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Book 3: Chapter 92: Destroying Chu Chen

The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array exploded, turning into a vast mushroom cloud. Ensnaring Performance, the Foundation Rock Deity, Huangfu Chaoge, the Heptagold Sect Master, Chu Chen, and the others all fell silent.

What happened to the earlier prideful Dugu Qiubai?

That prideful Dugu Qiubai who scared away Ao Shun disappeared?

The ritual array had exploded, kicking up dust. The surroundings turned chaotic.

“Oh no! We were tricked!” The Heptagold Sect Master’s expression suddenly changed.

“What?” Chu Chen’s expression changed.

“Such a large ritual array would require a lot of energy, especially for manifesting Dugu Qiubai; the drain would be even more horrifying for that. They were already a spent force earlier. Had we waited a while, the ritual array would have collapsed on its own,” the Heptagold Sect Master roared furiously as his expression changed.

The Heptagold Sect disciples’ expression changed as they looked in the direction Ao Shun left in.

By now, Ao Shun had already disappeared over the horizon.

Their strongest Heavenly Palace Realm expert had been scared away.

“Huangfu Chaoge, Gu Hai, what a deep scheme!” the Heptagold Sect Master said with a ferocious expression.

“Soldiers of the three cities!” the Heptagold Sect Master said coldly.

“Present!” the surrounding soldiers roared.

“Take them down. Leave not a single one of them alive!” the Heptagold Sect Master ordered coldly.

“Yes!” the city lords answered.

“Ensnaring Performance!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes, Master?” Ensnaring Performance asked, feeling puzzled.

“We can use the ‘Ambush from Ten Sides’ to deal with these one million soldiers. I’ll leave them to you,” Gu Hai said.

“Ah? Yes. That’s great. However, Master, can I add my song? I just composed a war song!” Ensnaring Performance said in anticipation.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Ensnaring Performance in a daze.

Gu Hai’s face twitched slightly as he said, “Sure. However, you are to make sure none of our people hear it.”

“That’s fine. I’ll place a sound barrier on everyone. That will do!” Ensnaring Performance said excitedly.

“Pay attention to safety!” Gu Hai sighed.

“Don’t worry, Master!” Ensnaring Performance answered.

“Mister Huangfu!” Gu Hai looked at Huangfu Chaoge.

Huangfu Chaoge smiled and said, “You already scared Ao Shun away. What more is there to worry about? While these are the Heptagold Sect elites, the ones I brought are the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty’s elites. Leave the Heptagold Sect Master to me.”


The one million soldiers let out war cries and charged over.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ensnaring Performance extended his hands and plucked some zither strings that appeared in the air. He started playing “Ambush from Ten Sides.”

“Heptagold Sect disciples, take down Huangfu Chaoge! Take down Gu Hai!” the Heptagold Sect Master shouted.


“Sect Master, leave Gu Hai to me. I can deal with him. The last time we fought, he was no match for me!” Chu Chen said with a ferocious expression.


A group of Heptagold Sect experts pounced over.

“Soldiers, charge with me!” Huangfu Chaoge shouted.

“Yes!” the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elites shouted and immediately charged forward with Huangfu Chaoge towards the Heptagold Sect Master.


The two experts drew their swords and clashed in the air, sending out two enormous manifested swords.

The Foundation Rock Deity roared and transformed into a three-hundred-meter-tall golem. When it walked, the ground shook. Then, it punched at a Heptagold Sect elder.


Although the Heptagold Sect elder was strong, the Foundation Rock Deity’s might was even more ferocious.

Sword and fist clashed. Then, the Heptagold Sect elder’s manifested sword exploded.


Boom! Blargh!

A stone fist struck that expert’s body, causing that expert to vomit blood.

The Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty soldiers started clashing with the Heptagold Sect experts. Saber lights and sword images flew around, sweeping through the place.

Smoke rose in various places, obstructing visibility. However, the intense battle continued.

As Ensnaring Performance played “Ambush from Ten Sides,” azure-clad music Dao soldiers appeared out of nowhere and charged at the one million soldiers.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

War drums rang out as the two armies fought. Loud shouts thundered.

Gu Hai’s figure flashed as he disappeared into the dust clouds.

“Haha! Division Master Gu, are you still thinking of running?” A sneer suddenly rang out from behind Gu Hai.


A sword thrust towards Gu Hai’s back.

Suddenly, a pair of huge bone wings erupted from Gu Hai’s back. As the wings flapped, he flew into the distance.

“What?” Chu Chen’s expression changed.

Gu Hai instantly rushed into the dust clouds. Chu Chen’s expression turned cold as he gave chase.

Gu Hai held a crimson saber in one hand and a bone saber in the other as he stood amid the dust clouds. Then, he coldly watched Chu Chen chase over.

“Division Master Chu, I have been waiting for you!” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

“Huh?” Chu Chen raised his eyebrow.

“You probably played a part in Long Xiaoyue’s death, right? Long Xiaoyue trusted you, so she let you into Elite Hall. It turned out that you were Duke Lu Yang’s man from the start. There is also my wife, Long Wanqing. As Wanqing’s subordinate, to think that you didn’t take instructions from her. You even used her name to sneak into Love Flower Valley, causing Granny Qing Hua’s death, causing Wanqing to bear an unjust name?” Gu Hai’s eyes appeared cold.

“The winner is king, and the loser is evil. Humph! Gu Hai, you are not a match for me. Our fight is not over. This time, I will chop your head off and bring it to His Majesty for a reward!” Chu Chen shouted as he thrust his sword at Gu Hai.


