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Book 4: Chapter 24: Grand Ice Mirror Technique

A third cross?

Who could have thought that Gu Hai would take out a third cross? As the Great Light Sovereign Deity, Bing Hu, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander, and others watched the Marionette Controller give off that holy light and burn the vampires and bat spirits, their expressions stiffened.

Bing Ji’s lips trembled a little. So, Gu Hai has so many Marionette Controllers. Why did I have to blab like that? I ended up looking ignorant.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity felt awkward and speechless. He wanted to see Gu Hai make a fool of himself. However, Gu Hai proved that impossible every time.

The Northern Expedition Supreme Commander in the distance felt extremely conflicted.

I already fired two arrows. If I fire a third, will Gu Hai take out a fourth Marionette Controller? The scout did not say that Gu Hai had so many of the same treasure.


The supreme commander waved, and the entire army stopped.

“Supreme Commander, why are we not continuing forward?” one of the generals asked with a frown.

“We can’t. Who knows how many more Marionette Controllers Gu Hai has? We cannot take this risk,” the supreme commander said sullenly.


“Arrange the soldiers in formations and secure the surrounding mountains. We cannot let what happened to Chang Ming happen to us. We also cannot let Gu Hai use his dragon vein to lay a ritual array,” the supreme commander ordered.


The army immediately stopped, and the soldiers started to arrange themselves in formations.

“However, what are we going to do about the bat army?” The earlier general appeared anxious.

Burned by the inextinguishable divine flame, half of the bat army had died already. The remaining half were on their last breath.

“That is a Marionette Controller. It can control Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. While it does have some restraining effect on Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators, a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator can shake free of its effects,” the supreme commander said coldly.

“Supreme Commander, I’ll go!”

“Supreme Commander, I’ll go!”

“Supreme Commander, this humble officer will go!”

Three officers immediately stepped forward.

“Go together, then,” the supreme commander said.



The three armored officers turned around and soared into the sky.

At the city gates:


The city gates closed. Gao Xianzhi’s entire army had entered the city already.

“We entered! Hahahaha! We entered!” Baili Zhan and the other soldiers shouted excitedly after escaping death.

“General Gao, please come with me to meet His Majesty. His Majesty has already made arrangements for someone to take care of the others,” an official said respectfully.

“Alright.” Gao Xianzhi nodded.

After seeing to the disposal of his subordinates, Gao Xianzhi and Baili Zhan boarded a flying ship and headed for Huangfu Palace Hall.

At this time, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander had issued his order. The three Heavenly Palace Realm generals soared into the air. Meanwhile, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander drew his bow and fired another arrow.


The Marionette Controller shattered once more.


After the Marionette Controller shattered, Gu Hai collected the fragments into his sleeves again.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity, Bing Ji, the many officials, and others looked at Gu Hai in anticipation, wanting to see if Gu Hai could bring out a fourth Marionette Controller.

This time, Gu Hai did not do that. Taking three out was already very suspicious. How could he bring out a fourth? Furthermore, the city gates were already closed.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity had activated his World-Spying All-Seeing Eyes, wanting to see what was going on. Unfortunately, Gu Hai did not take out another Marionette Controller.

“Argh! Supreme Commander, save me!”

“The fire is unbearable! Save me!”

The vampires and bat spirits squirmed in pain. Even if they drenched themselves in water, the inextinguishable divine flame continued to burn.

“You bastard! Here I come!” The three Heavenly Palace Realm generals flew over.


The three generals made their move simultaneously.


Icy-blue energy rushed at the burning vampires and bat spirits.

Buzz! Buzz!

The icy-blue energy slowly but immediately forced the fire out of their bodies.

“Many thanks, Fourth Battalion Commander, Seventh Battalion Commander, and Ninth Battalion Commander!” the rescued vampires said gratefully.

