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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 107: Destroying Five Clones Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 107: Destroying Five Clones

Major Metropolitan City:

Before most of the citizens could evacuate the city, the shaking had already calmed down. Everyone raised their head and looked at the scene in the sky.

The lifespan cultivator, Mister Dongfang, wanted to kill Gu Hai?

“What should we do now? Is it over for Mister Gu?” The citizens felt anxious.

When the five million Divine Blood Army soldiers and the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor attacked the city, Gu Hai had delayed them, eventually saving the entire city. The citizens felt grateful to him.

When Imperial Emperor Xi Yi fought the Great Light Sovereign Deity, the shock waves from their battle had surged out. Gu Hai used the ritual array to lessen the impact on the citizens, saving many of them. The citizens remembered this. When they saw Gu Hai in danger, they naturally felt extremely anxious.

In the city, the Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, Chang Sheng, Chang Ming, the Chang Clan elders, Qin Zibai, and the others felt very anxious, as they could not enter the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace. The treasure would be snatched away right under their noses.

Are we just going to let Mister Dongfang do as he pleases?

“Your Reverence, this Dongfang lifespan cultivator clearly does not have good intentions in coming to my Yuan Nation,” Mo Yike said with a frown.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu took a deep breath as he narrowed his eyes slightly.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s figure flashed, arriving inside the fog pillar leading to the Divine Palace once more.

That belongs to the Yuan Nation. Mine! How can outsiders split my things among themselves? After plotting for so long, will Mister Dongfang snatch everything away?

Naturally, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu could not take this lying down. He went into the fog pillar and did as Mo Yike suggested, locating that area where the fog pillar seemed more illusory. Then, he took out Blood Prison and swung it with all his might.

When Blood Prison swung, a bright crimson light suddenly burst out, lighting up Major Metropolitan City.


A loud report rang out as a strong wind formed and swept through the surroundings, shaking the city again.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.

I failed? However, I finally touched the walls around the Divine Palace. There is now something material for me to attack. This is better than nothing.

“Break!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu swung his saber again with all his might.


The sky shook intensely, and ripples appeared outside the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace.

“Is it still not enough?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.

After taking a deep breath, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu suddenly said, “Citizens of the Yuan Nation, we are Xi Yu. We desire to expand and strengthen the Yuan Nation, protecting our Yuan Nation’s peace and prosperity. Today, we urgently need the citizens’ aid. Please raise your right hand and lend us your strength. We need your power!”


The blessings cloud sea in the sky suddenly churned.

The gigantic golden blessings dragon above the cloud sea suddenly stood up.


The golden dragon roared, and Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s voice immediately reached all the citizens in the Yuan Nation’s two hundred cities.

“His Reverence’s voice?”

“His Reverence needs our help?”

“Hurry, raise your right hand!”

As the citizens raised their right hands, streams of energy shot into the sky and gathered in the Major Metropolitan City blessings cloud sea.

As the streams of white energy gathered in the blessings cloud sea, they looked like thousands of rivers flowing into a sea, flooding into the golden blessings dragon.

The golden blessings dragon rushed out of the blessings cloud sea and towards Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.


The golden dragon roared ferociously, charging at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu with boundless energy.


The golden dragon flooded into Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s body. That large figure strangely merged with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, bringing surging energy.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s body suddenly swelled as energy accumulated in his body. Raging winds continuously blew around him, and he appeared like the sun.

The surging energy brought about an overwhelming aura, placing suffocating pressure on the citizens below.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked up at the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace, his eyes blazed with light.

“Break!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sent a punch at the palace walls.

In the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace:

The bloodied Long Wanyu cried in fear and sorrow. Frost covered Gu Hai, and he was vomiting blood.

The remaining four Mister Dongfang clones controlled the blue dragons and broke Bing Ji’s ice ball, sending her flying and inflicting severe injuries.

The Unborn Man stood in the middle of everyone, holding the head of the Mister Dongfang clone he had captured in his withered hand.

“Was it you who wanted to kill my daughter earlier?” The Unborn Man’s voice contained a terrifying tone, sounding so cold and sinister that everyone’s hair stood on end.

The Mister Dongfang clone whose head the Unborn Man grabbed was startled.

“Let go of me. If you dare to hurt me, my main body will not let you off!” that Mister Dongfang said in shock and rage.

“Humph!? Are you a lifespan cultivator? You must be the Qian Nation’s lifespan cultivator, Beiming, right? Wait, that’s not right. Lifespan Beiming is a white-robed lifespan cultivator like me. He also cultivates life. However, the means you employ is that of death. Are you a black-robed lifespan cultivator? That’s not right, either. Half-black and half-white? You dual cultivate life and death? That’s impossible. That is simply seeking death!” the other Mister Dongfang clones exclaimed.

“I asked, was it you who wanted to kill my daughter earlier?” The Unborn Man’s voice turned glacial as he looked at the Mister Dongfang he held.

