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Book 4: Chapter 69: The Savage Bat Ancestor

When the Bat Ancestor suddenly came to Five Sacred Mountains Academy, that scene immediately appeared before the entire Major Metropolitan City.

The two hundred million Major Metropolitan City citizens showed startled expressions.

“The Bat Ancestor? That is the Bat Ancestor? I think he has not shown himself in public for fifty years already.”

“He is my Yuan Nation’s national beast prime?”

“What is he doing?”

The many citizens appeared curious. Then, they saw the Bat Ancestor suddenly reach out to “Chivalrous Legends.”

“What are you doing? Gu Hai wrote that for us!” Purple Subtlety grabbed “Chivalrous Legends” and glared at the Bat Ancestor in the air.

“Huh?” The Bat Ancestor’s expression turned cold.

“What are you looking at? That is ours!” Longevity yelled while glaring as well.

Gu Hai wrote “Chivalrous Legends” to right the two’s names. Naturally, it belonged to them. At this moment, everyone could tell how precious this first-edition poem was. Did the Bat Ancestor want to snatch it away?

“Hahahaha! Yours? Everything in Major Metropolitan City is mine! You are just two little children. Scram!” the Bat Ancestor said with an icy tone.

Right after the Bat Ancestor spoke, Archduke Xi Kang’s expression changed.

This is being broadcast live. He is trying to snatch it away in front of two hundred million citizens?

Archduke Xi Kang was about to stop the Bat Ancestor when Gu Hai suddenly said coldly, “Hah! Bat Ancestor? The Bat Prime, right? Is this how your Yuan Nation treats its guests?”

When Gu Hai shouted, the Bat Ancestor’s face sank as he looked at Gu Hai.

At this moment, the two hundred million citizens showed perplexed expressions. How can the Bat Ancestor be trying to snatch riches away? That can’t be, right?

“Qian Nation envoy? Ha! So what if I am snatching it. That which I declare mine is mine! Humph! Also, hand over that ‘Bring in the Wine.’ Otherwise, I will make it look like you Qian Nation envoys never appeared in my Yuan Nation,” the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

This immediately caused a commotion among the many citizens.

What does the Bat Ancestor mean? “Make it look like you Qian Nation envoys never appeared in my Yuan Nation”? Is the Bat Ancestor planning to kill them? Is that true?

“Bat Ancestor! Bat Ancestor!” Archduke Xi Kang cried out.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Do you want to speak up for them?” the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

Archduke Xi Kang’s expression changed as he said bitterly, “That’s not it. However, I am using the Profound Light Mirror to project the scene here to all the citizens in the city.”

Archduke Xi Kang appeared bitter.

Now, Archduke Xi Kang not only completely embarrassed himself but also exposed the Bat Ancestor’s sinister and vicious nature to all the citizens. There would definitely be spies from various nations in the city. The Bat Ancestor’s words would definitely leak.

The surrounding officials also showed bitter expressions. Clearly, they also knew about this matter.

This not only completely embarrassed the Yuan Nation but would also result in a scandal.

The Yuan Nation’s national beast prime wanted to make the Qian Nation envoys vanish? Furthermore, this information would spread to the entire world.

The Bat Ancestor stared at Archduke Xi Kang with slightly narrowed eyes. “The Profound Light Mirror? Haha! You must be completely embarrassed. By competing against ‘Chivalrous Legends’ and ‘Bring in the Wine,’ your name will also be famous for eternity!”

Archduke Xi Kang’s expression was bitter.

However, the Bat Ancestor did not appear worried at all. He continued looking coldly at “Chivalrous Legends.”

“Hand it over!” the Bat Ancestor ordered in a cold voice.

The Bat Ancestor actually ignored the attention of two hundred million citizens.

The citizens in the city broke out in a commotion.

Fairy Waner appeared worried in a restaurant.

In a small courtyard:

Sima Changkong and Prince Shenwu frowned.

“The Bat Ancestor? He has never been reasonable,” Sima Changkong said, his face sinking.

“‘Chivalrous Legends’? ‘Bring in the Wine’? It is too much of a pity to hand these two first-edition compositions to the Bat Ancestor,” Prince Shenwu said with a sullen expression as well.

