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Book 4: Chapter 33: Fairy Waner Verified

Gu Hai’s flying ship headed slowly for the valley where Xi Yan had laid a ritual array.

“Oh? It’s not good. Brother-in-Law, I sense a disaster.” Long Wanyu suddenly frowned.

“Oh?” Gu Hai looked at Long Wanyu with misgivings.

“I am not sure about the exact details. In any case, there is some danger in proceeding forward. However, the danger is not big; there is just a certain degree of ominous signs.” Long Wanyu frowned.

“Ominous signs? Who can you see?” Gu Hai asked gravely.

The ominous signs that Long Wanyu could sense were not trifling matters. One needed to treat them carefully.

“Let me see. Coincidentally, I still have not used this month’s prediction,” Long Wanyu immediately said gravely.

Then, blue light suddenly came from her right eye.

“Ah! It’s him? That one…he is the one outside Chaoge City previously. Ah! I recall now. Qin Zibai. Qin Zibai will appear and seek trouble for us. Brother-in-Law, there’s Qin Zibai,” Long Wanyu said worriedly.

“Qin Zibai?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

Long Wanyu nodded.

“Stop!” Gu Hai stopped the flying ship.

Gu Hai was only a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator; furthermore, just in the first layer. Bringing everyone to deal with Xi Yan was already a risk. After all, Xi Yan was a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Although Xi Yan was just a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, that was not something a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator could compare to. Gu Hai had been thinking of countermeasures along the way.

Now, Long Wanyu said that Qin Zibai was there as well? That was a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator!

Gu Hai only managed to scare Qin Zibai off at Chaoge City by using the nation’s power.

With Qin Zibai here, all the plans that Gu Hai made would fail.

“Your Majesty, perhaps we should wait until Xi Yan is alone to deal with him?” Ju Lu advised.

Gu Hai shook his head. Under normal circumstances, Gu Hai would wait for Xi Yan to be alone. However, he felt somewhat worried at the moment. Who did Xi Yan and Qin Zibai trap? The ‘Miserable World’? Is it Fairy Waner?

No matter what Fairy Waner thought of him, she was already his woman.

“There’s no need. I’ll make arrangements. Just follow as I say,” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” everyone answered.

“You all, immediately head to Dragon Vein City and spread the news. Say the dragon vein appeared at…,” Gu Hai instructed the rest.

Gu Hai’s flying ship continued towards that valley.

Soon, the ritual array came into view in the distance.

“Brother-in-Law, don’t approach any further. It is very dangerous. I still have an ominous feeling,” Long Wanyu said worriedly.

“I know. There’s no need to worry. Sima Feng, lay a calligraphy Dao ritual array to protect Wanyu,” Gu Hai said.


“Ah? Brother-in-Law, are you going alone?” Long Wanyu asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry.” Gu Hai shook his head.


Gu Hai jumped off the flying ship.

The foundation rock golems followed Gu Hai’s instruction and laid a ritual array underground.

The flying ship stopped at a hidden corner, and Sima Feng started writing a calligraphy Dao ritual array.

However, Gu Hai moved alone, heading slowly for the ritual array in the distance.

Nearby, at the mountain summit where Li Shenji was:

“Milord, someone is coming. Is it really Gu Hai? To think that he is alone?” one of the subordinates said in shock.

Li Shenji narrowed his eyes and said, “Alone? Ha! Gu Hai can’t possibly be alone. The others must be hiding!”


“It does not matter. Once Qin Zibai and Xi Yan decide to kill him, Gu Hai cannot escape,” Li Shenji said coldly.

On another mountain’s summit:

The white-clad youth also narrowed his eyes when he saw the distant Gu Hai making his way slowly towards the ritual array.

“Hey? It’s him?” Qing Feng suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh? Do you know him?” the white-clad youth asked.

“Young Master, he is the one. I have seen his portrait before. He is the person who laid the ritual array that manifested Dugu Qiubai,” Qing Feng said, shock flashing in his eyes.

“He is the one?” The white-clad youth raised his eyebrows.

He had just been thinking of seeking out Gu Hai to experience an exchange with Dugu Qiubai. Unexpectedly, Gu Hai showed up here.

“Why is he here? Shouldn’t he be at Chaoge City?” Qing Feng wondered.

“What is his name?”

“Gu Hai,” Qing Feng answered.

“Gu Hai?” Anticipation flashed in the white-clad youth’s eyes.

Gu Hai sauntered to the perimeter of the ritual array.

He had already made arrangements. However, he still needed to know who was trapped in the ritual array. If it was not Fairy Waner, then he did not need to take any risks.

“Huang Royal Dynasty’s Xi Yan!” Gu Hai suddenly shouted.


Gu Hai’s voice entered the ritual array.

Inside the ritual array, Fairy Waner plucked the zither’s strings and blocked the surrounding vampires. However, as she had been playing for a few days and nights already, she was starting to get tired. A depressed look flashed in her eyes.

“Fairy Waner, we do not ask for much. We only want to know the method to refine Hanba’s fire. That should not be difficult for you. If you keep dragging this out, my subordinates will arrive before you soon,” Xi Yan sneered.

“Humph!” Fairy Waner let out a cold snort.

“Lord Qin and I can give you a chance. However, my subordinates have just been spirit-assimilated, and their thoughts are not very clear yet. They will not bother speaking to you. My ritual array prevents sound from leaking out. How long can you last?” Xi Yan sneered.

Another depressed look flashed in Fairy Waner’s eyes.

Now, she could escape only by sending a rescue signal. However, she had made a bet with her master that she would not ask to be rescued during this experiential training. She had to conquer any difficulty she encountered by herself.

