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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 106: The Unborn Man’s Arrival Bahasa Indonesia

Book 4: Chapter 106: The Unborn Man’s Arrival


Ye Shenzhen’s figure flashed as he rushed towards the group of Mister Dongfangs. Strike first and gain the upper hand. After all, lifespan cultivators were strange, and Ye Shenzhen knew that.

As Ye Shenzhen rushed over, his figure suddenly split into three.

“Humph! A technique to layer light and shadows? Old eunuch, that might work against others. However, you want to use that against me, a lifespan cultivator?” Mister Dongfang’s main body snorted coldly.

All at once, Mister Dongfang’s main body extended both his hands and swiped.


A large, transparent wall formed in front of him. When light flashed on it, a faint reflection appeared.


Ye Shenzhen crashed into the transparent wall, and the other two figures promptly scattered.


Withered hands suddenly appeared and pulled on Ye Shenzhen’s body.

“What? You bastard!”


Ye Shenzhen ferociously swung his sword, chopping apart the withered hands, then fled.

“Dongfang, how dare you attack Princess Wanyu? Don’t you know who she is? Are you not afraid the Qian Heavenly Emperor will get angry and eliminate your line of inheritance?” Ye Shenzhen shouted furiously.

“Eliminate my line of inheritance? Ha! The person who can kill me has not been born yet,” Mister Dongfang’s main body sneered as he waved.


Suddenly, the transparent wall extended skywards, and countless withered hands tried to grab Ye Shenzhen.

Ye Shenzhen’s expression changed as he fled hastily. However, a sea of withered hands already surrounded him.


In just an instant, Ye Shenzhen drowned in a sea of withered hands.

Mister Dongfang’s main body revealed a faint, cold smile as he threw a palm strike. A gray manifested palm charged into the sea of withered hands.



The sound of Ye Shenzhen vomiting blood came from the sea of withered hands.

“Hehe! The Qian Heavenly Emperor will get angry? Well, do you think he will come here? Hahaha! It looks like the Qian Nation’s eunuchs are nothing much,” Mister Dongfang’s main body sneered.

On the other side, the five Mister Dongfang clones surrounded Gu Hai.

When Ye Shenzhen charged towards Mister Dongfang’s main body, Gu Hai had revealed a faint, bitter smile.

Mister Dongfang’s main body?

Gu Hai did not know how strong the main body was. However, he had heard the tone that Mister Dongfang’s main body took when speaking with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. At that time, Mister Dongfang addressed Imperial Emperor Xi Yu by name.

Furthermore, there were only eight lifespan cultivators in the world. How could any of them be simple if they could last this long?

There was no escaping from this place, and the most crucial thing was that Gu Hai was currently severely injured. There was no way for him to make a move. The situation was as bad as it could be.

“Brother-in-Law. Sob! Sob! Sob! The demonic phantom told me that you were in danger. I wanted to save you. However, that fool did not divine this properly. To think that after killing Mister Dongfang, another six more of him appeared? Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Long Wanyu cried, feeling wronged.

The demonic phantom in her body felt extremely conflicted, not daring to speak at this moment.

After coughing a mouthful of blood, Gu Hai took out a black jade talisman.


Gu Hai crushed that jade talisman.

At the same time, in a large city in the nether realm:

There were millions of ghosts in this city, making it appear incredibly sinister.

However, the ghosts here were all crying miserably. They could not move at all, pressed by a gigantic foot image.

A male figure wearing half-white-half-black robes stood in the sky. When he stepped down, a huge image trampled on all the ghosts in the city.

“I don’t know, great king! Great king, I really do not know!”

“We did not meet the ghost that you mentioned. Not at all. We do not know Long Wanqing!”

“We have never met her before!”

“Spare us! Spare us!”

The millions of ghosts in the city cried.

The half-black-half-white-robed man said, “You evil spirits control the surrounding five hundred thousand kilometers, eating countless earthly souls. You told me that you knew the surrounding five hundred thousand kilometers like the back of your hand, even said that you had seen Long Wanqing?”

