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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 31: Purple Subtlety and Longevity Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 31: Purple Subtlety and Longevity

Several days later:

A flying ship carried Gu Hai and Long Wanyu out of Chaoge City.

Gu Hai had made arrangements for everything over the past few days. He left Gao Xianzhi, Shangguan Hen, Bing Ji, and Meng Tai in charge of Chaoge City. Then, he approved some policy proposals before bringing Ju Lu—a foundation rock golem who could take human form—and a group of soldiers to the Grave Valley of Death.

Naturally, a group of escorts, led by Sima Feng, followed Long Wanyu.

Sima Feng was the Sima Clan calligraphist who helped attack Gu Hai with his calligraphy Dao ritual array when Gu Hai met Long Wanyu for the first time.

He now followed the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s order to ensure Long Wanyu’s safety.

Gu Hai stood at the bow of the flying ship, looking into the distance.

“The Grave Valley of Death? Dragon Vein City?” Gu Hai said.

The new foundation rock golem prime appointed by Gu Hai, Ju Lu, said respectfully, “Yes, Your Majesty. Now, there are about ten foundation rock golems there. We will meet up with them first.”

Gu Hai nodded and said, “That is good.”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!” Ju Lu said gratefully.

“There is no need for you to do this. I received your earth deity and promised Huangfu Chaoge. Naturally, I will take revenge for the Foundation Rock Deity. Xi Yan? A newly advanced Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator? I will do my best,” Gu Hai said gravely.

“Yes!” Ju Lu said gratefully.

“Alright, stop wasting time. Big Rock, go wait over there. I want to speak to my brother-in-law,” Long Wanyu immediately called out.

“Yes!” Ju Lu withdrew respectfully to the side.

“Brother-in-Law, we are finally out! We are finally out! Brother-in-Law is the best. Every time I tell the old fogey that I want to go out, he refuses. If I go with old baldy Liu Nian, he will object to so many things. You are more agreeable, immediately agreeing the moment I asked,” Long Wanyu said happily.

“I promised to bring you with me. However, don’t forget that you promised me something too,” Gu Hai said gravely.

“Isn’t it just to listen to you? Don’t worry. I won’t get into trouble. I’ll listen to you.” Long Wanyu suddenly gave him such a wide smile that her eyes narrowed.

“That’s not it. Do you not remember what I said at the end?” Gu Hai frowned.

“Of course I remember. You set up a secret signal with me. If you say that secret word, I have to obey, no matter what.” Long Wanyu immediately nodded.

“What is the secret word?” Gu Hai emphasized.

“Happy. Hehe! I’m right, right? Brother-in-Law, why did you set such a secret word? It is very funny,” Long Wanyu laughed.

“It is ‘happy.’ I hope that you will always be happy in the future. However, remember this: if I say this word, you must do whatever I say. Must!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Alright, I got it!” Long Wanyu nodded.

Since Long Wanyu remembered it, Gu Hai smiled. “Alright. It’s good that you remember. By the way, Venerable Liu Nian said that he would be establishing his heavenly palace and went into closed-door cultivation. Aren’t you a seer? Will he succeed this time?”

“I don’t know. I did not predict that far. The old baldy should be able to break through, I think?” Long Wanyu said with a frown.

“Alright!” Gu Hai smiled bitterly.

“The captain of your guards, that’s Sima Feng, right? I previously noticed that his calligraphy Dao ritual array was pretty good,” Gu Hai said, feeling curious.

“Little Feng, come over!” Long Wanyu called out as though she was much higher in seniority.

A man rushed over from nearby. As he looked at Long Wanyu, he said with a faint, bitter smile, “Princess, you summoned me?”

“Yes. My brother-in-law has some questions for you. Answer them,” Long Wanyu said, still speaking as though she was a senior.

Sima Feng nodded with a faint, bitter smile.

“Mister Sima, sorry for disturbing you,” Gu Hai said, also showing a bitter smile.

“Please don’t address me like that, Mister Gu. Just address me as Little Feng, as the princess does,” Sima Feng immediately said, shaking his head.

If Gu Hai was too respectful of him and the princess did not like it, she would seek trouble for him later.

“Alright, but I’d better stick to Sima Feng. I saw you using a calligraphy Dao ritual array previously. The calligraphy Dao, can you tell me more about it?” Gu Hai asked, feeling curious.

“The calligraphy Dao? Actually, I’ve only just scratched the surface. I’ll tell you what I know. Do forgive me if any of it is wrong.”

“You are too polite.” Gu Hai smiled.

“This is what people say: the Go Dao creates worlds, the music Dao creates souls, and the calligraphy Dao creates order,” Sima Feng said seriously.

“Creates order?” Gu Hai wondered aloud.

“Yes, order. Or rather, rules or supreme truths. A sentence can become a supreme truth used all over the world. Most calligraphists work on exploring the supreme truths of the world, understanding the current order of the world. Then, they use their understanding to turn the supreme truths into their weapons. Few people can create order. Supposedly, there were calligraphy Dao experts in ancient times who created new order and challenged heaven. In the end, heaven destroyed them, just like it did Old Mister Guan Qi,” Sima Feng explained.

“Oh? The calligraphy Dao can challenge heaven and create order?” Gu Hai frowned slightly.

“Yes. Most people work on exploring the existing order of the world. The first person to discover that particular order will be the most incredible at that order. It is similar to the music Dao. It is just like how Mister Gu composes pieces. No matter how others played it, they would not be better than you. That is because you are the first to discover that particular arrangement of musical notes,” Sima Feng explained.

