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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 4 Chapter 095: Goodbye Forever, My Love! Bahasa Indonesia

Book 04 Chapter 095: Goodbye Forever, My Love!


The blue dragon roared and charged at Gu Hai.

Then, Gu Hai swung his saber.


The manifested saber passed through the blue dragon’s body as though the blue dragon was just an illusion. Gu Hai did not touch the blue dragon at all.

“Hehehehehe! My nether fire dragon is only a clump of nether fire. It does not harm the physical body but the soul. Hahahaha! Burn him to death!” Number Eight Dongfang howled with a malevolent face.


The nether fire dragon roared ferociously as it instantly arrived before Gu Hai.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Gu Hai swung his saber several times but failed to strike anything solid. His face sank. His soul shook when the nether fire dragon approached him, as though his soul met its nemesis.

“Fire! Come!” Gu Hai shouted as his expression changed.

Fire from his fire deity palace suddenly rushed out of his body, covering him in red flames.

Then, he punched at the incoming blue fire.


Fire against fire. This time, Gu Hai managed to touch the nether fire dragon.


The blue dragon showed a ferocious expression as its blue flames intensified. Red flames enveloped Gu Hai’s body and surged into the sky.

As the blue dragon advanced slowly, Gu Hai showed an unsightly expression.

“The inextinguishable divine flame? Indeed, you used a fire deity to develop your heart aperture. However, how much inextinguishable divine flame can you have? Humph!” Number Eight Dongfang scowled malevolently.


Number Eight Dongfang jumped onto the nether fire dragon and extended his hand.

“In my name—the name of Dongfang—I call upon the deity of the East Spiritual Fire Sea. Bless upon me never-ending nether fire and destroy my enemies!”


Suddenly, another blue dragon emerged from the door to the nether realm. When this dragon appeared, it rushed into the body of the first blue dragon, the two blue dragons immediately becoming a one-hundred-thirty-three-meter-long blue dragon. Then, the merged blue dragon opened its mouth and roared as it charged at Gu Hai.

The inextinguishable divine flame around Gu Hai surged into the sky. Previously, it managed to block the incoming nether fire dragon. However, the nether fire dragon’s strength had now doubled, allowing it to suppress Gu Hai’s flame.

Number Eight Dongfang showed a malevolent expression as he controlled the nether fire dragon. The nether fire dragon seemed to struggle somewhat, trying to shake off Number Eight Dongfang’s control. Clearly, a one-hundred-thirty-three-meter-long nether fire dragon was the limit of what he could manage.

Gu Hai’s face flushed pink.

A large portion of the fire deity and the fire deity palace’s energy went to suppressing the fire calabash. Hence, this was Gu Hai’s current limit.

If Gu Hai stopped the suppression of the fire calabash, he could defeat the blue dragon. However, the fire calabash’s Samādhi True Flame would hurt him.

Gu Hai felt conflicted as he did his best to endure.

On the other side, Fairy Waner seemed like she wanted to help.

“Waner, don’t come over. I can manage!” Gu Hai immediately shouted.

The nether fire dragon injured the soul. Although Fairy Waner’s flame was incredible, it was not the inextinguishable divine flame. While the inextinguishable divine flame could block the nether fire, her flame might not be able to. Gu Hai did not want her to take the risk.

Far away, Xi Yong looked coldly in Gu Hai’s direction.

When Number Eight Dongfang suppressed Gu Hai, Xi Yong’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Gu Hai cannot move. This is a good opportunity to kill him. You two, go and kill him now! Hurry!” Some excitement flashed in Xi Yong’s eyes.

The expression of one of the guards, the one whose arm Gu Hai chopped off, changed.

That one-armed guard said worriedly, “Young Archduke, Gu Hai just said earlier that he had no deep grudge with you and was willing to let you go. Why do we still have to—”

“You bastard! I just want him dead. That’s enough. Quickly go!” Xi Yong roared while glaring.

“Yes!” the two guards immediately answered.


The two rushed to Gu Hai’s location.

Not far away, Fairy Waner saw the two approach. Her eyes narrowed, and her expression changed as she likewise went forward.

The one-armed guard tried to block Fairy Waner.


Fairy Waner swung her sword at that one-armed guard.


That one-armed guard quickly raised his sword, but Fairy Waner knocked him back.

However, this delay allowed the other guard to reach Gu Hai.

“Gu Hai, die!” that guard shouted with a fierce expression.

Then, that guard swung his sword at Gu Hai. It looked like the attack would land.

“No!” Fairy Waner cried out.


Fairy Waner instantly shielded Gu Hai. That guard’s sword thrust happened to stab her chest.


The sword pierced through Fairy Waner’s body. Blood flowed out her back and down to the sword’s tip.


Gu Hai felt like a bomb went off in his mind.

Gu Hai had noticed something unusual about Fairy Waner recently. However, that did not matter as long as she was fine. Hence, he pretended not to notice. However, how was she fine now?

This is Fairy Waner; there’s no mistaking it. Did the sword pierce her heart? Fairy Waner gripped the sword’s blade, preventing it from going any farther and harming Gu Hai.

When that guard could not pull his sword out of Fairy Waner’s grasp, he also felt incredibly anxious.

“Die, bitch!” that guard roared furiously.


Countless sword qi suddenly erupted from the sword, shooting inside Fairy Waner and shredding her body.


