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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 12: This Street’s Best Zither Pavilion Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 12: This Street’s Best Zither Pavilion

World’s Best Zither Pavilion:

Countless cultivators and shopkeepers in Silver Moon City had gathered outside the pavilion. Many people paid attention to what was happening in the pavilion.

Lu An? The Elite Hall Master? The two sides faced each other with weapons drawn?

When the two thousand Elite Hall disciples barged in, there were already three thousand archers waiting inside? A war could start at any moment.

Initially, it was two giants facing each other. Now, a Gu Hai appeared?

It turned out that those prodigal cultivators were Gu Hai’s subordinates?

Indeed, one’s subordinates reflected oneself. That group of prodigal cultivators used money to buy their way through the ordinary shopkeepers. This Gu Hai tried to use money to buy his way through Lu An. Do you think that Young Master An has never seen money before?

Why was this scene so strange?

Countless cultivators goggled.

Inside the World’s Best Zither Pavilion, the Wood Division Disciples also goggled. Can you, the Water Division Master, not be so ostentatious?

“Redeem? Who said that I’m letting you redeem them?” Lu An looked at Gu Hai coldly.

“What’s wrong? Does Young Master An not dare to state a price?” Gu Hai countered coldly.

“Haha! Elite Hall’s Water Division Master? Do you think that I have not seen money before?” Lu An sneered.

“Young Master An, you have your rules in your territory. However, you still have to let us know what your rules are. How much would it take for me to redeem my subordinates?” Gu Hai persisted.

Lu An looked at Gu Hai coldly. After looking for a while, he revealed a cold smile. “Fine. Since you want to redeem your men, so be it. Ten thousand superior-grade spirit stones per person!”

“What?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Ten thousand?” Mu Chenfeng goggled.

This caused a commotion with the countless cultivators outside. Isn’t this simply making things difficult?

Such Acquired Realm subordinates possessing low value could easily be found. Just ten inferior-grade spirits stones would be sufficient to pay for their lives. Yet, Lu An wants ten thousand? Furthermore, superior-grade spirit stones? That equals one hundred million inferior-grade spirit stones per person. This is a price jack of one hundred thousand times. He must be joking, right?

“What a joke! Ten thousand superior-grade spirit stones per person? That is already sufficient to pay for Golden Core Realm cultivators!”

“Indeed. Even that is expensive for Golden Core Realm cultivators!”

“Young Master An is simply making things difficult for Gu Hai!”

“This Gu Hai person definitely will not pay that!”

“Seventy people means seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones. How could he have that much?”

Nearly everyone waited to see Gu Hai make a joke of himself.

Even Mu Chenfeng trembled upon hearing that number. Seven hundred thousand spirit stones? That is seven billion inferior-grade spirit stones. How could Gu Hai have that? If it were me, Young Master An could forget about that. I would not pay such an amount.

The Wood Division disciples felt stunned.

Although they knew that Gu Hai’s subordinates had a lot of money, Gu Hai could not possibly have such a ridiculous amount. They had heard that Gu Hai’s group came from the Thousand Islands Sea, an impoverished, desolate, and barren land.

When Long Wanqing heard that, she also felt angry. Ten thousand superior-grade spirit stones for one Acquired Realm cultivator? Is this a joke?

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Just as Long Wanqing was about to rage, loud clattering rang out in front of Gu Hai.

Gu Hai had waved his hand, and superior-grade spirit stones poured out like a waterfall.

The torrential superior-grade spirit stones immediately swept over like a flood, covering the floor and rolling everywhere. Like a deluge, they gushed towards every corner of the World’s Best Zither Pavilion.

“Money! So much money!”

“Superior-grade spirit stones! They are all superior-grade spirit stones?! Did I see wrong?”

“This…this is a mountain of superior-grade spirit stones!”

“So many! There are so many! I can’t take this!”

“Gu Hai’s? He is that rich? He is actually that rich?”

The mountain of spirit stones dealt a huge blow to everyone’s mind. Countless cultivators outside goggled and trembled. This was money, not just mere rocks.

These cultivators had to work themselves to the bone to earn one hundred superior-grade spirit stones, which was already the limit.

However, Gu Hai could bring out an overwhelming number.

