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Book 4: Chapter 14: Nascent Embryo

A wisp of pink gas entered Gu Hai’s nose.

Suddenly, he felt his head heat up, and his consciousness grew dazed. However, it was not the kind of haziness of unconsciousness but more of excitement. As a result, the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal in his forehead space did not do anything.

While dazed, Gu Hai felt his entire body heat up. The moaning coming from nearby seemed to awaken memories that he had repressed for ten-odd years.

“Xianer?” Gu Hai felt startled.

Gu Hai turned his head and saw Fairy Waner squirming in discomfort on the nearby bed. She did not know what to do, appearing to be in a daze as well.

Even from a distance, Gu Hai could smell Fairy Waner’s fragrance. This fragrance seemed to light a fire in Gu Hai’s heart.

As he looked at her in his dazed state, he saw Chen Xianer.

“Xianer, is that you?” Gu Hai walked over.

Fairy Waner blinked coquettishly. After being tortured like this for some time, she felt like she had melted. A strange desire drove her, and when she saw Gu Hai, she immediately hugged him.

The moment the warm, delicate body entered Gu Hai’s embrace, he no longer needed the answer that he sought.

As more of the pink gas entered Gu Hai’s nose, that hot and dry sensation intensified.

This was Fairy Waner’s first time experiencing this. However, Gu Hai was experienced.

Rip! The sound of clothes tearing came from the room.

“Ah!” Fairy Waner let out a pained moan.

Soon, loud, rhythmic slapping sounds rang out.


With a sullen expression, Hu Dongtian used the Marionette Controller to manipulate the surrounding cannon fodder to block the cloud beasts.

Humph! After I enjoy that fire cauldron physique, I will leave this place. The Mending Heaven Sect? The Mending Heaven Sect is wherever I am, Hu Dongtian thought.

“Hahahaha! Bring it on! Han Nation officials, go on and attack!” Hu Dongtian shouted while smiling coldly.

“Don’t! I am a Han Nation citizen. Don’t kill me!”

“Hu Dongtian, I will kill you in the future!”

“Sect Master, spare me!”

The controlled people cried out anxiously.

Tang Chu stood amid the mist with a large group of Han Nation experts beside him. The Mending Heaven City Lord stood next to him.

“Lord Tang, it has been half a day since His Majesty entered. Could something have happened?” the Mending Heaven City Lord said worriedly.

“Nothing will happen. How can anything happen to His Majesty?” Tang Chu shook his head.

“However, His Majesty should have come out of that Mending Heaven Palace Hall and dealt a fatal blow to Hu Dongtian by now, right?” the Mending Heaven City Lord said worriedly.

Tang Chu frowned slightly, then shook his head and said, “Perhaps His Majesty got delayed by something. Even so, what can we do now? Hu Dongtian is shamelessly using these innocent people to shield himself. Are we going to kill all of them to deal with him? These are my Han Nation’s citizens.”

This reply slightly startled the Mending Heaven City Lord. Then, he nodded. However, when he looked at Tang Chu and the Han Nation soldiers, his acknowledgment of them had increased significantly.

At the very least, the emperor and officials were protective of their citizens, focused on safeguarding the people. They would not resort to unsavory means to achieve their goals. This was the same as Huangfu Chaoge.

Gu Hai had a dream. He dreamed that he had returned to the days with Chen Xianer. The two did not worry about anything in the world, just enjoying each other’s company and happily doing what married people did.

Suddenly, a powerful energy rushed into his body from where the two were connected.


The hot energy flooded Gu Hai’s body. This energy seemed like it could burn everything in the world, threatening to burn up his entire body.

Then, this hot energy rushed to his heart aperture.


Endless, surging fire filled the area around his heart like it would burn up his heart.


Suddenly, a dragon roar rang out in his heart aperture. The red true dragon roared and abruptly opened the entrance to the heart aperture.


The surging flames instantly filled the entire heart aperture.

If this were the heart aperture of an ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivator, it would have burned up already, along with the heart and other organs.

However, Gu Hai’s heart aperture was different. How could anyone else’s compare to the foundations of his heart aperture? He had already formed a fire deity palace. From the inside out, that was already one of the most resilient heart apertures among heart apertures.

The fire blazed strongly, but the fire deity palace contained it. As the fire burned, it did not damage the fire deity palace. Instead, it seemed to nourish the fire deity palace.

A fiery-red nascent soul entered together with the intense flames. This was one of Fairy Waner’s nascent souls. In her hazy state, it moved towards Gu Hai’s Veritable Essence ball.

A pink energy in the surroundings seemed to urge the nascent soul and Veritable Essence ball to connect.

The surging fire wildly bathed the Veritable Essence ball. Then, the Veritable Essence ball suddenly released a dazzling red light. The red true dragon seemed to enjoy this vast energy very much.

Fairy Waner’s Yin essence and nascent soul helped Gu Hai’s Veritable Essence ball mature quickly.

The red true dragon slowly shrank into the Veritable Essence ball. After taking in the red true dragon, it slowly coalesced into a solid, red ball, which looked like an embryo floating in the fire deity palace.