Hundreds of sword qi instantly arrived before Gu Hai.

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

Gu Hai simply ignored the attack. Instead, a layer of bone armor appeared over his body, blocking all the sword qi.


Gu Hai swung the crimson saber, shooting a crimson light at Chu Chen.

Chu Chen held his sword horizontally, blocking the attack. However, the crimson saber knocked him back.

“Your cultivation increased again? Also, what is this armor on you and those metallic wings?” Chu Chen’s expression changed.


Gu Hai’s figure flashed, instantly approaching as he swung both sabers.


Chu Chen’s sword Dao was very strong, worthy of being called the strongest expert of Elite Hall. Naturally, he possessed extraordinary strength, allowing him to block the attacks.

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

Gu Hai swung his sabers at an increasingly faster speed. Chu Chen could keep up. However, Gu Hai’s sabers contained too strong a momentum, forcing Chu Chen back repeatedly.


Chu Chen roared and thrust his sword again.

This time, Gu Hai did not dodge. Instead, he thrust his bone saber at Chu Chen’s chest.


The bone saber and the sword passed each other. The sword struck Gu Hai’s face, giving off a ringing sound.

“Trying to stab my eyes?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“Nearly. I was very close. You may have armor on your entire body, but I don’t believe that your eyes have armor as well,” Chu Chen said coldly.

When the bone saber and the sword passed each other earlier, Gu Hai cut a wound on Chu Chen’s left arm.

Just as Chu Chen was charging over, black energy surged from the bone saber and instantly covered his left arm.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Countless tiny skulls within the black energy quickly consumed Chu Chen’s flesh.

“What?!” Chu Chen’s expression changed.

“Break!” Chu Chen shouted as he sent surging energy to his left arm. However, the more energy he sent, the more frenzied the black energy became. There was no stopping it.

“A demonic saber? The bone saber is a demonic saber?” Chu Chen’s expression changed.


Chu Chen chopped off his left arm, sending it flying away from his body. The tiny skulls in the black energy immediately consumed the entire arm as it fell. When the black energy scattered, only dry bones remained of the arm.

Chu Chen held his arm stump as he leaned against a cliff and gazed at Gu Hai in horror.

“It’s the bone saber! It’s the bone saber! The armor on your body is bone? The bone saber altered your bones for you?” Chu Chen’s expression changed, as he roughly guessed the situation.

Gu Hai stabbed the bone saber into the ground and looked at Chu Chen coldly, saying, “You guessed right. Unfortunately, it is already too late!”

“What?” Chu Chen looked at Gu Hai, confused.


Suddenly, sharp bones erupted from Chu Chen’s chest, forehead, and dantian.

“What?” Chu Chen showed confused despair in the end.

“Aside from altering my bones, the bone saber can alter other things into bones as well, like the dirt and stone!” Gu Hai said coldly.

Then, Chu Chen noticed the bone saber stabbed into the ground.

The dirt and ground from the bone saber to where Chu Chen stood had turned an eerie white.

Even at his death, Chu Chen’s eyes remained open in disbelief, despair, and rejection.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Surging black energy rushed towards Chu Chen, completely consuming him in the blink of an eye.


The authority token of Elite Hall’s Metal Division Master fell on the ground.

Gu Hai pulled the bone saber out, and all the altered bone on the ground immediately disappeared. There was no evidence of what just happened aside from Chu Chen’s dry bones.

He put away his two sabers and picked up the Metal Division Master’s authority token.

Then, he retracted the bone armor and bone wings before changing his clothes. Finally, he walked out of the churning dust clouds calmly, as though nothing had happened. Except, there was no more Chu Chen.



Huangfu Chaoge suddenly let out a ferocious bellow in the air. Then, the Heptagold Sect Master let out a miserable cry before his head flew off.

Blood covered Huangfu Chaoge, but he still showed a ferocious expression as he swung his sword backhand.


The Heptagold Sect Master’s head exploded.


The remaining blessings in the sky churned and headed for Huangfu Chaoge.

“The sect master died! The sect master died!”

“No! Sect Master!”

“Quickly flee! The sect master died! It’s over! It’s over!”

The remaining Heptagold Sect disciples immediately turned and fled in horror.


The giant Foundation Rock Deity punched, and the Heptagold Sect’s flying ship suddenly exploded.

The remaining Heptagold Sect disciples fled to the north in a fluster, plunging into the forest. Not many survived.

“Don’t chase anymore!” Huangfu Chaoge shouted.

“Yes!” the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty soldiers answered.

“Alright, Ensnaring Performance, you can stop!” Gu Hai called out.

“Ah? What? I only just played ‘Ambush from Ten Sides’ and have not sung yet!” Ensnaring Performance exclaimed.

The zither music stopped, and the enemy army felt flustered and at a loss.

The Heptagold Sect Master died, and the blessings scattered. Should they still fight? What should they do now?

Huangfu Chaoge looked at the anxious enemy army and said, “Everyone, you served the Heptagold Sect loyally, but do you know how the Heptagold Sect treated you? Go to that valley and see for yourself.”

The enemy soldiers showed complicated expressions. The other party stopped fighting, but they still had to keep their guard up. However, some soldiers headed to where Huangfu Chaoge pointed to, the valley where human brains were eaten.

After the soldiers took a look, horror filled them.

“No! Younger Sister! I searched for you for a year to no avail. Why are you here?! Where is your head?! Younger Sister! Younger Sister! No!”

“City Lord! City Lord! This is the madame! We found her! Hurry! Come over! It’s city lord’s madame!”

Lamentations and shocked cries rang out.


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