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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 86: City Slaughtering Demons Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 86: City Slaughtering Demons

Heavenly Peace City, Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty:

Heavenly Peace City lay at the border of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty and the Heptagold Sect’s territory, a city of peace.

However, the outskirts of Heavenly Peace City were now in a sorry state. Countless corpses lay sprawled all over the place, presenting a bleak post-battle scene.

Large numbers of golden-armored soldiers stood guard at the conquered city’s entrance.

Chu Chen, the Heptagold Sect Master, and the Heptagold Sect led soldiers into the city, killed their way to the city lord’s official residence, and captured the entire Heavenly Peace City.

The Heptagold Sect Master looked at the countless corpses in the surroundings as he stood on the floating island of the city lord’s official residence. Blood flowed like rivers in this battle; countless people had died.

The Heptagold Sect Master stood in a pool of blood, showing a cold and sinister expression as he watched thick smoke rise from the surroundings.

“Sect Master, we have already completely captured Heavenly Peace City. However, we wasted half a month. We brought fifteen million soldiers, but three million of our soldiers died before we broke through the city gates. Huangfu Chaoge’s citizens and officials are overly loyal to him; they are too protective of him. It was not just the guards fighting back, but all the citizens in the city as well. Three million of our men died, and two million were severely injured. Eight hundred high-ranking military officers, as well as eighteen of our sect’s Nascent Soul Realm elders, died,” a disciple reported with an unsightly expression.

“No wonder Duke Lu Yang found it so difficult to attack them. To think that it is so difficult to attack the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty’s cities?” the Heptagold Sect Master said with an unsightly expression.

At the side, Chu Chen frowned as he said, “Sect Master, Huangfu Chaoge did not even send any reinforcements over the past half month. More importantly, we paid such a price for only one city. What should we do next?”

“Gu Hai is definitely in Foundation Deity City. However, if we want to break into Foundation Deity City, we have to uproot every city of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty so that Huangfu Chaoge will have no blessings to use. We have to capture the cities. Naturally, we have to continue capturing cities!” the Heptagold Sect Master said coldly.

“Emperor Lu Yang already captured nine cities of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty. After the one we just captured, the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty only has fifteen cities. However, our military forces…,” Chu Chen said somewhat worriedly.

The Heptagold Sect Master’s eyes turned cold. “There are some things that are not suitable for Emperor Lu Yang to do. However, there are no problems with us doing them. Once we do this, capturing the cities will be easy. It will also help us to find Gu Hai.”

“Oh?” Chu Chen felt startled.

“Slaughter the city!” the Heptagold Sect Master said coldly.

“What? Slaughter the city?” the surrounding Heptagold Sect disciples suddenly exclaimed.

“That’s right. This Heavenly Peace City? The citizens support the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty, right? When we finish fixing the ritual array in the city, no one can escape. Massacre all of them; show no mercy!” the Heptagold Sect Master said coldly.

“That is close to one hundred million citizens! Sect Master, we cannot do that. There are many innocent people here. Killing one hundred million people goes against virtue and morals!” one of the generals objected, his expression changing.

The Heptagold Sect Master looked at that general coldly and retorted, “Goes against virtue and morals? So what if we do that? General Zhang, you are just a general of one of the cities my sect controls. It is not your place to say anything about the Heptagold Sect’s decision!”

“Ah? But…But…Sect Master wants to massacre the entire city? How many old people, young children, and women are there? They are innocent. Are you going to massacre all of them?” That General Zhang’s expression changed dramatically.

At the side, Chu Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Excellent! Excellent. Sect Master, massacre one city as an example to the other cities. When our army arrives at the other cities, would those cities’ citizens dare to resist? By then, it would be much easier to break into the cities. Furthermore, we can blame Gu Hai for this. We can declare that as long as Huangfu Chaoge hands over Gu Hai, we will retreat. We will massacre the entire city if anyone resists!”

“That’s right. Get the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty’s people to help us find Gu Hai! Kill them all!” one of the elders said, his eyes lighting up as well.

“After massacring one city, it will be much easier to conquer the next city. If there is still resistance, massacre another city as an example to the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty. Who would dare resist then?” another elder chimed in excitedly.

