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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 2 Chapter 94.1: Not Crazy (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Book 2: Chapter 94.1: Not Crazy (1)

“Gu Hai, why? Old Mister Guan Qi died already. What’s there to worry about? He suffered a heavenly punishment that destroyed his form and soul!” Long Wanqing protested in confusion.

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t know, either. However, I have a feeling that Old Mister Guan Qi did not leave behind the Innate Puzzle World, a seed of the Heavenly Go Pavilion, and the setup on Nine-Five Island on an impulse. I sense danger, a bone-chilling danger!”

“A feeling? It is just a feeling? What if the feeling is not accurate?” the puzzled Long Wanqing asked.

Gu Hai shook his head but did not explain further.

“However, Adoptive Father, if we do not receive this technique inheritance, then won’t Venerable Liu Nian be unable to exit the death puzzle?” Gu Qin asked worriedly.

“Indeed, what about the venerable and the others?” Long Wanqing asked worriedly.

Gu Hai looked at the nearby death puzzle and shook his head. “However, who can guarantee that they can come out of the death puzzle if I make the last move?”

“Huh?” Everyone felt slightly startled.

“Since it is the death puzzle, there is only death. The survivor, the final victor, of that puzzle world will obtain the inheritance. However, what if I made the final move and claimed the inheritance? There would no longer be a winner for the death puzzle, only losers. Perhaps the death puzzle will scatter, but what about the people there? They might come out, but there’s another possibility,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Perhaps all of them will die?” Gu Qin felt slightly startled.

Long Wanqing’s anxious expression suddenly froze.

“What should we do?” Long Wanqing asked anxiously.


Suddenly, some changes happened with the death puzzle. A golden Go stone appeared at the south of the death puzzle.

Countless threads came out of the golden Go stone, connecting it to about thirty thousand-odd black Go stones floating above the death puzzle.

“That is…a golden Go stone? Adoptive Father, I heard that you all managed to obtain a golden Go stone in the Innate Puzzle World. That golden Go stone allowed you to form your own cloud beast. Is this the same?” Gu Qin asked in shock.


Suddenly, the image of a hand appeared near the golden Go stone and grabbed it.

The instant the hand image grabbed the golden Go stone, the rest of the hand’s body formed. It was Meng Tai. Meng Tai held the golden Go stone with one hand and Feng Ling with the other. He had an extremely excited expression.

“I got it! Hahahaha! Fu Xue, after fighting so hard, I still ended up getting it first!” Meng Tai’s image suddenly shouted with a ferocious expression.

“I can now control the power of the ritual array. Rise!” Meng Tai shouted while holding the golden Go stone.


The golden Go stone was one of the sources. Countless golden threads connected to all the black Go stones.


Thirty thousand-odd black Go stones immediately leaped over to where the transparent Go stones were.


The black Go stones immediately knocked the transparent Go stones aside.

“Is this a projection? Why does the projection of Meng Tai in the Go puzzle world appear outside the Go puzzle?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Because Meng Tai already came out of the Go puzzle; he is no longer a Go stone!” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

“If he is not a Go stone, then what is he?”

“He is a Go player!” Gu Hai said with narrowed eyes.

“A Go player? Because of that golden Go stone?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“That’s right. Because he obtained that golden Go stone, he controls the black Go stones. Everyone with the identity of a black Go stone is Meng Tai’s Go stone. Perhaps we heard their voices three days ago because they were close to the golden Go stone. Or perhaps they were fighting for the golden Go stone, and now, Meng Tai obtained it,” Gu Hai said.

“How can that be? The venerable and Battalion Commander Li are excellent talents. How could Meng Tai get ahead of them?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Because Meng Tai has a key that takes him to the straightest path in the ritual array!” Gu Hai said.

“Feng Ling?” Long Wanqing’s expression changed as she looked at Feng Ling, who had a blank expression on her face. There was a peony flower tattoo on her head.

“A Go player? Does that mean that Meng Tai has won and everyone else has to die?” Gu Qin’s expression changed.

“Not necessarily. In a game of Go, there is more than one player!” Gu Hai shook his head while narrowing his eyes.

Indeed, another golden Go stone suddenly appeared at the north of the Go board. Countless golden threads came out of that golden Go stone, connecting to all the white Go stones.

A hand suddenly appeared and grabbed the golden Go stone. Then, two figures slowly materialized: Wei Yang and Li Wei.

Li Wei looked at Feng Ling with dazed eyes. Wei Yang grabbed the golden Go stone and held on to it tightly.



Thirty thousand-odd white Go stones suddenly gathered in the north and charged at the transparent Go stones.


A loud sound rang out, and the white Go stones shattered several transparent Go stones.

“You evil beast, do you think that spirit-assimilating these people will help you? What’s not yours will never be yours! Humph!” Wei Yang shouted.

“Wei Yang also came out of the Go board and became a Go player? He controls the white Go stones?” Gu Qin’s expression changed.

“Because of Li Wei? Li Wei also has a peony flower tattoo on his head?” Long Wanqing’s face sank slightly.


Suddenly, another golden Go stone appeared at the side of the Go board.

“A third golden Go stone? Why are there three?” Gu Qin exclaimed.

The third Go stone sent out golden threads to all the transparent Go stones. Then, a hand grabbed the third golden Go stone, and a figure materialized.

It was the flood dragon Fu Xue. Fu Xue held the golden Go stone with one hand and the neck of a white-clad woman with the other as he showed a ferocious expression.

