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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 48: Wanyu Rushing In Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 48: Wanyu Rushing In

“Many thanks for the pointers. My sword Dao has not reached perfection yet, and you can go further on your saber Dao. When our saber Dao and sword Dao reach completion in the future, Sha will come again for more pointers!” Sha said gravely.

“Alright!” Gu Hai nodded.


A large flame soared into the sky, pressing towards the three.

When the fire approached, Gu Hai finally noticed what looked like many azure sword qi blocking it. The azure sword qi seemed to form an azure lotus flower. When this appeared, no fire could get through.

Sha turned his head to look at the fire.

“Hanba’s fire? Is she coming out? It has been three thousand years.” Sha raised his eyebrows.

“She? Who?” Gu Hai wondered aloud.

“Gu Hai, let’s go. We shouldn’t stay here for too long. Mister Dongfang? Ha! He is seeking death by startling her awake. You are even more excellent, directly breaking open that main palace. Those people are in for it now. Let’s go!” Sha said with a faint smile.

As Sha spoke, the azure lotus sword qi shot in all directions, forcing the fire away and opening a passage that led out of the blood-covered area.

Gu Hai turned his head and looked at the altar that Xi Yan broke. The flames spewing out from that altar broke it even further, allowing more flames to spew out.

Hanba’s fire covered the place.

The three walked out quickly.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?” Ju Lu anxiously rushed over from nearby.

Due to the blood mist outside, Ju Lu could only hear the shouts from the surroundings and only see indistinct figures.

“Gu Hai, as I said earlier, many thanks for the pointers. These two sword talismans are for you. My previous incarnation made them. It will allow you to leave Dragon Vein City,” Sha said gravely.


Gu Hai received the talismans. Two sword-shaped jade talismans?

“Qing Feng and I will go ahead. If that woman comes out…ha! I can’t do anything about her with my current strength. Goodbye!” Sha said gravely.

Sha soared into the sky with Qing Feng. Soon, they reached the barrier around Dragon Vein City.

Then, the two each took out a sword talisman and gently crushed it.


Suddenly, the sword talismans each turned in a sharp, sword-shaped azure light, covering the two.


The sword-shaped azure lights shot out, tearing through the ritual array.


The ritual array instantly recovered, but Sha and Qing Feng were already outside the ritual array.

“Sword talismans? Use this to get out?” Gu Hai’s eyes lit up.

“Your Majesty, the surroundings are extremely chaotic. No one can get out, including that Bi-An King.”

“Never mind. Right now, I find it difficult even to save myself. I can’t save them at all. There are two sword talismans, one for each of us. Let’s get out first. The rest are waiting for us outside,” Gu Hai said.


After Ju Lu received a sword talisman from Gu Hai, the two soared into the sky in the blink of an eye, reaching the edge of the ritual array.


Ju Lu crushed the sword talisman, which suddenly formed a sword-shaped azure light encasing him.


The sword-shaped azure light carried Ju Lu out of the ritual array before the ritual array quickly mended.

“The sword-shaped azure light can contain only one person? How unfortunate!” Gu Hai sighed.


A loud noise suddenly came from below.

The blood-covered region below had exploded. Fire soared up and blasted out in all directions, looking like a volcano erupting. The flames instantly burned everything in the ritual array.

“Oh no! That altar has been destroyed. Hanba’s fire is completely unleashed!” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Suddenly, some Hanba’s fire reached Gu Hai’s arm.


The fire instantly burned Gu Hai’s skin.

“The fire deity!” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Gu Hai immediately drove the energy in his fire deity palace to absorb this Hanba’s fire.

Buzz! Buzz!

The nascent embryo in his fire deity palace worked quickly to absorb Hanba’s fire. However, Hanba’s fire was overly ferocious, making absorption extremely difficult.

It took Gu Hai quite a while to absorb that little bit of Hanba’s fire. By then, his arm was already burned red.


What an incredible Hanba’s fire.

Just a little bit of it managed to burn my arm red. If there was a lot of this fire burning me, perhaps my fire deity nascent embryo might not have been able to endure it.

It looked like a volcano erupting below.

Gu Hai did not dare to linger, so he prepared to crush the sword talisman and leave.

“Gu Hai?!” A furious roar suddenly rang out in the distance.

When Mister Dongfang saw that the lifespan ritual array he set up had exploded, he became enraged.

How can this be? No one could enter my blood ritual array. It would corrode them on contact. All the people inside were bound, leaving only Xi Yan there to kill everyone and protect that altar.

Yet, the blood ritual array exploded?

“It’s over. The seal is open! It’s over! Oh no! I only wanted the treasure inside, not to break the seal! No!” Mister Dongfang said in horror.

However, how did the ritual array explode? Why did it explode?

When the fiery light soared into the sky, it brightly illuminated a certain area, suddenly allowing Mister Dongfang to see Gu Hai, who was high in the air.

The instant Mister Dongfang saw Gu Hai, his expression changed. He recalled that Gu Hai had entered his lifespan ritual array unhindered the last time they met.

The blood ritual array? Could Gu Hai also enter it unhindered? All this was Gu Hai’s doing?

Gu Hai also destroyed the altar?

Upon thinking of this, Mister Dongfang suddenly shivered. If his main body knew, how was he to give an account for it?

“Gu Hai!” Mister Dongfang roared in hatred.

Gu Hai did not know what was going on. He ignored Mister Dongfang’s rage. However, he still turned his head to glance into the distance.

