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Book 3: Chapter 67: Who Is the Father?

Who was Long Wanqing’s father?

Although the Unborn Man’s hood covered his face, everyone could sense a sharp look focused on the weakened Venerable Liu Nian.

Long Wanqing and Mu Chenfeng continued supporting Venerable Liu Nian. However, they both also showed curious expressions. Long Wanqing had always wanted to know who her father was. Mu Chenfeng also once pursued Long Xiaoyue. Naturally, he wanted to know who had gained the heart of his dream woman.

Even Duke Lu Yang appeared curious.

Everyone looked at the weakened Venerable Liu Nian. Right now, only he knew who Long Wanqing’s father was.

Venerable Liu Nian stared at the Unborn Man for a while before revealing a cold smile. “Oh, Unborn Man. We have already known each other for many years. You should know my character. Ha! You have already asked me this question three times. You broke the Thorny Ritual Array earlier, right?”

The Unborn Man stared at Venerable Liu Nian.

“You should know what Love Flower Valley meant to Long Xiaoyue. If Long Xiaoyue knew you single-handedly destroyed the Xiaoyue Secondary Residence… Haha! That’s right; you don’t care about what she thinks at all!” Venerable Liu Nian smiled bitterly.

“I’ll ask again, who is Long Wanqing’s father?” the Unborn Man demanded coldly.

“Ha! Hahahaha! Unborn Man, I am not like you. I will always accomplish what I promised Long Xiaoyue. Long Wanqing’s father? You are not worthy of knowing. I will not tell you, either. Hahahahaha!” Venerable Liu Nian sneered.

“Humph!” the Unborn Man snorted coldly.

Then, the Unborn Man extended his hand, and a beam of golden light shot out of his fingertip.


The golden beam immediately knocked Venerable Liu Nian into the air and left a bleeding hole in his chest.

“Liu Nian, do you think that I don’t dare to kill you?” the Unborn Man said coldly.


Venerable Liu Nian crashed on the ground, vomiting blood. However, he guffawed, “Hahahahahahahaha!”

The Unborn Man gave off an increasingly intenser murderous air.

“No! Don’t kill the venerable!” Long Wanqing immediately shielded Venerable Liu Nian.

“Hall Master, don’t come over. He has gone mad. Don’t bother with me!” Venerable Liu Nian exclaimed.


The Unborn Man waved, and a cold wind appeared out of nowhere, instantly sending Long Wanqing flying.


Long Wanqing’s expression changed. She could not even bring out her energy with the cold wind blowing at her.


Gu Hai immediately leaped up and caught Long Wanqing. However, the cold wind poured into his body.


The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal in Gu Hai’s forehead space trembled, immediately forcing out the cold wind.

Carrying Long Wanqing, Gu Hai landed. He looked at the Unborn Man coldly and asked, “Unborn Man? Do you really care about Long Xiaoyue? After Long Xiaoyue died, you continued hiding in the Innate Puzzle World for so long. If not for Long Wanqing sending me to search for you, would you have known about it? Now that you came out, you used your strength to act unreasonably and tyrannically, abusing and humiliating Long Xiaoyue’s daughter? How capable of you! What care for Long Xiaoyue?!”

“Humph!” the Unborn Man snorted coldly.

“My father… Sob! Sob! Sob! My mother spoke about my father before. When I was young, I asked her. I remembered what she said all this while!” Long Wanqing sobbed, burying her head in Gu Hai’s chest.

“My mother said my father was a matchless hero; no one in the world could get in his way. He had to go to a distant place for some reason. However, she said he would come back one day. If anyone dared to bully the three of us, my father would take revenge for us. No matter who it was, my father would protect us and not let us suffer!” Long Wanqing said while crying.

“A matchless hero? No one in the world could get in his way? Humph!” the Unborn Man snorted coldly.

“However, my father never came back. He never protected my mother. Why did he not come back even after my mother died? When my younger sister and I got bullied, he did not return. I don’t want to search for my father anymore. No more!” Long Wanqing cried while in Gu Hai’s embrace.

