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Book 4: Chapter 13: Evil Demon’s Underground Palace

At Mending Heaven Palace Hall’s plaza:

Despite Hu Dongtian’s reporting the Mending Heaven City Lord’s name, the other party still did not relent. This caused Hu Dongtian’s expression to turn sullen.

Surrender myself? What a joke! How can that be possible?

However, I have been maintaining a very good facade these years. How did I offend the Han Royal Dynasty?

“Sect Master, what should we do?” A group of disciples gathered at Mending Heaven Peak.

Gu Hai’s group stepped into the fog. However, Gu Hai could see the other party while the other party could not see the group.

“Hu Dongtian, surrender yourself. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being ruthless.”

“Ruthless? Humph! How dare you cause trouble at my Mending Heaven Sect? I’ll make sure that you never return!” Hu Dongtian said coldly.

“Quickly capture Hu Dongtian!” Gu Hai said coldly.

Gu Hai waved his hand.


Suddenly, gigantic cloud beasts manifested in the foggy ritual array.

A group of Han Nation soldiers immediately mounted the heads of officer cloud beasts.


The cloud beasts walked towards the Mending Heaven Sect.

Many gamblers immediately felt restless.

“Everyone, don’t move. This has nothing to do with you, so don’t interfere!” shouted the leading general controlling a Xiang Yu cloud beast.

The gamblers showed complicated expressions.

“Humph! Those are just some much fog trash, and you want to barge into my Mending Heaven Sect? Attack together and destroy that fog trash!” Hu Dongtian shouted.

“Yes!” a group of Mending Heaven Sect disciples answered and made to rush forward.

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world!” the Xiang Yu cloud beast shouted.

As he shouted, he swung his halberd at a mountain.


This blow promptly cut the large mountain in half. The Mending Heaven Sect disciples who were about to rush forward stopped moving immediately, their expressions changing.

“We are only here to capture Hu Dongtian. This does not involve anyone else. Move aside!” Tang Chu shouted coldly.

The Mending Heaven Sect disciples all looked at Hu Dongtian.

“Sect…Sect Master, that fog trash is as strong as a Fourth Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, right? Perhaps even a Fifth Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.”

“Sect Master, you are the strongest. Even so, you might not be a match for this fog general. What more us?”

“Sect Master, how about cooperating with their investigation? Perhaps it will be fine?”

The Mending Heaven Sect disciples said worriedly.

“Humph! Bunch of trash!” Hu Dongtian gave a cold snort.

Then, he took out a set of cross-shaped sticks.

“Oh no! That is a Marionette Controller! He fixed it? That’s impossible! Back then, he said that he could not repair it!” the Mending Heaven City Lord exclaimed.

“Mending Heaven City Lord? You are here as well? Humph! My Mending Heaven Sect gives you plenty of tribute every year, but you bring an army to capture me now?” Hu Dongtian shouted with a glare.

Hu Dongtian waved his hand.


Countless transparent fine threads erupted from the Marionette Controller, instantly scattering in all directions.

Then, he pulled hard.


“My body!”

“You bastard! Hu Dongtian, what are you trying to do?!”

Nearly all the gamblers and the Han Nation elites on the cloud beasts could not move.

“With the Marionette Controller, all of you are my puppets. The monsters of the Han Royal Dynasty? They don’t seem like anything much. Try attacking yourself? Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian guffawed.

Then, Hu Dongtian moved his hand.

Xiang Yu’s halberd suddenly swung towards one of the officer cloud beasts. The two Han Nation elites’ expressions changed.


Gu Hai snorted coldly and waved.


All the cloud beasts suddenly vanished, and the Han Nation elites fell to the ground. However, the Marionette Controller still controlled them.

“Haha! No more monsters? I can still make you fight among yourselves!” Hu Dongtian snorted coldly. Then, he controlled the Han Nation soldiers to fight each other.

“The Marionette Controller can control others?” Gu Hai looked at the Mending Heaven City Lord.

