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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 46: Mu Chenfeng’s Transformation Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 46: Mu Chenfeng’s Transformation

At the east city gate tower of Silver Moon City:

“Look! Quick, look! What is that?”

“A bronze statue army? One million of them?”

“Are they attacking the city?”

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Panicked voices immediately rang out in the eastern sector of Silver Moon City.

“Hurry! Close the city gates! Close the city gates! Activate the defensive ritual arrays!”


The city gates immediately closed. Then, ritual arrays covered the entire Silver Moon City, even the walls and sky.

“Let us in! We have not entered yet!” the ordinary citizens outside the city shouted.

However, the ferocious army in the distance left behind cloud rings with their sonic booms, horrifying the guards.

No matter the situation, protecting the city took priority.

Hence, the soldiers closed the gates first before investigating further.

“What is that? The hall master’s White Cloud flying ship?” Mu Chenfeng said in shock from the city gate tower.

It was Gu Hai making a mad dash to the city on the flying ship. One million bronze statues chased him from behind. It looked like he was leading a large army to attack the city.

“Isn’t that Master Gu?” Someone immediately recognized Gu Hai.

“Hurry! Open the gate!” Gu Hai shouted.

As Gu Hai roared, the flying ship suddenly turned to the side. The one million bronze statues immediately followed in changing directions, continuing to chase Gu Hai.

“They are not attacking the city? That scared me!”

“That group of bronze monsters is chasing Master Gu?”

“How did Master Gu offend that group of monsters?”

The surrounding people released their bated breath.

“Hurry! Open the city gate. Let Gu Hai in!” Mu Chenfeng immediately cried out.

“That’s right. Let Master Gu in. The city has ritual arrays to defend against these bronze monsters!” Many people nodded in agreement.

“No way. What if those bronze monsters enter and destroy the city?” the guard captain said.

“Just because those monsters did not attack the city earlier does not mean that they will not later. Opening the city gate would put the people in the city in danger,” another guard captain said.

“However, Gu Hai is in danger!” Mu Chenfeng shouted, scowling.

“Given the speed of that group of monsters, they clearly possess the strength of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. There are one million of them. If they enter the city, they can level the entire Silver Moon City!” the first guard captain shouted.

The surrounding people frowned, but they no longer spoke up for Gu Hai.

“You bastards, that is Elite Hall’s Water Division Master. Open the city gate!” Leading a group of Elite Hall disciples, Mu Chenfeng charged to the city gate.

“Stop them!”

“Stop us? Have you forgotten who helped you regain your five senses when you lost them? If not for Division Master Gu, you would all be blind and deaf!” Mu Chenfeng roared.

The soldiers that went forward to block Mu Chenfeng frowned.

“My Elite Hall will take responsibility for any problems! Open the gate!” Mu Chenfeng rushed to the city gate.

“Stop him! Stop him!” the guard captain that shouted earlier roared.


Mu Chenfeng flung out his hand, and hundreds of vines shot out of his sleeves and struck the guards that charged over.

“Argh!” The vines knocked a large number of soldiers away.

“Open the gate!” Mu Chenfeng called out.

“Yes!” the Elite Hall disciples answered.


The east city gate immediately started opening.

Gu Hai led the bronze statues around in a circle when he saw the city gate opening in the distance.



Gu Hai charged through the city gate on the flying ship.

“Close the gate! Hurry! Close the gate!” the guard captain on the city gate tower exclaimed.

The bronze statues charged over like a meteor shower.


Everyone quickly closed the city gate, which shut with a loud sound.


The ritual arrays encased the surroundings again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A densely packed group of bronze statues came crashing into the ritual arrays, shaking the east city gate tower violently.

As the meteor-like bronze statues rained down, the situation looked very dangerous.

“Division Master Gu, what’s going on? Are the hall master and the others fine?” Mu Chenfeng asked worriedly.

Gu Hai looked at Mu Chenfeng. He had seen Mu Chenfeng arguing with the guards on the city gate tower. As the ones opening and closing the city gate were Elite Hall disciples, he guessed that Mu Chenfeng had opened the gate.

“Division Master Mu, many thanks,” Gu Hai said gratefully.

Although Gu Hai did not have a good impression of Mu Chenfeng, he genuinely felt grateful to Mu Chenfeng. After all, the flying ship would not have lasted much longer.

“What about the hall master and the others?” Mu Chenfeng asked worriedly.

“They are fine!” Gu Hai smiled.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, one million bronze statues gathered at the east city gate tower, pounding away intensely at the city gate.

Nascent Soul Realm cultivators could not break open the city gate. However, this was not one Nascent Soul Realm cultivator but one million peak Nascent Soul Realm bronze statues.


The bronze statues densely packed the surroundings. Working together, they heavily struck the east city gate tower and the walls.

With each heavy strike, the ritual arrays covering the entire Silver Moon City shuddered.

Boom! Boom!

The entire Silver Moon City shook. Close to one hundred million people came out of their houses in horror as they looked to the east, where loud rumbling emitted. The ritual array in the sky shook, looking like it would shatter at any time.

“What’s going on? What’s happening?” countless people cried out in fear.

“It can’t last much longer. Cracks are appearing in the east city gate’s ritual array. The defensive ritual arrays are going to break!”

“The cracks are getting larger! What should we do? What are these monsters?!”

Countless soldiers shouted in horror.

