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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 3 Chapter 115: Die, You Demon! Bahasa Indonesia

Book 3: Chapter 115: Die, You Demon!

“Wanyu, this is a military matter. You are not to behave impudently here!” Prince Shenwu frowned.

“What do you mean ‘behave impudently’? Do you think I will lose in commanding an army, incapable of commanding the sixth battalion?” Long Wanyu immediately questioned with a glare.

This counter slightly startled Prince Shenwu. Sima Changkong, who was at the side, also showed a bitter smile.

How could Long Wanyu lose when leading an army? She was a seer, able to differentiate between auspicious and ominous. She could immediately make out which was which with a glance. Perhaps no one could beat her when it came to leading an army into war.

“His Holy Eminence once instructed that nothing is to happen to you,” Prince Shenwu said seriously.

“What can happen to me? A commander must decide, even if against the sovereign’s orders. So what if I want one battalion from you? After that, I can defeat ten of the enemy’s battalions!” Long Wanyu argued.

Long Wanyu’s relentless stubbornness caused Prince Shenwu to frown heavily.

Regarding seniority, Long Wanyu was his junior. This was an army camp; he had the highest authority. It was not Long Wanyu’s place to act so presumptuously. However, the Qian Heavenly Emperor doted on Long Wanyu to the extent that she had a higher place than even the various crown princes in the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s heart. With the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s heart in her grasp, she could be as reckless and impudent as she wanted, and he could not do anything about it.

“How about this? I will start up a new battalion for you?” Prince Shenwu frowned.

“No. I want the sixth battalion!” Long Wanyu immediately refused.

Long Shenwu felt some displeasure. This was an army camp, after all. He could not let a young lass like her lead him by the nose. Otherwise, how was he to lead others?”

Prince Shenwu turned his head to look at Gu Hai, then asked, “Mister Gu, what do you think?”

At the side, Gao Xianzhi frowned heavily, feeling upset. He could tell that Long Wanyu was there to cause trouble for Gu Hai. However, no one could do anything about her.

It was as Venerable Liu Nian had said, without Long Wanqing, no one could contain her haughtiness.

Gu Hai also showed a similar expression as he looked at Long Wanyu, not liking her current haughtiness. However, she was Long Wanqing’s younger sister of all people. Before Long Wanqing died, she worried about Long Wanyu the most. She had asked him to take care of Long Wanyu.

With such arrogance, haughtiness, and unruly behavior, Gu Hai had to teach her a lesson.

Taking care of someone did not mean simply indulging that person in everything. It required one to teach that person.

Gu Hai looked at Long Wanyu and smiled. “Long Wanyu, do you want the sixth battalion because of me?”

Long Wanyu glanced aside at Gu Hai and said, “Humph! Gu Hai, I—Long Wanyu—keep my word. I already promised that if you stabbed your abdomen, my grudge against you would be over. I will not cause further trouble for you over my elder sister’s death. Wanting the sixth battalion is my own matter. Don’t make yourself the center of everything.”

“Haha! I just want to say that you are lacking if you want to command an army,” Gu Hai laughed.

“What do you mean ‘lacking’? Gu Hai, are you and your subordinate the only ones who can lead an army, and I can’t? When I lead an army, I will bring back victory. Can you outperform me?” Long Wanyu said in a pique.

“As a leader, you need to be calm and composed, not let disruptive factors affect your mental state and your thoughts. Can you do that?” Gu Hai asked seriously.

“Humph! What nonsensical mental state and disruptive factors? No factor can disrupt me because I know where to go to win and lose. I am the embodiment of calm and composure!” Long Wanyu said with confidence on her face.

No matter what disruptions happened in the world, Long Wanyu would know which places were auspicious and ominous. This was the terrifying ability of a seer. How could she get disrupted?

“Ha! How about we put that to the test; see if you can remain calm and composed? If you really have the talent to command, remaining calm and composed, I’ll let you have the sixth battalion. How about that?” Gu Hai smiled.

“Alright. You said it. Don’t go back on your word!” Long Wanyu glared, showing a mocking expression.

Long Wanyu came to cause trouble for Gu Hai. Naturally, she did not care what others thought of her. As long as she could ridicule Gu Hai, she would naturally agree.

However, Gu Hai looked at Prince Shenwu and said, “Supreme Commander, this humble one has overstepped. Please permit this gamble between Long Wanyu and me for the sixth battalion!”

“It’s fine. Mister Gu, just do as you please.” Prince Shenwu smiled faintly.

Since you want to catch the hot potato that is Long Wanyu, go ahead. Prince Shenwu was happy to see the two fight each other.

“Speak, how do we put it to the test?” Long Wanyu glared at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai smiled faintly. “During battle, there will frequently be master zitherists playing music to harass the commander-in-chief. I’ll get Ensnaring Performance to sing you a song without using the music Dao’s artistic conception. It will be just an ordinary song. If you can listen until the end and remain calm, it will be your victory!”

“Without using the music Dao’s artistic conception?” Long Wanyu frowned.

“That’s right. Without the music Dao’s artistic conception, and just an ordinary song.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Humph! Do you think you can cause me trouble with just one song? You underestimate me. Bring it on! Go on and sing. Hurry!” Long Wanyu said immediately and proudly.

“Ensnaring Performance!” Gu Hai called out.

Clank! Clack! Gobble! Gobble! Ensnaring Performance was still gulping the food down, even licking the plate.

When Gu Hai called out, all the officials in the hall turned their heads to look. They happened to see Ensnaring Performance’s furious battle with the food, and their expressions stiffened. This chowhound? Is he really a heaven-grade zither?

“Ah? Master, you called me?” Ensnaring Performance tightly clutched a plate, appearing reluctant.

“I’m asking you to sing a song,” Gu Hai said.