Mister Dongfang stood on a vast blood dragon covered in scales filled with human heads.

However, a woman was on the dragon’s head, cornered by the various heads and crying in horror and fear.

“Wanyu?” Gu Hai’s expression changed.

Didn’t she go out already? Didn’t she go out already? How did Mister Dongfang capture her?

“Brother…Brother-in-Law?” Long Wanyu cried in horror.

Long Wanyu saw that Ju Lu managed to leave and that Gu Hai was about to leave. Now, horror, fear, and regret filled her eyes.

Why did I not listen to Brother-in-Law?

Gu Hai had sent Long Wanyu out earlier with the usage of the secret word.

Back then, when Long Wanyu went out of the city, she felt extremely frustrated.

“No! I have to go back in! I have to go back in. It is greatly ominous in there; it is very dangerous!” Long Wanyu said, ill at ease.

“You can’t go in. Princess, what did Mister Gu say? Did you forget already? Listen to him!” Sima Feng immediately exhorted anxiously.

The apprehensive Long Wanyu said, “We can’t clearly see inside from the east city gates. Come, let’s go to the south city gates. We’ll watch from there!”

Sima Feng did not reject this request. He piloted the flying ship and brought Long Wanyu to the south city gates.

Then, the two saw Gu Hai sealed in the ice mountain from a distance.

“Oh no! Brother-in-Law is in danger!” Long Wanyu wanted to rush in.

“Don’t! Princess, don’t go. Listen to Mister Gu! He won’t be wrong!” Sima Feng held back Long Wanyu.

“Indeed. It is greatly ominous in there. Don’t add to the trouble!” the demonic phantom in her body advised.

“However, my brother-in-law is in danger! There are one hundred thousand of them up against my brother-in-law!” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

“What’s wrong with them? They are pregnant?” Sima Feng exclaimed.

Long Wanyu froze as she looked at the one hundred thousand cultivators in shock. All of them had fallen to the ground.

Everyone outside the city rubbed their eyes, looking like they had seen a ghost.

Pregnant? Men getting pregnant?

“Mister Gu is fine! Mister Gu is coming out!” Sima Feng exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

When Gu Hai and Fairy Waner came out of the ice mountain, Sima Feng and the others immediately let out inwardly held breaths.

After Gu Hai released the fat and skinny persons and sent Fairy Waner away, he started dealing with the others.

While Sima Feng felt pleasantly surprised, Long Wanyu showed a perturbed expression.

“This greatly ominous feeling is intensifying. Brother-in-Law, why are you not coming out yet? Quickly come out!” Long Wanyu said in horror.

“Huh?” Sima Feng looked at Long Wanyu in confusion.

“Demonic spirit, tell me, will my brother-in-law be fine? Would…” Long Wanyu said with fear.

“I don’t know. However, such a greatly ominous foreboding practically means that there is no chance of survival. This is even worse than last time… However, there’s no need to worry. You are already out of the city and have avoided the danger. You just need to leave immediately,” the demonic phantom advised.

“What nonsense! My brother-in-law is still in there! My brother-in-law is still in there! I need to inform Brother-in-Law. Brother-in-Law, quickly come out!” Long Wanyu felt incredibly worried.

“It’s over! Everyone in there is going to die! Fatty, hurry up and run!” Longevity dashed fearfully towards the city gates.

“Fatty, my ass. Isn’t it all your fault? Longevity, if you call me Fatty again, I’ll beat you up!” Purple Subtlety roared.

“I’ll stop! I’ll stop. Quickly leave. If we do not, we will die in here too!” Longevity said anxiously.

Die in there? Brother-in-Law will die in there?

“Brother-in-Law!” Alarmed, Long Wanyu rushed to the city gates.

“Lass, you…you…you aren’t, right? You are going to send yourself to death! Don’t! I’ll kneel to you, alright? Don’t go! You are just seeking death!” the demonic phantom exclaimed.

“Kneel, my ass. If you don’t help me, I’ll go by myself!” Long Wanyu cursed.

“Don’t! It is not that I don’t want to help, but I can’t. Such a greatly ominous foreboding would mean the end. I-I… Look at me stammering. Lass, it’s fine. Gu Hai will be fine. Don’t be anxious. He will definitely survive!” the demonic phantom advised.

“Ptooey! Who are you tricking?!” Naturally, Long Wanyu refused to believe the demonic phantom.

“Sima Feng, make way. I’m entering!” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

“Princess, you can’t! You can’t go in. Have you forgotten what you promised Mister Gu?” Sima Feng exclaimed.

Long Wanyu bit on her lips, but the anxiety in her eyes remained. “I have not forgotten. However, I cannot just watch Brother-in-Law die. He is my only remaining family!”

“However, you can’t help even if you go. Furthermore, Mister Gu might not want your help?” Sima Feng urged, feeling on edge.

“It doesn’t matter whether he wants my help or not. If it means that Brother-in-Law will be fine, I will go. I can read the auspicious and the ominous. Perhaps I can help? It will be fine as long as he is alright!” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

“Ah! We finally came out!” Purple Subtlety panted heavily.

Sima Feng and the others looked at the two out of curiosity.

Just at this moment, Long Wanyu suddenly threw a palm strike at Sima Feng.


Long Wanyu immediately knocked Sima Feng over.


Then, Long Wanyu rushed into the city.

“What? Princess!” Sima Feng exclaimed.


Just at this moment, the city gates in the four cardinal directions all closed.

Aside from Long Wanyu, who managed to rush in, the others were all blocked out.


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