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Book 3: Chapter 47: Imminent Peril

Outside Silver Moon Island:

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of loud sounds rang out. A foggy ritual array covered Silver Moon Island, and many cultivators pounded on the ritual array.

“You bastards! Yun Mo, you are all crazy! Quickly release my clan’s young master!”

“Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples, listen up! If you dare to harm my master, just wait to be destroyed!”

“Open the ritual array! Open the ritual array! Release my martial uncle!”

The cultivators attacking the ritual arrays showed ferocious expressions, appearing extremely anxious.

Many of the six hundred who received invitations to the zither bestowal event were famous people of status. Although they attended the zither bestowal event alone, their servants and disciples waited outside Silver Moon Island.

Initially, everything had proceeded normally, everyone relying on their capabilities to win Ensnaring Performance. Who could have expected the Silver Moon Mountain Manor to scheme against them?

The Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s reputation had lasted for many years. It had never done such a thing before. Who could have kept their guard up against this?

The various cultivators did their best to break the ritual array. However, how could it be broken so easily? Everyone cursed at the Silver Moon Mountain Manor in anxiety.

In a grassy plaza on Silver Moon Island:

The Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples stood around the plaza with determination in their eyes.

Right now, Ensnaring Performance’s artistic conception’s zither strings bound six hundred-odd zitherists on the grassy plaza. These cultivators all glared at Yun Mo, who was controlling Ensnaring Performance’s body.

“Yun Mo, don’t do it. I beg you, don’t do it!” the manor lord pleaded bitterly.

“Manor Lord, you once taught me that one can face all difficulties when one is alive. However, one would have nothing after one died. Manor Lord, you had saved most of the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples. Manor Lord also raised Yun Mo. We cannot just watch as you die. Even if everyone in the world curses us, we have to do our best for you. Manor Lord, you are at the end of your lifespan. Please forgive Yun Mo for being presumptuous,” Yun Mo said with a determined expression.


Ensnaring Performance’s body strummed the strings in the air.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

When the strings vibrated, the manor lord’s body suddenly slumped over. However, a white clump of light appeared on the surface of the manor lord’s body. Three figures were vaguely visible in the light.

“Three spiritual souls?” The nearby Shangguan Hen’s expression changed.

“Separation of the three spiritual souls? Yun Mo took out the manor lord’s three spiritual souls? Is he trying to switch the manor lord’s body?” Venerable Liu Nian’s expression changed.

Yun Mo turned his head and looked at everyone in the plaza.

“Manor Lord, there are six hundred-odd bodies here. There will be one that is suitable for you,” Yun Mo said with a determined expression.

When Yun Mo’s gaze landed on Lu An, Lu An immediately shouted in horror, “How dare you?! How dare you?! If you dare, my grandfather will destroy your Silver Moon Mountain Manor. If you dare do anything to me, none of you will have a good fate!”

Yun Mo looked at Lu An with indifference and smiled coldly. “I can even abandon the Silver Moon Mountain Manor to keep the manor lord alive. After today, there will be no more Silver Moon Mountain Manor in this world. Your grandfather will seek us out for revenge? He won’t even know where we are!”

“Ah?!” Lu An’s expression changed.

“However, don’t worry. Young Master An, your music Dao is too weak. Unless left without a choice, I will not choose you.” Disdain appeared in Yun Mo’s eyes.

Lu An: “…”

Upon seeing Yun Mo’s expression of disdain, Lu An did not know whether to be angry or happy.

Yun Mo looked at the various zitherists one by one.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on Sima Changkong.

“Huh?” Sima Changkong raised his eyebrows.

“Mister Sima, the manor lord once told me that of all the zitherists here, three stand out as the strongest. They are Gu Hai, Mister Sima, and Fairy Waner. Since Gu Hai left the Silver Moon Sea and Ensnaring Performance’s artistic conception control range is limited, he managed to escape. Fairy Waner is a woman. In that case, we can only start with you,” Yun Mo said seriously.

A group of Sima Changkong’s subordinates among the zitherists started shouting.

“How bold of you! Do you know who Lord Sima is?”

“You bastard! Yun Mo, how dare you harm an official of the heavenly court?”

[TL Note: The heavenly court is the heavenly dynasty’s version of the royal/imperial court.]

“Milord is—”

“I know who Sima Changkong is!” Yun Mo suddenly said coldly.

This declaration took everyone’s breath away.

“Sima Changkong, the leader of the Sima Clan’s next generation? Here on a decree for an investigation? I know. I know it all!” Yun Mo smiled coldly.

“Despite knowing, you still want to snatch my body?” Sima Changkong looked at Yun Mo coldly.

“Lord Sima, you can see me as a madman. I have already gone crazy and cannot be bothered anymore. Sorry for the offense,” Yun Mo said coldly.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

The zither music rushed at Sima Changkong.


Sima Changkong suddenly trembled, and his mind buzzed.


The manor lord’s three spirit souls suddenly came out and charged into Sima Changkong’s body like they wanted to possess it.

“Argh! Argh! Argh!” Sima Changkong’s body twitched rapidly.

All the zitherists revealed horrified expressions of despair at this scene.

“Milord!” Sima Changkong’s subordinates cried out.

However, everyone was bound; they could not move. This was also because everyone had been greedy. When they were first bound, they had not struggled free of that artistic conception. Now that a few days had passed, Ensnaring Performance’s artistic conception had already reached the essence of their souls. They simply could not struggle free.

