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Book 4: Chapter 36: Saber Exploded

All the vampires suddenly charged at Xi Yan, sending many manifested swords and manifested sabers at him.

Xi Yan’s expression changed as he retreated.


Thousands of manifested swords and manifested sabers missed, landing on nothing but air.

Xi Yan retreated not because he feared them but because they were his subordinates. Now, Gu Hai controlled all of them.

“Heavenly Palace Realm? Ha! Bring it on!” Gu Hai said coldly.

As Gu Hai held the Marionette Controller, he hid within the ritual array.

Fog filled the place, allowing Gu Hai to hide somewhere Xi Yan could not see clearly. Of course, this ritual array was nothing incredible to a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Xi Yan could still see Gu Hai. However, the fog got in the way, blurring Gu Hai’s figure.

“Humph! Gu Hai, where are you running to?” Xi Yan snorted coldly and swung his sword again.


“Master, save me!”

“Master, this subordinate does not mean it!”

A group of vampires blocked Xi Yan again, preventing him from attacking.

Gu Hai had a cold look in his eyes. He had no pity for these vampires who lived on human blood. If he pitied these vampires now, millions of innocent people would become their dinner in the future.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The shock waves from Xi Yan’s sudden stop blasted the vampires away. He showed a cold look in his eyes.

“Humph! Gu Hai, the Marionette Controller? Do you really think that you can threaten me with them, thinking that I cannot do anything to you?” Xi Yan said coldly.

This time, Xi Yan did not chase after Gu Hai. Instead, he waved.


The energy of a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator poured into the two thousand-odd vampires. The icy-blue energy instantly stopped all the vampires in their tracks.

“Young Master, that Marionette Controller is an imitation of the Cross Annihilation, right?” Qing Feng looked at the cross-shaped sticks in Gu Hai’s hands in surprise.

“That’s right. It is an imitation of the Cross Annihilation. Unfortunately, it is too crude. It is useless on a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Now, Xi Yan is making a move to force out those transparent threads in the vampires’ bodies,” the white-clad youth said.


With Xi Yan interfering, the various vampires started to shake off the Marionette Controller’s control.

Now, Xi Yan revealed a ferocious smile.

Gu Hai also showed a cold smile. “Now!”

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world!”

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world!”

The voices of ten Xiang Yus suddenly rang out in the ritual array.

Ten halberds appeared out of thin air, swinging at Xi Yan, who was fully focused on helping the vampires.

At the same time, ten foundation rock golems worked together to attack Xi Yan from underground.

All of Xi Yan’s routes of escape were immediately sealed off, even above and below.

Xi Yan was currently helping the vampires. How could he expect there to be so many traps laid?

“Huh?” Li Shenji’s face suddenly sank.

“Young Master, there are traps! Gu Hai laid traps in advance?” Qing Feng exclaimed.

The white-clad youth narrowed his eyes as he said, “This level of traps is insufficient for a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator.”

Indeed, as Xi Yan helped his vampires, he swung his sword. A number of sword qi suddenly appeared in the surroundings.


Loud reports rang out as Xi Yan nearly simultaneously blocked the halberds and the foundation rock golems’ palm strikes.

“Hahaha! With just you lot? You are far too weak!” Xi Yan guffawed with a ferocious expression.

“It’s over? Gu Hai’s trap failed?” Qing Feng said with a frown.

“No, you overlooked the most important person, Gu Hai!” The white-clad youth narrowed his eyes.

Qing Feng noticed Gu Hai suddenly stepping forward and raising his saber.

“That won’t work. Xi Yan used his sword qi to block the halberds and foundation rock golems. However, the manifested sword is still around. Gu Hai’s earlier Second Cycle cannot defeat Xi Yan. It would be pointless.” Qing Feng frowned.

“It is not useless. Gu Hai has now pushed Xi Yan into a corner. Xi Yan cannot move, only clash head-on with him. Xi Yan is being restrained and cannot retreat,” the white-clad youth said.

“Unable to retreat? However, how strong can Gu Hai be? How could he be Xi Yan’s match? Xi Yan does not need to retreat unless Gu Hai’s saber strike can grow stronger,” Qing Feng said with a frown.

“Cycle Saber Technique…Third Cycle!” Gu Hai shouted.


A saber conception like a vast storm rushed out.

The saber conception was extremely ferocious, making all the vampires goggle and despair. This saber conception gave the impression of heavenly might.

Outside the ritual array:

While Li Shenji’s two subordinates were not powerful enough to look into the ritual array, they suddenly felt a chill, their expressions turning horrified.

“This saber conception! What saber conception is this?!” one of the subordinates yelled.

“That’s impossible! It strengthened by another hundredfold? There cannot possibly be such a saber technique!” Li Shenji exclaimed as well.

Gu Hai had advanced to the Nascent Soul Realm only recently. However, the might of this saber strike surpassed the limits of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Even before the saber swung down, its horrifying saber aura felt like a heavenly saber hanging over everyone’s head, causing a sense of dread to flood their body.

“How can this be? This…this saber aura?!” Qing Feng goggled in shock.

Only the white-clad youth suddenly felt excited. An intense battle hunger appeared in his eyes.

“What an excellent saber technique! Third Cycle? I want to have an exchange with this person!” the white-clad youth said, his eyes brimming with overwhelming battle hunger.

Third Cycle?

Even before the saber swung down, the pressure the aura already brought out was so great that the entire valley sank.

Outside the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array, Qin Zibai was dealing with Fairy Waner in another ritual array. Suddenly, an intense saber conception rushed in from outside the ritual array.

The expression of Qin Zibai, who was attacking, changed. “Who is it? Xi Yan should not be capable of this saber conception.”