Not far away, Venerable Liu Nian’s eyes turned red. He showed a bitter expression, wanting to console Long Wanqing. He seemed to want to say something, but he stopped himself several times.

“Humph!” the Unborn Man snorted coldly.

At this moment, the Unborn Man’s anger seemed to have eased significantly. He stopped asking and slowly moved to the side, even ignoring Venerable Liu Nian.

Mu Chenfeng supported the severely injured Venerable Liu Nian as they moved to the side.

Duke Lu Yang stared at Long Wanqing for a while before revealing a thin, cold smile. “A matchless hero? No one in the world could get in his way? What bold claims! What a laughable lie!”

“Lass, don’t cry. Your father will definitely return. Your mother never lied!” the nearby Granny Qing Hua consoled.

Duke Lu Yang turned his head to Granny Qing Hua.

Ao Shun had crippled Granny Qing Hua earlier. Now, she was severely injured and just waiting for death. Furthermore, Chu Chen stepped on her now, preventing her from moving.

“Granny, Wanqing is incapable, unable to rescue you.” Long Wanqing let go of Gu Hai and looked at Granny Qing Hua with bloodshot eyes.

“That is enough. How many can survive the ten-thousand-year calamity? It is already enough that we did not go extinct. Although these fellows got crippled and lost their cultivations, it is sufficient that they survived. I am already satisfied,” Granny Qing Hua said weakly.

Chu Chen pressed his foot down harder.

Blargh! Granny Qing Hua vomited another mouthful of blood, unable to continue speaking with Long Wanqing.

“Chu Chen…you…you…how dare you!” Long Wanqing shouted with a glare.

Chu Chen looked at Long Wanqing indifferently. Then, he turned his head to look at Duke Lu Yang. “Duke, this Granny Qing Hua is about to die. Earlier, she used Divine Energy, but Crown Prince Ao Shun broke that attack. However, she still does possess some Divine Energy. I ask that Duke bestow her on me. I want to extract her Divine Energy!”

“Chu Chen, you dare?!” Long Wanqing bellowed while glaring.

“Long Wanqing, don’t you know whether I dare to or not by now?” Chu Chen sneered.

“It is all my fault. Cough! Cough! Division Master Gu, it is all my fault. You already reminded me that Chu Chen was a spy, yet I let my guard down around him because of our old friendship. I never expected that he would betray Elite Hall so thoroughly. Cough! Cough! Cough!” Venerable Liu Nian said bitterly.

“Oh? Mister Gu already discovered that Chu Chen was my man long ago?” Duke Lu Yang looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai nodded and said, “Chu Chen? He has a golden sword. Over the past few days, I noticed him tapping on the sword frequently. If it were just once or twice, I might have overlooked it. However, he did it every day.”

“You guessed it was me with just that?” Chu Chen looked at Gu Hai in shock.

Then, Chu Chen took out his golden sword and gently tapped it.


The golden sword trembled. Then, a golden beam of light shot over from a distance and instantly arrived before Chu Chen.


Chu Chen extended his hand and caught a smaller golden sword.

“A mother-son sword pair? A mother-son sword pair? The Thorny Ritual Array has a sound barrier, so information cannot leak. Before you entered the Thorny Ritual Array that day, you left the son sword outside the ritual array? When you tapped the mother sword, the son sword would tremble as well. Different intensities of the trembling would indicate different information?” Venerable Liu Nian’s expression changed as he looked at Army Breaker.

Army Breaker smiled coldly as though confirming Venerable Liu Nian’s guess.

“So, it turns out that aside from Army Breaker and Ensnaring Performance, Division Master Chu also possesses extraordinary hearing. No one could have expected that you heard Granny Qing Hua’s suggestion of calling Huangfu Chaoge over,” Gu Hai said with a slightly sullen expression.

“Humph!” Chu Chen snorted coldly.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! One can keep one’s guard up day and night, but it is hard to guard against a thief in the family. Ha! Lass, do be careful. This Chu Chen is nothing good. Hahahaha!” Granny Qing Hua laughed bitterly.

