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Book 4: Chapter 53: Jiang Ba Awakened

“Retreat!” Sima Feng shouted, quickly piloting the flying ship further back.

The aura of the Immortal Executioner Sword was overly ferocious. Everywhere it passed, the accompanying sword qi carved out the mountains and rivers into the shape of swords.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The swords on Sima Feng and the Han Royal Dynasty officials suddenly started to buzz. It was as though they were worshiping the sovereign of swords when the Immortal Executioner Sword arrived.

Everywhere the aura swept past, everyone felt their hair stand on end, even Gu Hai. At this moment, his expression changed as a ferocious destructive aura reached his heart.

“Sect Master Heavenly Access?” Gu Hai’s eyes narrowed.

The Immortal Executioner Sword’s manifested sword was already close, rushing at the red sun.


The golden crow’s claw descended from the sky. Then, intense heat pressed down. As the claw neared, it suppressed many of the cultivators fleeing from the city, preventing them from raising their heads. Everyone had a horrified expression as they fled every which way.

The golden crow’s claw and the Immortal Executioner Sword’s manifested sword reached the red sun practically simultaneously.

The golden crow’s claw grabbed the red sun from above. The Immortal Executioner Sword’s manifested sword pressed against the red sun from the south.

Billowing fire spewed out from above the huge claw. Millions upon millions of tiny sword qi hovered around the Immortal Executioner Sword’s manifested sword, wrapping around the red sun and trying to drag it away.


The red sun trembled slightly as the two huge forces pulled it in two different directions.

Suddenly, a gigantic crimson hand rushed over from the southwest.


Everywhere the crimson hand passed, it dyed those spaces red. A towering right palm wreathed with crimson clouds grabbed the red sun.

“Great Sanguine Cloud Hand? The Yuan Imperial Dynasty’s Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? He is trying to compete for the red sun as well?” Sima Feng said in shock.

On the other hand, Lin Waner narrowed her eyes slightly. “Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? He can send a projection across such a distance with his cultivation?

“This…sending a projection? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is still in his capital, so he is sending a projection like Sect Master Heavenly Access and the Supreme Singularity are? Doesn’t that mean that he already broke through his bottleneck?” Sima Feng’s expression changed.

“Upper Heavenly Palace Realm!” Lin Waner’s face sank.


The three forces resulted in a stalemate. Everyone wanted to snatch the red sun. The red sun trembled slightly, not moving towards anyone.


The red sun suddenly flared with red light, releasing a vast amount of Hanba’s fire, as if trying to struggle free from these three experts.

Suddenly, the empress in the underground palace inhaled again.


Another burst of Hanba’s fire suddenly entered the empress’s nose.

“Jiang Ba?” Lin Waner’s face sank.

Despite Jiang Ba’s closed eyes, her eyeballs could be seen twitching as though she was going to wake up.

“Supreme Singularity, your cultivation improved again?” A cold snort suddenly came from the south.

The voice was very loud, sounding like an explosion. The millions upon millions of sword qi shook hard. Fear clutched everyone’s heart as though a hand had literally gripped their heart.

“Sect Master Heavenly Access’s voice?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Gu Hai was already at the Nascent Soul Realm’s third layer. However, he was still a long way from reaching Sect Master Heavenly Access’s strength. Even from such a great distance,

A shout rang out in the sky. “Improved? Ha! Heavenly Access, I once tore three generations of Heavenly Accesses apart while they were alive. Do you want to be the fourth?”


That second voice made everyone feel suffocated again.

Gu Hai looked at Fairy Waner and revealed an expression of faint shock. “What does the Supreme Singularity mean?”

Lin Waner nodded with a bitter smile. “It’s true. There were three generations of Sect Master Heavenly Accesses who fought with the Supreme Singularity. The Supreme Singularity tore them apart alive. However, they were the weakest Heavenly Accesses. Furthermore, the Supreme Singularity’s three spiritual souls reincarnate together as one. There is only one Supreme Singularity.”

“Oh? Reincarnation?”

“Yes. Animal spirits have abilities unique to animal spirits. The three palace masters of the Solar Divine Palace have existed since ancient times, repeatedly reincarnating. It is just like that Queen Wa. Queen Wa’s name is the Supreme Wa. I heard that she previously reincarnated in the Innate Puzzle World. However, she took some risks. When she reincarnated, she separated her earthly soul from her other spiritual souls to preserve the strength of her previous incarnation, so…” Lin Waner explained.

“Oh?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

He immediately recalled Queen Wa. Xiaorou’s earthly soul was Queen Wa’s reincarnation.

“The Solar Divine Palace possesses extremely deep accumulations, as the three palace masters have existed since ancient times. That’s why this Supreme Singularity is extremely incredible, even killing three past Sect Master Heavenly Accesses,” Lin Waner explained bitterly.

“The fourth? Hahaha! You can try. Have you forgotten who I am? It looks like you have forgotten what happened in the Gray Sea. Back then, I could chop you down. I still can do so today. Humph!” Sect Master Heavenly Access snorted coldly.


The golden crow’s claw suddenly paused.

“You are? It is you? The first-generation Sect Master Heavenly Access?” The Supreme Singularity’s voice broke into a falsetto.

“What?” Lin Waner’s expression suddenly changed as well.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Hai asked.

“The first generation? This Sect Master Heavenly Access is the reincarnation of the first generation? Legend says that he is the strongest Sect Master Heavenly Access. This…this…” Lin Waner stammered in shock.

“The strongest Sect Master Heavenly Access?” Gu Hai parroted, feeling confused.

