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Book 4: Chapter 101: Holy Dao Scriptures

Major Metropolitan City:

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the Great Light Sovereign Deity faced each other. Their tones turned increasingly colder as they conversed.

The aura from the Civil Palace and the Military Palace spread out in all directions from the sky.

Countless experts eyed the two palaces, but no one dared to act rashly.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity is actually powerful enough to make Imperial Emperor Xi Yu hesitate?

“Back then, you were not my match when you came to my Solar Divine Palace,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

“How can you be so sure when we haven’t competed before? Humph! We will give you a chance. Immediately get out of Major Metropolitan City, and we can spare you,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said with cold eyes.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity showed a faint sneer. “No one in the world but my master dares to command me.”


Just as the two stared at each other, a loud report rang out in the Military Palace.

The surging black energy knocked down the Military Palace’s doors. When the doors opened, black energy flooded the surroundings.

As the black energy poured out, a huge ice mountain came into view.

This ice mountain was the source of the surging black energy. Even from a distance, everyone could feel the boundless cold energy.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity suddenly raised his eyebrows. “Oh? So, this is what’s in the Military Palace?”

As the Great Light Sovereign Deity spoke, he soared into the sky, disregarding Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, and extended his hand. A suction appeared from his hand as he tried to grab the ice mountain.

“To think that you dare to try and snatch what is ours!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.


Perhaps because Imperial Emperor Xi Yu understood the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s strength, he did not take risks. He just soared into the sky and extended a hand towards the ice mountain as well.

The manifested palms of two powerful experts grabbed the ice mountain simultaneously.

Boom! Boom!

The ice mountain barely quivered.

“You are seeking death!” The Great Light Sovereign Deity showed a ferocious expression.


Suddenly, boundless azure light flared behind the Great Light Sovereign Deity, immediately staining the world azure. What seemed like gigantic peacock plumes appeared amid the azure light.

The peacock plumes spread out with the Great Light Sovereign Deity as the center; he looked like a peacock spreading its tail. However, this peacock tail was ridiculously large, covering much of the sky.


Heavy snow started falling behind Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, the drifting snowflakes filling the sky.

When the two experts unleashed their auras, the citizens felt a horrifying, suffocating pressure.

“Die!” The Great Light Sovereign Deity glared as he attacked with his other palm.

When the Great Light Sovereign Deity sent out his palm strike, it sounded like millions of peacocks screamed.

Then, what seemed like a million peacock images flew at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu along with that palm strike.

“Your Reverence, be careful!” the Yuan Nation officials cried out.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu merely revealed a faint, cold smile as he attacked with his other hand as well.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu attacked with a ferocious expression. A berserk snowstorm blew, and what looked like snow monsters charged at the peacock images.

The two experts’ palms clashed in midair.


Major Metropolitan City shook from the shock waves, and countless citizens vomited blood.


Gu Hai immediately controlled the ritual array to form a force field. Although it could not completely block the shockwaves, it mitigated their impact.

“Many thanks, Mister Gu!” The many citizens looked at Gu Hai gratefully as they wiped the blood from their lips.

Numerous cultivators quickly fled out of the city.

The two experts continued pressing their palms against each other in the sky.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

A layer of frost suddenly formed over the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s manifested palm as the energy from Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s palm strike extended over it.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity suddenly narrowed his eyes.

However, the Yuan Nation officials goggled.

“His Reverence holds an advantage?” one of the officials said in pleasant surprise.

“His Reverence is suppressing the Great Light Sovereign Deity?” The Bat Ancestor appeared shocked.

Things seemed to be going differently from expected.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity stared at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. “The Yinggou Art? Did you cultivate that legendary forbidden technique? The Yinggou Art? Are you trying to forge your body into a zombie ancestor’s body? To Yinggou’s body?”

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s eyes turned cold, and he did not reply to the Great Light Sovereign Deity. Instead, he put more force into his palm strike.


The frost continued spreading on the manifested palm and eventually reached the Great Light Sovereign Deity’s body. Now, the frost encased his entire arm.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity snarled, “Humph! So what if you cultivate the Yinggou Art? Even if you were Yinggou, I would still kill you!”


Suddenly, five beams of divine light shot up from behind the Great Light Sovereign Deity. When the five beams appeared, the frost on his arm instantly fell off.



The Great Light Sovereign Deity added force into his attack.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu increased his force as well.

A surging storm blew around the two, forming a tornado that obscured the scene from everyone.


Just at this moment, the Civil Palace also burst open.

When the Civil Palace burst open, two bright, sun-like scrolls with boundless noble spirit surrounding them lit up the surroundings immediately.

Aside from the storm at the Military Palace, the light of these two scrolls illuminated the other places.

