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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 119: Inexplicably Allowed to Go Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 119: Inexplicably Allowed to Go

When the Heavenly Pepper entered Long Wanyu’s nose, she immediately started crying.

Long Wanyu did not want to cry this time. She only felt frustrated, not sorrowful at all. It was rage and anxiety, not sorrow.

However, she could not control herself after the Heavenly Pepper entered, causing her to show an expression of despair as tears and mucus came out of her nose endlessly. She felt very anxious and wanted to stop herself from crying. However, she was the one who laid this trap and placed the Heavenly Pepper there. To mock Gu Hai, she even used an especially high dose.

Now, Long Wanyu could not stop rubbing her eyes to stop her tears. However, the tears would not stop.

Long Wanyu’s miserable appearance caused Gu Hai to feel guilty. Wanyu told me to take care of Long Wanyu, yet I bullied her over and over again. Have I gone overboard?

Seeing Long Wanyu cry so sorrowfully, Venerable Liu Nian also felt bitter.

“Gu Hai, although I really want to go, I think the one that feels the most concern for Long Xiaoyue should be Long Wanyu. Hah! She is Long Xiaoyue’s daughter, after all. Love moves the heart. Look at how sorrowful she is. Hah!” Venerable Liu Nian sighed.

“She is not very sensible. I am afraid that…,” Gu Hai said worriedly, despite his tone softening.

“The lifespan ritual array is fraught with danger. I won’t be of much use there. Long Wanyu is a seer, able to differentiate between auspicious and ominous. Perhaps she can point the right way to you,” Venerable Liu Nian sighed.

Clearly, Venerable Liu Nian felt exceptionally regretful at not being able to participate in the search for Long Xiaoyue’s two spiritual souls.

Gu Hai frowned as he looked at Long Wanyu, who was in the backyard.

Long Wanyu already climbed out of the pit.

“I’m not crying! I’m not crying! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Wail!” Long Wanyu cried.

Long Wanyu did not want to cry. She felt very anxious. However, she could not stop, as the Heavenly Pepper had entered her nose. Crying and sniveling like that did not feel comfortable; she wanted to stop.

“Hah! I really can’t do anything. Who told you to put in so much Heavenly Pepper? Try washing your eyes and drinking some water?” the demon phantom said, confounded by the situation.

To Gu Hai and Venerable Liu Nian, Long Wanyu appeared extremely sorrowful but did her best to show a strong front. Shouting that she was not crying, she ran to the pond in the backyard to wash her face and appear tough, enduring the sorrow.

Venerable Liu Nian and Gu Hai somewhat could not bear to see her like this.

“Hah! Gu Hai, never mind. You’d better bring Long Wanyu. Xiaoyue has only two daughters, and Wanqing has already died. Wanyu is feeling very sorrowful. Since she wants to go so much, then let her,” Venerable Liu Nian could not help saying.

Nearby, after Long Wanyu drank some of the pool water and washed her face, she finally managed to shake off the Heavenly Pepper’s effect.

After taking a deep breath, she turned around.

The pool water and tears on her face made her look exceptionally pitiful when she did so.

“Alright. The venerable is not going. Long Wanyu will come with me,” Gu Hai sighed softly, finally agreeing.

“Huh?” This decision surprised Long Wanyu.

What just happened? Has Gu Hai gone mad? Why did he suddenly agree to let me go?

“Long Wanyu, go tidy yourself up and make your preparations. We will be leaving the day after tomorrow at the latest. Take this soul seed. Remember, this is very important for this trip; don’t lose it,” Gu Hai said extremely gravely.

Long Wanyu received the soul seed in confusion. “…”

Two days later, outside Southern Suppression City:

Long Wanyu appeared very cocky at this moment. She looked at Gu Hai, who was giving some instructions to Sima Changkong and Venerable Liu Nian.

“Gu Hai, hurry up! Stop dragging your feet!” Long Wanyu called out, currently in a good mood.

Gu Hai, Sima Changkong, and Venerable Liu Nian turned their heads and looked. When they saw Long Wanyu with a small backpack, as if going on an excursion, showing an urgent and disdainful expression, they were bemused. Then, they continued talking.

“Mister Sima, I’ll leave everything to you. The biggest threat on our trip comes from Army Breaker. Army Breaker’s hearing is as good as Ensnaring Performance’s; both are extremely sharp. Although Ensnaring Performance can set up a sound barrier for us, it cannot last for very long. Furthermore, he cannot come with us. Only you can distract Army Breaker, allowing us to reach that lifespan ritual array safely,” Gu Hai said extremely gravely.

“I’ve already discussed it with the supreme commander. We will do our best to coordinate with you. Ensnaring Performance will play his music and face off with Army Breaker. At that time, the place will be filled with chaotic sounds of fighting. Army Breaker will not notice you then,” Sima Changkong said.

“That is good.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Gu Hai, do take care of Long Wanyu.” Venerable Liu Nian smiled bitterly.

Now, Venerable Liu Nian was having second thoughts. Is letting Long Wanyu go the right thing to do?

“Don’t worry. I promised Wanqing to take care of her.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Are we going or not? Gu Hai?” Long Wanyu cried out anxiously.

Gu Hai: “…”

“Ensnaring Performance, come over!” Gu Hai called out.

