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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 15: Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 15: Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment


Hu Dongtian kicked the underground palace doors open and immediately entered.

The argument taking place in the underground palace suddenly stopped.

A pink mist still filled the underground palace. However, the two in the underground palace were already completely lucid.

Who knew what had happened there over one day and one night? All the tables, chairs, and cabinets were knocked over. Shreds of Fairy Waner’s and Gu Hai’s clothes filled the place. The room looked extremely messy. The bed was in a sorry state.

The moment the doors got kicked open, Fairy Waner pulled the quilt over her naked body.

Fairy Waner no longer wore her veil, showing an extremely exquisite, egg-shaped face. Her eyebrows were like willow branches, and her eyes were like the moon. She had a high nose bridge and cherry lips. All these gave her an indescribably noble air. Her pure-white neck looked dazzlingly gorgeous, and her messy hair added a sort of mature charm.

On the other side, Gu Hai already wore underpants, but his upper body was still bare. There were scratch marks from fingernails, and the area around his heart glowed with a faint red light.

Gu Hai turned his head to look at the broken door of the underground palace, nearly simultaneously with Fairy Waner.

Hu Dongtian felt his head buzzing.

It’s over! It’s true. Someone else took the fire cauldron Yin essence first while I faced the enemy outside for one day and one night.

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!” Hu Dongtian sent a palm strike at Gu Hai with a ferocious expression.

When he threw this palm strike, a palm manifested out of nowhere and instantly arrived before Gu Hai.

Gu Hai’s face sank. Then, he extended his palm to clash with the attack.

“Oh no! Aside from Hu Dongtian, everyone’s cultivation is suppressed to the Golden Core Realm here! Be careful!” Fairy Waner’s expression changed.


The two palms clashed, and Gu Hai’s figure paused; Hu Dongtian did not send him flying. Gu Hai managed to receive the attack.

Hu Dongtian felt like he was going mad. He goggled as he looked at Gu Hai’s heart area, which was flashing with red light.

“No! She has the fire cauldron physique. Even after I harvested Yin energy several times to nourish my Yang energy, I did not dare touch her casually. How could you be fine? You even formed a nascent embryo? A nascent embryo?” Hu Dongtian yelled in despair.

Gu Hai showed a ferocious look on his face as he pushed against Hu Dongtian’s manifested palm. His eyes brimmed with hatred.

“Why were you not burned? Why are you fine even without harvesting Yin energy to nourish your Yang energy! You did not even boost your Yang energy!” Hu Dongtian roared.

“Because I am stronger than you and do not need any extra nourishment! Hu Dongtian, we meet again!” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

Hu Dongtian showed hatred on his face. However, he did not recognize Gu Hai.

“Humph! You wrecked my plans. Under my Mending Heaven Ball’s effect, you are all suppressed to the Golden Core Realm. You wretched couple, die together!” Hu Dongtian applied more force.


As the two palms pushed against each other, more force appeared on Hu Dongtian’s side. However, Gu Hai still endured it.

“Why can Gu Hai block the attack as a Golden Core Realm cultivator? Could Hu Dongtian be affected as well?” Fairy Waner was shocked as she also threw a palm strike at Hu Dongtian after extending her hand out of the quilt.

“You are seeking death!” Hu Dongtian glared as he attacked with his other hand.



This attack sent Fairy Waner flying back. Then, she crashed into the nearby wall while covered in the quilt.

“How can that be?” Fairy Waner said in shock.

Why can Gu Hai block his attack?

Not only Fairy Waner felt shocked; the crazed Hu Dongtian also noticed something off.

“You are only a Golden Core Realm cultivator. How can you block my palm strike? I’ve already reached the Second Nascent Soul Stage!” Hu Dongtian goggled at Gu Hai in shock.

Gu Hai blocked Hu Dongtian with one hand and held the crimson saber with the other.

“Why is the crimson saber’s energy gone?” Gu Hai said.

“It’s that Mending Heaven Ball. It suppresses your cultivation and also prevents you from using your energy and enchanted treasures!” Fairy Waner called out from nearby.

“Why can you block my palm strike? How is that possible?” Hu Dongtian found this incredible, as he could sense Gu Hai’s strength increasing. Is he really only a Golden Core Realm cultivator?