The two scrolls emanated a pure and holy aura. Despite the scrolls being tightly rolled up, the faint sound of their contents being read out escaped. The sound was so indistinct that no one could make out the contents, but everyone found the sound so pleasant that all their pores opened up.

“Holy Dao scriptures?” Mo Yike’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chaos immediately broke out in Major Metropolitan City as nearly all the experts soared into the sky.

Long Shenwu could no longer wait.

Li Shenji could no longer wait.

Gongyang Sheng could no longer wait, either.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

While Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the Great Light Sovereign Deity fought over the ice mountain, the three soared into the sky together.

“You bastards!”

“How dare you?!”

“How audacious!”

“Gongyang Sheng, it’s you?”

The people in the Great Sigh Palace Hall’s plaza shouted furiously.

The Bat Ancestor, Archduke Xi Kang, Qin Zibai, and the Chang Clan experts all soared into the sky simultaneously, rushing towards the two holy Dao scriptures.


The sky immediately turned chaotic.

Like a divine arrow, Li Shenji charged at an unimaginable speed into the sky and would soon arrive at the location of one of the holy Dao scriptures.

“How dare you try and snatch my things?” The Bat Ancestor moved extremely fast, arriving in the sky in an instant.


Countless bats spread out in the sky, covering it as they blocked Li Shenji.

Back then, the Bat Ancestor had faced everyone alone at Five Sacred Mountains Academy. At that time, Li Shenji only managed to block one of the Bat Ancestor’s hands. Now, could Li Shenji block the Bat Ancestor alone?

“Simultaneous Myriad Arrows!” Li Shenji shouted.


Suddenly, countless arrows coursed through the sky, shooting the bats there.

“Huh?” The Bat Ancestor threw a palm strike.

Li Shenji countered with his own palm strike.

“Li Shenji, to think that you want to fight me with your insignificant cultivation?” the Bat Ancestor sneered.

When the two palms clashed, Li Shenji showed a fierce expression.


A loud report rang out, and the Bat Ancestor stumbled. He failed to suppress Li Shenji with the earlier palm strike. Instead, Li Shenji managed to stagger him.

“That’s impossible! You! You! You…,” the Bat Ancestor said in shock.

“I was hiding my strength that day!” Li Shenji said coldly.

Hiding his strength? Li Shenji pretended to be weak that day?

Li Shenji had pretended to be weak so that the Bat Ancestor would have strength to spare. He hoped that the Bat Ancestor could kill Gu Hai. Unfortunately, the Bat Ancestor had failed.

Now, Li Shenji stopped pretending so that he could obtain the holy Dao scripture. Now, he burst forth with great power.

“Humph! Whether you were hiding your strength or not, you will still die!” the Bat Ancestor said with a ferocious expression.


The two experts exchanged palm strikes again.

The Chang Clan experts immediately rushed towards the holy Dao scripture that the Bat Ancestor and Li Shenji were fighting over.

The Bat Ancestor revealed a cold smile. Even if you can block me, the Chang Clan belongs to me. Are you a match for all of them?

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Divine Strategy Battalion rained arrows on the Chang Clan experts. However, Chang Sheng and Chang Ming blocked the barrage while the others continued towards the holy Dao scripture.

Long Shenwu and Gongyang Sheng rushed towards the other holy Dao scripture.

“Prince Shenwu, help me obtain that holy Dao scripture!” Gongyang Sheng shouted.

Then, Gongyang Sheng suddenly swiped the brush in his hand, immediately diverting some of the people that charged up behind them.

Long Shenwu turned around and suddenly threw a palm strike at Qin Zibai, Archduke Xi Kang, and the other people charging up.

“Everyone, you should stop!” Long Shenwu said with a cold smile.


Two Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators—Qin Zibai and Archduke Xi Kang—drew their swords and sent out manifested swords at Long Shenwu.

“You bastard!”

“That belongs to my Yuan Nation!”

Their manifested swords looked very ferocious, like they would chop down Long Shenwu.

Long Shenwu immediately threw a palm strike at the two manifested swords.


The two Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators’ manifested swords stopped in the air, blocked.


A huge rebound caused Archduke Xi Kang and Qin Zibai to vomit a mouthful of blood each.

“Ha! Even if you are in the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm, you advanced just recently. To think that you want to stop me! Go back!” Long Shenwu guffawed.

The aura that Long Shenwu unleashed was no weaker than the Bat Ancestor’s and Li Shenji’s. It immediately made Qin Zibai and Archduke Xi Kang vomit more blood.

“That belongs to my Yuan Nation!” Qin Zibai roared in rage.

“It now belongs to my Qian Nation!” Long Shenwu used more force.


Long Shenwu focused more attention on Qin Zibai, causing Qin Zibai to vomit another mouthful of blood.