“My Myriad Age Daoist Sect has records of it. The first-generation Sect Master Heavenly Access is the strongest. I heard that he was so strong back then that he could have become immortal. However, he did not. Instead, he chose to reincarnate, leaving a sword seed to pass on to the various generations of Sect Master Heavenly Accesses. That sword seed represents the first generation’s sword Dao and will and is passed on down the generations, accumulating every generation. The will and sword Dao of all the generations of Sect Master Heavenly Accesses would be passed down. The new Sect Master Heavenly Access can absorb only a small portion, unable to comprehend most of it. However, it is different for the first generation. That is his sword seed, after all. He definitely can comprehend everything that used to belong to him. Furthermore, he not only returned but also absorbed the sword Dao of the past generations of Heavenly Accesses. How can he not be the strongest Heavenly Access?” Lin Waner said gravely.

“You came from the Myriad Age Daoist Sect, but you didn’t know about it?” Gu Hai felt confused.

“I did not. I only knew that this generation’s Heavenly Access was extremely cold and strong. Unexpectedly, he is…,” Lin Waner said bitterly.

“Back off!” Sect Master Heavenly Master shouted coldly.

“Humph! How can the me of back then compare to the current me? Since I could tear three Heavenly Accesses up, I can tear you apart as well. You are the one who should back off!” The Supreme Singularity snorted coldly again.

Neither of these two experts gave way.

“The two of you have left your territories. This is our Yuan Imperial Dynasty’s territory. The two of you can forget about our Yuan Nation’s things. Go back to wherever you came from!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s voice suddenly came from the crimson hand.

“Huh?” Both Heavenly Access and the Supreme Singularity showed some anger in their voices.

“An imperial dynasty’s emperor? Humph! You want to fight against us?” the Supreme Singularity said coldly.

“You overestimate yourself! Humph!” Sect Master Heavenly Access snorted coldly.


The three parties attacked at the same time.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s crimson hand did not lose out to the two in might.

“This is our Yuan Nation’s territory. We are the closest to this place. Naturally, the might of our projection is the greatest. Humph! We respect the two of you as seniors, but this is our imperial dynasty. It is not the place of others to be audacious!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said with an overbearing tone.

“How audacious!”

“How bold of you!”

Heavenly Access and the Supreme Singularity roared furiously.

“Aren’t you afraid of me leveling your Yuan Imperial Dynasty?” The Supreme Singularity’s voice rang out, sounding incredibly cold.

“Bring it on. We are in the Yuan Nation. We welcome you at any time. However, this red sun is ours today. You all can forget about taking it away while it is in our Yuan Nation. Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.


Neither of the three experts gave in. They continued pulling on the red sun in the sky, wanting to bring it away.

The red sun trembled, and space shook.

Just at this moment, Jiang Ba’s body quivered in the underground palace.


Jiang Ba’s eyes suddenly opened. In that instant, a hot, red light shot out from them.

The instant Jiang Ba opened her eyes, nearly all the cultivators in the surrounding immediately froze. It was like everyone’s souls were shaken in that instant, turning them dazed.

Fortunately, that only happened for a short time. Everyone immediately regained sight of their surroundings.

Gu Hai’s souls were nearly shaken as well. However, the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal in his forehead space anchored his souls. Despite suppressing the Heaven Punished Stone, it still stabilized his souls.

Nevertheless, when Gu Hai looked at that ferocious Jiang Ba, his face sank.

Jiang Ba awakened. When her eyes opened, she turned her head and checked her surroundings before looking at the red sun in the sky.

The golden crow’s claw, the Immortal Executioner Sword, and the crimson hand all pulled at the red sun, trying to snatch Jiang Ba’s treasure.

Jiang Ba’s eyes slowly turned cold.

“Supreme Singularity? Heavenly Access? And this ignorant thing? Ha! How bold of you! To think that you came to snatch my treasure? Since that’s the case, then none of you shall leave!” Jiang Ba said with an icy tone.

As Jiang Ba spoke, she opened her mouth, baring two crimson fangs shining with red light.


Jiang Ba let out a thunderous roar that shook the sky.

A powerful suction came from Jiang Ba’s mouth, instantly pulling on the Immortal Executioner Sword, the golden crow’s claw, and the crimson hand.


Time and space seemed to twist as that area headed towards Jiang Ba’s mouth.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Immortal Executioner Sword, the golden crow’s claw, and the crimson hand all trembled.

“Jiang Ba? How dare you!”

“Jiang Ba, you are seeking death!”

The Supreme Singularity’s and Heavenly Access’s furious voices rang out again.


Jiang Ba opened her mouth and sucked, swallowing the Immortal Executioner Sword and the millions upon millions of sword qi, the golden crow’s claw and the boundless golden fire, and the crimson hand and the surging crimson clouds.

“Gasp! She swallowed the projections of the Supreme Singularity, Heavenly Access, and Xi Yu?” Lin Waner exclaimed in shock.

This empress swallowed the projections of these three experts whose auras stifled the surrounding cultivators so much that they could not lift their heads?

Qin Zibai, the Bi-An King, and countless cultivators all felt a chill.

Those were Sect Master Heavenly Access, the Supreme Singularity, and Imperial Emperor Xi Yu! Who is this woman?

Then, everyone saw Jiang Ba open her mouth skyward and suck.


The huge red sun descended slowly, heading for Jiang Ba’s mouth. It looked like Jiang Ba would swallow the red sun.

“Jiang Ba?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

The surrounding cultivators gazed at Jiang Ba in horror. Who knew how great a calamity this woman would bring after awakening?


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