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Book 3: Chapter 114: Gao Xianzhi’s Debut

Southern Suppression Hall:

Gu Hai, Long Shenwu, Sima Changkong, and all the civil and military officials stared at the projection of the sandbox simulation.

Gao Xianzhi and Baili Zhan stood on opposing sides with their eyes closed. Their consciousness had already entered the battlefield. They each had one hundred thousand soldiers, and they started preparing their army for war on the two sides of the battlefield.

This was an area filled with mountains, valleys, and rivers. The terrain was unfamiliar to both. Thus, both commanders needed to scout the terrain and their enemy as well as quickly deploy their troops.

However, everything happened extremely quickly on the projection. It was like watching a video on fast-forward back on Earth, Gu Hai’s previous world.

“Huh?” Gu Hai watched in confusion.

“Your Majesty, this sandbox simulation is a special enchanted treasure. When one’s consciousness enters it, time speeds up by one hundred times for them. So, one hundred days on the battlefield is just one day outside. Furthermore, one can select what kind of soldiers and terrain they want in advance,” Mu Chenfeng introduced in a soft voice.

“Sandbox simulation? This is a good thing. It can be used to train commanders? Where can it be bought?” Gu Hai’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, this is indeed used for training commanders. However, they are controlled by the various nations, so it is not available for sale,” Mu Chenfeng said with a bitter smile.

Gu Hai nodded.

“This Baili Zhan is not easy to deal with. He appeared rash earlier, but he is actually very crafty. He knows how to play on people’s emotions to agitate them, sowing chaos in his opponent’s mind to create an opening,” Mu Chenfeng whispered.

“That doesn’t matter. Gao Xianzhi’s ability to command is no weaker than mine,” Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

“Huh? Alright.” Mu Chenfeng nodded.

Long Shenwu looked at the projection before looking at Sima Changkong.

Sima Changkong showed a bitter smile and did not say anything.

The hall fell silent. Only the continuous sound of Ensnaring Performance’s eating remained.

“Hey? This Gao Xianzhi does not know how to command soldiers, right? Why did he send out so many scouts?”

“General Baili is indeed experienced. His army’s formation is textbook. This is the Yong Province Square-Shaped Formation. Back then, it was famous within the Qian Heavenly Dynasty!”

“He comes from a mundane world. In the end, cultivators are not ordinary people. Rivers and mountains would stop ordinary people. However, they are like flat land to cultivators.

“Archers? Gao Xianzhi trained so many archers? What is the point? Ha!”

“He has never led a cultivator army before, and he wants to face off against General Baili? What a joke!”

The civil and military officials in the hall whispered to each other. None of them thought much of Gao Xianzhi.

As they watched the fast-forwarded projection, they showed faint smiles.

“Your Majesty, what formation is Gao Xianzhi using? It looks messy. Also, what is the point of having so many archers? Archers only have a short advantage when the two armies initiate contact. However, a cultivator army moves very fast. The two armies’ clashes would be very rapid, rendering the archers useless. Training archers would waste their potential. During a frontal clash, they definitely can’t compare to Baili Zhan,” Mu Chenfeng said worriedly.

“There’s no need to worry.” Gu Hai shook his head while smiling. His smile seemed to suggest he recognized Gao Xianzhi’s deployment.

Archers? Who said that archers only have short-lived glory on the battlefield. Gu Hai had used the same deployment in the past. Unexpectedly, Gao Xianzhi used it here.

This is guerrilla warfare. Archers will not be used for frontal assaults. They are trained for sneak attacks. They will fire a few bullets, then change locations—no, wait, fire a few arrows, then change locations. Furthermore, Gao Xianzhi sent out many scouts to get an accurate grasp of the terrain.

“It’s started! The scouting has ended. The two armies are starting to engage each other!”

“Hey? What is this Gao Xianzhi doing? Where is his formation? Why are his troops scattered everywhere?”

“His troops are scattered everywhere, and he wants to fight General Baili?”

“That won’t work. How is he a match for General Baili? Ha!”

The civil and military officials discussed in shock.

Nearby, Sima Changkong narrowed his eyes as he looked at the center of the battlefield.

“Hey?” Something mildly startled Sima Changkong.

“Lord Sima, what’s wrong?” one of the officials at the side asked out of curiosity.

“Although Gao Xianzhi’s army is scattered, they are well organized and not messy at all. Huh? Are they trying to surround General Baili?” Sima Changkong said, harboring some suspicions.

Long Shenwu also watched with narrowed eyes.

“The two armies started fighting!”

“Shooting arrows? Gao Xianzhi’s archers shot first. However, Gao Xianzhi does not seem to have many archers in this group. There are only one hundred people, and they want to shake up one hundred thousand soldiers?”

“Ah? That Gao Xianzhi is too shameless. He immediately ran after shooting?”

“Can he be any more shameless? On the battlefield, that is desertion!”

“Hey! One hundred archers started shooting from there!”

“Ah? They ran again. These groups of archers run immediately after shooting?”

“Hey? They returned? Damn! How shameless! While General Baili’s soldiers chased, you ran. When General Baili’s soldiers withdrew, you circled around. How rotten!”

“These groups of one hundred soldiers are specially for harassment?”

The officials criticized Gao Xianzhi for being shameless.

However, Long Shenwu frowned. Then, he suddenly looked at Gu Hai and said, “Mister Gu, your subordinate is very confident. He’s using only fifty thousand soldiers?”

“Ah?” This startled many of the officials.

Indeed. Only fifty thousand soldiers of Gao Xianzhi’s army were carrying out guerrilla warfare. There were still another fifty thousand soldiers in reserve. Although they were scattered all over the place, they did not move at all.

