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Book 4: Chapter 127: An Egg?

In Major Metropolitan City, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s face sank.

“Your Reverence, what happened?” Mo Yike and the others asked anxiously.

“The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty has been completely destroyed,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu shook his head and did not explain any further. However, he could not calm his heart for a long time.

In Vacant City:

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty’s dragon vein rushed back, roaring sorrowfully. Mountains and rivers appeared out of the ground as though it was the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s final struggle.

Radiating overwhelming crimson light, Ba lowered her head and looked at the rising mountains.

“Humph!” Ba snorted coldly and thrust her hand downwards to grab.


A golden manifested palm struck the ground and pinned down a gigantic dragon head.


The dragon thrashed its tail about, churning the surrounding land.

“Rise!” Ba shouted coldly.


The gigantic dragon head came out of the ground.

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders had long been gaping in horror.

That is a dragon vein! A heavenly dynasty’s dragon vein! Nevertheless, she picked it up like a chick?


The gigantic dragon vein let out a sorrowful roar.

Suddenly, the dragon pattern on the back of Ba’s imperial robes came to life with a ferocious expression, its mouth agape.


The golden dragon from Ba’s imperial robes roared and immediately swallowed the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty’s dragon vein.

That gigantic dragon vein spanned hundreds of thousands of kilometers, yet it got swallowed in one mouthful, just like how Ba swallowed the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.


The Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty’s dragon vein disappeared, and the golden dragon turned back into a pattern on Ba’s imperial robes.

After all that, the sky cleared. Ba stood quietly in the air as though she had not done anything. The surrounding cultivators below revealed shocked gazes, not daring to move for a long time.

The canines in her mouth retracted slowly. After looking around, she turned her head and entered the dragon carriage.



The bone dragon and nether fire dragon pulling the carriage roared and immediately left, pulling the carriage away.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu watched from Major Metropolitan City. He did not make any moves until the dragon carriage left.

This Ba was too horrifying.


A cool zephyr blew in Vacant City’s surroundings. Everyone felt like they could move again only after the dragon carriage vanished.

“Ba?” Deep-seated fear flashed in the Bat Ancestor’s eyes.

This woman was not simply strong but horrifying.

That was the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty. The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor was so powerful, and the Divine Blood Army was so overbearing and cruel. Yet, she ate them all in one mouthful?

Even though this heavenly dynasty’s dragon vein had not received nourishment from the ground for six thousand years, it was still very powerful. Nevertheless, Ba picked it up like a chick and fed it to the dragon pattern on her imperial robes?

No wonder the Great Light Sovereign Deity fled in fear when he met this woman.

How could there be such a ridiculously powerful person in this world?

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders could not calm down for a long time. Ba had swallowed even the Divine Blood Army soldiers who had regained their bodies.

Everyone recovered their wits only after a while.

At this moment, a transparent barrier covered Vacant City.

Perhaps it was due to Ba’s suction earlier, but the Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array was already damaged in several places, allowing the interior to be seen from outside. This crack-riddled transparent barrier was the earlier Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array?

The damaged Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array still contained Vacant City and Gu Hai.

Gu Hai?

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the others looked at Gu Hai.

The surrounding citizens also looked at Gu Hai, bowing to him in gratitude.

“Many thanks, Mister Gu!”

“Mister Gu is a righteous person. We will always remember this!”

“We will never forget Mister Gu’s kindness and grace!”

The many surviving Vacant City citizens immediately bowed to Gu Hai.

The citizens that Gu Hai saved earlier had told the rest about everything—how Mister Gu could not bear to let this hell in Vacant City continue, so he set up this plan to make the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor expose himself, which resulted in the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s destruction, saving everyone.

Although that empress had consumed the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, everything happened because of Gu Hai.

That empress had already left, but Gu Hai was still here. Everyone immediately bowed while crying in gratitude.

There was no need to prove anything; facts were as such. The survivors just needed to think a little bit, and they could figure everything out, hence their deep gratitude.

At this moment, Gu Hai ignored this gratitude. Instead, he rushed to the city with Bing Ji.

There was a scroll at the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s throne—the scroll that the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor used in the wager with Gu Hai.

What is in the scroll?

That is a treasure that Gu Hai tricked the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor into revealing, the secret behind the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s disappearance for six thousand years, a treasure even more valuable than five million zombies?

“Halt! You bastard!” The Bat Ancestor and Archduke Xi Kang immediately rushed over.


The damaged Nine-by-Nine Sun Sealing Ritual Array blocked them outside.

“Damn!” Everyone’s expression changed, turning depressed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Bat Ancestor and the others attacked the ritual array, glaring at the interior.

“Quickly, block Gu Hai! Block Gu Hai!” Archduke Xi Kang roared to the people inside.

There were still many citizens and surviving city guards inside.

However, they merely showed cold smiles at Archduke Xi Kang’s order. No one listened to him.

This was especially so for the first group of people that Gu Hai saved. Back then, the Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders were prepared to sacrifice them to divert the Divine Blood Army’s attention. If not for Gu Hai’s insistence, they would have already died.

Right now, would they listen to Archduke Xi Kang and block Gu Hai? What a joke!

No one obstructed Gu Hai and Bing Ji, allowing the two to arrive at the city center quickly. With Bing Ji’s speed, they soon reached the throne.