Unfortunately, of the hundreds of thousands of vampires and bat spirits, only a mere tens of thousands survived. Furthermore, they were all injured. They all fled to the rear in horror, no longer daring to charge forward.

“Those three are battalion commanders of the Northern Expedition Army. The Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty has records on them. A decade ago, they had not reached the Heavenly Palace Realm yet. Something must have happened in the recent decade for them to establish their heavenly palaces,” Tang Chu said with a frown.

“They are fresh Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators? Ha! They are not even comparable to Cui Tie. The three of them added together would barely equal one Cui Tie!” Shangguan Hen sneered.

Far in the distance, the three battalion commanders took out their weapons with a flip of their hands.


The three used their weapons to launch nearly simultaneous attacks at the city.

Although they had just established their heavenly palaces, they were still Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators, after all, able to display shocking power and might.


A loud report rang out from the three’s combined efforts. Even the distant city gate tower shook.

“Can they break down the city gates?” Many officials revealed horrified expressions.

Gu Hai’s expression turned cold.

“Your Majesty, let me try?” Shangguan Hen said with a frown.

After all, when Gu Hai did something earlier, he merely used the Marionette Controller, an enchanted treasure. At this moment, the subordinates of the other party were attacking. It was not appropriate for him to make a move himself.

Bing Ji’s expression changed as she said, “Han Royal Emperor, let me do it.”

“Oh?” Gu Hai looked at Bing Ji with some doubt.

“If I fail, it won’t be too late for Mister Shangguan to make a move then. Your Majesty, you should be careful of that Northern Expedition Supreme Commander, Qin Zibai,” Bing Ji said gravely.

Qin Zibai? The Northern Expedition Supreme Commander?

Gu Hai looked into the distance. Then he nodded. “Alright.”

That earlier essay already proved Bing Ji’s capability. To think that she is even capable of dealing with three Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators? Gu Hai showed an expression of slight anticipation.


Bing Ji took a step forward, and her figure flashed, instantly going far away and leaving an icy light in her wake.


In just moments, she was at the city gates.

The barrier around the city was for preventing intrusion; exiting was easy.

Bing Ji instantly arrived before the three battalion commanders.

“Huh? Does Gu Hai have no one else to send? He sent a woman?” one of the battalion commanders sneered after stopping his attacks.

“You are quite beautiful. Hahahaha! Pretty one, don’t follow Gu Hai. The supreme commander is here in person. Come with us instead.”

“Indeed, come with us. It will be better than following Gu Hai.”

The three battalion commanders revealed lewd smiles. However, the three simultaneously raised their weapons to attack Bing Ji in the next moment.

Bing Ji did not expect these three to be so treacherous. Thus, the three weapons struck her.


Bing Ji instantly exploded.

“Huh?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Far in the distance, the face of Qin Zibai, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander, sank as well. That’s it?

Bing Ji’s body burst into countless ice shards that scattered in all directions.

“That’s not right. That was not her body!” The expression of one of the battalion commanders changed.

“Ha! You only realized it now? Isn’t it too late already?” Bing Ji’s laughter came from above the three.

They quickly looked up and saw Bing Ji forming a complicated hand seal.


Suddenly, a large ice mirror appeared behind Bing Ji. Then, she directed a piercing beam of sunlight over.


The focused sunlight blinded the three, but they immediately raised some defenses.

However, by the time the three recovered their sight, they had arrived in a strange environment. Ice mirrors surrounded them, each of which had a Bing Ji standing in it.

“This is?” The three’s expressions sank.


Both Gu Hai and Qin Zibai showed grave expressions. They saw Bing Ji forming a hand seal, and cold air suddenly filled the place, sealing the area within fifty kilometers of the city gates in ice. Frost blanketed the ground, and snow drifted down from the sky. A three-hundred-meter-tall ice ball appeared in the center, encapsulating the three battalion commanders and Bing Ji.

A breeze blew as the ice ball gave off cold air. No one knew what was happening inside.

