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Book 3: Chapter 99: Every Word Attacking the Mind

“Haha! You don’t want to fight to the death, but you laid a trap for me?” Rage flashed in Ao Shun’s eyes.

Ao Shun directly tore up the facade of brotherly love that Ao Sheng wove, questioning Ao Sheng.

The dragons kept silent as they waited for the Ao Sheng in the Soaring Palace Hall to answer.

You said that you had a deep affection for your elder brother. While it is one thing to snatch the crown prince position, you even laid a trap for your elder brother. Is this your deep affection for your elder brother?

The Soaring Palace Hall fell silent, as did the surroundings.

Countless Thousand Islands Sea cultivators held their breaths. This was the next ruler of the dragon race. No one dared to interrupt the two princes facing each other.

After some silence, Ao Sheng’s voice came from the Soaring Palace Hall again.

“Hah!” Ao Sheng sighed.

However, Ao Shun, who was in the air, narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Royal Brother, do you really think that I laid a trap here for you? If I were to trap you, would I wait here alone?” Ao Sheng sighed.

The dragons felt confused. Ao Shun could not understand, either. The surrounding cultivators also appeared surprised.

Ao Sheng’s voice rang out. “Royal Brother, you are not suited to be the crown prince. Royal Father never questioned anything, letting you lead the dragons. However, you did things that were detrimental to my dragon race. For the sake of my dragon race’s prosperity, I replaced you as crown prince.”

“Hahahahaha! What a reluctance to accept the position! I’m not suitable, but you are?” Ao Shun scoffed coldly.

“Since Royal Brother asked today, I will help Royal Brother understand why you are not suitable!” Ao Sheng’s voice contained a tone of confidence.

“Oh?” Ao Shun looked at the Soaring Palace Hall coldly.

“Royal Brother, don’t be unconvinced after I tell you. Haha! Let’s take it step by step, starting with the dragons you brought. Are these the dragons you trust the most? Are they all loyal to you, willing to die for you?” Ao Sheng’s voice rang with disdain.

“Of course! These are all my subordinates. Naturally, they are all loyal to me!” Ao Shun said coldly.

“Then, what if I told you that this is not the case?” Ao Sheng’s voice said indifferently.

“Huh?” Ao Shun slightly narrowed his eyes.

Ao Sheng’s voice rang out again. “Do you know how many were placed there by me? Do you know that they are just there to monitor you?”

“That’s impossible. These dragons were all sabotaged by you, causing them to become sin dragons!” Ao Shun immediately rebutted. However, he suddenly felt flustered for some reason.

“Is that so? Ha! Well, there is no longer any need to hide this. It is time for them to return to their rightful places after today!” Ao Sheng’s voice rang out.

Right after Ao Sheng’s voice spoke, a white dragon suddenly flew out from the group of dragons.

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry!” A white dragon immediately flew over to the Soaring Palace Hall’s side. As it flew in the air, it seemed to be standing on Ao Sheng’s side, opposing Ao Shun.

“Leader Bai?” The dragons turned noisy.

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry. Many thanks for your appreciation of my talents!” A blue dragon immediately flew out and hovered next to the white dragon.

“Leader Lan?” The dragons felt horrified.

[TL Note: Leader Bai and Leader Lan can be literally translated as Leader White and Leader Blue.]

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry!”

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry!”

Many more dragons quickly flew out, opposing Ao Shun.

At the Soaring Palace Hall, Gu Qin felt excited. His Imperial Father guessed right. Crown Prince Ao Sheng had some scheme up his sleeves. Ao Sheng could not possibly leave Ao Shun alone without anyone monitoring him. Ao Sheng definitely would have left people by Ao Shun’s side to monitor him. Indeed, that was the case. However, he had not expected so many. To think that Ao Sheng had sent so many spies?

Many dragons left the ground and flew to the opposing side from Ao Shun.

Ao Shun’s expression grew increasingly unsightlier.

Countless cultivators in the surroundings goggled. This scene seemed too strange. Crown Prince Ao Sheng sent all these dragons, making them sin dragons to spy on Ao Shun?

The dragon race’s politics ran too deep.

Far in the distance, at Sima Changkong’s location:

“Milord, Crown Prince Ao Sheng sent those dragons to monitor Ao Shun? Then, they immediately showed themselves when Crown Prince Ao Sheng told them to?” one of the subordinates marveled.

However, Sima Changkong shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Did you notice the exact wording of Ao Sheng’s voice? He did not tell them to come out. They were the ones who came out of their own volition.”

“Huh?” This slightly startled his subordinates.

“Ao Sheng’s voice only said there was, not for them all to come out,” Sima Changkong said while shaking his head.

“Is there a difference?” His subordinates appeared confused.

“Of course, there is a difference. What if there were none? In that case, it wouldn’t matter.” Sima Changkong shook his head.

“However, there are!”

Sima Changkong narrowed his eyes slightly and shook his head. “Ao Sheng’s voice spoke vaguely, allowing space for either possibility. He only pushed things in a particular direction, digging a pit for the dragons to jump in by themselves.”

