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Book 4: Chapter 103: The Great Light Sovereign Deity Withdraws

In another manor near Gu Hai’s manor in Major Metropolitan City:

Long Wanyu stood under the eaves of a wall, staring at the sky. She clenched her fist tightly as she frowned, determination flashing in her eyes.

Gu Hai had laid the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array. After Dongfang Bubai killed Xi Yong, Gu Hai opened the Civil Palace and the Military Palace and even managed to retreat safely, using the holy Dao scripture to redeem Bing Ji. Even when the ice mountain fell into his palm, Long Wanyu did not move at all.

“Demonic phantom, you will be in for it if I find that you lied to me,” Long Wanyu said through gritted teeth.

“How could I dare to? I’m truly unlucky. Everything was going well. Why would I lie about Gu Hai being in danger?” the demonic phantom protested, feeling depressed.

“Had you not spoken, I would have hated you to death!” Long Wanyu growled.

“Alright, alright. I won’t say anything more. We had already simulated the situation several times. Every simulation led to Bing Ji being captured and Gu Hai exchanging the holy Dao scripture for her. Everything has gone according to our simulation so far. This is the only path where Gu Hai has a chance of survival, so you must listen to me. Don’t be rash, and do not expose us,” the demonic phantom said.

“I know. As long as my brother-in-law is fine, I can endure anything. However, you had better have divined this right. If you are wrong…well, don’t blame me,” Long Wanyu said somewhat anxiously.

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Hah…I’m truly unlucky!” the demonic phantom said in depression.


Suddenly, a black figure arrived by Long Wanyu’s side.

It was Ye Shenzhen, the Divine Night Guards’ envoy commander.

“Impotent Ye, how did it go?” Long Wanyu asked anxiously.

Ye Shenzhen held out a strand of hair, smiling bitterly. “It was a close call. When the ice mountain came crashing down, it grazed Gu Hai, and a strand of his hair fell off. I managed to pick it up. Dongfang Bubai nearly discovered me.”

Long Wanyu grabbed that hair and said, “This is good. This is good.”

“Princess Wanyu, aren’t you worrying too much? Mister Gu is bound to be fine. He nearly managed to escape earlier. Furthermore, he has his ways. He has escaped calamity several times over already,” Ye Shenzhen said with a bitter smile.

Long Wanyu shook her head. “It is different this time. Even if Brother-in-Law escapes to the sky or burrows into the ground, there is nowhere in the land of the living or the nether realm he can flee to. Even if he manages to leave Major Metropolitan City, there is still no escape. This needs to be dealt with here.”

“Ah?” Ye Shenzhen now appeared slightly worried.

“Impotent Ye, help me with all you’ve got later. I’m relying on you this time. Help me out, and when I return, I will get the old fogey to credit you with contributions,” Long Wanyu said solemnly.

Ye Shenzhen showed a faint, bitter smile. “There’s no need. His Holy Eminence would already heavily reward me for just bringing you back safely.”

“If you don’t help me, I will speak badly about you to the old fogey every day!” Long Wanyu threatened through clenched teeth.

Ye Shenzhen’s expression turned stiff.

“Follow what I say later,” Long Wanyu said seriously.

Everyone in Major Metropolitan City paid attention to Gu Hai’s location.

When the ice mountain fell into Gu Hai’s palm, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the Great Light Sovereign Deity stopped fighting.

The noisy battles became almost silent.

Long Shenwu, Li Shenji, Gongyang Sheng, Sima Changkong, the Bat Ancestor, the Chang Clan members, Mo Yike, Archduke Xi Kang, and Qin Zibai all paused where they were, looking at the ice mountain in Gu Hai’s palm while finding it strange.

“It not only fell into Mister Gu’s palm but was even refined?” Mo Yike gaped in shock.

Everyone unconsciously glanced at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

As the two stood in the sky, they showed different expressions as they looked at the shocked Gu Hai below.

“Great Light Sovereign Deity, did you send the ice mountain into Gu Hai’s hand on purpose?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu asked coldly.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity revealed a faint, cold smile, not answering. At the same time, he looked at the distant Gu Hai, who was about to flee. Then, a smirk flashed across his face.

“Earlier, we were competing in refining the ice mountain. However, you stopped right before it was completed and even tossed it to Gu Hai. Don’t you want it?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu asked with narrowed eyes.

“If you want it, then go and get it,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said with a cold voice.

The two then looked at Gu Hai.


Just at this moment, a loud sound rang out.

The holy Dao scripture Sima Changkong and Gongyang Sheng were pulling on outside the Civil Palace suddenly ripped. The instant it ripped, noble spirit surged out of it.


The noble spirit poured out like a huge avalanche rushing through Major Metropolitan City. It covered the sky and ground, appearing like a vast ocean drowning Major Metropolitan City instantly.

A horrifying volume of noble spirit immediately entered the citizens’ bodies. Those citizens injured by the earlier shock waves healed in the blink of an eye.

A loud voice reciting something rang out in the air. However, no one could make out what it said.

Suddenly, this voice softened.

Everyone looked over and saw Sima Changkong and Gongyang Sheng each holding half of the holy Dao scripture. Then, these halves scattered, turning into golden words that floated in the air, surrounding the two as they quickly poured into the two.


The two’s bodies suddenly shone with dazzling, white light and released a holy aura that inspired people to worship them.

“Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

That holy Dao scripture should belong to my Yuan Nation. Yet, these two Qian Nation people took it?

“You bastards! That belongs to my Yuan Nation!” Archduke Xi Kang and Qin Zibai roared furiously.


Long Shenwu blocked the two with his sword. Qin Yun, Qin Zibai’s father, now ignored this fight, instead launching a sword strike at the battle between the Bat Ancestor and Li Shenji.

There was still one holy Dao scripture there. Right now, both the Bat Ancestor and Li Shenji held it.


When that sword strike shot over, Li Shenji’s expression suddenly changed as the attack targeted him.

Sima Changkong and Gongyang Sheng stopped quibbling about the torn holy Dao scripture. Everyone looked disappointed. Initially, Li Shenji felt disappointed as well. However, when he noticed that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had stopped fighting, his expression immediately changed.

Ripping it is better than not getting anything.

Just as Li Shenji was about to rip the holy Dao scripture, Qin Yun’s powerful attack arrived. If he continued trying to rip the holy Dao scripture, the attack would land.

That sword strike possessed incredible might. Li Shenji’s expression changed dramatically when he saw it.


Just as Li Shenji felt anxious, a five-colored divine light brushed by him.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu suddenly landed a palm strike on the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s chest.


The Great Light Sovereign Deity vomited a mouthful of blood as he went flying.

The five-colored divine light had come from the Great Light Sovereign Deity. When the divine light flashed, the Bat Ancestor’s and Li Shenji’s hands emptied.

“Where’s the holy Dao scripture?” the Bat Ancestor suddenly exclaimed.

Li Shenji’s expression changed dramatically. “A five-colored divine light?”

After the divine light flashed, the holy Dao scripture went missing. Did the Great Light Sovereign Deity snatch it away?

“Great Light Sovereign Deity!” Li Shenji roared fiercely.

However, the only response was Qin Yun’s sword strike. Li Shenji’s expression changed as a bow immediately appeared in his hand.

The bow clashed with the sword qi.


The collision sent Li Shenji flying to the ground.

Did the Great Light Sovereign Deity snatch the holy Dao scripture?

Earlier, the Great Light Sovereign Deity had moved too swiftly for Imperial Emperor Xi Yu to stop the divine light. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu could only land a palm strike on the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s chest, sending him flying.

“Hahahaha! A holy Dao scripture?” the Great Light Sovereign Deity guffawed, wiping the blood off his lips.


Suddenly, a crimson saber—Blood Prison—appeared in Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s hand. He swung it at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

The extremely white world created by the vast noble spirit instantly got dyed crimson when Blood Prison swung.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity’s expression changed as he extended his hand and waved.

A five-colored divine light rushed towards Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Blood Prison and the five-colored divine light clashed, the resulting shockwaves shaking space.


The five-colored divine light exploded, and the Great Light Sovereign Deity flew back another five kilometers.

The earlier palm strike had inflicted significant damage on the Great Light Sovereign Deity. He actually could not defeat Imperial Emperor Xi Yu in this battle.

With a fierce expression, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said, “Humph! Great Light Sovereign Deity, you are truly reckless!”

Now, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s aura surged. After sustaining injuries from the palm strike, the Great Light Sovereign Deity was already significantly weakened. As long as Imperial Emperor Xi Yu followed up on this, he could defeat the Great Light Sovereign Deity and snatch the holy Dao scripture.

However, the Great Light Sovereign Deity laughed savagely, “Hahahahaha! Are you going to chase after me to snatch this holy Dao scripture? Don’t you want that ice mountain? Hahahaha! I don’t want the ice mountain anymore. You can have it. If you pursue me, I’ll just rip this holy Dao scripture as a last resort to heal my injuries. At that time, neither of us will get anything. Hahaha!”

As the Great Light Sovereign Deity spoke, his figure wavered. Then, what looked like a gigantic peacock image encased him.

This peacock image flapped its wings and immediately shot into the distance, reaching the horizon in the blink of an eye.

“Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

Perhaps Imperial Emperor Xi Yu could kill the Great Light Sovereign Deity. After all, the Great Light Sovereign Deity was injured. However, it was just a possibility. If the Great Light Sovereign Deity ripped the holy Dao scripture and healed his injuries, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu might not be able to kill him.

Moreover, if he relentlessly pursued the Great Light Sovereign Deity, Major Metropolitan City would fall into chaos.

Should I give up on the ice mountain? Also, there is the even more important Divine Palace.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu hovered in the sky, watching the Great Light Sovereign Deity leave with slightly narrowed eyes.

Actually, the Great Light Sovereign Deity need not have left. He could have torn the holy Dao scripture to recover and continued fighting for the ice mountain and the things in the Divine Palace. However, he did not.

Instead, he tossed the refined ice mountain to Gu Hai. Is he trying to use me to kill Gu Hai?

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu turned his head to look towards Gu Hai’s manor.

Although many things had happened, they had all taken place in the time it took for a spark to fly, ending in just mere moments.

Gu Hai simply did not have time to flee. More importantly, he could no longer flee. As he held the ice mountain in his palm, his entire body froze quickly.

Clearly, the Great Light Sovereign Deity had ill intentions. He wanted to sabotage Gu Hai by tossing the ice mountain to him.


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