“Yes. As long as those threads wrap around the soul, those people will be like puppets under his control. This was initially a Heavenly Palace Realm expert’s enchanted treasure, but it broke. That expert brought it to the Mending Heaven Sect for Hu Dongtian to mend, but he could not, so he used another treasure to exchange for the broken Marionette Controller, saying it was for his research. It turned out that he actually could…,” the Mending Heaven City Lord said anxiously.

“I see. What other special characteristics are there?” Gu Hai asked.

“Uh…The strings can deploy only once per casting.”


“Just like now. However many people he managed to control now are however many he has. He cannot add more midway unless he removes his control on everyone and flings the strings out again,” the Mending Heaven City Lord explained.

“So, that’s the case. It’s not a big deal, then. Bring on another batch of cloud beasts,” Gu Hai said.

Another group of Han Nation soldiers immediately charged out.


The cloud beasts that vanished earlier reappeared.

Far in the distance, Hu Dongtian’s expression changed.

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world!” A general controlled Xiang Yu and immediately charged at Hu Dongtian.

“Humph!” Hu Dongtian stretched his hand out and pulled on the Marionette Controller. This immediately yanked everyone bound by his strings over.


“You bastard! Hu Dongtian, what are you doing?”

“You want to sacrifice me to save yourself?”

“You bastard! Don’t pull me over!”

The gamblers shouted in horror. It was not just the gamblers that got pulled over. The previously controlled Han Nation soldiers got pulled over as well. All of them got in the way of Xiang Yu’s halberd. Clearly, when the strings appeared earlier, Hu Dongtian managed to control many people.


With his comrades in the way, Xiang Yu stopped his halberd.

“Hahahaha! Bring it on! Attack me!” Hu Dongtian sneered.

The various cloud beasts were gargantuan. When they charged at Hu Dongtian, he immediately controlled a group of people to sacrifice themselves for him, simply ignoring the endless shouts and curses of these people.

The various cloud beasts stopped lest they injure their comrades.

“Sect Master, why did you control us as well? Sect Master, no!” the Mending Heaven Sect disciples shouted in horror.

When the Marionette Controller pulled the Mending Heaven Sect disciples around, they also felt horrified.

“Humph! You bunch of trash! This sect master took pity on you, letting you join the Mending Heaven Sect. However, when the Mending Heaven Sect is in trouble, you shrink back? What is the point of having you around?” Hu Dongtian said coldly.

“Hu Dongtian, quickly let go of me! Otherwise, my clan will destroy your Mending Heaven Sect!”

“You bastard, Hu Dongtian. I never imagined that you are such a person. How have I offended you? To think that you are making me die for you?”

The gamblers shouted in horror.

The cloud beasts wanted to charge in, but the Marionette Controller moved various cannon fodder to block them, making an attack difficult.

Hu Dongtian’s expression turned sinister as he said, “Such a large ritual array will drain many spirit stones, right? Haha! Let’s see how long your spirit stones can last!”

“Mending Heaven City Lord, don’t kill me! I am a Han Nation citizen. I am just here to gamble!”

“I am also a Han Nation citizen! Don’t attack me! Don’t kill me!”

“I am also a Han Nation citizen! Long live the Han Nation! May the Han Nation last for ten thousand years! Don’t kill me!”

The controlled cannon fodder felt horrified, fearing that the halberd would strike them.

“Your Majesty!” Tang Chu frowned as he looked at Gu Hai.

“Naturally, we cannot attack the Han Nation’s citizens. Delay him first,” Gu Hai said.

“What should we do now?”

“Tang Chu, you control the ritual array,” Gu Hai said.


“Foundation rock golems!”

“Present!” ten foundation rock golems answered.

“Bring us underground and enter that mountain. Then, let us out in that Mending Heaven Palace Hall. We’ll capture Hu Dongtian from behind,” Gu Hai said in a low voice.

“Yes!” the foundation rock golems answered.

“Uh, Your Majesty, can’t you just send the foundation rock golems?” Tang Chu asked, feeling puzzled.

Gu Hai shook his head. “Since he has a Marionette Controller, we can’t guarantee that he does not have other treasures. I’ll follow and take a look.”

