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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 87.2: Sword Devil (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 87.2: Sword Devil (2)

Finally, some Heptagold Sect disciples could no longer endure.

“Damn it! I’ll fight it out. Bastard! Die!”

A Heptagold Sect disciple suddenly rushed out of the protective ritual array towards Ensnaring Performance while holding up his sword.

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world!”

A Xiang Yu cloud beast suddenly charged over and swung his halberd.


This attack instantly chopped that Heptagold Sect disciple in half.

Even so, Heptagold Sect disciples continuously rushed out, recklessly charging at Ensnaring Performance.

The battle that just stopped started again.

The Heptagold Sect disciples kept attacking. Those that could fly, flew; those that could jump, jumped. Various flying ships and immortal cranes soared up, rushing towards Ensnaring Performance.

The one million cloud beast soldiers countercharged.

A brutal massacre ensued.



Many corpses fell out from the sky. Like before, these Heptagold Sect disciples were no match for the cloud beasts.


When one of the Heptagold Sect disciples crashed to the ground, he said, “I finally no longer have to listen to such a terrible song!” After that, he took his last breath.

In the blink of an eye, another three thousand Heptagold Sect disciples fell.

“It’s over! It’s over! Heptagold Deity, save us! Save us!” The surviving Heptagold Sect disciples ran to a valley.


Suddenly, dazzling golden sword qi shot out from that valley.


When the sword qi soared up, it immediately repulsed the attacking one million cloud beasts.

A voice came from the valley. “Heptagold Sect’s blessings, heed my command. Citizens under the Heptagold Sect, chant ‘Limitless Heptagold!’ Lend me the power to resist the attackers!”


The Heptagold Sect’s blessings suddenly churned. This voice immediately spread to all the Heptagold Sect disciples and the Heptagold Sect’s eighteen cities through the blessings cloud sea.

The citizens of all eighteen of the Heptagold Sect’s cities heard this voice.

Led by the blessings, countless citizens chanted “Limitless Heptagold!”


The citizens immediately felt like their energy was drawn out and sent to the blessings cloud sea.

The energy from the citizens of the eighteen cities continuously gathered in the blessings cloud sea and charged towards the valley where the sword qi came out from.


Infused with surging energy, a strong force erupted; the entire valley trembled.

“Driving the power of one’s nation? A power similar to when you dealt with Ao Shun that day? At that time, you, a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, used the power of your nation to defeat a Heavenly Palace Realm expert?” Gu Hai asked Huangfu Chaoge.

“Yes, that’s right,” Huangfu Chaoge said with an unsightly expression.

“However, shouldn’t the master of a nation or sect be the only one who can use it? The Heptagold Sect Master is currently in the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty.” Gu Hai frowned.

“It’s the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty’s foundational spiritual treasure, something similar to our imperial seal. However, to think that it has sentience? This is going to be problematic.” Huangfu Chaoge’s face sank.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A large creature stalked out of the valley, an old golden tiger. This tiger had a pair of fangs that looked like two large swords. The fur on the tiger’s back was all sword shaped. When it walked, the ground shook.

“A sword-toothed tiger? That metal deity! They refined it into a puppet to defend the Heptagold Sect! No wonder the Heptagold Sect Master dared to come out and attack. He had this sword-toothed tiger to defend the place in case of any problems!” Huangfu Chaoge said as his expression changed dramatically.

“It’s over. This sword-toothed tiger even drove the power of the entire sect. While it cannot compare to Your Majesty, it still possesses the power of a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. I am not a match for it. Gu Hai, can your ritual array block it?” the Foundation Rock Deity said anxiously.


The sword-toothed tiger suddenly roared.


Tornadoes suddenly erupted from the sword-toothed tiger’s body and soared into the sky. These powerful tornadoes were made up of golden sword qi.

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world!”!”

“My three thousand soldiers, chop!”

“Tiger and Leopard Riders, chop!”

“Formation Breaking Battalion, kill!”

One million cloud beasts simultaneously let out battle cries and charged forward.