Sima Changkong foamed at the mouth, and his eyes rolled around wildly.


Sima Changkong’s three spiritual souls shook slightly as if they would be squeezed out.

However, the manor lord’s three spiritual souls attempted to deposit themselves in Sima Changkong’s body a few times but failed.

“If this continues, even if Sima Changkong manages to survive this, his three spiritual souls will be injured,” the nearby Venerable Liu Nian said with an unsightly expression.

However, no one could do anything.

The zither music continued attacking Sima Changkong’s three spiritual souls. After a while, his three spiritual souls were dazed. However, there seemed to be a force pulling on his three spiritual souls, preventing them from leaving his body.

“Huh? You have a soul-protecting enchanted treasure?” Yun Mo’s expression changed.

“Young Manor Lord, we cannot continue to try and seize his body. Otherwise, the manor lord’s three spiritual souls will get injured as well,” one of the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples said.

Yun Mo nodded.



The manor lord’s three spiritual souls immediately flew out, and Sima Changkong’s three spiritual souls quickly returned to where they belonged.


Sima Changkong fell to the ground. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yun Mo. At this moment, he seemed completely drained of strength. His body continued twitching as though his mind had been injured.


The surrounding zitherists inhaled sharply.

“The Silver Moon Mountain Manor is going against the natural order; the heavens will not tolerate you!” the zitherists shouted.

Yun Mo ignored the zitherists. Instead, he turned his head and looked at Fairy Waner.

“What are you looking at me for? I’m a woman!” Fairy Waner exclaimed.

While Sima Changkong had a soul-protecting enchanted treasure, Fairy Waner did not.

“So be it, a woman it is. In the future, after the manor lord comes to accept this, we can search for another body,” Yun Mo said.

“No! No! Don’t you know who my master is? Back then, even the manor lord lost to my master in the music Dao. My master told me to goe to the north to seek out the manor lord to train myself. The manor lord knows my master. How dare you?! How dare you?! My master will not let any of you off!” Fairy Waner exclaimed.

Ding ding ding ding!

The zither music already started ringing out.

An artistic conception rushed out, charging at Fairy Waner.


It felt like a heavy hammer struck Fairy Waner’s head.

“Master, save me! Save me! Master!” Fairy Waner suddenly cried out.

Fairy Waner’s pride had long been shattered. She was now like a little child, calling out pitifully.

Silver Moon Island was like hell, with the Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciples inside like demons torturing the zitherists. The countless cultivators outside attacked the ritual array, unable to get in.

“Master! Someone! Please, save me! Ah! Ah!” Fairy Waner cried as she shouted.

The manor lord’s three spiritual souls were already in front of Fairy Waner. It looked like her body would soon be seized.


Just at this moment, an earth-shaking sound rang out. Silver Moon Island’s ritual array shattered, which shook Silver Moon Island.

“What?” Yun Mo’s expression changed as he looked at the sky.

Silver Moon Island’s ritual array was in no way inferior to the barrier sealing the Silver Moon Sea. Even a peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator could not break it. How could it break?


Countless bronze statues fell from the sky, rushing all over the island.

All the mountains on the island instantly crumbled.

One million bronze statues crashed into many places, leaving large craters.

“It’s Gu Hai!” Long Wanqing’s face suddenly lit up in joy.

Gu Hai instantly arrived at Ensnaring Performance’s body, which was in front of Yun Mo.

“What? Stop him!” Yun Mo suddenly exclaimed.



Gu Hai’s right hand landed on Ensnaring Performance’s head. Then, Ensnaring Performance’s soul instantly entered the head.

“Master Gu?!” the surrounding zitherists exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

“Many thanks, Master Gu! Many thanks, Master Gu!”

The countless cultivators attacking the ritual array from outside immediately felt grateful. Just an instant earlier, all the cultivators had despaired, as there was simply no way to break this ritual array.

Just when they felt despair, Gu Hai rushed over.

When Gu Hai shot over from the horizon and saw Silver Moon Island’s ritual array, he paused for merely a moment to wait for the bronze statues behind to catch up. Then, he suddenly accelerated again, leading the one million bronze statues to crash into the ritual array.


Even Silver Moon City’s city gate tower had been crushed without any suspense; what more the ritual array of this island?

Crashing into the ritual array damaged the flying ship significantly; it could no longer continue flying.

However, Gu Hai did not care about that. It would be fine as long as he could merge Ensnaring Performance’s soul and body.

Gu Hai immediately charged to the center of the plaza, bursting forth with unprecedented strength. No one could stop him in time, hence his success.


Ensnaring Performance trembled and stopped what he was doing.

“What?! You bastard! Hurry up, just a little more! Just a little more!” Yun Mo exclaimed as he tried to control Ensnaring Performance.

However, now that Ensnaring Performance’s soul had returned, how could Yun Mo continue controlling him? Maintaining the status quo was already the limit.

The zither music attacking Fairy Waner’s mind stopped immediately, and the manor lord’s three spiritual souls hovered in front of her.

How dangerous! Just a little more, and they would have entered and seized my body?

The tears on Fairy Waner’s beautiful, tear-stained face stopped falling as she felt a great impact on her heart. She felt celebratory and grateful as she turned to look. However, her mind went blank upon seeing that it was Gu Hai who stopped this.

“Gu Hai?” Fairy Waner froze.

Why is it this fraud?


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