“What? Really?” Ensnaring Performance’s face suddenly lit up in joy as he tossed the plate aside and wiped his face.

The many officials let out long breaths. This is how a heaven-grade zither should be, completely addicted to music.

“That’s right. From the songs that you composed, pick a longer one and sing it for Long Wanyu to listen to.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Ah? Only for Long Wanyu? The others cannot listen?” Ensnaring Performance asked with some disappointment.

“Mister Gu, why can’t we listen too?”

“Indeed. Mister Gu, we have been filled with anticipation for the music of a heaven-grade zither for a long time already.”

“Mister Gu, please let us listen together with Long Wanyu!”

The officials brimmed with anticipation.

Gu Hai showed a dark expression. However, he hardened his heart and shook his head. “Sing only for Long Wanyu. Set up a sound barrier for everyone else, including me.”

When Gu Hai said that, the officials appeared regretful. They looked at Gu Hai with some resentment.

Gu Hai turned around, not looking at the officials. I’m doing this for your own good. Otherwise, you will waste all the food you just ate.

“Alright. I’ll just sing for one.” Ensnaring Performance stood up.

When Gao Xianzhi saw Ensnaring Performance step forward, his expression suddenly changed, and he moved aside.

Sima Changkong and Prince Shenwu had been paying attention to Gao Xianzhi from nearby. When they saw Gao Xianzhi reveal an expression of fear, they felt confused. Perhaps this Gao Xianzhi is not as incredible as we thought. At the very least, he still cannot hide his emotions.

It was not just Gao Xianzhi. The expressions of Mu Chenfeng and Venerable Liu Nian changed as well.

Venerable Liu Nian looked at Long Wanyu with pity in his eyes. However, he did not say anything.

“Go on and sing.” Long Wanyu showed disdain on her face. This was just a song without the music Dao’s artistic conception. How much influence could it have?

Ensnaring Performance waved and placed a sound barrier over everyone in the hall.

When Ensnaring Performance started singing, everyone goggled even though they could not hear anything.

“He lives up to being a heaven-grade zither. The moment he opens his mouth, he already brings out such emotions.”

“Look at Ensnaring Performance. He has one hand over his heart and the other hand spread out. He appears intoxicated. This must be a song rich in emotions!”

“How unfortunate! I wish I could hear it once!”

The many officials whispered to each other with some anticipation.

When Ensnaring Performance started singing, Long Wanyu’s disdainful expression suddenly changed, presenting an extremely interesting picture. In that instant, it looked like her eyes would pop out. Her face turned red, then white, then green, then purple.

A song of the demons! How can there be such a horrible song in this world?!

Prince Shenwu and Sima Changkong felt slightly shocked. Why is Long Wanyu showing such an expression? There’s no music Dao artistic conception, right?

Venerable Liu Nian rubbed his bald head and covered his face. Indeed, Ensnaring Performance’s demonic singing has started.

Gao Xianzhi and Mu Chenfeng let out bated breaths, appearing to be celebrating. Then, their faces showed strange smiles. They had collapsed under this singing back then. Now, Long Wanyu was trying it out.

Gu Hai drank some fine wine and revealed a faint smile.

The officials praised Ensnaring Performance. As he reached the third line, he shifted his right hand to take the place of the left hand, which was over his heart. Emotional tears appeared in his eyes. That level of immersion and intoxication made the officials feel an itch in their hearts. What a great song! Why does Gu Hai refuse to let us hear?

Long Wanyu’s face already flushed red, and her eyes turned bloodshot. She clenched her fist very tightly, causing the whip in her right hand to creak. Her entire body trembled as she turned her head to look at Gu Hai.

However, she saw Gu Hai raise his cup with a faint smile. Is he taunting me, saying that I can’t keep listening?

I have to keep listening! I definitely can endure. I cannot let this vile Gu Hai get cocky!

When Ensnaring Performance reached the fifth line, Long Wanyu suddenly shouted, “Die, you demon!”

Long Wanyu swung her whip at Ensnaring Performance.

The sudden change startled the officials into goggling. What happened? Why did Long Wanyu go berserk?

“Ah? Don’t!” Ensnaring Performance cried out.


Long Wanyu sent Ensnaring Performance flying with her whip.

“Master, save me!”

“Die, you demon!”

Long Wanyu held her whip up and immediately gave chase all over the hall, kicking over several tables in the process.

The many officials revealed shocked expressions as they moved aside. This was a fine banquet, but the two wreaked havoc in the place.

Prince Shenwu showed a dark expression, and Sima Changkong appeared mildly shocked. What’s wrong with Ensnaring Performance’s singing?

“Demon! Don’t run! Die! Die!” Long Wanyu roared as she gave chase.

“Master, save me! Save me!” Ensnaring Performance leaped behind Gu Hai.


When the whip swung over, Gu Hai grabbed it with one hand.

“Gu Hai, let go! I want to kill this demon! I want to kill him!” Long Wanyu roared.

“Long Wanyu, you lost!” Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

These words gave Long Wanyu pause. Only then did she recall that she was in the middle of a bet with Gu Hai. However, Ensnaring Performance’s singing had been too horrible. It was so horrible that it made her go berserk and forget about everything else but thoughts of destroying this demon.

To think that Gu Hai used such terrible singing to gamble with me. It is so horrible, so very horrible, but he wanted me to hear it? I already stopped pursuing his responsibility for Elder Sister’s death, yet he let me hear such a horrible song? He even said I lost?

Feelings of being wronged immediately filled Long Wanyu’s heart. Then, her eyes turned bloodshot again.

“You! You bully! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Long Wanyu immediately ran out of the hall after retrieving her whip.

This left behind a hall full of confused officials and an Ensnaring Performance who felt even more wronged than Long Wanyu.


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