“That can’t be, right? How could the dragons possibly…”

“That is because Gu Hai told the earlier story well. He used the four steps to prove to the dragons that Ao Sheng was in there, so the dragons all believe that he is Ao Sheng. This allowed the second stage of his plan to continue,” Sima Changkong said seriously.

Indeed, in just a while, two leaders led three hundred dragons in separating themselves from the group, flying on the opposing side of Ao Shun. Although they showed apologetic expressions in their eyes, they also showed resolute expressions.

They were Ao Sheng’s subordinates.

Ao Shun had led over three thousand sub-dragons and one thousand dragons. In the blink of an eye, three hundred dragons had shifted to the opposing side.

Ao Shun showed an extremely unsightly expression. “Little Bai, Little Lan. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Very excellent! To think that I trusted you so much. You…you…you actually…!”

“Crown Prince Ao Shun. Sorry, the countless contributions that Little Lan and I achieved before becoming leaders were done with the crown prince’s assistance. That was just to gain your trust,” Leader Bai said seriously.

“Humph!” Ao Shun left out a furious snort, feeling incredibly frustrated.

“Royal Brother, don’t be angry. The even more frustrating thing has yet to come. This is just the first batch. Do you believe that there is still a second batch?” Ao Sheng’s voice rang out again.


The dragons’ expressions changed as they looked at each other. There are still enemies by our side.

“That’s impossible? All those remaining are loyal to me!” Ao Shun said coldly.

“Is that so? Should I try asking them?” Ao Sheng’s voice sounded very calm.

The dragons suddenly fell silent. However, they all felt chills.

“The second batch? Let’s see, who should I ask? Very well, let’s ask this group of sub-dragons. It seems like Royal Brother has never seen them as the same race, only as ordinary cannon fodder. Do you think that they will be loyal to you? Flood dragons, baxias, I’ll give you a chance now, just this one chance. Either stand on Royal Brother’s side and be enemies with me, or stand on my side and be enemies with Royal Brother. Choose now. If you choose my side, all your past offenses will be ignored. If you choose Royal Brother’s side…Ha! I don’t think I need to say anything. I’m sure you understand!” Ao Sheng’s voice sounded extremely calm.

Ao Sheng just finished speaking when a flood dragon suddenly called out, “Crown Prince Ao Sheng, I am willing to give up the wrong way of life and turn to a better one!”

“Crown Prince Ao Sheng, I was forced into this!” a baxia called out.

“Crown Prince Ao Sheng, I am willing to be loyal to you!”

Many of the sub-dragons immediately cried out. They quickly left the dragons and flew towards the first batch of dragons who changed sides, opposing Ao Shun.

“You all! You all! You all! You bastards!” Ao Shun roared while glaring.

The shocking scene of taking sides had the countless spectating cultivators gaping in startlement. This was too exaggerated.

All three thousand sub-dragons left in the blink of an eye? No, there were still three hundred sub-dragons that remained, but just three hundred.

The other two thousand seven hundred sub-dragons stood on Ao Sheng’s side.

Previously, Ao Shun had a large army. However, the situation turned around in the blink of an eye. Ao Shun’s army became significantly smaller than the other side.

Ao Shun had seven hundred dragons and three hundred sub-dragons left.

Far in the distance, Sima Changkong smiled bitterly. “Ao Shun normally ostracizes the sub-dragons. Naturally, the sub-dragons would not be loyal to him. Excellent psychological pressure. It pressured not only Ao Shun but also all the other dragons.”

Ao Shun stared at the other side in anger.

“Royal Brother, no matter what, we are brothers. No matter what, brothers won’t fight to the death, right?” Ao Sheng’s voice rang out again.

Ao Shun gritted his teeth and looked coldly at the Soaring Palace Hall.

“Brothers won’t fight to the death? Are you doing this to deal with me?” Ao Shun asked coldly.

“Even if I deal with you, there is a limit. Isn’t that right? Otherwise, how am I to give Royal Father an account?” Ao Sheng’s voice said.

Ao Shun’s expression turned sullen.

“I said so much, only to tell you one thing. You really are not suited to be the crown prince. Earlier was just the second batch. Do you believe that there is still a third batch among the dragons behind you?” Ao Sheng’s voice rang out again.

“That’s impossible. All those remaining are my most trusted!” Ao Shun said coldly.

“Your most trusted might not be your most loyal. How about this? I’ll call them out to show you clearly!” Ao Sheng’s voice rang out.

Ao Shun got a chill and goosebumps. That’s impossible! That’s impossible!

The surrounding cultivators goggled. “There’s more?”

However, Sima Changkong smiled and said, “On one hand, he is pushing the other side into a corner, agitating the other side. On the other hand, he is placating the other side, not letting him go berserk. Haha! It is like a prostitute expecting a monument to one’s chastity. However, the effects are pretty good. At the very least, Ao Shun did not get blinded by rage and immediately charge into the Soaring Palace Hall.”

“Ah? Milord, what are you saying?” one of the subordinates asked in confusion.

Sima Changkong shook his head and did not explain.