Qin Zibai turned his head to look and happened to see Gu Hai showing a ferocious expression while holding up a saber. The intense saber conception came from Gu Hai’s saber.

“Gu Hai? That’s impossible!” Qin Zibai exclaimed.

“Gu Hai?” Fairy Waner looked at Gu Hai in shock as well.

Even before the saber swung down, the saber conception flooded the place.

A purple light filled not just the entire valley but also the sky.

Far away:

Countless cultivators rushed over. These were the cultivators in Dragon Vein City. Many powerful cultivators received information that a dragon vein had appeared at a certain place outside the city.

These powerful experts had come for the dragon vein. Naturally, they all rushed over.

Even before arriving at the valley, these cultivators saw a purple light soaring into the sky from the valley. Then, an extremely tyrannical saber conception burst out.

“Who is that? What a tyrannical saber conception!”

“What a powerful saber conception!”

“Who is that?!”

The various cultivators goggled.

On the flying ship where Long Wanyu and Sima Feng were:

Long Wanyu was anxious, not knowing what was happening in the ritual array. When Gu Hai executed the Third Cycle, the purple light erupted, and the saber conception poured out, Sima Feng broke out in a cold sweat.

“It’s Brother-in-Law’s saber technique! It’s Brother-in-Law!” Long Wanyu said excitedly.

Sima Feng looked at Long Wanyu in shock. “What? This is from Mister Gu? Princess, stop joking. How could Mister Gu—”

“Move aside! Don’t block my view!” Long Wanyu excitedly shoved Sima Feng aside to look at the distant ritual array.

How powerful was the Third Cycle?

No one would have a deeper experience of it than Xi Yan.

Even before the saber landed, the saber conception seemed to have already cleaved him in half.

To think that my first reaction when facing this tyrannical saber conception is to flee?


Abandon everything and flee?

However, I cannot flee. I can’t move away.

The moment I do, the ten halberds, ten foundation rock golems’ palm strikes, and the weapons of my two thousand-odd subordinates will land on me.

I have no other choice but to fight back.

However, can I block this attack?

No. I can’t. I can’t block it. Not at all.

Xi Yan pushed up with his manifested sword, resisting with all his might. However, his confidence was already at rock-bottom. He believed that it was already over for him and that he would die here.

Xi Yan’s eyes turned bloodshot. It seemed that this saber strike would finish him off. His entire body trembled as his eyes bulged. He roared in despair, “No!”

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

As Gu Hai’s saber swung down, cracks suddenly filled the saber.

“Huh?” Xi Yan suddenly saw hope amid despair.

Gu Hai’s saber is going to explode? Is it going to explode?


Indeed, just as the bronze saber was about to reach Xi Yan, it exploded.

When the saber and manifested saber shattered, only a strong wind ripped off a corner of Xi Yan’s clothes.


The purple light suddenly disappeared.

The threat of death vanished.

Xi Yan’s expression changed wildly.


Xi Yan quickly struggled free from the halberds, the foundation rock golems, and the vampires without care for anything and fled hastily to the back.


Xi Yan fled in fear without pause.

Outside, Li Shenji, the white-clad youth, Qing Feng, and the others raised their eyebrows.

“The saber exploded?” Qing Feng said in a daze.

“What a powerful Third Cycle! To think that the saber could not endure it and exploded? How could Gu Hai have such a formidable saber technique?” Li Shenji said with a terrifyingly sullen expression.

“Excellent Third Cycle! Very excellent Third Cycle!” The battle hunger in the white-clad youth’s eyes intensified.


Fragments of the bronze saber filled the air. Gu Hai’s face sank.

However, it was not that Gu Hai did not consider the sturdiness of the bronze saber. He had taken it into account.

Right now, Gu Hai was not strong enough to clash head-on with Xi Yan. Even the Third Cycle would be insufficient. This saber strike put an extremely horrifying drain on his energy.

When the bronze saber exploded, the energy in Gu Hai’s body had nearly emptied out already.

In other words, Gu Hai still could not execute the Third Cycle. He had let the bronze saber explode on purpose to give the impression that he could execute the Third Cycle, just that the saber was not sturdy enough.

At the very least, Gu Hai’s plan succeeded. As Xi Yan looked at Gu Hai, his gaze no longer held the earlier condescension. Instead, there was now fear.

Thus, when Gu Hai pulled the vampires over with the Marionette Controller and cut them with the Life Ender Saber, Xi Yan did not interfere.

The Third Cycle was too terrifying, simply too terrifying.

“Argh! Master, save me!”

“Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!”

“Save me!”

The vampires screamed in fear and horror. However, Xi Yan no longer cared about their survival, letting the Life Ender Saber consume them.

Gu Hai had planned out every step.

He used the Third Cycle to scare the other party, then used the Life Ender Saber to consume the vampires to gain the thousandth of the energy the Life Ender Saber consumed.

Due to the shock from the Third Cycle, no one noticed that Gu Hai had paled after executing that attack. As the Life Ender Saber killed the two thousand-odd vampires, his complexion turned rosy once more.

The halberds vanished, and the foundation rock golems dove back into the ground.

The Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array scattered as well.

All the vampires had been reduced to dry bones.

Gu Hai was still the same Gu Hai, except he held the Life Ender Saber instead of a bronze saber.

As he held the Life Ender Saber, he looked at Xi Yan again.

The scene was almost the same as earlier, just without the vampires. However, the situation had reversed.

Previously, Xi Yan looked down on Gu Hai. Now, Gu Hai was looking down on Xi Yan. Furthermore, as Xi Yan looked at Gu Hai, fear appeared in his eyes.


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