Gu Hai’s back faced everyone as he picked up the scroll.

“Gu Hai, put it down!” the Bat Ancestor roared while glaring.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everyone attacked the ritual array, adding cracks to the already-damaged ritual array. However, it would still take them some time to break it.

Gu Hai turned his head and looked at the furious Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and Chang Clan elders outside the barrier.

“Everyone, are you thinking of going back on your word? What were the three conditions earlier? Anything I obtain from the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor is mine. You all agreed to it. Have you forgotten?” Gu Hai shouted.

“Humph! And you believed us?” the Chang Clan elders said with fierce expressions.

These people now refused to honor their promise.

“Your Majesty, there’s no need to reason with these vile people,” Bing Ji said in anger and hatred.

The surrounding citizens were incensed. However, they could not do anything about this.

“Mister Gu, you had better flee quickly,” some of the citizens advised anxiously.

As Gu Hai held the scroll, he looked coldly into the distance.


Just as Gu Hai and Bing Ji were preparing to enter the forest, a loud report came from outside the barrier. A crimson manifested saber pierced through the barrier and instantly arrived before Gu Hai.

“You bastard!”

Gu Hai’s expression changed. Then, he took out the Life Executioner Saber with a flip of his hand to defend himself.


A dazzling purple light appeared, but the crimson manifested saber was too powerful.

Even with Gu Hai blocking with all his might, the crimson manifested saber still knocked him into the air.


Gu Hai vomited blood as Bing Ji caught him.

The scroll fell not far away, with the manifested Blood Prison between Gu Hai and it.

“His Reverence! It’s His Reverence!” Great joy suddenly flashed on Archduke Xi Kang’s face.

Did His Reverence snatch away the scroll?

“Imperial Emperor Xi Kang, are you going back on your word?” Gu Hai suddenly said while glaring.

“We did say that we would let you go and allow you to take Bing Ji away. You should be content with that. You cannot take away anything else of the Yuan Nation!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s voice suddenly boomed out.

Gu Hai showed a sullen expression as he looked at the scroll, from which the manifested Blood Prison separated him.

“Let’s go!”

Gu Hai instantly flew far away while bringing Bing Ji, heading towards the distant forest.

“His Reverence said that he would let you go, but we did not! Gu Hai, you can forget about running away!” Archduke Xi Kang roared.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, the Chang Clan elders, and one hundred thousand zombies attacked with their full power. The ritual array’s barrier exploded with a loud report.


Now, everyone could fly in.

However, Gu Hai had already reached the forest outside the city and vanished.

“Search for them! Don’t let them escape! Citizens of Vacant City, listen up. This is an order. You must report to us if you see Gu Hai. You must!” Archduke Xi Kang roared.

However, the surrounding citizens just sneered. Perhaps someone did see some movements in the forest. However, no one would report it.

If they reported it, they would be too embarrassed to continue living.

Help their enemy deal with their benefactor? How could that be possible? While the citizens were not strong, they were people with principles and emotions. Hence, no one bothered.

Archduke Xi Kang, the Bat Ancestor, and the Chang Clan elders sent out all their subordinates and zombies. However, the surroundings of Vacant City were too vast. Even the five million Divine Blood Army soldiers failed to find everyone, what more just one hundred thousand or so?

Gu Hai had already gone far away.

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, and the Chang Clan elders snorted coldly.

The manifested Blood Prison had already vanished. Everyone could not bear to leave that scroll alone, so they temporarily ignored Gu Hai’s disappearance and rushed to the scroll.

In the forest, Gu Hai and Bing Ji were already far away.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?” Bing Ji worriedly asked Gu Hai as she supported him.

“I’m fine!” Gu Hai said with a smile as he wiped the blood off his lips.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is not true to his word,” Bing Ji said with an unsightly expression.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu? He did keep his word; he spoke the truth.” Gu Hai smiled.

“However, that scroll…,” Bing Ji said with a regretful expression.

However, Gu Hai remained smiling as he took out a scroll.

“The-the-the-the scroll?! Your Majesty, didn’t you drop it? Why is it in your hand?” Bing Ji exclaimed with wide eyes.

Gu Hai smiled faintly and did not explain. He returned it into his storage item with a flip of his hand.

Bing Ji’s expression suddenly changed. “Ah! Your Majesty, you switched the scrolls? When Ba consumed the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, I saw Your Majesty take out a pile of scrolls. At that time, I thought that was strange. Your Majesty already guessed that this would happen, so you swapped a fake scroll for the real one?”

Gu Hai nodded with a smile.

“Then…then, what’s in the fake scroll?” Bing Ji asked in confusion.

Archduke Xi Kang, the Bat Ancestor, the Chang Clan elders, and their subordinates anxiously surrounded the scroll.

“Quick. See what it is!” Archduke Xi Kang called out anxiously.

The Bat Ancestor slowly unfurled the scroll beneath everyone’s expectant eyes.

A beast-skin parchment fell out of the scroll, and the scroll was empty.

“There is nothing in this scroll, just this parchment. Take a look. What is written or drawn in it?” the Chang Clan elders said anxiously.

“An egg?” the Bat Ancestor said in confusion.

“A painting of an egg?” Archduke Xi Kang opened his eyes wide in confusion.

“An egg? What does that mean? Let me take another look!”


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