“The third batch? Ah? Royal Brother, you think that the sin dragons subordinate to you are loyal to you. However, do you know that their loyalty might not stand up to a few words from me? Right now, I’ll give all the remaining dragons a chance to atone for your sins. As long as you immediately come over to my side and see the traitor as an enemy, all your past sins will be canceled. You will no longer be sin dragons, regaining your previous identity and even everything you had previously!”

When Ao Sheng’s voice rang out again, the expressions of the dragons behind Ao Shun immediately changed.

“Crown Prince Ao Sheng, is that true?” a yellow dragon suddenly exclaimed.

“Do my words hold no weight?” Ao Sheng’s voice rang out again.

“They do! They do. This subordinate overspoke. I…I am willing!” the yellow dragon immediately cried out.

“Yellow Dragon Leader, you…!” the dragons behind Ao Shun roared furiously.

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry. I still have a family and would like to go home. Sorry!” The yellow dragon immediately soared to the sky above the Soaring Palace Hall, gathering with the earlier Leader Bai and Leader Lan.

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry. The Ying Royal Dynasty is about to be destroyed. There is no future in following you. I don’t want to continue fighting. I want to go home, sorry!” A green dragon likewise flew out.

“The green dragon leader?”

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry!”

“Crown Prince Ao Shun, sorry!”

The dragons struggled internally before a third batch of dragons flew out.

The leaders led four hundred more dragons to Ao Sheng’s side.

This time, Ao Shun did not get angry but disappointed.

Ao Shun had brought over one thousand dragons and three thousand sub-dragons. Now, only three hundred dragons and three hundred sub-dragons remained loyal to him. The other dragons all went over to Ao Sheng’s side, opposing him.

Am I that much of a failure?

Just a few words from Ao Sheng already turned them against me. Am I really that unsuited to be the crown prince?

“Royal Brother, do you see it now? How many of these dragons are loyal to you? Do you think you are still suited to be the dragon crown prince?” Ao Sheng asked indifferently.

“Ah! My good younger brother, you…you had an excellent plan!” Ao Shun gritted his teeth in an extremely unsightly expression.

“Royal Brother, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you. I won’t do much to you. Brothers killing each other? Haha! I can’t do that. Furthermore, Royal Father does not want to see that. However, Royal Father does not question anything. There can only be one voice in the dragon race. Nevertheless, all those who tempted you into rebelling have to be punished, just like Liao Ya earlier.

“You want to kill my subordinates?” Ao Shun said furiously while glaring.

“Royal Brother, you were misled by them. This group of traitors needs to die!” Ao Sheng’s voice said in an icy tone.

The scales of the dragons behind Ao Shun immediately stood erect, rage blazing in their eyes, an unwillingness to take this lying down. They appeared ferocious and aggressive, on the verge of attacking.


The dragons who just betrayed Ao Shun roared as though upholding Crown Prince Ao Sheng’s prestige as they glared at the dragons on the other side.

The other side only had three hundred dragons and three hundred sub-dragons remaining. How could they overawe the group above the Soaring Palace Hall? Their aura immediately got suppressed.

At the Soaring Palace Hall’s entrance, Gu Qin showed a faint smile. They had gone from the defensive to the offensive in the blink of an eye.

“Ao Sheng, don’t get cocky. Do you think that these are all the subordinates I have?” Ao Shun said coldly while glaring.

“Royal Brother, you are talking about those dragons who support you in the dragon race, right? Haha! You don’t think that I would come here today without cleaning up the dragon race’s inner circles first, do you?” Ao Sheng’s voice said indifferently.

Ao Shun quivered as he said, “What did you say?”

However, Ao Sheng’s voice said indifferently, “If you don’t believe me, you can try calling out; see if any of your subordinates are among the dragons that came with me. If there is even one, I’ll immediately leave. How about that?”

Ao Shun’s expression changed as he turned his head to look at the surrounding sea region. There were more than ten thousand dragons hidden at the bottom of the sea. There had to be at least one that secretly supported him.

“Uncle Lin! Uncle Lin! Come out!” Ao Shun roared.

The surrounding sea remained calm. Ao Shun’s expression changed.

“Uncle Gen! Uncle Gen! I heard you assembled a team and were just waiting for the right moment to help me restore my regime? You also said that your team already infiltrated the various factions of the dragon race. Come out now. Step out. All those who support me, show yourselves! Hah!” Ao Shun roared while rearing his head to the sky.

Ao Shun’s voice spread to the surrounding sea region, causing the seawater to stir slightly.

However, the surrounding sea region remained quiet. Not a single dragon stood out to support Ao Shun.

The cold reality seemed to strike Ao Shun instantly.

Ao Shun turned ashen as he looked at the Soaring Palace Hall in shock and horror. What happened to those dragons that supported me? Did they turn on me? Did Ao Sheng capture them? Did Ao Sheng kill them?

Despair spread through Ao Shun.

The dragons who had gone over to Ao Sheng’s side immediately let out long breaths, feeling chills. How fortunate! Fortunately, I did not choose the wrong side. Otherwise, it would be terrible. Crown Prince Ao Sheng is too horrifying.

Far away, Sima Changkong smiled bitterly and said, “This second stage is telling a horror story, with every word attacking the mind. It looks like Ao Shun is scared.”


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