The white-clad woman’s hair was made up of hissing snakes.

“That white-clad woman is the Peony Sect Master, Qiang Wei?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Fu Xue spirit-assimilated her. She also has a peony flower tattoo on her head, so she is a key too?” Gu Qin revealed a shocked expression.

“Brother! First Brother, save me!” shouted the struggling Qiang Wei, who had her neck grabbed.

Qiang Wei flailed her arms in Meng Tai’s direction, showing a pleading expression.

“First Brother?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Fu Xue! To think that you obtained one as well, obtaining a golden Go stone through Qiang Wei!” Wei Yang said with an unsightly expression.

“Bring it on! Hahaha! Meng Tai, this is your younger sister in my hands. Come if you dare!” Fu Xue said with a ferocious expression.

“Younger sister? Humph, you already spirit-assimilated her, right? What is the point of pretending? Trying to win my sympathy? I lost all sympathy long ago!” Meng Tai said coldly. After that, he turned his head to look at Wei Yang. “You old fool, this is all your fault!”

“Humph! You unfilial disciple, you only have yourself to blame!” Wei Yang rebutted as he looked at Meng Tai.

“I only have myself to blame? Humph! As for who is to blame, that remains to be seen. However, there is no need to let this beast take advantage of us fighting. For some reason, the ground turned transparent earlier. You saw them, right? The dragon vein and the eight-colored peony flower!” Meng Tai countered coldly.

“That’s fine with me. Li Wei, my disciple, I’ll send my energy to you. Let’s get rid of this beast first!” Wei Yang said coldly.

“Yes, Master!” Li Wei answered.

Wei Yang extended his hand to Li Wei. Then, Li Wei threw a palm strike in Fu Xue’s direction.

Suddenly, a transparent ball of light appeared around Fu Xue, enveloping Fu Xue and Qiang Wei.


The palm strike landed on the ball of light and shook it.

“Everyone, coordinate with me!” Wei Yang shouted.


Suddenly, all the white Go stones trembled slightly. Energy seemed to flow along the golden threads, rushing to the golden Go stone in Wei Yang’s hand. Then, Wei Yang sent the energy to Li Wei. Li Wei’s palm strike immediately strengthened severalfold.


Suddenly, thirty thousand-odd figures appeared in the north of the death puzzle. All of them unwillingly extended their hands and sent energy to Li Wei via Wei Yang.

These thirty thousand-odd people were Go stones, only able to obey instructions from the player. All of them showed pained curiosity as their energy was forcibly drawn out. Some of the weaker cultivators even withered and dried up.


After the dried-up people had all their energy sucked out, they died. The corresponding white Go stones suddenly exploded.

“Ah!” Long Wanqing screamed in fear.

They died from having their energy forcibly drained? The fate of a Go stone is so sorrowful?

“Is that Venerable Liu Nian?” Gu Qin suddenly pointed to a figure among the three thousand-odd images.

“Where?! Where?!” Long Wanqing immediately shouted. The venerable is still alive? That’s great!

Meng Tai simultaneously launched a palm strike from the other side. He controlled all the black Go stones, drawing boundless energy to attack the light ball around Fu Xue.


At the same time, thirty thousand-odd images suddenly appeared behind Meng Tai. All these people had their energies painfully extracted by Meng Tai.

“Is that Li Haoran?” Gu Qin suddenly spotted Li Haoran among those thirty thousand-odd images.

“Hah!” Fu Xue roared.

Fu Xue used the golden Go stone to control the transparent Go stones to deal with the white Go stones and black Go stones.


The transparent Go stones instantly clashed with the white Go stones and the black Go stones.

Thirty thousand-odd images appeared behind Fu Xue. These thirty thousand-odd images all had snakes for hair.

“They are all spirit-assimilated cultivators?” Gu Qin’s expression changed.

“How did Fu Xue do that?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!”

The thirty thousand-odd spirit-assimilated cultivators showed ferocious and pained expressions as they sent energy to Fu Xue.

“Primogenitor, I can’t keep this up. Please spare me!” One of the spirit-assimilated cultivators got drained of energy to the point where he dried up.


The transparent Go stone that spirit-assimilated cultivator was connected to exploded; that spirit-assimilated cultivator died.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Under the immense assault, countless cracks appeared in the transparent light ball around Fu Xue.

“Your best decision was to spirit-assimilate Qiang Wei, as she is the key to coming out of the Go puzzle. Otherwise, even if you spirit-assimilated everyone, so what? Unfortunately, the golden Go stone you found is useless. Although you managed to spirit-assimilate everyone it is connected to, stimulating their potential to give you more power, so what? They are only strange transparent Go stones. On a Go board, there are only black Go stones and white Go stones. Only Go stones of those two colors are orthodox!” Meng Tai said coldly.

“The transparent Go stones can only defend; they cannot attack. They are indeed useless!” Wei Yang said coldly.


A loud sound rang out as the transparent light ball around Fu Xue exploded.

The two palm strikes from Meng Tai and Li Wei, which contained the energy of sixty thousand-odd cultivators, struck Fu Xue.

Fu Xue had a lot of energy at his disposal. However, he could not attack, only passively defend.

“You bastards!” Fu Xue went flying backward, spurting out a mouthful of blood. Blargh!

Just at this moment, Wei Yang suddenly attacked. He extended a finger, and what seemed like a sword qi shot at Fu Xue’s hand.



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