Gu Hai did not waste time speaking with Mu Chenfeng. Instead, he took out a large number of spirit stones and handed them to Mu Chenfeng. “Hurry! Help me refill the flying ship’s spirit stones and repair the ritual arrays.”


Mu Chenfeng led his men onto the flying ship and replenished the superior-grade spirit stones in the flying ship as quickly as he could.

Gu Hai brought Ensnaring Performance’s soul into a large palace hall on the flying ship.

Then, Gu Hai squeezed out a drop of blood and fused it into Ensnaring Performance’s soul.

“What are you doing? No, don’t! This is a blood contract! It’s over! It’s over! Why did the person who created me leave a blood contract in me? Milord, please don’t initiate the blood contract, alright?” Ensnaring Performance’s soul looked at Gu Hai with hope.

“Either I let you go now, or I refine you,” Gu Hai said.

“Don’t, don’t! If you let me go, I will be a goner. However, if you refine me, I will be a goner as well.” Ensnaring Performance’s soul looked at Gu Hai, appearing pitiful.

Gu Hai looked at the yellow fairy coldly.

“How about you infuse your blood and just form a normal contract? Don’t wipe out my consciousness, alright? I like myself as I am. I don’t want to become another person,” Ensnaring Performance’s soul said bitterly.

“I can even wipe out your consciousness and remold you? Had you not said it, I would not know.” This startled Gu Hai.

Ensnaring Performance’s soul nearly vomited blood from sorrow. It opened its eyes wide as it said, “So, you did not know?”

Smack! Ensnaring Performance’s soul slapped itself. I blabbered too much!

“Why am I so unlucky?” Ensnaring Performance’s soul said in despair.

“Alright.” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“Huh? Huh? What did you say?” Ensnaring Performance’s soul said in pleasant surprise as it goggled.

“You are you, Ensnaring Performance. Although you are a little detestable, it is better to remain you.” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“Ah?! Really? This is great!” Ensnaring Performance’s soul said excitedly.

This time, Ensnaring Performance’s soul no longer rejected or resisted. It just let Gu Hai’s blood enter its forehead.


A loud report rang out at the defensive ritual arrays outside.

Gu Hai held on to Ensnaring Performance’s soul as he strode out of the palace hall.

“Gu Hai, the east city gate tower is about to fall,” Mu Chenfeng said worriedly.

“How goes the spirit stone replenishment?”

“I have replenished the spirit stones before. It is quite easy to do; it is already done,” Mu Chenfeng said.

“Quickly leave. I’ll bring the bronze statues away from this place,” Gu Hai said.


A loud sound rang out, and the east city gate tower exploded. The combat prowess of one million bronze statues was ridiculously ferocious. They truly lived up to being fighting machines. If they were on the battlefield and attacked a city, they would be unrivaled.


One million bronze statues chased after Gu Hai.

However, Gu Hai’s flying ship suddenly shot towards the south of the city.

One million bronze statues gave relentless chase high in the sky.

Countless people felt shocked and horrified when they saw these bronze statues fly past.

“Is that Master Gu?”

“They chased him all the way from the Silver Moon Sea?”

“What happened at the Silver Moon Sea?”

Before countless people’s horrified gazes, the flying ship reached the south city gate.

“Open the gate!” Gu Hai shouted.


The gate opened.


Gu Hai’s flying ship instantly shot out.


The one million bronze statues followed, quickly flying out as well.

Thus, Gu Hai led this calamity away, leaving a pile of rubble and a group of sorrowful guards at the east city gate. The city gate tower is gone?

Mu Chenfeng stood among the rubble, revealing a rare smile.

On a floating island in the city:

Since Mo Yike received news of the attack, he had been paying attention to the eastern sector of the city.

Mo Yike had observed Gu Hai flying away in a flying ship with one million bronze statues on his tail.

“Gu Hai?” Mo Yike frowned.

Jiang Tianyi stood behind Mo Yike.

“Mister Mo, aren’t those the zither puppets sealed in ice?” Jiang Tianyi exclaimed.

“We tried to think of many ideas but could not undo the ice seal. To think that Gu Hai managed it. Ha! This Gu Hai is even more mysterious than I thought. When will the people you sent to the Thousand Islands Sea to investigate return?” Mo Yike asked.

“I already sent them. It should be soon. Soon, we will have Gu Hai’s information. However, aren’t you angry that Gu Hai released those one million bronze statues?” Jiang Tianyi said in shock.

“Angry? Why would I be angry? I am happy! One million zither puppets? The Silver Moon Army is truly incredible. If they were to attack cities or strongholds, they would sweep through everything. How long did they take to break the city gate?” Mo Yike smiled.

“About fifteen minutes!”

“Indeed. Only fifteen minutes. If the duke had them on the battlefield, they would be a powerful killing weapon,” Mo Yike said.

“However, these bronze statues are no longer ours. Once they are exposed, won’t they…,” Jiang Tianyi trailed off, frowning.

“As long as it is in Ying Province’s territory, it belongs to the duke.” Mo Yike smiled faintly.


With the White Cloud’s ritual arrays topped off with spirit stones, the flying ship recovered its previous speed. Soon, it put some distance between itself and the bronze statues.

Gu Hai piloted the flying ship back to the Silver Moon Sea’s barrier, returning to the hole it came out of earlier.


The million-strong bronze statue army followed close behind.

Holding Ensnaring Performance’s soul, now refined with his blood, Gu Hai rushed towards Silver Moon Island.


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