“I never interfere when Gao Xianzhi leads soldiers,” Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

The officials frowned as they looked at Gu Hai. You do not interfere, but the way your Gao Xianzhi leads an army is too shameless.

Gu Hai looked at the projection of the battlefield, revealing a satisfied expression. Gao Xianzhi was performing very well. When the enemy advanced, he retreated. When the enemy remained still, he harassed them. When the enemy was tired, he attacked. When the enemy retreated, he advanced.

Gao Xianzhi fully brought out the essence of guerrilla warfare.

Although this looked shameless and rascally to some people, such trivialities did not matter in war. There was nothing shameless in war.

Gao Xianzhi used this tactic extremely well. Baili Zhan’s entire army started cursing Gao Xianzhi’s army.

Baili Zhan had sent out small detachments to deal with the harassment teams. However, they quickly suffered great losses and no longer dared to separate casually from each other. However, the harassment teams relentlessly raided them, lingering and tiring them out. This was the benefit of a small team of one hundred soldiers. Although there were only one hundred soldiers, the destruction they wrought was not inferior to that of a thousand men.

Two hours later:

Baili Zhan’s soldiers were on the verge of collapse from fatigue. However, the many harassment teams grasped the terrain extremely well and took turns raiding. This resulted in Baili Zhan’s army suffering heavy losses; only eighty thousand-odd soldiers remained.

After another two hours, Baili Zhan had only fifty thousand soldiers left. Now, Baili Zhan’s army was all on edge, and its confidence crumbled; morale was low.

Another hour later, Baili Zhan had only ten thousand soldiers left.

Furthermore, eight thousand of these ten thousand mentally collapsed and surrendered. This left Baili Zhan with two thousand soldiers. Eventually, Gao Xianzhi’s army cornered them in a valley.

Gao Xianzhi’s army fired ten thousand arrows simultaneously, wiping out Baili Zhan’s army.


The projection wavered as the two’s consciousness returned.

Sweat covered Baili Zhan’s forehead as he looked at Gao Xianzhi in horror.

“Thank you for going easy!” Gao Xianzhi smiled faintly, appearing calm.

“That doesn’t count! The earlier battle doesn’t count. You were commanding the army in such a shameless manner. Again! One more time!” Baili Zhan roared furiously.

“That’s enough. Baili Zhan, a loss is a loss!” Prince Shenwu said.

“However, Supreme Commander, I did not expect Gao Xianzhi to be this shameless!” Baili Zhan protested.

“Gao Xianzhi used only fifty thousand soldiers, and less than three thousand got injured or died. However, your one hundred thousand soldiers got completely wiped out. Is that not embarrassing enough?” Prince Shenwu said coldly.

At this moment, Prince Shenwu felt quite uncomfortable. Although the sixth battalion normally did not have a good track record in battle, he still found Baili Zhan sufficiently capable. However, when compared to Gao Xianzhi, Baili Zhan was like trash. Gao Xianzhi had less than three thousand casualties. In fact, less than one thousand died. Yet, he managed to destroy Baili Zhan’s one hundred thousand soldiers. Such command ability was superior by more than just one or two degrees.

“Yes!” Baili Zhan said, feeling slightly bitter.

Gao Xianzhi strolled back to his seat and said, “Your Majesty, this official has disappointed Your Majesty. I made three mistakes during the sandbox simulation!”

The civil and military officials in the hall looked at Gao Xianzhi. You are saying that on purpose, right? That was deliberate? After such an overwhelming victory, you are saying that you made three mistakes? Ah? Even after making three mistakes, you humiliated Baili Zhan to such a degree? What would happen if you did not make a mistake?

Baili Zhan looked gloomily at Gao Xianzhi.

“It’s fine. This was your first time leading a cultivator army. It would be hard to avoid mistakes. You just have to gain experience commanding a cultivator army, and it will be fine,” Gu Hai said with a smile.

Baili Zhan: “…”

The various officials: “…”

First time leading a cultivator army? Are you kidding me?

“Supreme Commander, I wonder if the Gao Xianzhi I recommended catches Supreme Commander’s eye?” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“I did not expect Mister Gu to have such a skilled tactician under you. Gao Xianzhi? Excellent. You can be the sixth battalion’s commander.” Prince Shenwu nodded.

Gao Xianzhi’s battle tactics not just dealt a great defeat to Baili Zhan but even caused Baili Zhan to feel depressed. Prince Shenwu cast covetous looks at Gao Xianzhi. The earlier battle had been extremely brilliant. Even within his camp, Gao Xianzhi would be considered a talented general. Not many people in his camp could achieve such an effect. If he could take in this person, it would be pretty good.

“Why are you not thanking the supreme commander yet?” Gu Hai looked at Gao Xianzhi.

“Many thanks, Supreme Commander!” Gao Xianzhi said with a slight bow.

Prince Shenwu smiled faintly and was about to confer some favors when a loud shout came from outside the hall.

“No, I want the sixth battalion!” Long Wanyu’s voice rang out from a distance.

“Hah?” Everyone frowned slightly and looked out of the hall.

They saw Long Wanyu entering the hall with a few black-robed men. Venerable Liu Nian also followed behind.

“Greetings, Supreme Commander!” the black-robed men and Venerable Liu Nian immediately saluted.

Only Long Wanyu showed anger and hatred on her face.

She turned her head and gave Gu Hai a hateful look. Clearly, she could not accept getting fooled by Gu Ha, so when she saw that Gu Hai was about to take control of the sixth battalion, she immediately tried to stop it.

Gao Xianzhi was Gu Hai’s man. If Gao Xianzhi took control of the sixth battalion, it was equivalent to Gu Hai taking control. How could Long Wanyu let Gu Hai have such an easy time? She wanted to cause trouble in everything that could benefit Gu Hai.


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