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Book 4: Chapter 145: Leaving Openly


After the first lightning bolt struck the Bat Ancestor, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes at the sky.

Indeed. After Nine-Five Island took off, I managed to observe the thunderstorm for a while. It was very intense and powerful, but every lightning bolt fell in a pattern like a game of Go. Heaven’s wrath from Old Mister Guan Qi challenging heaven in Go has not vanished yet; it left a thunderstorm to monitor the Thousand Islands Sea. Perhaps heaven was also immersed in the Go match, and the thunderstorm it left was also in the form of a Go match? Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

Previously, I only managed to observe the thunderstorm in its middle and late stages. The first lightning bolt must be the tengen position? Gu Hai looked at the sky.

After Gu Hai determined the tengen position, lines instantly appeared in his vision of the world, spreading everywhere like a web.


Surging lightning lashed down.

To the angels and vampires, there was no pattern to the lightning. It was just like a powerful waterfall destroying the world.

However, it had a pattern and rhythm to Gu Hai’s eyes. He could even extremely accurately predict the precise location of where the lightning would strike.

“Roar! Roar!”

Dragon roars thundered in the sky. The lightning bolts took on the shape of dragons as they charged at the Bat Ancestor and the others.

Previously, they could explain the lack of any physical prowess as Gu Hai’s deception. However, with so much lightning, how could it still be a deception?

“It is real this time?” Chang Ming’s second uncle felt stupefied.

The Bat Ancestor: “…”

Yehua: “…”

The lightning dragons were incredibly fierce and berserk. Before they arrived, a destructive might that felt like it could destroy the world pressed down. This thunderstorm was much more powerful than when Nine-Five Island took off.

“Definitely an Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. A late-stage Upper Heavenly Palace Realm expert? How can this be possible?” The Bat Ancestor’s eyes were wide with shock.

“Who? Who is it? This thunderstorm should be the result of influencing the weather. The black tortoises? The dragon race? No, the black tortoise race has already crumbled. Only the dragon race is left.” Yehua’s expression changed.

The dragon race? Who could it be?

Yehua immediately thought of one person: the dragon race’s prime, Crown Prince Ao Shun’s father. That makes sense. I want to capture his son, so it is normal that he came here to stand up for his son.

With such a powerful thunderstorm, who else could it be if not him?

“Senior Ao, my father is the Supreme Genesis. I offended you earlier; please do forgive me!” Yehua immediately called out.

This was not the time to be proud or arrogant. The dragon race’s prime was a powerful expert equal to the Supreme Genesis. If he killed Yehua and wiped away all traces, Yehua’s father would not even know.

Yehua looked at Gu Hai, feeling depressed. Why is this bastard so lucky?

After listening to what Chang Ming’s second uncle said, the Bat Ancestor still had his doubts about who was in the flying ship. However, he figured it out when he heard what Yehua said.

There’s no other possibility. Since Yehua already figured that out, it has to be right.

It is the dragon race’s prime in Gu Hai’s flying ship?

The Bat Ancestor gaped, showing a depressed expression as he looked at Gu Hai.

I can’t accept this! I refuse to accept this! I planned so many ways to torture Gu Hai’s citizens on my way here, imagining scenes of revenge on Gu Hai. Now, I dare not touch him when he is right in front of me?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lightning was already here, and the vampires and angels bore the brunt of the lightning’s attack.



“Second Young Master, save me!”

“Primogenitor, save me!”


The various experts in the surroundings did their best to repel the lightning bolts falling from the sky.

The lightning dragons roared and charged at Yehua, the Bat Ancestor, and the others.

“Senior! This is a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!” the Chang Clan elders immediately cried out anxiously.

However, they had to wield their weapons against the lightning amid their anxiety.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This was heaven’s wrath, not some ordinary weather change. It represented the greatest authority in this world. Naturally, the lightning possessed great power, and the lightning dragons were extraordinarily ferocious.


The Chang Clan elders and six-winged angels did their best to resist the lightning dragons’ attacks.

“Get behind me!” Chang Sheng called out to Chang Ming.

At this moment, Chang Ming looked in Gu Hai’s direction with a complicated expression. There was no one earlier, right? How did a senior suddenly appear?

“Break!” The Bat Ancestor struck a lightning dragon with a palm strike.



The lightning dragon exploded as it roared, forcing the Bat Ancestor back. Electricity sizzled out, burning many of the bat spirits and angels.

“Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!”

Miserable cries rang out endlessly.


Yehua also exploded a lightning dragon with a punch.

“Prime Ao, I have already apologized for our rudeness!” Yehua said anxiously.

However, the lightning did not stop. The new lightning dragons were even more ferocious than the previous ones.

The bats and angels in the sky suffered greatly. However, no one dared to go to Gu Hai’s location at this moment.

Then, three lightning dragons flew towards Gu Hai’s flying ship.

“Huh?” The Bat Ancestor and Yehua were slightly startled. Why are the lightning dragons heading towards Gu Hai? Is it not as we thought?

Gu Hai boarded the flying ship, and it rose slowly.

The lightning dragons might be ferocious, but they were not even worth mentioning to Gu Hai, as these lightning dragons took a fixed path. At the very least, it appeared fixed to his eyes.

Gu Hai had just experienced the Thirty-One Line-Pair World Go Puzzle. The Go stones on the Go board jumped around wildly at that time, just like now. That had just been an illusion. If one’s Go skills were insufficient, one would see the Go stones jumping around.