All of the surging flames quickly entered the embryo, and Fairy Waner’s nascent soul hugged it affectionately. The Yin-attributed energy of the nascent soul poured into the embryo. Then, the embryo suddenly moved like it was alive. After the embryo absorbed the nascent soul’s Yin-attributed energy, it fed back a nascent soul’s Yang-attributed energy.

The two energies mingled, helping each other grow.

After some time, Fairy Waner’s nascent soul extremely reluctantly left Gu Hai’s fire deity palace. It gave the embryo a reluctant look before returning the way it came.

Outside, Gu Hai and Fairy Waner had already been wrapped around each other long ago, separating…connecting…separating…connecting…

The two’s consciousness regained lucidity. After some time, Fairy Waner let out a high-pitched cry, and all the movements in the room came to a stop, leaving only Gu Hai panting heavily and Fairy Waner twitching slightly while moaning.

Outside, Tang Chu and the Mending Heaven City Lord appeared worried.

“It has already been one day and one night. Why is there still no sign of His Majesty?” the Mending Heaven City Lord said anxiously.

Tang Chu also frowned. “This ritual array cannot last much longer.”

Far away, at the Mending Heaven Palace Hall’s entrance, Hu Dongtian showed a smirk and laughed, “Hahahaha! Are you waiting for someone to ambush me from behind?”

“Huh?” The expressions of Tang Chu and the others changed.

“There’s no need to keep waiting. It has already been one day and one night. They should have turned into metal lumps by now. Your ritual array is also approaching its limit, right? Hahahahaha!” Hu Dongtian laughed cockily.

There’s no way you can understand the power of my treasures!

“The Han Royal Dynasty? Hahaha! You are only so-so. You should have realized that such an end awaited you for daring to cause trouble at my Mending Heaven Sect,” Hu Dongtian sneered with a ferocious expression.

“You know that there is someone underground?” Tang Chu said anxiously.

“Humph! This is my Mending Heaven Sect; everything is within my control. You can continue trying. Do you believe that I still have other enchanted treasures for dealing with you after you kill these cannon fodder? Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian laughed cockily.

“Oh no. We should have thought of this long ago. Hu Dongtian is bound to have many enchanted treasures. His Majesty is in danger!” the Mending Heaven City Lord said with an unsightly expression.

“Something happened to His Majesty. No, we can’t wait anymore. Quickly, make our move!” Tang Chu cried out anxiously.

“It is all too late. Your ritual array’s spirit stones are almost drained. Let’s see what else you have to fight me with. You have nothing else. What more can you do? Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian guffawed manically.

Just at this moment, a sharp female cry came from the Mending Heaven Palace Hall behind.


The woman’s shrill cry had a strongly penetrative quality, instantly reaching everyone’s ears.


Following that, a loud slap resounded.

“Gu Hai, I’ll kill you!”

The shrill female voice contained a tone of despair.

The expressions of all the people outside turned stiff.

What’s happening?

The cloud beasts, which were fading, were poised to attack. Tang Chu’s expression suddenly changed as he said, “Don’t move. Wait first. Wait awhile. His Majesty is fine!”

Of course, Gu Hai was fine. While this woman’s voice was furious, anyone could tell that she had suffered at someone’s hands, and the culprit was Gu Hai, whose name she shouted.

His Majesty could cause that woman to suffer a loss. Given so, would he be in danger?

Tang Chu immediately stopped everyone.


Now, the final spirit stone of the ritual array ran out of energy and shattered. Then, the cloud beasts vanished.

Initially, Hu Dongtian should have been happy that the last spirit stone ran out of energy, as that was part of his plan. His goal had been to drain the other side’s energy. Now that it had happened, he should have been happy.

However, what was going on with Fairy Waner’s voice?

What happened?

Fairy Waner woke up?

That’s impossible. She cannot regain lucidity before losing her Yin essence. That is impossible. My fire cauldron Yin essence! Did something happen? Hu Dongtian’s expression immediately changed drastically.

I delayed for so long all for this fire cauldron Yin essence. What’s going on? Did she lose it? Someone else got ahead of me?

Hu Dongtian had taken the tremendous risk of offending the sect behind Fairy Waner and losing the entire Mending Heaven Sect just for this fire cauldron Yin essence. He had done so much for it, and now, someone else got it instead? Gu Hai? Fairy Waner called out Gu Hai’s name?

“No! No! That’s mine! No!” Hu Dongtian roared in rage and despair.

Hu Dongtian moved the Marionette Controller, immediately sending everyone to attack each other.

“Ah! Save me!”

“I don’t want to kill you!”

Everyone shouted as they attacked each other.

However, Hu Dongtian rushed anxiously into the Mending Heaven Palace Hall.


The Mending Heaven Palace Hall’s doors closed, and a faint blue barrier appeared outside.

“Quickly! Separate everyone. Don’t let them continue attacking each other!” Tang Chu ordered.

“Yes!” The other Han Nation soldiers immediately charged over.

As Hu Dongtian rushed into the palace hall, he felt incensed. “No! How did Gu Hai get in?! My Yin essence! Mine!”


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