Not counting the nascent embryo that just formed, Gu Hai was indeed just a Golden Core Realm cultivator. However, which other Golden Core Realm cultivator could compare to his foundation? His dantian and five deity palaces all contained the purest Veritable Essence. Even if the fire deity palace did not contribute in order to protect the nascent embryo, his energy was so pure that it remained undefeated against the Second Nascent Soul Stage Hu Dongtian.

“How did you block it? How?!” Horror flashed on Hu Dongtian’s face.

Gu Hai’s increase in strength already surpassed Hu Dongtian’s. If Gu Hai continued to grow stronger, Hu Dongtian would not be able to take it.

“Break!” Gu Hai roared.

Hu Dongtian’s manifested palm suddenly exploded. Then, Gu Hai’s palm strike landed on his body.



The attack knocked Hu Dongtian into the wall, causing him to vomit blood.

“That’s impossible! You are only a Golden Core Realm cultivator!” Hu Dongtian got back to his feet with difficulty.


Fairy Waner’s miserable cry rang out nearby.

Gu Hai turned his head to look. Fairy Waner had tried to smash the hovering Mending Heaven Ball to recover her cultivation. However, her attack rebounded off the Mending Heaven Ball and knocked her into the wall.

Gu Hai stretched out his hand and took out the Life Ender Saber. Then, he leaped up and swung the saber at the Mending Heaven Ball.

“Haha! No one can break my Mending Heaven Ball!” Hu Dongtian said ferociously. Then, he took out another enchanted treasure with a flip of his hand.


A loud sound rang out, and the Mending Heaven Ball did indeed knock Gu Hai back. However, the Life Ender Saber released an eerie, surging black energy that poured towards a small cut on the Mending Heaven Ball.


The many skulls surrounded the Mending Heaven Ball as though this Mending Heaven Ball was some incredible tonic.

“What?” This startled Hu Dongtian.

However, Gu Hai ignored the Mending Heaven Ball and charged at Hu Dongtian again.

“Golden Core Realm? Check out the imperial dynasty’s imperial seal that I collected. Suppress!” Gu Dongtian took out an imperial seal and pressed it towards Gu Hai.


Gu Hai swung his Life Ender Saber.


The sharp Life Ender Saber seemed to be able to cut everything. This attack instantly sliced the imperial dynasty’s imperial seal in half. Then, it continued forward without losing any momentum, rushing at Hu Dongtian.


Hu Dongtian took out a shield with another flip of his hand.



Gu Hai cut the shield in half and knocked Hu Dongtian back again, causing him to vomit more blood.

“That’s impossible! My treasures! My treasures! How could it be?!” Hu Dongtian appeared shocked as he crashed into the wall.

Gu Hai stomped hard and closed the distance in an instant, sending a punch into Hu Dongtian’s abdomen at full power.


The clothes on Hu Dongtian’s back exploded as he vomited even more blood.

Gu Hai’s punch had been too strong, instantly shattering all of Hu Dongtian’s bones.


Gu Hai stepped on Hu Dongtian’s head.

“Hu Dongtian, I have been searching for you for more than ten years. I finally found you!” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

“More than ten years? Cough! Cough! I don’t know you! I don’t know you!” Hu Dongtian said weakly.

On the other side, Fairy Waner silently went down to the second floor of the underground palace to put on some clothes.

When she entered the second floor and looked around, she saw the dry corpses with their Yin energy harvested. Her expression changed.

Although I hate Gu Hai, this would be my end if not for him?

“Hu Dongtian! I’ll make sure you live a life worse than death!” Fairy Waner showed a ferocious expression.

Fairy Waner took out a set of clothes from the storage space in her bangle. However, the pain in her genitals made her frown heavily.

“Gu Hai, I’ll never forgive you, either, you bastard!” Fairy Waner said, feeling like crying.

Upstairs, Gu Hai stepped on Hu Dongtian.

“You don’t remember me? Hahaha! Think again! Continue thinking about it, Hu Dongtian!” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

Hu Dongtian thought very hard, but he could not remember Gu Hai no matter what.


Just as Hu Dongtian pondered this, the Mending Heaven Ball exploded into shards. Then, the countless skulls in the Life Ender Saber’s black energy rapidly consumed the shards.

“The Mending Heaven Ball is my Mending Heaven Sect’s inherited treasure. No! You can’t possibly break it!” Hu Dongtian yelled in horror.

“Even on your deathbed, you are still thinking about a broken ball?” Gu Hai said coldly.