“The Qin Clan’s talented scion? Hahaha! You may be a martial genius, but you are still nothing much. Break!” Long Shenwu glared, poised to deal the final blow and cripple Qin Zibai.


Suddenly, a sword light rushed at Long Shenwu from the city. This sword light was sharp and ferocious, instantly arriving before him.

Long Shenwu’s expression changed. He knocked away Qin Zibai’s and Archduke Xi Kang’s manifested swords in a hurry to clash with that sword light.


Long Shenwu’s figure paused. Although he blocked that sword light, his expression changed as he looked down.

He saw a blind man holding a sword and standing on the ground. That blind man had sent out the sword light.

“Father!” Qin Zibai’s face suddenly lit up in joy.

“Qin Yun? You are still alive?” Long Shenwu’s expression changed.

Long Shenwu’s face sank. During that time, the blind man arrived beside Qin Zibai. Long Shenwu’s expression changed further as he drew a sword, preparing to face a powerful enemy.

“The strongest expert under Imperial Emperor Xi Yu in the Yuan Imperial Dynasty? To think that you still can use the sword despite being blind!” Long Shenwu said.

“Being blind made me see clearer. Prince Shenwu, please withdraw. That is not something for you to interfere in,” the blind Qin Yun said indifferently.

“The Sima Clan? Are you going to fight over it with me?” Gongyang Sheng’s furious roar suddenly rang out in the distance.

Sima Changkong had appeared at some point, rushing ahead of Gongyang Sheng and grabbing the holy Dao scripture.

Gongyang Sheng immediately grabbed the scroll as well. The two each held a brush, neither yielding to the other.

“Sima Clan’s Sima Changkong greets Lord Gongyang. Lord Gongyang is wise and virtuous; Changkong is in awe of you. However, since there is an opportunity for the holy Dao scripture, Changkong will be shameless and compete for it. Lord Gongyang, please forgive me,” Sima Changkong said respectfully.

When Long Shenwu saw Sima Changkong making a move, he revealed a faint smile. He had been hiding Sima Changkong from Gongyang Sheng all for this day.

At this moment, Long Shenwu blocked Qin Yun, Qin Zibai, and Archduke Xi Kang with his sword to buy time for the two to fight over the holy Dao scripture.

On the other side, Li Shenji maintained a stalemate with the Bat Ancestor while the Chang Clan experts rushed towards the other holy Dao scripture.

Just as it looked like the Chang Clan experts would obtain it, a slender, threaded needle instantly overtook them all.

The slender needle stabbed into the edge of the holy Dao scripture and strangely wound the thread around the scroll. Then, the thread suddenly tightened.


The holy Dao scripture flew back at an incredible speed.

The Clang Clan experts looked like they would obtain the scroll. Chang Sheng was just about to grab it. However, it ended up getting snatched right out of his hand.

“What?” The Clang Clan vampires’ expressions changed.

The holy Dao scripture even flew through where the Bat Ancestor and Li Shenji fought, pulled away from right under their noses.

Both the Bat Ancestor and Li Shenji goggled in disbelief.

They fought so hard here, putting in their full effort. However, just as they were about to obtain the holy Dao scripture, a needle pulled it away into the distance?


The holy Dao scripture landed in someone’s hand below.

“Dongfang Bubai?” Li Shenji roared in rage as his expression changed.

“Dongfang Bubai, how dare you snatch what’s mine?!” The Bat Ancestor’s expression changed wildly as well.

In the earlier instant, Dongfang Bubai had shot out a needle and pulled a holy Dao scripture over.

When the holy Dao scripture landed in Dongfang Bubai’s hand, it looked incredibly small.

However, Dongfang Bubai did not care about the two. Instead, he handed the holy Dao scripture to Gu Hai.

“They are all fighting over this item; it must be as precious as my Sunflower Canon, right? Here, for you!” Dongfang Bubai smiled.

Gu Hai accepted the holy Dao scripture with a sense of wonder.

Indeed, Dongfang Bubai was incredible.

“Gu Hai! Return my scripture to me!” the Bat Ancestor roared as his expression changed.


The Bat Ancestor and Li Shenji separated with an explosion.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes. “Xi Yong died already. I have taken revenge for Waner. Right now, this place is a mess. There is no point in remaining here. Dongfang Bubai, help me block these people. That should allow me to leave safely.”

Now that Gu Hai had obtained a holy Dao scripture, he could not remain any longer. Who knew how long Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s fight would last? Furthermore, there were many experts here. If he stayed, he could not keep the holy Dao scripture. Hence, he might as well leave first while Dongfang Bubai dealt with these people.

After he entered the tunnel and escaped the city, who could find him once he reached the forest?

“Alright!” Dongfang Bubai nodded.

At the side, Mo Yike appeared shocked.

The Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array’s cloud beast can control the ritual array by himself? Gu Hai does not need to be here?


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