“Inform the entire army. Kill to their heart’s content. After we gather all the wealth in the city, distribute half of the loot to the soldiers as a reward,” the Heptagold Sect Master ordered coldly.

“Yes!” the group of elders said excitedly.

“I know of a mansion with many treasures there!”

“Kill them all, and everything will be ours! Hahaha!”

“I can’t wait!”

“Sect Master is wise!”

The Heptagold Sect disciples called out excitedly.

The earlier General Zhang goggled. “You’re crazy! You’re all crazy! That is one hundred million people who have surrendered. They can no longer resist. You actually support all that? How can the Heptagold Sect be like this? There are the old, the young, and women. You are going to kill them all? Kill all of them?!”

“Huh?” The Heptagold Sect disciples looked at General Zhang coldly.

“Demons! You are all demons! The Heptagold Sect? A nest of demons? I do not want to work for demons like you. Killing innocents, slaughtering one hundred million people, not even letting off the old, the young, and the women? This Zhang quits!” General Zhang immediately tore off his military hat, wanting to walk away.


Suddenly, Chu Chen flashed behind General Zhang and thrust his sword, piercing it through General Zhang’s heart.

“Huh? You…!” General Zhang turned around and gaped at Chu Chen in horror while vomiting blood.

“Humph! You overestimate yourself!” Chu Chen sneered.


Chu Chen’s sword trembled intensely, and a large amount of sword qi shredded General Zhang’s body.

“Demons! All the people of the Heptagold Sect are demons…” General Zhang closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

General Zhang died.

The Heptagold Sect’s plan to massacre everyone started. When the ritual array in the city activated, no one could escape. The Heptagold Sect used the ritual array and slaughtered the entire city.

Rivers of blood formed in Heavenly Peace City. Corpses lay messily everywhere, and chaos broke out.

“No, no! My son! Don’t kill my son! Ah! I’ll fight you to the death!”

“Mother! Don’t kill my mother!”

“My daughter! My daughter! You beasts! After raping her, you even killed her! I’ll fight you to the death!”

“Heavens! Heavenly Peace City has always treated people with kindness. How did it turn into this hell today?! Argh!”

“Demons! You bunch of demons!”

Thick smoke rose as the soldiers massacred everyone.

The citizens could not resist; the vast army killed the citizens with everything they had. Blood flowed everywhere, creating this hell in the mortal realm.


“This is mine! Great treasure!”

“This is a storage treasure! I want it!”

“Pretty woman, you can’t run! Hahahaha!”

It seemed like hell in the mortal realm for one side, but it was like paradise for the Heptagold Sect disciples as they excitedly plundered the place.

Thick smoke hung in the air. After ten days of killing, the entire Heavenly Peace City turned into a ghost city.

The news seemed to grow wings, quickly spreading to the various cities of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty.

The Heptagold Sect had killed one hundred million people, leaving no one alive. This bloody news shocked everyone in the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty.

“How could it be like that? Those demons! My third uncle is in Heavenly Peace City!”

“My son is in Heavenly Peace City too!”

“My wife! My daughter! They are in Heavenly Peace City! No!”

Miserable cries rang out all over the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty.

As for the so-called excuse for the attack, the Heptagold Sect’s search for Gu Hai, the citizens only remembered it, but they did not show any fear. Instead, boundless hatred for the Heptagold Sect grew in the hearts of the citizens of the various cities.

After massacring the entire Heavenly Peace City, the Heptagold Sect’s army marched on, heading for the next city, Azure Foundation City.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

The war drums rang out. The attack on the city started.

“Sect Master, something’s not right. This Azure Foundation City does not seem frightened. Instead, even more citizens seem to have joined the defense of the city?” Chu Chen’s face sank.

“It’s fine. Break into the city. After that, everything will be fine. Are they still holding on to hope? Humph! There is no hope!” the Heptagold Sect Master sneered.

However, the Heptagold Sect failed to break into Azure Foundation City even after ten days.

Chu Chen frowned and said, “Sect Master, the frontlines sent news. The various cities of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty took the initiative to organize reinforcements for Azure Foundation City. Furthermore, countless citizens are participating. They are coming from all directions to surround us. They will arrive in at most a month.”