This man’s voice sounded extremely strange, like two voices talking in unison—one old and one young.

“No, no, no! We were lying then!”

“Great king, we were wrong! We were trying to eat you then. We saw that you were powerful, so we tricked you into coming to Evil Spirit City. We really did not see any Long Wanqing!”

“Great king, we were wrong! Spare us!”

“Since I am already here, I need a conclusion to this. If you don’t know, then I’ll destroy you. Let’s see if you truly do not know or are just pretending,” the half-black-half-white-robed man said coldly.

As this man spoke, he added some force to his foot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The evil spirits in the city exploded one by one under the huge force, turning into azure smoke.

“Spare us! Spare us! We truly do not know!”

“Great king, spare us! We really do not know!”

The evil spirits begged for mercy. However, the robed man ignored them, putting even more force into his foot and causing more ghosts to explode. In mere moments, millions of evil spirits exploded.

This person trampled an entire city of evil spirits to death like he just squished a bug underfoot.

After destroying all the evil spirits in the city, this person still did not obtain the information he wanted.

The sky appeared overcast. As that robed man stood in the sky, he took out a jade box.

“Lass, there is still no news of our daughter. Sorry. Lass, I failed to protect you and even killed our daughter. Sorry, lass. You suffered a calamity to give me daughters, yet I killed my daughter. I am not human! I must find her and revive her, even if I have to die,” the robed man said with a choked-up voice as he hugged the jade box.

“All these years, the three of you suffered greatly because of me. I failed to take care of you. I swear that no one else can hurt you anymore. I’ll find Wanqing first. I have to find her. After that, I’ll let her blame me as much as she wants. As for Wanyu…haha…I’m too embarrassed to face her before finding Wanqing. Once I have found Wanqing and saved her, I will watch both of them from afar, protecting them from afar. No one else can hurt them again, ever.” The robed man’s voice choked up as his body trembled.


Suddenly, a cracking sound came from the robed man’s waist.

The robed man immediately grabbed the item that cracked. It was a black jade talisman, which then shattered into powder. A thought suddenly struck him.

“Wanyu is in danger?!” The robed man’s voice suddenly turned fierce. “Who? Who dares to harm my daughter?!”


As the robed man roared, the jade powder in his hand suddenly turned even finer and started circling him. Then, the space around him suddenly pulsated rhythmically.


The robed man’s figure flashed, disappearing from this space.

Ye Shenzhen barely managed to keep Mister Dongfang’s main body occupied. More accurately, he was being savaged by Mister Dongfang’s main body.

Countless withered palms surrounded Ye Shenzhen while Mister Dongfang’s main body sent attacks at him over and over again, severely injuring him.

“Oh! This old eunuch is pretty hardy. In that case, I shall plunder all your lifespan. Let’s see how long you can last. Hahaha!” Mister Dongfang said sinisterly.

On the other side, the five Mister Dongfang clones rushed over.

“In my name—the name of Dongfang—I call upon the deity of the East Spiritual Fire Sea. Bless upon me a divine item and destroy my enemies!” the five Mister Dongfang clones shouted simultaneously, using the jade scepters as a connection.

A hole tore open in space, and five blue dragons came out of the nether realm. This seemed exactly the same as when Number Eight Dongfang fought Gu Hai outside Major Metropolitan City.

However, this time, this move was even more powerful, as there were five blue dragons.

“Grand Ice Mirror Technique!” Bing Ji shouted as she charged forward.


A large ice ball trapped the five blue dragons and five Mister Dongfang clones.

“You loathsome lass, you are seeking death!”

“Humph! The Grand Ice Mirror Technique? Do you think that it can block my blue dragon?”


The furious roars of five Mister Dongfang clones came from the ice ball.


The blue dragons were very powerful, exceeding what Bing Ji could bear. Cracks quickly appeared in the ice ball that trapped the Mister Dongfang clones; it would break soon.

“Brother-in-Law, what should we do now?” Long Wanyu asked anxiously.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Pull off that silk cloth. See if it can help us.” Gu Hai coughed blood as he looked at a stool beside the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

Long Wanyu immediately rushed towards that stool.


