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Book 4: Chapter 19: Bing Ji


Cui Tie let out a pained roar. The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal had crushed its tail and rendered its profound tortoise body immobile. To think that its incredibly tough tortoise shell shattered!

“No! That’s impossible! You are just a Golden Core Realm cultivator. I am a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator! No!” the profound tortoise bellowed while glaring.


The profound snake, which had its tail broken, suddenly rushed at Gu Hai.

“Your Majesty, be careful!” Shangguan Hen exclaimed.

Cui Tie was only a Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. However, he was still a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal showed a surprising effect, but Gu Hai only had one imperial seal. What would he do when the profound snake charged at him?

After the initial shock, the distant Great Light Sovereign Deity and white-robed woman stared at Gu Hai.

As the profound snake soared into the sky, it exuded a mighty aura. Countless lightning bolts followed after the snake. It appeared before Gu Hai in the blink of an eye, poised to crush the flying ship with one bite.


Gu Hai let out a cold snort. Do you think that I can’t do anything without the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal?

Then, Gu Hai took out the mended Marionette Controller.

Just as everyone felt confused, Gu Hai gently swung the Marionette Controller once.


Suddenly, the ferocious snake charging into the sky stopped.

The lightning in the sky also vanished.

The profound snake opened its eyes wide as it remained fixed in the air. Countless officials and citizens stared at the snake in shock.

What happened? The snake became afraid upon seeing His Majesty take out a set of cross-shaped sticks?

“Great Light Sovereign Deity, you have the World-Spying All-Seeing Eyes. What treasure is that? It seems like…,” the white-robed woman said, feeling puzzled.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity said, “Those cross-shaped sticks sent out transparent threads and controlled the profound snake’s souls? They seem similar to the cross-shaped sticks of my Solar Divine Palace.”

“An imitation of the Cross Annihilation?” the white-robed woman exclaimed in amazement.

“Indeed, one of the top sixteen ancient treasures, the Cross Annihilation. While this is just an imitation, it has some effect,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said.

Far in the distance, the Han Nation soldiers on the flying ship appeared shocked.

Didn’t Fairy Waner destroy this Marionette Controller? His Majesty fixed it?

“What’s wrong? I can’t move?” the profound snake said, stunned.

Gu Hai looked at the profound snake coldly. “You can squish us with just one finger? Ha!”

“Roar!” The profound snake squirmed frantically.

Its figure trembled, appearing like it would struggle free of the Marionette Controller’s control.

The Marionette Controller in Gu Hai’s hand shook. A cold look flashed in his eyes as he waved his other hand.


Surging fire instantly burned the profound snake.

“Ah! What flame is this? You bastard!” the profound snake yelled in horror.

“This is…inextinguishable divine flame? Gu Hai is an animal spirit? That’s not right!” the white-robed woman said in surprise.

The profound tortoise being suppressed by the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal squirmed hard as well, trying to struggle free.

The profound snake could have struggled free. However, it could no longer do that once the flame interfered.

“Go bite yourself!” Gu Hai ordered coldly.


Under the influence of the Marionette Controller, the profound snake turned around and headed for the profound tortoise.

“No! You bastard, Gu Hai!” the profound tortoise roared.


The profound snake bit off a piece of the profound tortoise’s flesh.

“Quickly let go of me, you bastard!” Cui Tie shouted coldly.

Gu Hai ignored Cui Tie. Instead, he looked at Shangguan Hen.

Shangguan Hen narrowed his eyes slightly, directing a murderous intent at Cui Tie.

“What do you want? Great Light Sovereign Deity, save me!” Cui Tie shouted.


Shangguan Hen suddenly opened his mouth.

“Huh?” The distant Great Light Sovereign Deity’s face suddenly sank. Then, he extended his right hand, evidently intending to make a move.


Shangguan Hen strangely consumed Cui Tie’s profound snake body. The body that was hundreds of meters long seemed to shrink to the size of Shangguan Hen’s mouth.

As Shangguan Hen opened his mouth, Gu Hai pulled back, withdrawing the Marionette Controller and the inextinguishable divine flame.

“He ate Cui Tie? Indeed, something is off with that Shangguan Hen. It is not just the fragments of the black tortoise deity,” the white-robed woman said in shock.

At this moment, Gu Hai also withdrew the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal.

Then, Shangguan Hen tried to suck the profound tortoise over.

“Humph!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity let out a cold snort and extended a finger.


A beam of azure light shot towards Shangguan Hen.

Gu Hai’s expression turned cold. The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal had just flown up but had not yet returned. Now, it headed for that azure light that the Great Light Sovereign Deity shot.


The azure light was like a pillar blocking the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal.


The black Go stone in the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal suddenly emitted a faint black light.


The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal instantly crushed the azure light, causing an explosion.

“Huh?” The Great Light Sovereign Deity’s face sank. Then, his figure flashed, immediately approaching.

After shattering the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s azure light, the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal returned to Gu Hai’s hand.

On the other side, Shangguan Hen had already eaten Cui Tie’s tortoise body as well.

“No! No!” Cui Tie shouted in Shangguan Hen’s mouth.

The moment Shangguan Hen closed his mouth, Cui Tie seemed to see a bright figure in the darkness.

“The black tortoise deity? The black tortoise deity? You are still alive? That’s impossible! That’s impossible!” Cui Tie yelled.

However, Shangguan Hen had already swallowed Cui Tie into his stomach. Then, he quickly refined all of Cui Tie’s energy.

“How bold of you!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity yelled at Shangguan Hen.