“Master!” Ensnaring Performance answered respectfully.

“Do you still remember the instructions I gave you and the piece that I taught you yesterday?” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Master, don’t worry. Once I memorize a piece, I never forget it!” Ensnaring Performance nodded with certainty.

“Alright. Venerable Liu Nian will tell you what to do if anything happens. Listen to Venerable Liu Nian,” Gu Hai instructed.

“Yes!” Ensnaring Performance nodded.

“I remember that back in the Silver Moon Sea, Yun Mo used your music Dao artistic conception to bind every master zitherist with an artistic conception zither string. Later on, he used that to pull all the bound zitherists back to Silver Moon Island,” Gu Hai said.

“Oh! That is easy. I can manifest an artistic conception zither string that only you two can touch. Others will not be able to see or touch it.” Ensnaring Performance nodded.

“Bind Long Wanyu and me with that artistic conception zither string now. If you receive my signal, immediately pull Long Wanyu and me back, no matter the situation,” Gu Hai said gravely.

Given this, Gu Hai and Long Wanyu could instantly return even if they got into trouble.

Ensnaring Performance nodded.

“Long Wanyu, come over!” Gu Hai called out.

“What?” Long Wanyu said with a frown.


Suddenly, two golden threads appeared in Ensnaring Performance’s hand. Then, he handed the threads to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai bound one of the threads to his waist. Then, he tied the other around Long Wanyu’s waist.

“Gu Hai, what are you doing?” Long Wanyu said with a glare.

“Don’t move if you want to go,” Gu Hai said seriously.

Long Wanyu appeared uncomfortable, but she still let Gu Hai tie the golden thread around her.


The golden threads trembled and vanished. Others could not see or touch them; only Gu Hai and Long Wanyu could.

“This is another layer of insurance. Don’t break it; it’s for saving your life,” Gu Hai said gravely.

“Humph!” Long Wanye snorted, but she did not remove the thread.

“Everyone, we are leaving now,” Gu Hai said.

Everyone nodded.


Gu Hai and Long Wanyu rode on two immortal cranes, flying close to the ground as they headed to Army Breaker’s distant, fog-covered army camp.

On the immortal crane, Gu Hai looked at Long Wanyu and called out, “Long Wanyu!”

“What?” Long Wanyu asked fiercely with a blank expression.

“I don’t care about how you feel towards me or your attitude on this journey. However, I hope you remember one thing: we are not going out to have fun today. This is not the time to throw a tantrum, either. I hope we can work together and find your mother’s spiritual souls. This is our only chance. Don’t be wilful. Listen to me and work with me, alright?” Gu Hai said gravely.

Long Wanyu frowned slightly. Her resentment towards Gu Hai still had not passed. However, Gu Hai was right. No matter how big a grudge she had against him, she could not vent it. There was only one chance to find her mother’s souls.

Long Wanyu’s expression turned earnest as she replied solemnly, “Humph! Don’t worry. I won’t seek out trouble for you today!”

“Good. You can differentiate between the auspicious and the ominous. When we enter later, I hope that you can alert me in advance of anything greatly auspicious or greatly ominous. Do not lie to me or take independent action,” Gu Hai instructed seriously.

“Don’t worry. I will not get angry at this moment. I have to find my mother. I will cooperate with you.” Long Wanyu nodded.

“Many thanks.” Gu Hai showed a faint smile.

“You actually even thanked me?” Long Wanyu goggled as she looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai shook his head and did not say anything more.

On the other side, Sima Changkong watched as Gu Hai and Long Wanyu disappeared into the distant forest. Then, he turned his head to look at everyone and said, “Alright. We should be returning too. It is time to prepare for battle.”

“Alright!” Venerable Liu Nian, Ensnaring Performance, and the others answered.

The group returned to the city and started preparing according to what was discussed.

Prince Shenwu stood on top of a city gate tower and looked into the distance.

“Supreme Commander, it is about time!” Sima Changkong reported respectfully as he stepped forward.

“You command the troops. This commander will not interfere,” Prince Shenwu said indifferently.


Sima Changkong waved his hand, and a nearby subordinate quickly waved small flags.

Dong! Dong dong! Dong dong dong dong!

War drums boomed all over Southern Suppression City.

Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

Horns rang out as well. The loud sounds even blew away the clouds and fog in the area before the battle started, clearing the skies for five hundred kilometers around.

Soldiers already stood at the city gates and on the city walls, waiting for the battle to start.

The war drums and horns called out to the distant army camp shrouded in fog.

At the distant, foggy army camp:

There were not many ordinary soldiers in this army camp. Army Breaker’s soldiers consisted mostly of the one million zither puppets. They stood neatly in a large plaza, presenting a shocking sight.

The war drums and horns sounding in the distance prompted Army Breaker, who was in a large hall, to raise his eyebrows.

A subordinate ran in, feeling horrified. “General, Long Shenwu’s army is actually starting a battle?”

Army Breaker stood up, walked out of the large hall, and looked into the distance. Then, he frowned slightly and said, “Long Shenwu? Is he finally willing to fight head-on? Ha! With me around, your Southern Suppression Army can only hide like tortoises. You can forget about leaving Southern Suppression City!”

“Sound the drums! Prepare for war!” Army Breaker stretched his neck from side to side, showing disdain on his face.



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