Clearly, these two first-edition compositions were very precious. Even Sima Changkong and Prince Shenwu had thoughts of obtaining it.

Back in the scene, the Bat Ancestor remained overbearing, looking coldly at Purple Subtlety and Longevity.

Gu Hai showed a sullen expression.

Long Wanyu stood up. Li Shenji also stood up with a sullen expression.

“Bat Ancestor? Are you representing the Yuan Nation to declare enmity with my Qian Nation?” Li Shenji said with a cold expression.

Li Shenji could ignore the earlier cultural battle, even take pleasure in the thought of Archduke Xi Kang tarnishing Gu Hai’s reputation. After all, that would just be due to Gu Hai’s incompetence and nothing to do with the Qian Nation.

However, this now happened in public. Although Gu Hai owned the poems the Bat Ancestor was attempting to snatch, things were no longer as simple as before.

While Li Shenji was hostile to Gu Hai, he had to consider the big picture.

“Huh?” The Bat Ancestor coldly eyed Li Shenji.

Li Shenji stepped forward, unleashing a terrifying aura that rushed straight at the Bat Ancestor in the air.

Li Shenji’s aura felt sharp, like a divine arrow being shot. Screeching rang out of nowhere.

“Middle Heavenly Palace Realm?” The nearby Qin Zibai’s face sank.

“Li Shenji? Hah! When I went to the Qian Nation back then, you were just a snot-nosed brat. To think that you dare to behave so recklessly before me?” The Bat Ancestor looked at Li Shenji coldly.

“Ha! You can test out whether I’m being reckless or not!” Li Shenji said in a cold voice while cracking his neck.

“Gu Hai, are you sure that this ‘Chivalrous Legends’ is for us?” Purple Subtlety and Longevity looked at Gu Hai seriously.

“That’s right!” Gu Hai nodded.

Purple Subtlety and Longevity nodded, determination gleaming in their eyes. As they held “Chivalrous Legends,” they looked coldly at the Bat Ancestor in the sky.

“Ha? Yours? Do you think you have the right to decide here? ‘Chivalrous Legends’ is mine! ‘Bring in the Wine’ is also mine!” the Bat Ancestor said coldly.

As the Bat Ancestor spoke, he turned his head to look at “Bring in the Wine.”

At this moment, Bing Ji held “Bring in the Wine.”

Bing Ji showed an extremely unsightly expression, but she continued to hold “Bring in the Wine” tightly.

The Bat Ancestor had been looking at “Bring in the Wine.” However, his pupils suddenly contracted.

“Hah! Ha! Hahahaha! Loathsome lass, it’s you!” The Bat Ancestor suddenly glared, the pitch of his voice rising.

“Huh?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

Why is the Bat Ancestor looking at Bing Ji? Furthermore, his expression seems furious.

Bing Ji looked coldly at the Bat Ancestor with worry flashing in her eyes.

“Hahahaha! You loathsome lass, it is indeed you. Do you remember the scar above my right eye? Do you remember it?” the Bat Ancestor suddenly shouted as he pointed to the cross-shaped scar above his right eye.


A strong wind blew, toppling all the tables in the surroundings.

The Bat Ancestor was incensed. At this moment, bone-deep hate radiated from his eyes. His exceptionally vicious fury threatened to erupt at full bore.

The expressions of the surrounding Yuan Nation officials changed.

“Bat Ancestor, please don’t get angry. These are the Qian Nation envoys. The two nations just ended a war. Do not resort to violence if not necessary!” Mo Yike rushed forward.

“Indeed. Bat Ancestor, please do not get angry!” Archduke Xi Kang exhorted with a bitter expression.

“Bat Ancestor, please don’t get angry!” Qin Zibai and some other officials urged anxiously.

“Primogenitor, they are the Qian Nation envoys!” Chang Sheng said with a bitter smile.

The various Yuan Nation officials stepped forward to stop the Bat Ancestor.

“Scram!” the Bat Ancestor shouted furiously, flinging out his sleeves and sending the people wanting to rush forward back.


The Bat Ancestor did not care what attitude they had. Instead, he continued staring at Bing Ji.