“Great Light Sovereign Deity!” A bellow came from Gu Hai’s flying ship.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity, who was about to attack Shangguan Hen, suddenly looked up. Then, he radiated a sinister, murderous intent.

“Haha! I received word from Miao Chen that you are seeking me out, representing the Supreme Singularity, to thank me. Is this how you thank someone? Are the Supreme Singularity’s words just utter nonsense to you?” Gu Hai said coldly.

“How audacious!” The Great Light Sovereign Deity snorted coldly.


An immense aura erupted from the Great Light Sovereign Deity. This ferocious aura instantly scattered the clouds for five thousand kilometers around, even kicking up sand and stone on the mountains below.

Gu Hai looked at the Great Light Sovereign Deity coldly, not backing off.

However, Shangguan Hen sneered, “Great Light Sovereign Deity? To think that you are a person who goes back on your word! Who was it that said he would not interfere in the matters of the black tortoise race? Only how much time has passed, and you are already going back on your word?”

“I said that I wouldn’t interfere in the black tortoise race’s matter, but I did not say that I would let others interfere,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

“The black tortoise race is the Han Nation’s national beast. The Han Royal Dynasty and the black tortoise race are one. When His Majesty involves himself, it is still an internal matter of my black tortoise race. It is not the place for an outsider like you to interfere. Humph!” Shangguan Hen let out a cold snort and flew slowly towards Gu Hai’s flying ship.

Gu Hai held the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal with one hand and the Marionette Controller with the other as he looked at the Great Light Sovereign Deity coldly. The two sides exchanged cold stares. It felt like a battle would erupt at any moment.


Just at this moment, a white beam of light shot out from the city.

“Great Light Sovereign Deity, calm down. Han Royal Emperor, calm down.” The white-robed woman stood between the two sides.

“Huh?” Gu Hai frowned slightly at this white-robed woman.

“Great Light Sovereign Deity, Gu Hai is right. You have made promises to the master and to Shangguan Hen. Are you going back on your word? Furthermore, Cui Tie brought this upon himself. Why do you need to care about him? He is just a person who did not conduct himself with dignity. Such a person would only cause problems for the Solar Divine Palace. So what if he dies? The Solar Divine Palace does not lack people like him,” the white-robed woman advised.

“Huh?” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said.

Gu Hai appeared puzzled. The tone of the white-robed woman gave the impression that she was on his side.

“Ha! Bing Ji, you are already starting to speak up for Gu Hai?” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

“Have you forgotten the master’s instructions? Have you forgotten our purpose in coming here? Should I help you remember?” the white-robed woman countered with a serious tone.

Just based on her tone, it seemed like she was setting herself against the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

Gu Hai and Shangguan Hen exchanged puzzled looks. Shouldn’t these two be together? Why are they clashing with each other?

The Great Light Sovereign Deity stared at Bing Ji, the white-robed woman. After some silence, he suddenly guffawed maniacally. “Hahahahaha! Excellent! Excellent! Very excellent, indeed! Bing Ji, you truly got into your role very quickly?”

“The moment I stepped out of the Solar Divine Palace, my identity changed,” Bing Ji said indifferently.

“Humph!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity let out a cold snort.

Then, the Great Light Sovereign Deity turned his head and flew back to the city.

However, Bing Ji turned her head to look at Gu Han. Then, she said politely, “Han Royal Emperor, the Great Light Sovereign Deity has an eccentric temper. Please do not take it to heart.”

“Oh? It’s alright.” Gu Hai shook his head, still feeling puzzled.

This Bing Ji’s attitude is too strange.

She came together with the Great Light Sovereign Deity and Cui Tie. Both the Great Light Sovereign Deity and Cui Tie held enmity for the Han Royal Dynasty. However, this Bing Ji is behaving extremely friendly.

“Han Royal Emperor, may I board your flying ship?” Bing Ji asked seriously.

“Please!” Gu Hai put away his treasures with a flip of his hand as he nodded.


Bing Ji landed on the deck.

“Bing Ji? I do not recall anyone named Bing Ji at the Solar Divine Palace?” Shangguan Hen frowned as he looked at Bing Ji.

“Does Mister Shangguan know the Solar Divine Palace very well?” Bing Ji asked indifferently.

Shangguan Hen narrowed his eyes slightly and replied, “I can’t say that, but I have heard many things about it. You have been hiding your identity over the past few days. Why is that?”

Bing Ji responded by slowly drawing back her hood.

The moment Bing Ji removed her hood, everyone felt dazzled, as if the world had turned dark, with her face as the only source of illumination.

She revealed an extremely exquisite face with vibrant red lips. She had snow-white skin, ice-blue hair, and dark blue eyes. She looked gorgeous, a refreshing sight. Her faint smile seemed to make the world a better place.

“Bing Ji greets the Han Royal Emperor,” Bing Ji said politely.

Everyone recovered their wits when Bing Ji spoke. She was gorgeous but also gave off the feeling of an icy mountain. Her cold air instantly attracted countless people.

“Miss Bing Ji is too polite. Might I ask why the palace master of the Solar Divine Palace sent you here? To thank me? Is Xiaorou doing well? No, it should be Queen Wa,” Gu Hai asked gravely.

Gu Hai did not get enamored with Bing Ji’s beauty. After all, Chen Xianer, Long Wanqing, and Fairy Waner were all beautiful in their own unique ways, not losing to Bing Ji.

“Queen Wa? Queen Wa is fine. Furthermore, there are not many people who can make things difficult for her,” Bing Ji replied while shaking her head.

“So, why did the Solar Divine Palace Master send you?” Gu Hai frowned.


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