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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 41.1: Treasure Map, Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4 Chapter 41.1: Treasure Map, Part 1

The fat Purple Subtlety and the skinny Longevity fought each other to the point of tearing each other’s clothes, not giving way to the other.

Suddenly, the two heard a voice.

“Brother-in-Law, you can’t dig any further! We can’t dig anymore! Quickly leave this place! Hurry!” Long Wanyu’s anxious voice rang out.

“Someone found us?” Longevity goggled.

“We are saved? Someone! Please dig! Hurry!” Purple Subtlety said excitedly.

The two laughed in excitement.

Following that, Xi Yan’s verbal exchange with Gu Hai rang out, ending in mockery as he said that he would break the tortoise shell.

“Smash it! Smash it!” Purple Subtlety showed an excited smile on his oily face.


“It broke! It really broke! This is great!” Longevity also smiled excitedly.

The two had already forgotten that they were fighting. They just waited excitedly without moving, maintaining their earlier posture, as they watched the seal above with trembling hearts.


Finally, after Xi Yan put in a lot of effort, the seal suddenly exploded.

“It broke?”

“We are saved!”

Purple Subtlety and Longevity showed ecstatic expressions.

Three thousand years. Anyone would go crazy upon being locked up for three thousand years. These two only managed to endure it because they were special. However, their minds were crumbling. Now that their cage opened up, they felt an unprecedented delight.

The two showed wide grins. However, perhaps because one was too fat and the other was too skinny, those smiles looked very lascivious to others.

“Ah! How immoral!” Long Wanyu immediately covered her face and turned away.

“My eyes! Two perverts?” one of the cultivators said with a stiff expression.

All the people outside felt like washing their eyes out. This scene was too provocative; no one could continue staring at it.

Xi Yan’s expression turned stiff. What’s going on? Isn’t this a tortoise shell that the foundation rock golems placed? Why is there an underground palace? Why are there two perverts here? Where did Gu Hai find these two perverts?

“Brother-in-Law, we should quickly leave! I sense something greatly ominous!” Long Wanyu exhorted anxiously.

“You are not to leave!” the Bi-An King immediately called out.

Everyone looked at Gu Hai.

“What’s going on? This is a treasury?” the Bi-An King said sullenly.

“I said before. I don’t know. Figure the rest out yourself. I already found the place,” Gu Hai said.

The Bi-An King frowned as he looked at the large palace.

“What are those two?” the Bi-An King asked as he pointed to Purple Subtlety and Longevity.

“Two perverts!” The surrounding people denounced the two below.

Purple Subtlety felt slightly shocked. “Who are you calling perverts?”

“They are talking about you, you pervert. Why are you not getting up yet?!” Longevity glared.

“Who did you say is a pervert? You are the pervert. I have already put up with you for a long time. Now that I can leave, I no longer have to put up with you!” Purple Subtlety resumed strangling Longevity.

“I no longer have to put up with you, either!” Longevity started strangling Purple Subtlety.

The two suddenly started fighting furiously. When the one hundred thousand cultivators outside saw these two bare-topped men wrestling each other, their faces sank.

“You bastards, you two strange things are still acting?!” Xi Yan shouted with a glare.

The two stopped and looked at Xi Yan. Then, they just turned their heads back and continued fighting.

Xi Yan: “…”

As the scuffle between the two intensified, their clothes ripped further. Soon, it looked like no more clothes would cover them.


Xi Yan swung his palm in a slapping motion.



The attack struck the two rolling on the ground. Only now did they notice the group of angry people.

“Brat, what are you doing?” Purple Subtlety yelled while glaring.

“Indeed. He has shifty eyes. I can tell that he is nothing good with just one glance. Purple Subtlety, read him a poem!” Longevity called out.

“No. He hit this great me. I will not read a poem to him!” Purple Subtlety said.

“Poem?” The surrounding people appeared confused.

“Brat, what is going on with this underground palace? Did Gu Hai put you up to this?” Xi Yan questioned coldly.

“Gu Hai? Who is Gu Hai?” Longevity asked, feeling confused.

“Still pretending?” Xi Yan said while glowering.

Purple Subtlety and Longevity exchanged looks.

“Is this person crazy?” Longevity asked, feeling confused.

“Speak softer. This crazy person’s cultivation is rather high. The wise do not fight when the odds do not favor them. Just pretend that we did not hear him. Quickly leave,” Purple Subtlety whispered to Longevity.

Longevity nodded.

Xi Yan: “…”

The surrounding cultivators: “…”

Do you think that we cannot hear just because you spoke softly?

Wise? You two perverts? Wise?

The surrounding cultivators saw Purple Subtlety and Longevity trying to sneak to the side, wanting to leave the underground palace.

The surrounding cultivators felt flabbergasted. Do you two fools think that we are blind?

“Speak! What is going on here?” Xi Yan roared while glaring.

“We don’t know. We really don’t know.” Longevity shook his head, wanting to leave.

“Everyone, if you like this place, feel free to check it out yourself. I will be leaving first,” Purple Subtlety said, beaming from ear to ear.

The surrounding cultivators: “…”

“That’s not right. The bricks of this underground palace have merged into one solid piece. Furthermore, look at this material. This has been here for at least a millennium. This is not something that Gu Hai did. The underground palace was already here?” The Bi-An King’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

As the Bi-An King spoke, he turned abruptly to the two trying to leave.

The two looked like they wanted to jump out of the deep pit and leave.

“Trying to run? Ha! Where can you run to? What is going on?!” Xi Yan flicked his wrist, and two whips came flying out.

“Lower Heavenly Palace Realm? You are only so-so! Humph!” Longevity snorted coldly.

“Trying to show off before me despite being a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator? You overestimate yourself. Watch my Purple Subtlety Divine Palm!” Purple Subtlety also revealed a cold smile as he thrust his right hand out.


When the surrounding people heard that, they raised their guard. These two had mysterious origins. Furthermore, they spoke boldly, making little of a Lower Heavenly Realm cultivator? How strong were they?


The whip immediately wrapped up Purple Subtlety and Longevity tight like dumplings.

[TL Note: There are many Chinese foods that simply get translated to dumplings in English. However, they are referred to by different names in Chinese and are completely different from each other. The one referenced here is a glutinous rice dumpling. Here is a Wikipedia entry on it with some pictures of it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zongzi.]

The various cultivators: “…”

Weren’t you very incredible? Why did you get captured like that?

Xi Yan: “…”

Were these two fools?

“It is all your fault. You made me so fat that I could not bring out any strength!”

“You are still blaming me? It is your fault. I have lost all my strength because of you!”

Purple Subtlety and Longevity started arguing.

“Stop making noise! Keep being noisy, and this great me will kill you!” Xi Yan roared, feeling depressed.

Meeting these two fools gave him the greatest headache of his life. Communicating with them was especially difficult.


Just at this moment, a folded beast-skin parchment fell from the bound Longevity.

“Oh no! My painting!” Longevity exclaimed.

“What painting?” Xi Yan asked, feeling confused.

The beast-skin parchment threatened to unfold as it fell. Soon, its contents would be revealed.


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