As Gu Hai looked into the distance, hatred filled his eyes.

Revenge for Chen Xianer remained fresh in his mind. Naturally, he wanted to capture Hu Dongtian personally.

“Yes!” Tang Chu could make out Gu Hai’s hatred, so he did not question any further and just nodded.


The ten foundation rock golems brought Gu Hai underground and headed slowly to Mending Heaven Peak.

Everything went smoothly when traveling underground until they neared Mending Heaven Peak.

The ten foundation rock golems suddenly paused.

“Your Majesty, something is not right,” a foundation rock golem called out.


“The dirt of this mountain seems somewhat strange,” that foundation rock golem answered.

“Continue forward!” Gu Hai said.



The foundation rock golems continued forward. However, their figures froze after a while.


Suddenly, all the foundation rock golem could no longer move.

“What’s wrong? Why did the dirt suddenly turn into metal? Furthermore, a hardening ritual array is working on the metal, preventing us from moving,” one of the foundation rock golems cried out.

The other foundation rock golems’ bodies trembled for a while. However, the surrounding dirt had all turned to metal, making the tunneling ineffective. Even movement was no longer possible.

Outside, Hu Dongtian revealed a faint smile while controlling the Marionette Controller.

“Trying to tunnel in and attack me from behind? Ha! Do you think I did not know that you have foundation rock golems? Humph! My Mending Heaven Sect is full of traps,” Hu Dongtian sneered as he looked into the distance.

As long as he kept dragging this out and the ritual array ran out of energy, he could easily kill this group of people.


The foundation rock golems could not move, but they still protected Gu Hai in the middle.

“You can’t continue tunneling because the dirt turned into metal? Did that injure you?” Gu Hai asked worriedly.

“There are no injuries. We can maintain this state for one and a half years, but we are stuck at the moment,” the foundation rock golems said bitterly.

“It’s good that you are fine. Wait here first. I’ll take down Hu Dongtian,” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Yes!” the foundation rock golems responded bitterly.


Gu Hai brought out the Life Ender Saber and swung it at the front.


The incredibly sharp Life Ender Saber immediately cut a path through the metal. Then, Gu Hai squeezed his way in.

However, Gu Hai had advanced only ten meters when his cut suddenly revealed a space inside as if he had cut through a wall.

“Oh? The mountain is hollowed out?” Gu Hai appeared slightly surprised.

He quickly cut a hole with the Life Ender Saber and entered.


Gu Hai inhaled sharply.

Night pearls illuminated this space. When Gu Hai looked around, he saw close to three thousand female corpses. Most of them were nothing more than skeletons already. However, there were still some shriveled corpses.

Gu Hai raised his eyebrows. Then, he held his breath as he made his way to a nearby staircase and climbed it. There was a small door at the top, which he pushed open.

When Gu Hai entered the next floor, another scene out of hell greeted him.

He saw fifty mummified female corpses, appearing like they had all the moisture sucked out of them. Their genitals were torn, and there were chains around their necks. Their wizen faces showed shock and despair; clearly, they had suffered inhuman torture before dying.

“Harvesting Yin energy to nourish Yang energy?” Gu Hai suddenly recalled some information he had read in the past.

“Someone used an evil cultivation technique to plunder these women of all their energy? Hu Dongtian?”

Gu Hai’s eyelids twitched wildly. The three thousand corpses are women that Hu Dongtian harmed in the past. As for these fifty corpses, they are recent?

Gu Hai showed a ferocious expression. Hu Dongtian appears righteous and dignified on the surface, but he secretly cultivates such an evil cultivation technique?

Gu Hai took a deep breath and suppressed the rage and hatred in his heart before going up to the third floor of the underground palace.

There was a small door leading to the third floor. When he gently pushed it open, he immediately heard a woman huffing and moaning.

“Fairy Waner?” Gu Hai exclaimed in shock.

Just as Gu Hai stepped onto the third floor, a wisp of pink gas there suddenly entered his nose.


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