Gu Hai’s Go skills had already reached an extraordinary level. From the moment the lightning dragons came out of the dark clouds, he had already figured out their trajectories.

This was just a Go board, and the lightning dragons were the Go stones on the Go board. As long as he circumvented the places where moves were being played, the lightning would not attack him.

The flying ship flew up slowly, sliding to the side by just a little bit.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lightning dragons charged straight to the underwater crust.

However, to Yehua and the Bat Ancestor, the lightning dragons seemed to avoid Gu Hai’s flying ship intentionally.

“Indeed. The thunderstorm’s lightning dragons dodged the flying ship. It must be the dragon race’s prime that caused this thunderstorm.” Yehua’s complexion changed.

The Bat Ancestor felt extremely anxious and incredibly fearful.

The aura coming from the flying ship was even more ferocious and berserk than what the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor gave off back then. It would be easy for such a being to kill him.

“Senior, we have been rude. Please forgive us!” the Bat Ancestor wailed.


However, the lightning dragons in the sky ignored everyone’s apology, continuing to strike them.

Many of the weaker bat spirits, vampires, angels, and ordinary Solar Divine Palace experts had already died. The rest were charred black and in despair.

Yehua and the Bat Ancestor appeared extremely unsightly. However, they did not dare to run. Although this senior brought about the weather change, he did not seem to want to take personal action. What if they ran and angered this senior?

As the flying ship flew, some of the ordinary weak lightning bolts crashed into the flying ship’s ritual arrays, not causing much damage. However, the lightning dragons strangely avoided the flying ship.

The flying ship flew slowly towards Yehua and the Bat Ancestor.

Gu Hai stood at the bow of the flying ship and looked at the two.

“Are you two here to capture me?” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

Yehua’s and the Bat Ancestor’s expressions stiffened when they saw Gu Hai’s smile. They felt rage, boundless rage, a rage that ignited a wish to tear Gu Hai apart to vent the hatred in their hearts.

“I have never considered you opponents from the start.” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“Huh?” Yehua and the Bat Ancestor felt slightly startled.

You never considered us opponents from the start?

If it were before, the two would only smile in disdain. To think that you—Gu Hai—think that you are worthy of being our opponent? You overestimate yourself. However, Gu Hai’s words seemed to have reversed this, saying, Are the two of you even my—Gu Hai’s—match?

Slap! Slap!

At this moment, it seemed like Gu Hai had ruthlessly slapped them. However, they discovered that they could not retaliate.

“You are seeking death!” Yehua glared.

“I’ll kill you!” the Bat Ancestor roared.

However, Gu Hai suddenly showed a cold expression and said, “Just try and touch me?”


The two raised their fists but did not dare to attack.

“Humph! I said that I never considered you my opponents from the start because I never cared about your grudges. Just think about it for yourselves. Where did the grudge you have against me come from? Was it started by me, or yourselves?” Gu Hai said seriously.

The two’s faces sank.

“I will not cross others if they do not cross me. If you two keep causing me problems, then don’t blame me for being ruthless next time. Even if you have Imperial Emperor Xi Yu or the Supreme Genesis behind you, it will be useless!” Gu Hai said with a serious expression.

After Gu Hai spoke, the two suddenly felt a chill in their hearts for some reason.

“Humph!” Gu Hai snorted coldly.

Then, Gu Hai controlled the flying ship and flew into the distance.

Yehua and the Bat Ancestor just watched with sullen expressions as Gu Hai left openly.

That’s right. I was the one who sought trouble for you first and ended up hitting a brick wall, forming today’s grudge. However, you are just an insignificant Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, yet you dare to be so arrogant before me? If not for the dragon race’s prime supporting you, I would have crushed you to death earlier!

Gu Hai’s flying ship flew away slowly.

The Bat Ancestor and Yehua did not dare to stop Gu Hai at all. As they saw the many lightning dragons in the distance evading the flying ship, they became more convinced that the dragon race’s prime was on the flying ship.

“Humph!” the two snorted coldly, unwilling to accept this.

The Bat Ancestor and Yehua only noticed something wrong after the flying ship disappeared from sight.

Why is this weather still continuing? Hasn’t the dragon race’s prime left already?

“Why is the thunderstorm not stopping yet?” Everyone felt anxious.

“Let’s go. We should try leaving this place first!” Yehua yelled.

Yehua waved as he spoke, forming a light barrier to protect his surviving subordinates.

The Bat Ancestor did the same. Both parties quickly flew out.

The thunderstorm continued without pause. After the two factions escaped the thunderstorm, the doubt in their eyes deepened. Soon, they both arrived near a small, inhabited island.

The residents looked up at the distant thunderstorm curiously.

“This happened ten days ago, and it is happening again now? Why is the darn weather like this? This is making it difficult for us to fish!” one of the fishermen said, feeling depressed.

The Bat Ancestor and Yehua felt slightly startled.

“Indeed. It is just like ten days ago. However, the lightning is even stronger, and the dark clouds are everywhere,” another fisherman said while shaking his head.

Suddenly, Yehua and the Bat Ancestor realized something.

This happened ten days ago? The dragon race’s prime could not have been this angry ten days ago, right? Again? Was this weather change not caused by the dragon race’s prime?

If it was not the dragon race’s prime, then earlier…earlier?

“Gu Hai tricked us?” The Bat Ancestor suddenly felt like vomiting blood.

“Gu Hai! That fraud!” Yehua glared, feeling so depressed that he almost vomited blood.


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