“Why are you not rescuing me?” the captured Mister Dongfang shouted.

“Hurry, rescue Number Ten Dongfang!”

The other four swung their scepters, controlling their roaring blue dragons to charge at the Unborn Man.

The captured Mister Dongfang clone waved his hand, and a blue talisman appeared. It looked like he wanted to execute a technique on the Unborn Man.

“Humph! It’s fine if you don’t want to speak,” the Unborn Man said coldly.

As the Unborn Man spoke, he rotated his withered hand.


The Unborn Man twisted Number Ten Dongfang’s head off, sending the body flying away. The white robes ripped to shreds, and Number Ten Dongfang’s head showed disbelief.





The expressions of the other four Mister Dongfang clones changed. However, their blue dragons had already arrived before the Unborn Man.

The Unborn Man snorted coldly, tossing away Number Ten Dongfang’s head. Then, black energy from his hand poured into it.


Nourished by the black energy, Number Ten Dongfang’s head suddenly swelled into an incredibly ferocious evil spirit’s head.

“The black-robed lifespan cultivator’s evil techniques?” The Mister Dongfang clones’ expressions changed again.


This huge evil spirit head cackled, and it suddenly opened its mouth wide.


The evil spirit head swallowed up the four Mister Dongfang clones and their blue dragons.

“No, no! Save me!”

“Main Body!”


The four Mister Dongfang let out startled screams.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

The evil spirit’s head chewed for a moment, eating the four Mister Dongfang clones and the four blue dragons in the blink of an eye.


After the evil spirit’s head ate everything, it exploded, leaving only black smoke.

Nearby, Bing Ji goggled. Earlier, she could not block these five Mister Dongfang clones. However, this black-and-white-robed man destroyed them all with just a flip of his hand. Completely destroyed?

Far away, Mister Dongfang’s main body noticed something strange, so he suddenly threw another palm strike.


The sea of withered hands drowning Ye Shenzhen exploded immediately.

Ye Shenzhen went flying.

“Humph! Consider yourself lucky!” Mister Dongfang’s main body said with a sullen expression.


Ye Shenzhen fell to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. However, Ye Shenzhen now had snow-white hair, apparently having aged significantly. His body had withered and dried up, reduced to skin and bones.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” Ye Shenzhen showed a fierce expression as he looked at Mister Dongfang’s main body. At the same time, he took out some medicinal pills and consumed them.


Ye Shenzhen’s body recovered slowly. Such a heavily injured body could not recover quickly.

Now, Mister Dongfang stared at the Unborn Man.


Surging, white fog suddenly appeared behind Mister Dongfang’s main body. Then, withered hands came out of the white fog, looking very sinister as they rushed towards the Unborn Man.

“Who are you? You don’t seem to be among the eight lifespan cultivators in the world,” Mister Dongfang’s main body said coldly.

Now, the Unborn Man looked at Long Wanyu.

“Wan…Wanyu, I have already killed the person who injured you earlier.” The Unborn Man’s voice contained a tone of pandering.

To think that the previously demon-like Unborn Man spoke so gently to Long Wanyu! The injured Bing Ji goggled at this scene.

“Wanyu, he is the Unborn Man, your father,” Gu Hai said to Long Wanyu.

The crying Long Wanyu bit her lip, looking at the Unborn Man with tears in her eyes.

“He is not my father. I do not have such a father. Why did you come and save me? Isn’t it better that I die? Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! If I die, I can go find my mother. If I die, I can go find my elder sister. You caused my mother’s death! You caused my elder sister’s death! Why did you save me?! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Long Wanyu suddenly started crying sorrowfully.

When seeing the Unborn Man, Long Wanyu could not help thinking of her mother and elder sister, remembering how the two people who treated her the best had died because of him. She immediately felt heartbroken.

The Unborn Man froze at Long Wanyu’s disconsolate expression. He did not know how to console her, and his heart filled with sorrow as well.

Gu Hai glanced at the distant Mister Dongfang’s main body knocking Ye Shenzhen into the air. Then, he said, “I’ll take care of Wanyu. That is Mister Dongfang’s main body there. He is the one who caused Wanyu’s injuries. Had we not made a move in time, Wanyu might have… Do be careful.”

The Unborn Man took a deep breath, looked at Gu Hai, and nodded.

He had failed as a father and truly did not know how to face Long Wanyu now.

However, he now knew who injured his daughter. Furthermore, had Gu Hai not made a move in time, Long Wanyu might have died?

The Unborn Man turned his head and looked at Mister Dongfang. Surging, black fog soared up behind him. Millions of ghostly cries rang out within the black fog, appearing incredibly sinister.

Two lifespan cultivators—one with surging black fog, the other with white fog, one with ghostly cries, the other with withered hands—stared coldly at each other across the distance.

“Are you the one? The one who tried to kill my daughter earlier?” The Unborn Man’s tone sounded cold, containing overwhelming rage.


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