Nevertheless, the ugly faces of these vampires kept getting nearer. This flustered Fairy Waner somewhat.

Furthermore, Qin Zibai was watching her closely like a tiger watching its prey.

Fairy Waner’s face sank. The anxiety in her heart had grown over the past few days, awakening a sense of helplessness. If only someone would save her now!

For some reason, the first person she thought of was not her master but that infuriating Gu Hai.

“You bastard, didn’t you say that you would take responsibility? Well, come and do it. Where are you now? All you can do is say nice words…” Fairy Waner criticized Gu Hai under her breath, hoping to drive away thoughts of him somehow.

As she continuously deprecated Gu Hai, she nearly managed to banish all thoughts of Gu Hai. However, a loud shout suddenly rang out in the ritual array.

“Huang Royal Dynasty’s Xi Yan!”

While the ritual array prevented sound from escaping, it let sound in. Gu Hai’s shout startled everyone, causing their expression to change.

It’s Gu Hai’s voice. That’s right. It’s definitely Gu Hai’s voice.

Somehow, it felt like she had summoned Gu Hai over with her criticisms.

“You darned fellow, you really came?” Fairy Waner’s expression changed.

[TL Note: The words for “darned fellow” here literally translate to “dead ghost.” However, this insult is usually used more for addressing one’s spouse or someone close. It’s more of name-calling out of affection rather than an insult.]

In the next moment, Fairy Waner noticed that her tone was not quite right. Her face flushed, and she immediately corrected herself, “That bastard, why is he here?”

Fairy Waner’s efforts to chase away the thoughts of Gu Hai went up in smoke. Instead, his voice seemed to have cemented him in her mind, rendering her criticisms useless.

Now, only one thought echoed in her mind. Is he here to save me? Did he come to save me when he heard my voice? Is he taking responsibility?

The feelings of helplessness immediately vanished. Her heart started thumping madly while she was in a daze.

“He is here? He is here?” Fairy Waner’s zither playing sped up, containing a happy tone.

“Gu Hai? Why is he here?” Qin Zibai’s face sank.

Gu Hai had left a deep impression on Qin Zibai. Ever since Gu Hai chased him away from Chaoge City, he had felt extremely bitter, yet they were about to meet again so soon.

“Is he seeking me out?” Xi Yan raised his eyebrows.


Xi Yan waved. The fog before him immediately thinned.

While those outside could not see in, those inside could see out.

“It really is him?” A strange look flashed in Fairy Waner’s eyes.

Qin Zibai’s expression turned sullen.

Xi Yan frowned slightly.

Outside, Gu Hai held a bronze saber in his right hand, staring at the ritual array with a cold expression.

“What’s wrong? You don’t even dare to answer?” Gu Hai said coldly.

“The Han Royal Dynasty’s Gu Hai? What are you doing here?” Xi Yan asked coldly.

Xi Yan’s voice suddenly rang out. At the same time, Gu Hai heard the zither music and the furious roars of the vampires.

Gu Hai’s pupils constricted. Indeed, there is an intense battle taking place inside.

“Ha! Hahaha! What am I doing here? Just ask the person you trapped. How bold of you!” Gu Hai’s face turned serious.

“Huh?” Fairy Waner’s eyes lit up.

Did Gu Hai really come for me?

Qin Zibai’s and Xi Yan’s faces turned sullen as they exchanged looks.

“Gu Hai knows?” Qin Zibai said in surprise.

Xi Yan also showed a strange expression. “So what if he knows? Are they on good terms with each other? Based on the information I have, they seem to have grudges against each other?”

The two looked at Fairy Waner.

“Gu Hai came for you?” Xi Yan said.

“Humph! I’m not on friendly terms with him.” Fairy Waner continued to be stubborn.

Xi Yan turned to look out of the ritual array. “Gu Hai, why are you seeking trouble when there is none, coming to interfere with my plans?”

Since Gu Hai wanted to know who was trapped, he could only call out again, “Ha! Seeking trouble when there is none? Have you asked her? She said that?”

Xi Yan looked at Fairy Waner. “And you claimed that you are not on friendly terms. Who are you fooling?”

“Let me speak to him!” Fairy Waner said.

Then, Fairy Waner turned her head to look coldly at Qin Zibai.

Only Gu Hai is outside. If he tries to barge in, he will not be Qin Zibai’s match. What if…

Whoosh! Xi Yan waved, letting Fairy Waner’s voice travel out.

Fairy Waner steeled herself, then called out, hoping to drive Gu Hai away, “Gu Hai, who told you to come? Go back to where you came from. It is not your place to interfere in my business.”

However, Gu Hai let out his bated breath when he heard Fairy Waner’s words.

Indeed. Indeed, it is her.

Since it was Fairy Waner, how could Gu Hai leave?

Gu Hai caressed the saber in his hand as he showed a cold expression. “Xi Yan? You were the glorious master of the Huang Royal Dynasty. Never mind becoming a dog for the Yuan Nation, to think you even laid a ritual array to deal with a weak woman? Ha! How excellent! Trapping Fairy Waner? I will tell the world about what you did!”

“Huh?” Xi Yan’s face sank.

Xi Yan used a ritual array because he did not want any word of this spreading. If Gu Hai told the world, then his efforts would be for naught.

“Gu Hai is only an initiate Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Furthermore, he is not in Chaoge City. He cannot do anything. Just be careful of his Marionette Controller and inextinguishable divine flame,” Qin Zibai said.

“Then, we cannot leave him alive. You lot, go take care of Gu Hai!” Xi Yan commanded a group of vampires.


Twenty vampires charged out of the ritual array.


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