“The Grand Ice Mirror Technique?” Shangguan Hen’s expression changed slightly.

“What’s the Grand Ice Mirror Technique?” Gu Hai wondered aloud.

Shangguan Hen showed a shocked expression as he said, “This is strange. This is very strange. This Grand Ice Mirror Technique is the hereditary cultivation technique of a faction hostile to the Solar Divine Palace. Why does Bing Ji know it? How could she be the Supreme Singularity’s subordinate? This is strange!”


“Your Majesty, perhaps this Bing Ji has complicated origins. Since she can execute the Grand Ice Mirror Technique, it is over for those three,” Shangguan Hen explained with a frown.


Qin Zibai’s face sank further, as he also noticed the strangeness of the ice ball.

“You bastard!”

Qin Zibai stomped hard, and his figure flashed, shooting towards Chaoge City. In mere moments, he arrived at the ice ball.


Qin Zibai threw a palm strike at the ice ball.


A loud report rang out, and the ice ball exploded.

Bing Ji flew out the instant the ice ball exploded. She coursed through the sky in Gu Hai’s direction.

“Open the ritual array and let Bing Ji in,” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” the official responsible for the ritual array answered.


A hole appeared in the ritual array, immediately allowing Bing Ji entry and letting her continue towards Gu Hai.

On the other side, Qin Zibai did not pursue Bing Ji. Instead, he looked into the shattered ice ball.

After the ice ball exploded, a large amount of cold air and mist swept out into the surroundings.


Qin Zibai waved his hand, and the mist immediately vanished, revealing the three battalion commanders.

However, the three battalion commanders had turned into ice statues with wide eyes, all already dead.

“Han Royal Emperor, I have not failed my mission.” Bing Ji smiled as she flew over to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai nodded and looked at the distant Qin Zibai.

“Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Gu Hai, your Chaoge City is really surprising. To think that you managed to kill three of my battalion commanders who recently established their heavenly palaces!” Qin Zibai looked at the city with a sinister expression.

“Qin Zibai, the Northern Expedition Supreme Commander? Ha! We are just taking back what belongs to us. Did we actually make you abandon the aim of your northern expedition and focus on attacking us? Furthermore, you keep sending your subordinates to wreak havoc in our Han Royal Dynasty. Do you think that the Han Royal Dynasty already belongs to you?” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Ha?! Something that belongs to you? The twenty-four cities of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty all belong to my Yuan Nation. Initially, I did not want to make a move personally. However, you keep acting recklessly, killing my generals. So, don’t blame me for being ruthless. This defensive ritual array? Do you really think it can keep me out?” Qin Zibai snorted coldly.

As Qin Zibai spoke, he sent a palm strike at the defensive barrier. A huge red palm manifested out of nowhere and fell like a meteor towards Chaoge City’s ritual array.


The violent impact produced a deafening report that had countless citizens covering their ears in pain.


Miserable cries rang out endlessly. The shock had been too intense; the entire Chaoge City shook.

Many citizens covered their bleeding ears in pain as they looked up.

They saw cracks spreading out like a spiderweb in the incredibly tough defensive barrier.

Just one palm strike nearly broke the ritual array?

“Qin Zibai already established his middle heavenly palace.” Shangguan Hen’s expression changed.

“Middle heavenly palace?” Bing Ji’s expression changed as she turned to the floating island where the Great Light Sovereign Deity was.

Bing Ji could not deal with a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, so she hoped that the Great Light Sovereign Deity would make a move.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity sat in a pavilion shelter on the floating island, drinking wine as he showed a cold smile. How could he help Gu Hai? What a joke! It would be even better for him if Qin Zibai destroyed Gu Hai.

The many officials in Huangfu Palace Hall’s plaza looked at Gu Hai anxiously.

Gu Hai did not get flustered. He showed an expression of slight reluctance in his eyes, but he seemed to come to a decision in the next moment. With a cold light in his eyes, he stepped forward.


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