The tornadoes swept over. Millions upon millions of sword qi charged at the one million cloud beasts.


A loud sound rang out, and one million cloud beasts immediately went flying back. The sword qi managed to repulse the one million cloud beasts.

“Ah! Your Majesty, we can’t hold on for much longer! We can’t hold on for much longer!” the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elites shouted in horror.

“Aaaah! Master! Save me!” Ensnaring Performance fled on his donkey cloud beast in a miserable state.

“sword-toothed tiger! Kill them! Kill them!” the Heptagold Sect disciples suddenly yelled.

The sword-toothed tiger showed a ferocious expression as it roared again.


The tornadoes suddenly exploded.


This instantly shattered the one million cloud beasts.



The Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty elites fell.


Gu Hai operated the ritual array and made clouds appear in the surroundings, catching everyone.

“The might of a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator! This is definitely the might of a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator! It’s over! Are we going to return with no results?” the Foundation Rock Deity said anxiously.

“Again!” Gu Hai shouted coldly.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, clouds churned once more in the ritual array. It looked like the ritual array was going to manifest another cloud beast.

“Mister Gu, is there a point to bringing out those soldier cloud beasts again? This sword-toothed tiger is driving the energy from the entire sect—from one billion eight hundred million citizens. No, even if it isn’t all of the citizens, there are still hundreds of millions of citizens. Your one million cloud beasts lost in one move. What is the point of manifesting more?” the Foundation Rock Deity asked anxiously.

“That tiger may have the energy from hundreds of millions of citizens, but my ritual array is made from two billion superior-grade spirit stones.” Gu Hai snorted coldly before leaping into the distance to where a cloud beast would manifest.


As Gu Hai leaped, that cloud beast grew at a rate visible to the naked eye, turning into a cloud beast that looked like a swordsman.

“Having roamed the world for more than thirty years, I have killed all my foes and defeated all champions. No one in the world is my equal. Without any other choice, I could only retreat and live in seclusion in this deep valley, with only a condor as my companion. Alas, all my life, I have sought a peer but in vain. Unbearable loneliness is my destiny.”

The swordsman cloud beast let out a sorrowful sigh as a clear human figure manifested.

The cloud beast formed an old man in plain clothes. He gave off a proud air that looked down on the world.

When the old man stepped forward, dark clouds suddenly filled the sky, bringing out a suppressive atmosphere. When carefully looking at the clouds, one would discover that they were not clouds but a sea of endless, surging sword qi pressing down like heaven’s might.

Gu Hai stood on the swordsman’s head, simulating the conception of this swordsman.


With every step the swordsman took, the sword qi in the sky condensed further. The surroundings seemed to have a storm of sword qi sweeping around, showing a frantic, destructive might that threatened to destroy the world.

The swordsman’s strong aura spread out, forcing the Heptagold Sect disciples to lower their heads in horror.

“How can this be possible? What monster is this? How can this sword Dao aura be so berserk?”

“It is comparable to the sword-toothed tiger’s sword Dao aura. How can this be? What is this?”

The Heptagold Sect disciples cried out in horror as they looked at the swordsman cloud beast that Gu Hai controlled.

“This is?” Huangfu Chaoge’s expression changed.

“Isn’t this the aura of a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator? This ritual array is that incredible?!” the Foundation Rock Deity exclaimed.

“Of course! That is my master!” Ensnaring Performance said cockily.


Golden sword qi surrounded the sword-toothed tiger, which appeared restless upon meeting a match for itself. It reared its head back and roared, “A surging sword conception sweeping about like a berserk demon. Who are you?”

“I am the Sword Devil, Dugu Qiubai!”

[TL Note: Dugu Qiubai is a fictional character mentioned in Jin Yong’s novels as a legendary character. However, Dugu Qiubai never appeared in the novels, just mentioned in passing. Jin Yong was an extremely popular author of wuxia novels, and his works are considered classics in the genre. Dugu Qiubai’s name means “the loner who seeks defeat” when translated literally. Here is a Wikipedia page on him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugu_Qiubai.]


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