“One month is enough. By then, we will have broken into Azure Foundation City. Humph! They are just a scattered bunch. After we break into Azure Foundation City, slaughter everyone. Let’s see who else will have the courage to come!” the Heptagold Sect Master said.


“Is there any word from Huangfu Chaoge?” the Heptagold Sect Master asked, feeling puzzled.

“There’s none. It’s extremely strange. Huangfu Chaoge did not issue any orders during this time. He should be aware of us slaughtering the city. However, he did not respond. Could he be afraid?” Chu Chen sneered.

The Heptagold Sect Master narrowed his eyes slightly. “Continue spreading the message. For every day that they don’t surrender Gu Hai, we will continue to attack for another day!”


Heptagold Sect’s headquarters:

One hundred thousand mountains surrounded the Heptagold Sect’s headquarters with three subordinate cities outside.

In a building within a manor in one of these three cities:


Huangfu Chaoge smashed a chair.

“Heptagold Sect Master, you old coward! How dare you slaughter my Heavenly Peace City?!” Huangfu Chaoge snarled, grief and indignation filling his face.

At the side, the Foundation Rock Deity lowered his head and sighed, “Slaughtering the city? That is an immoral act. To think that they really dared to do it.”

“Mister Gu, when will your ritual array be ready? I want to slaughter the entire Heptagold Sect, not leaving anyone alive!” Huangfu Chaoge looked at Gu Hai with rage on his face.

Gu Hai looked at the distant one hundred thousand mountains and said, “It’s ready. Your national treasury has such a vast store of spirit stones. While it cannot break the Heptagold Sect’s protective ritual array, it is enough to disable it. Since you are ready, let’s begin.”

Gu Hai extended his hand and raised a red flag.

Far in the distance, a trusted aide of Huangfu Chaoge saw Gu Hai raise the flag and knew that it was time to activate the ritual array.


Suddenly, white fog surged into the sky at a corner of the one hundred thousand mountains. The white fog seemed to form a humongous dragon as it soared up.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as the people in the surroundings felt curious about it, banks of white fog soared into the sky in various places around the one hundred thousand mountains. What looked like a large cage now enclosed the one hundred thousand mountains.

“What is that?” The citizens in the outlying cities stared at the sky in shock.

They saw the banks of white fog soaring up and converging at the point in the sky.


All the clouds immediately entered the large cage, clearing out the sky. The cage contained everything, including the one hundred thousand mountains and the blessings cloud sea in the sky.

Gasp! “Is this a ritual array? What ritual array is this? It is so vast, covering the Heptagold Sect’s entire headquarters?” countless citizens exclaimed.

There were still many disciples guarding the Heptagold Sect. They also goggled when they suddenly saw the white fog covering the place.

“How bold! Who dares to come to the Heptagold Sect and cause trouble?” A Heptagold Sect expert soared into the sky, looking coldly at the fog while holding a golden sword.

However, the fog churned near that expert, manifesting a cloud person. Then, a shout rang out as thousands of cloud people appeared and swung their swords at this Heptagold Sect expert.

“Heaven never lets down those who work hard. Even with a small army of three thousand, one can take victory!”

[TL Note: This line is from a poem inspired by a few historical people in Chinese history. This line is more literally translated as “Heaven never lets down those who work hard. Even with three thousand soldiers, one can destroy the Wu Nation.” I altered the line a little to have the meaning fit better. King Goujian of the Yue Nation inspired this line. Here is a Wikipedia entry on him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goujian.]


When three thousand cloud swords swung down, a rain of swords flew at that expert!

“Showing off with the sword in my Heptagold Sect? I stripped off the flesh of the last person that challenged us and tortured him until he died! Humph!” the Heptagold Sect expert shouted. Then, he swung his sword, and golden sword qi filled the air.

“I am Goujian! My three thousand soldiers, attack!”

A cloud beast general manifested in the clouds. With a command, he led the three thousand soldiers in swinging their swords.

The three thousand soldiers and that expert’s sword qi clashed.


That expert’s sword qi exploded, and the three thousand soldiers landed their attacks on him.


That Heptagold Sect expert instantly exploded.


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