“Is the calligraphy Dao also like this?”

“Yes. The music Dao requires the music Dao’s artistic conception. The calligraphy Dao also requires the calligraphy Dao’s artistic conception, using the conception to control knowledge. When you write out the order of the world, you can make use of it. This is like the Yellow Springs Absolute Quiescence Scripture that I wrote previously. That was the order of the world that my clan discovered and created. Hence, the clan head can bring the most might out of it. For us descendants, it is weaker. Of course, if outsiders know the full text, they can also use it, but their effect would not be as good as ours,” Sima Feng explained.

“Exploring the order of the world and writing it down? One needs the calligraphy Dao’s artistic conception?” Gu Hai frowned.

“Of course. It is just like the music Dao. How could one manifest fairies without the music Dao’s artistic conception? Likewise for the calligraphy Dao. Without the calligraphy Dao’s artistic conception, how could one write out a shocking supreme truth of the world? The calligraphy Dao’s artistic conception is connected to the world,” Sima Feng explained.

“So, it is impossible without artistic conception?” Gu Hai frowned.

“Uh, about that, that is normally the case. However…”

“Oh! However, what?”

“Mister Gu, do you remember the heaven-grade zither?” Sima Feng asked seriously.

“Are you referring to Ensnaring Performance?” Gu Hai asked.

“Indeed, among the grades of zithers, the best is a heaven-grade zither. For the calligraphy Dao and painting Dao, one needs a brush. Brushes are also graded, and the best grade is a heaven-grade brush. It is like a heaven-grade zither. I have never seen one before. However, the clan head occasionally mentioned that it looks like a regular person—just like a heaven-grade zither. After you refine a heaven-grade brush, you can use it to write out the supreme truths and scriptures on the order of the world. You do not need your own artistic conception. However, how is one going to find a heaven-grade brush? Perhaps it is just a legend?” Sima Feng said while shaking his head.

Gu Hai nodded.

A huge city had been built at the Grave Valley of Death within a short time. This city was Dragon Vein City.

It was built because dragon roars occasionally rang out in the area. Sometimes, fire dragons charged out of the ground, looking ferocious as their fire burned the sky.

When rumors of a dragon vein spread, countless cultivators immediately rushed over.

One needed to nurture a dragon vein to establish a dynasty. Where could one find a dragon vein? Well, the master of every dynasty had one. However, who could snatch one away? In that case, one could only wait for a new one to be born.

It was extremely difficult for an impoverished place like the Thousand Islands Sea to birth a dragon vein. However, it was not so for the Divine Continent. Word of a new dragon vein would appear every decade or so.

The appearance of a new dragon vein would always kick up a bloody storm. Everyone killed to obtain the dragon vein.

Dragon Vein City arose due to the dragon vein.

No one had managed to find the dragon vein yet, so an increasing number of people gathered here.

At what appeared to be an underground palace in a special place in the Grave Valley of Death:

Two men with strange appearances sat in this underground palace. One was an extremely fat man who seemed like he would pant after taking just two steps. The other was an extremely slim man, so slim that he was practically skin and bones.

The two sat at a stone table in a daze, their eyes wide open.

“Purple Subtlety, there seem to be more people above us now?” the skinny one said with goggling eyes.

“Longevity, you can still think about them?” the fat one said in a daze.

The underground palace fell silent.

“Damn it. Why are the two of us so unlucky? After being sent here, we ended up here for three thousand years. I’ve sat here for so long, I am about to have hemorrhoids,” the fat Purple Subtlety said in depression.

The skinny Longevity showed a strange expression as he said, “That is because you only eat and do not empty your bowels, constipated. Just think about it. Back then, you were thinner than me. How many books were here? You ate them all!”

“Eat, my ass! Isn’t it your fault I became so fat? If you had not shown me your painting, would my belly become so big?” Purple Subtlety protested.

“You are blaming me? I was very well filled out previously. Would I become so thin if not for you?” Longevity said, feeling depressed.

The two remained silent for a while, exchanging hostile looks.

Perhaps the silence stretched out for too long, but Purple Subtlety started speaking again.

“How about I read you a poem that I just composed? I guarantee that it will be pleasant!” Purple Subtlety looked at Longevity with anticipation.

Longevity rolled his eyes. “Do you think that harming each other is good? How about you appreciate one of my paintings?”

Purple Subtlety’s expression turned stiff.

“My poems are highly sought after. So many people are waiting for me to write poems for them!” Purple Subtlety said, unconvinced.

“Why is it that Old Third Wu from the neighboring sect lost control of his bladder and bowels when he heard you reading a poem?” Longevity said.

“That was his first time hearing my poem. He felt so excited that he lost control!” Purple Subtlety yelled.

“Do the people of your family express excitement by losing control of their bladders and bowels?” Longevity scoffed.

Purple Subtlety: “…”

After some silence, Purple Subtlety finally growled, “That Old Third Wu does not know how to appreciate it!”

“Brother, that did not happen just once or twice. Even that old fellow could not bear the destructive power of your poems!” Longevity derided.

“Isn’t it the same for you? Otherwise, why would that old fellow lock you up here like he was trying to avoid the plague?” Purple Subtlety immediately countered.

“Me? Isn’t it all your fault? Who told you to get so close to me? When the old fellow got upset with you, I was unlucky enough to get dragged along with you!”

“Ptooey! You were the one that dragged me down!” Purple Subtlety retorted, unconvinced.

The two exchanged verbal blows, endlessly bickering. They eventually rolled up their sleeves and started strangling each other’s necks.


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