Just at this moment, a blue dragon opened a hole in the ice ball. Then, a Mister Dongfang clone came out, standing on the blue dragon, and charged at Long Wanyu.

“You loathsome lass, that is not something for you!” that Mister Dongfang clone shouted.


The blue dragon suddenly spewed nether fire, wanting to drown Long Wanyu in it.

“Brother-in-Law!” Long Wanyu cried out in fear.


At the crucial moment, Gu Hai knocked Long Wanyu to the ground, dodging the nether fire.


Gu Hai vomited another mouthful of blood.

“Brother-in-Law!” Long Wanyu cried out in horror when she saw Gu Hai vomit blood again.


The nether fire dragon roared as it charged at the two, radiating a destructive aura.

“Gu Hai? Long Wanyu? Hahahaha! You can die together, be lovers in death! Hahahahaha!” that Mister Dongfang clone said ferociously.


The blue dragon stormed over, roaring with unstoppable momentum. That Mister Dongfang clone showed a fierce expression while laughing maniacally.

It looked like the blue dragon would swallow the two.

However, the jade talisman that Gu Hai crushed earlier suddenly turned into black fog.

All at once, a withered, aged hand extended from the black fog.


That skinny, withered hand thrust forward. The roaring blue dragon suddenly stopped as though stuck in the air.

That Mister Dongfang clone stumbled, nearly falling over. As the black fog scattered, a robed figure suddenly appeared in front of Gu Hai and Long Wanyu. This person’s robes were black on one side and white on the other, looking incredibly peculiar.

“Who is it?” that Mister Dongfang clone snarled while glaring.

Then, he waved his jade scepter as though to execute a technique.

However, that robed figure flicked his finger.


The blue dragon exploded, sending that Mister Dongfang clone flying. He even lost grip of his jade scepter, which crashed into the Grand Ice Mirror Technique’s ice ball.


Just then, the remaining four dragons shattered that ice ball.

Bing Ji fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

Four Mister Dongfangs riding blue dragons came out.

“Who is it?” The Mister Dongfang clones glared as they helped up the Mister Dongfang clone that got sent flying.

“Unborn Man, you are finally here! This is Long Wanyu.” Gu Hai revealed a faint smile after vomiting some blood.

The man who had just arrived was the Unborn Man, Long Wanqing’s father. Back then, he killed Long Wanqing by mistake at Ying Province. In penance, he went to the nether realm to look for Long Wanqing’s soul. Before leaving, he had handed Gu Hai a black jade talisman for Long Wanyu, saying that she should crush the jade talisman when she was in danger and he would rush over as fast as he could.

The Unborn Man was here now.

However, what did he see the moment he arrived? What did Gu Hai say? Long Wanyu? This is my daughter?

The Unborn Man looked at Long Wanyu.

Long Wanyu’s clothes were in tatters, and her hair was in disarray. She had bloody wounds all over. Tears and blood stained her face, making her appear helpless and desperate.

My younger daughter, the younger daughter that I feel guilty towards. This is my first time meeting her, but…but…

This is the younger daughter that I cannot bear to—no, do not dare to—let suffer any grievances. Yet, she is in such a sorry state, covered in wounds?

That was a close call. If I did not rush over in time, that nether fire dragon would have killed her?

The Unborn Man’s entire body trembled. Then, overwhelming rage erupted.

“Who?! Who dares to hurt my daughter?!” A rage that seemed to tear through everything filled the Unborn Man’s voices as he turned his head to look.


Devastating black energy surged out with the Unborn Man as the center, accompanied by millions of ghostly cries. Then, an extremely sinister and evil aura rushed at the Mister Dongfang clones.

“Who are you?” The expression of the Mister Dongfang clone sent flying earlier changed.


That Mister Dongfang clone’s figure flashed, disappearing from his place.

He appeared in the Unborn Man’s withered hand in the next instant, held by the head.

“Was it you who wanted to kill my daughter earlier?” The Unborn Man’s voice contained a terrifying tone, sounding so cold and sinister that everyone’s hair stood on end.


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