“Humph!” Chu Chen snorted coldly and thrust his sword at Granny Qing Hua.

“I know where Huangfu Chaoge is!” Granny Qing Hua suddenly said.


Chu Chen’s sword stopped at Granny Qing Hua’s forehead.

“You know?” Chu Chen said coldly.

“That’s right. I know. I know where he went. Hahaha! I know it well!” Granny Qing Hua said with ferocious laughter.

“Say it quickly!” Chu Chen said coldly.

“Let go of me. Let go of me first!” Granny Qing Hua countered coldly.

Chu Chen stared at Granny Qing Hua for a while. However, Granny Qing Hua was already greatly weakened. She could not retaliate or resist.

“Humph!” Chu Chen lifted his foot, releasing Granny Qing Hua.

Granny Qing Hua slowly got to her feet. She was already very weak and looked like she could fall over at any moment.

Granny Qing Hua dusted herself off and looked at Gu Hai.

Suddenly, Granny Qing Hua bowed to Gu Hai and said, “Mister Gu, many thanks. Many thanks for saving my juniors!”

More than two thousand-odd captured love flower treants in the surroundings started crying with bloodshot eyes.

“Unfortunately, all their cultivations were crippled!” Gu Hai sighed.

Granny Qing Hua took another two steps forward and shook her head. “That’s fine. It’s enough that they survived. Many races ended up going extinct during their ten-thousand-year calamity. It is already sufficient to have survivors. Haha! It is already sufficient. Many thanks! Many thanks!”

After speaking, Granny Qing Hua took two steps forward. Then, she looked at the love flower treants and said, “Listen up. From today on, all you love flowers, listen to Gu Hai. Anyone who doesn’t is an enemy of our entire race. The enemy of our entire race!”

“Granny!” the love flower treants cried as they looked at Granny Qing Hua.

“Only Gu Hai can save you. Did you hear what I said? Did you hear it?” Granny Qing Hua barked, her voice sounding like it ripped up her throat.

“Yes! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” the love flower treants cried.

Granny Qing Hua had already walked over to Gu Hai and showed a faint smile. “Mister Gu, I can see that you have reached the Golden Core Realm’s third stage?”

“Yes. I opened my kidney aperture.” Gu Hai nodded.

“The kidney aperture is good. The kidney aperture is good. I’ll leave these love flowers to you. Please take care of them.” Granny Qing Hua smiled faintly.

“Don’t worry.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Since you mentioned opening the kidney aperture, that means you have not opened the liver aperture yet. The liver is wood attributed. I have a ten-thousand-year-old deity that has been through one calamity. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use it. I also cannot protect it. I might as well use it to open an aperture for you.” Granny Qing Hua smiled as she extended her hand to Gu Hai’s abdomen and patted him where his liver was.

“No! You bastard!” Chu Chen, who was nearby, suddenly reacted, glaring.


Suddenly, a lush green light appeared in Granny Qing Hua’s palm and rushed into Gu Hai’s body.

The lush green light was bright, instantly illuminating the entire place.

“A wood deity?” This startled Long Wanqing.

“That is mine, you bastard!” Chu Chen thrust his sword at Granny Qing Hua in his rage.

“Don’t you dare even think about it!” Mu Chenfeng extended his hand while glaring. Then, many roots charged over.


Chu Chen’s sword light was too powerful, instantly chopping apart the roots and sending Mu Chenfeng flying back; Mu Chenfeng was simply no match for him.

Just at this moment, Granny Qing Hua turned her head and looked at Chu Chen. She revealed a faint smile and said, “It’s too late. Hahahahaha! It’s all too late!”

Chu Chen’s expression changed. He saw Gu Hai’s body shining with a lush green light. Granny Qing Hua had already infused the love flower treant deity into Gu Hai’s body.

“You bastard! That is mine! No one else can snatch it away!” Chu Chen raised his sword to swing it at Gu Hai.

“How audacious!” Duke Lu Yang snorted coldly.


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