of the highest level for the calligraphy Dao—an event that the three heavenly dynasties, the three holy lands, and the various major academies send people to attend. All the cultural cultivators of the world will convene there. With the gathered cultural energy, they can connect to the past,” Ye Shenzhen explained gravely.

“No wonder His Holy Eminence is paying so much attention to this. The imperial academy’s chancellor has to host the Ten Thousand Sages Convention.” Li Shenji nodded with a serious expression.

“Unfortunately, while my Divine Night Guards have been searching Major Metropolitan City, there have not been any results. Now, I am even here personally. You are here as well. Who knows how this will turn out? Hopefully, we can find some clues,” Ye Shenzhen sighed softly.

“My Divine Strategy Battalion has some intelligence specialists. They have their own means of gathering information. Perhaps they will find some clues soon.” Li Shenji nodded with a frown.

“Yes. We will have to rely on you this time, Battalion Commander Li. This is Hall Master Gu’s first time in Major Metropolitan City, so he has no connections here and is not familiar with the place. It will be difficult for him to find the imperial academy’s chancellor. However, His Holy Eminence has instructed that I do as Hall Master Gu instructs. Hall Master Gu, how should we assist you in finding the imperial academy’s chancellor?” Ye Shenzhen said seriously.

Li Shenji revealed a cocky smile as he looked at Gu Hai coldly.

Now, everything is in a mess, and there are no clues. Can you figure anything out?

However, Gu Hai showed a somewhat strange expression.

From Gu Hai’s expression, Li Shenji thought that Gu Hai had been put in a spot, unable to find a solution. He immediately smiled and said, “Indeed. Mister Gu, if you have any plans, you can tell us. We can discuss them.”

“Hall Master Gu, do you have a way?” Ye Shenzhen asked, frowning.

Gu Hai’s expression turned even stranger.

Li Shenji just smiled coldly without saying anything, waiting for Gu Hai to be embarrassed.

“There is no plan,” Gu Hai said with a strange expression.

“Oh? Mister Gu has no plans? That is not your style,” Li Shenji said with a cold smile.


“Huh?” Li Shenji stopped speaking.

“We have already found Gongyang Sheng’s location. Why do we need a plan?” Gu Hai said, still showing that strange expression.

Li Shenji: “…”

Ye Shenzhen: “…”

The two felt they had not heard clearly.

“Hall Master Gu, what did you say?” Ye Shenzhen said with disbelief.

“You said that you found Gongyang Sheng’s location? Weren’t you with us? How did you find him?” Li Shenji asked skeptically.

“Indeed. However, I did find him. It should be right. Gongyang Sheng. Unless that is not his name.” Gu Hai nodded with certainty.

Li Shenji: “…”

Ye Shenzhen: “…”

We are still lost and have no clues. On the other hand, you say that you have found him? What kind of joke is this?

“I’ve even seen Gongyang Sheng,” Long Wanyu said in disdain.

“You…you…Princess, you saw Gongyang Sheng? Where is he? How can it be possible?” Ye Shenzhen goggled.

After saying that, Ye Shenzhen suddenly felt stunned. He immediately understood how Long Wanyu had seen Gongyang Sheng, and his face lit up in joy.

“You really found him?” Ye Shenzhen added with pleasant surprise.

Li Shenji felt conflicted.

He had been ready to criticize Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai ended up turning things around. How could it be like this?

“Gongyang Sheng is trapped in the Bat Ancestor’s place. Wanyu says that a blood pool is covering him. Furthermore, she saw that scene after the Bat Ancestor returned from Five Sacred Mountains Academy,” Gu Hai said.

“The west of the city, Bat Valley? No wonder. Most people cannot enter Bat Valley. That old thing, the Bat Ancestor, is erratic and sinister,” Ye Shenzhen said with a slight frown.

“Since we’ve found Gongyang Sheng, we need to think of a way to rescue him,” Gu Hai said seriously.

Li Shenji stood speechlessly at the side.

However, Ye Shenzhen nodded. “That’s right.”

“Your Majesty!” Bing Ji’s voice suddenly came from outside the hall.

“Yes?” Gu Hai stepped out of the hall, feeling misgivings.

Bing Ji, Sima Feng, and some Divine Strategy Battalion disciples stood outside.

“Your Majesty, vampires are attacking the Mo Residence. They seem to be seeking trouble with us,” Bing Ji said, pointing to the distance.

Gu Hai raised his head and looked over. The Mo Residence was located on a distant group of floating islands. There, countless bats circled the Mo Residence, wreaking havoc as they charged at the Mo Residence’s ritual array.

“It’s Chang Ming. I saw him fly over earlier,” Sima Feng said seriously.


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