“Back then, when I went to the Solar Divine Palace, you were the one who used the Supreme Genesis’s Cross Annihilation to destroy my divine flame. You even left a mark on my face. Hahahahaha! Look at you now! Are you still in the Solar Divine Palace? Do you still have the Cross Annihilation? I said it back then. I will teach you a lesson. Unexpectedly, you delivered yourself to me today. Hahahaha!” the Bat Ancestor guffawed.

As the Bat Ancestor laughed, countless bats flew into the sky, covering the place. These small bats revolved around the Bat Ancestor, appearing like they would swoop down and destroy the Qian Nation envoys.


Gu Hai immediately shielded Bing Ji.

“Your Majesty, this official implicated the Han Nation,” Bing Ji said with a bitter expression.

“Implicated? You are overthinking. Since you are part of the Han Nation, the Han Nation will help you deal with your matters.” Gu Hai shook his head.

“I want ‘Chivalrous Legends.’ I also want ‘Bring in the Wine.’ There is also this loathsome lass. Since you humiliated me back then, I will turn you into my blood slave. I will leave an eternal mark on your face as well!” the Bat Ancestor shouted.

As the Bat Ancestor shouted, he stretched out his arms.


The Bat Ancestor’s arms seemed to extend several times longer. One hand headed for “Chivalrous Legends,” and the other headed for Bing Ji and “Bring in the Wine.”

As his arms extended, countless bats flew around them, and a horrifying pressure pressed down on everyone.

“Bat Ancestor, don’t!” the Yuan Nation officials cried out anxiously.

“You bastard!” Li Shenji’s expression changed. He stepped forward and shielded Long Wanyu.


Suddenly, the sound of ripping rang out.

The Bat Ancestor’s hands stopped, and the surroundings turned quiet.

Purple Subtlety and Longevity had ripped “Chivalrous Legends.”

They ripped it?

They ripped it in half?

Gu Hai felt slightly startled. Did they rather no one get it than let the Bat Ancestor have it? Even to the extent of ripping it apart?

The instant the two ripped “Chivalrous Legends,” surging noble spirit spewed out of the paper. What looked like ten thousand meteors rushed into the bodies of Purple Subtlety and Longevity all at once.


At the same time, the voices of supernatural beings rang out in the air again.

“‘Chivalrous Legends’“Visitors to the Han Nation with tasseled caps on their hair, bearing weapons bright as frost and snow in a pair.“They ride on silver-saddled, white horses, moving as swift as the wind and shooting stars with great force.“Even with an enemy every ten paces, they continue killing these enemies for great distances.“They brush off their clothes and leave after accomplishing their goal, not claiming credit or fame for their role.“Gu Hai offered drinks and a place to rest; they removed their swords and behaved like guests.“Purple Subtlety enjoyed food so fine, and Longevity reveled in wine.“After three drinks, they made a pledge so tall, one they would keep even if mountains fall.“Though drunk with blurred sight and red ears, even forgetting their age, their hearts brimmed with zeal and courage.“They saved Wan with a knock, helping Chaoge to great shock.“Two great warriors became famous for eternity, causing a huge stir in Major Metropolitan City!“They remain gallant in the face of death, worthy of being called chivalrous with every breath.“Who can imitate such a life so devotedly, glorious like a star? Even the Supreme Ascendant Scripture pales in comparison to such epics by far!”

As the supernatural beings cried out, the noble spirit poured into the two’s bodies, making their bodies shine bright. Then, their auras suddenly flourished significantly.

The two were initially as strong as Golden Core Realm cultivators. Now, their auras soared frantically, sending a storm of aura sweeping out in all directions.

The two’s bodies swelled, growing increasingly taller. They turned into thirty-three-meter-tall giants in the blink of an eye.

Thirty-three meters, that was as tall as a ten-story building. These two giants each held brushes, which they swiped at the Bat Ancestor.

“Screw you! How dare you think of snatching this great me’s things,” the giant Purple Subtlety roared.

“Who are you calling a child? You are the child. When this great me was wandering the world, your grandmother was still drinking milk!” the giant Longevity roared.


When the brushes swiped down, two huge beams of light shot towards the Bat Ancestor.

“Calling out cultural energy? Bringing the calligraphic conception to life? What a waste of a treasure!” Sima Changkong said with a bitter smile in the city.


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