A silk scroll fell. This silk scroll had been inside the Mending Heaven Ball. It fell only because the Mending Heaven Ball broke.

“Oh? There’s a secret manual hidden in this broken ball?” Gu Hai reached out and caught the silk scroll.

“Secret manual? Why is there a secret manual in the Mending Heaven Ball? The Mending Heaven Ball is left by the Mending Heaven Sect’s founder. Could something have been sealed in there?” The stepped-on Hu Dongtian also felt surprised.

“The Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment?” Gu Hai read out the words at the front of the silk scroll.

“What? My Mending Heaven Sect’s lost Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment? That’s impossible. How could it be in the Mending Heaven Ball? Why did the founder not pass it on? Instead, he placed it in the Mending Heaven Ball? All the past sect masters cultivated an incomplete cultivation technique; hence, they eventually exploded and died. It was here? It was here all along? Give me! Give me!” Hu Dongtian seemed to go utterly crazy.


Even though Gu Hai had shattered all of Hu Dongtian’s bones, Hu Dongtian found strength from somewhere to struggle free and tried to snatch the silk scroll from Gu Hai’s hand.

When Hu Dongtian escaped, Gu Hai leaped to where his clothes were. He placed the silk scroll in a compressed space within a storage bracelet and wore it.

The Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment? What a long name! This was the first time Gu Hai had heard of a cultivation technique with such a long name.

“Give it back to me! Give it back!” A fiery light covered Hu Dongtian’s entire body as he rushed at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai picked up the crimson saber on the ground. With the Mending Heaven Ball broken, he could drive immense energy. His figure flashed as he arrived behind Hu Dongtian and kicked him.


Hu Dongtian crashed into the wall of the underground palace and fell weakly to the ground.

“It’s mine! It’s mine!” Hu Dongtian was limp, but he still could not forget that cultivation technique.

“Hu Dongtian, look carefully again. Do you really not recognize me?” Gu Hai roared out.

Hu Dongtian looked at Gu Hai in despair. However, this felt like the first time he saw Gu Hai.

“I don’t recognize you!” Hu Dongtian said hatefully.

“You don’t recognize me? Haha! I’ll help you refresh your memory. Twelve years ago, on the Thousand Islands Sea’s Nine-Five Island!” Gu Hai said coldly.

Hu Dongtian thought hard. He had been to Nine-Five Island once, but he had not met Gu Hai. Suddenly, a scene appeared in his mind.

A sixty-year-old old man? That old man looks similar to Gu Hai. However, that old man was just an ordinary person; I did not think much of him at that time, so I did not pay much attention to him. Is…is that him?

“Do you recall now? Back then, you killed my wife. Do you remember me now?” Gu Hai’s eyes turned bloodshot.

“It’s you? It’s you! That old man? Did you come for revenge? No. No. That has nothing to do with me! None at all. It was them! Them!” Hu Dongtian yelled in horror.

“Who are they? Who was the leader?!” Gu Hai stepped forward and looked at Hu Dongtian coldly.

Hu Dongtian felt shocked, sweat covering his forehead. It has only been slightly over ten years. How did he grow this strong? This should not be possible. Not at all!

“Speak!” Gu Hai shouted coldly.

Hu Dongtian’s expression changed wildly. “I was only called there to fix an enchanted treasure. It was none of my business! It was the Azure Emperor! The Azure Emperor! He called us there! Azure Emperor! Save me, Azure Emperor! I know that you cast the Omniscient Perception Technique on me! Azure Emperor, save me! Save me!”

As Hu Dongtian shouted, Gu Hai showed a trace of puzzlement. The Omniscient Perception Technique?


All at once, azure light appeared on Hu Dongtian’s body. His aura suddenly soared. Previously, he only had the aura of a Second Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. However, his aura now soared towards the aura of a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator.

“What?” Gu Hai exclaimed in shock.


A red sword light shot out from nearby and instantly chopped off Hu Dongtian’s head.

“No!” Hu Dongtian let out a final cry of despair before the azure light faded.

It was Fairy Waner, who had put on clothes and returned from downstairs. She had swung her sword and killed Hu Dongtian.

“You! I haven’t finished questioning him yet!” Gu Hai’s expression changed as he looked at Fairy Waner.

“There’s no need to question him further. I know who the Azure Emperor is. If the Azure Emperor managed to possess him, you wouldn’t even know how you died. Humph!” Fairy Waner snorted coldly.


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