What is this Gu Hai? Where did he come from? How can he be this rich?

The many cultivators outside seem to have gone mad.


The Wood Division disciples, led by Mu Chenfeng, goggled and gaped.

They had never seen such a shocking scene before, a cascade of superior-grade spirit stones.

This is absurd! I am very powerful, but I only earn some spirit stones as my salary every year. This Gu Hai is so weak and from such an impoverished place. Yet, he can casually take out hundreds of thousands of superior-grade spirit stones?

The archers in the pavilion also goggled. When they saw the surging waves of spirit stones, the hands of one of them shook and accidentally released an arrow.

Rumbling rang out.

Upstairs, the general manager, Jiang Tianyi, also goggled. It was not that he had not seen this much money before; he just had not expected Gu Hai to be able to take out so much in one go.

To Jiang Tianyi, even if all the Elite Hall disciples pooled their spirit stones together, they would not have this much.

“Young Master An?” Jiang Tianyi revealed an unsightly expression.

Reluctance shaded Long Wanqing’s eyes. However, Venerable Liu Nian smiled faintly. Seeing Gu Hai resolve such situations was quite enjoyable.

On the overhanging balcony, Lu An looked down sullenly.

When Gu Hai brought out the deluge of spirit stones with the wave of a hand, Lu An knew that things were bad.

Lu An only quoted ten thousand superior-grade spirit stones per person to humiliate Gu Hai for overestimating himself. Lu An had never minded him at all.

However, now that Gu Hai took out seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones with the wave of a hand, he was not the one humiliated—Lu An was.

The hundreds of thousands of superior-grade spirit stones were like slaps on Lu An’s face.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Gu Hai finally finished pouring out the mountain of spirit stones. Even when seeing it from afar, the countless cultivators felt greatly shocked.

“Alright. Many thanks to Young Master An for granting me this. There are seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones here. Send your men to count them. I’ll be bringing away my subordinates, then!” Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

Gu Hai showed an indifferent expression, as though these hundreds of thousands of spirit stones were nothing, not caring about them at all.

“You…you…are you actually using seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones to redeem these Acquired Realm cultivators?” Lu An asked coldly as he glared at Gu Hai.

“Isn’t that Young Master An’s rule? Young Master An already gave a quote. Are you planning to go back on your word? You are the Young Master!” Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

“Release them!” Lu An commanded coldly.

The Wood Division disciples quickly went to collect the seventy Han Royal Dynasty officials.

“Gu Hai. Haha! Excellent! Very excellent! You are excellent! I have indeed underestimated you. Don’t regret spending ten thousand superior-grade spirit stones to redeem an Acquired Realm cultivator each!” Lu An sneered.

“Regret? Young Master An must be joking. They are my subordinates. My subordinates are much more valuable than these spirit stones. There is a price to these spirit stones, but my subordinates are priceless!” Gu Hai retorted coldly.

“Priceless? Humph! You are just being stubborn. Seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones. Haha! You are welcome back any time!” Lu An scoffed.

“We will!” Gu Hai nodded with a faint smile.

“Oh, right, General Manager Jiang Tianyi!” Gu Hai suddenly looked at Jiang Tianyi.

“Huh?” Jiang Tianyi frowned as he looked at Gu Hai.

“I would like to ask. What is the price of your best non-spiritual-wood zither here?” Gu Hai asked, appearing curious.

Countless cultivators looked at Gu Hai in confusion. Is this Gu Hai stupid? He was just cheated of seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones, and he wants to buy a zither?

The people in the pavilion also gave Gu Hai confused looks. They did not know what Gu Hai was up to.

“The World’s Best Zither Pavilion has all sorts of zithers, even all sorts of instruments. We have zithers, drums, flutes, pipes, and everything else. As for non-spiritual-wood zithers, there is this guqin. It was made and tuned by a grandmaster luthier, a peak-quality zither. It costs one hundred medial-grade spirit stones.” Jiang Tianyi pointed indifferently to a guqin hung on a nearby wall.

“Oh, that peak-quality zither. I know about it. No one has bought it!”

“Indeed. It is made with only ordinary wood and strings. To think that it costs one hundred medial-grade spirit stones. There’s no way I’m buying it!”