Gu Hai’s eyes bulged as he roared in grief.

“What?” Number Eight Dongfang’s expression suddenly changed.

The inextinguishable divine flame coming from Gu Hai’s body suddenly grew several times intenser.


Gu Hai stopped suppressing the fire calabash, letting all the inextinguishable divine flame pour out. The flames billowed into the sky and surrounded the nether fire dragon in the blink of an eye.

The fire calabash’s Samādhi True Flame instantly filled Gu Hai’s body.


Gu Hai spewed out a mouthful of blood, burned again. However, he could no longer be bothered.

“Die!” Gu Hai said with a savage expression as he punched the nether fire dragon.

All his inextinguishable divine flame poured out. A wisp of Samādhi True Flame even got mixed in.

The inextinguishable divine flame drowned the nether fire dragon, and the wisp of Samādhi True Flame instantly burst the nether fire dragon.


“What? No!” Number Eight Dongfang yelled in fear, his expression suddenly changing.

That wisp of Samādhi True Flame had rushed into his body.

“Argh! Argh! Argh! No!”


Number Eight Dongfang burned and exploded.

Gu Hai had the inextinguishable divine flame to protect him. Even so, he still could not endure it. Number Eight Dongfang’s cultivation was weaker than Gu Hai’s, and without an inextinguishable divine flame for protection, Number Eight Dongfang immediately exploded.


Gu Hai vomited blood again.

However, Gu Hai could not be bothered with his injuries. He held Fairy Waner with his left hand and swung the Life Executioner Saber with his right. His saber strike contained the inextinguishable divine flame, with a wisp of Samādhi True Flame mixed in, as he executed the Third Cycle.

“I want you dead!” Gu Hai cried out ferociously as flames erupted around him.


Fairy Waner firmly gripped that guard’s sword earlier. When his sword qi shredded Fairy Waner’s body, he barely pulled his sword out. How could he be Gu Hai’s match now?


That guard only managed an expression of horror before he exploded.

The nearby Xi Yong suddenly trembled intensely.

How can it be like this? How did it turn out like this? They all died in the time it takes for a spark to fly? Number Eight Dongfang died too?

“Young Archduke, quickly run!” that one-armed guard grabbed Xi Yong and shot into the distance.


Gu Hai showed a ferocious expression, glaring at Xi Yong with bloodshot eyes.

Xi Yong was still in shock as the one-armed guard bore him away.

“Xi Yong!” Bone-deep hatred flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

Number Eight Dongfang died, and his three spiritual souls had already entered Gu Hai’s Karmic Energy pool and transformed into Mending Heaven Energy.

Gu Hai continued hugging Fairy Waner, whose body was now blazing. Horror appeared on his face.

“Waner, you will be fine!” Gu Hai quickly poured Mending Heaven Energy into Fairy Waner’s body.


As the Mending Heaven Energy poured into Fairy Waner’s body, her body seemed to turn into fire faster. One arm suddenly disappeared in a burst of fire.

“No! This is impossible! Why can’t I fix this?! Why can’t I fix this?!” Gu Hai shouted in rage and horror.

Fairy Waner seemed to have one last breath.

She used her remaining hand to caress Gu Hai’s face.

“Gu Hai, listen to me,” Fairy Waner said weakly.

“You will be fine. Waner, you will be fine!” Gu Hai’s eyes suddenly turned moist.

Gu Hai found himself helpless against Fairy Waner’s situation. To think that I am helpless again? Again?! One more time?!

“Gu Hai, this isn’t over!

“You are the one who persists in evil and bringing about self-destruction. You do not have an artistic conception at all. You are a fraud!

“Gu Hai, I’ll never forgive you, either, you bastard!

“Gu Hai, listen up. Nothing happened today. You and I never…never… In any case, forget what just happened. Responsibility? I don’t need you to take responsibility! Humph!

“We cannot be together.

“Don’t ask, alright?”

Scenes of the past flashed through his mind. Without realizing it, he had already been through a lot with Lin Waner.

Now, Fairy Waner died by the enemy’s sword to save me?

Gu Hai’s heart felt shredded.


This happened with Chen Xianer. This happened with Long Wanqing as well! Why did this happen to Lin Waner?!

Fairy Waner looked at Gu Hai weakly, caressing his face.

“Just forget me, alright? I have never appeared before you. Just forget about me. Alright? I beg you,” Fairy Waner said weakly.

“No. I will never forget you!” Gu Hai’s eyes turned bloodshot.

“Listen to me. Immediately return to Chaoge City. You have already killed the person who killed me and taken revenge. Listen to me. Immediately return to Chaoge City and forget me,” Fairy Waner said weakly.

“No!” Tears fell as Gu Hai trembled.

“I beg you. Please. Go back to Chaoge City. Go back. Forget me. I beg you…” Fairy Waner’s eyes brimmed with hope and expectation.

As Gu Hai trembled, he nodded.

Lin Waner finally revealed a faint, satisfied smile.

“Kiss me!” Fairy Waner said weakly.

Tears filled Gu Hai’s eyes as he hugged Fairy Waner and kissed her lips.

Fairy Waner slowly closed her eyes as two drops of tears fell out of the corners of her eyes.

Goodbye forever, my love!


An intense flame erupted from Fairy Waner’s body, burning it up. She turned into a fiery light and vanished slowly in the sky.

“No!” Gu Hai let out a heart-wrenching roar.


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