“Although it was made and tuned by a grandmaster, I heard that it had been there for ten years already. No one even bothered asking about it; it is too expensive!”

Countless cultivators outside the pavilion pointed and discussed this.

“Oh? One hundred medial-grade spirit stones? Ha! That is really cheap. I’m buying it!” Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

Then, Gu Hai took out one hundred medial-grade spirit stones and added them to the spirit stone mountain.

Lu An and his group gave Gu Hai suspicious looks. Then, his men carefully took down the peak-quality zither and gave it to one of the Han Royal Dynasty officials.

“Alright! We will be taking our leave. We won’t linger in Young Master An’s territory and cause further trouble. Otherwise, we might end up becoming thieves as well!” Gu Hai revealed a faint smile as he looked at Lu An.

“Don’t you feel any pinch at all at losing seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones?” Lu An still felt bewildered.

“Money gone can be earned back. If it’s spent, it’s spent. I’ll earn them back very soon.” Gu Hai showed a faint cold smile.

Then, Gu Hai turned his head to look at Long Wanqing.

Long Wanqing nodded and waved her hand. With that, the Elite Hall disciples retreated from the World’s Best Zither Pavilion.

After everyone left, Lu An remained seated on the overhanging balcony.


Lu An had squeezed too hard, and the teacup in his hand shattered.

Although he had earned seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones, he felt very upset. He might have caused Elite Hall a great loss, but he still felt very depressed.

On the other hand, Jiang Tianyi looked at the large mountain of spirit stones with a joyful expression. “Young Master An, you are indeed excellent at earning money. This many spirit stones equal our profits for one or two years!”

Gu Hai’s group left the World’s Best Zither Pavilion.

The cultivators outside opened up a path for them, marveling at Gu Hai, who was in the center.

The Elite Hall disciples also felt shocked by Gu Hai. This Water Division Master was too awesome, able to toss away seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones without batting an eyelid.

“Your Majesty, your officials deserve death. Your Majesty, please punish us!” The Han Royal Dynasty officials immediately knelt and pleaded guilty.

As Gu Hai stood at the World’s Best Zither Pavilion’s entrance, he coldly eyed their signboard.

“Stand up. You did not do anything wrong!” Gu Hai said.

“But…but…we have caused Your Majesty to lose seven hundred seventy thousand superior-grade spirit stones!” The officials still felt guilty.

“Seven hundred seventy thousand? I can earn that back quickly. As for a potential business? There’s no need to continue searching. Let’s just open a zither pavilion!” Gu Hai said, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.

“A zither pavilion?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Hall Master, the seven hundred thousand superior-grade spirit stones were Li Haoran’s private savings. I have already used them all. Now, I only have fifty thousand left. I would like to open a zither pavilion in that shop lot on the other side. If I do not have enough money…” Gu Hai looked at Long Wanqing.

“That shop lot is very cheap. About forty thousand superior-grade spirit stones will do. However, are you really going to open a zither pavilion?” Long Wanqing appeared shocked as she stared at Gu Hai.

“Forty thousand is enough? That is great. It looks like my finances won’t dry up. We will buy this shop lot, then. I will open a zither pavilion,” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Gu Hai, are you mad? You want to sell zithers? No zither pavilion can compete with the World’s Best Zither Pavilion on this street. The World’s Best Zither Pavilion ranks first in Silver Moon City, and you want to open a zither pavilion across it? You would just lose money!” Mu Chenfeng yelled while glaring.

“When I, Gu Hai, conduct business, I never lose money,” Gu Hai said with a determined tone while shaking his head.

“Alright. What is that zither pavilion going to be called?” Long Wanqing had great trust in Gu Hai, so she only appeared curious.

Gu Hai turned his head to look at the World’s Best Zither Pavilion. Then, he revealed a cold smile and said, “It shall be called This Street’s Best Zither Pavilion!”

This Street’s Best Zither Pavilion? Long Wanqing’s eyes lit up. This clearly is challenging the World’s Best Zither Pavilion.

The World’s Best Zither Pavilion is a very bold claim. However, while the claim of This Street’s Best Zither Pavilion is not great, it happens to one-up the other party.

“Gu Hai, are you really selling zithers? You are just seeking failure!” Mu Chenfeng looked at Gu Hai in disbelief.


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