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Book 2: Chapter 89: Heavenly Dynasty Outline

Yao Zhengtian’s explanation seemed to have opened a door for Gu Hai.

After hearing it, Gu Hai maintained a slight frown.

“That’s right. Mister Gu, I have a book for establishing dynasties with me. It’s something I happened to obtain in the past,” Yao Zhengtian said as his expression changed.

“Oh?” Gu Hai said, feeling dubious.

Yao Zhengtian took out a silk scroll with the words “Heavenly Dynasty Outline” on the outside.

“This is the Heavenly Dynasty Outline. It’s nothing secret. If Mister Gu heads to the Divine Continent, you can obtain it easily!” Yao Zhengtian proffered the scroll.

Gu Hai accepted the scroll and carefully unrolled it. There were many words on the silk scroll, but they felt divine, immediately making him feel intoxicated.

“Mister Gu, I’ll give this Heavenly Dynasty Outline to you, then. I hope it will be useful!” Yao Zhengtian smiled.

Gu Hai’s expression turned solemn as he put away the Heavenly Dynasty Outline. Then, he bowed to Yao Zhengtian and said, “Many thanks, Mister Yao. This Heavenly Dynasty Outline will save me a lot of mistakes.”

“It’s good that it’s useful. This humble one just made a breakthrough and needs to find a place to stabilize my cultivation, so I’ll take my leave first. I will send some oceanic animal spirits soon to defend this place. You can get them to inform me of any change in the situation,” Yao Zhengtian said seriously.

“Alright. I’ll send Mister Yao off!” Gu Hai smiled.

The group then accompanied Yao Zhengtian out of the Gu Residence.

“Mister Gu, take care!” Yao Zhengtian bowed before stepping into the sky and flying to the horizon.

As Gu Hai watched Yao Zhengtian leave, he was in a happy mood.

“Adoptive Father, this Mister Yao is quite interesting. How should we deal with the one thousand heads?” Gu Qin smiled.

“Mister Yao? His arrival was too timely!” Gu Hai sighed.

“As for these heads, bury them!” Gu Hai said while shaking his head.

“Yes!” Gu Qin nodded.

After leaving some instructions, Gu Hai returned to the Soaring Pagoda. He studied the Heavenly Dynasty Outline, which was not some cultivation technique but a literary work on how to establish a dynasty. Although it did not record many things about establishing a dynasty, it provided the overall framework. To Gu Hai, that was already sufficient. As for the future, he could slowly explore for himself.

“The emperor is the Nine-Five; all land belongs to the emperor; all men are servants of the emperor?” Gu Hai pondered as he read the Heavenly Dynasty Outline.

[TL Note: The Nine-Five here does not refer to a point on the Go board. Instead, it refers to the hexagram lines in the Classic of Changes, one of the oldest Chinese classics. It is also one of the Five Classics of the traditional Confucian canon and was initially used as a divination manual and philosophy text. The hexagram lines are derived from the sixty-four hexagrams, with each hexagram being divided into six for a total of three hundred eighty-four hexagram lines. The hexagrams are derived from the eight trigrams, and the eight trigrams from Yinyang. It would take an entire essay to explain the Classic of Changes, the hexagrams, and the hexagram numbers, so here is a Wikipedia link that gives a brief overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching. For the current usage, just understand that the Nine-Five hexagram line refers to the emperor.]

Now, Gu Hai gained a clearer understanding of establishing a nation.

Once a nation was established, providing aid to suffering citizens accrued beneficence.

Maintaining peace in the world and bringing happiness to the citizens accrued beneficence.

Protecting the nation from enemies and eliminating invaders accrued beneficence.

Expanding the land and snatching the blessings of other nations accrued beneficence.

After one established a nation, there were plenty of ways to accrue providence.

The people and the land were the foundation. After providence accumulated into blessings, the nation would prosper.

“No wonder sects want to rear ordinary people. Unfortunately, Nine-Five Island’s sects were too stupid. They created a disaster when they needed beneficence. Then, they helped the ordinary people resolve the disaster to gain beneficence and providence? The ‘immortals’ that the people worshiped were not resolving their disasters in the way that they thought.” Gu Hai continued pondering.

As Gu Hai studied the Heavenly Dynasty Outline, he directed his subordinates to take over the territories of the other four nations.

One month later:

“Adoptive Father, although my Gu Residence managed to gather many talents, they are still insufficient to govern this large territory!” Gu Qin smiled bitterly.

“Prepare to launch the imperial examination and take in all useful talents!” Gu Hai said.

[TL Note: One of the ways ancient China used to recruit people into the government was the imperial exam. That was a regular periodical exam that men could attempt. Depending on the dynasty, the qualified applicants varied. There were generally four commoner classes in ancient China: scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants. In the earlier period of China’s history, only scholars and farmers could take part. Later on, this opened up to the artisans and merchants as well. During all dynasties, people from unsavory occupations were barred from taking the imperial examinations.]


“By the way, Adoptive Father, the various managers sent word. If we are relieving the hungry citizens as we are now, we might not have sufficient food supplies. At best, we can only support them for one month…” Gu Qin said worriedly.

“Food supplies? The White Cloud flying ship is with you, right?” Gu Hai looked at Gu Qin.


“Bring a large amount of gold to the other mundane regions of Nine-Five Island and buy food supplies there. Since we are doing this, we should do it well!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” Gu Qin said seriously.

“Just leave this matter to Shangguan Hen. Also, send some men to follow Shangguan Hen to the other five mundane regions and seek out their rulers to discuss the matter of surrendering to us!” Gu Hai instructed.

“Yes!” Gu Qin answered.

“How goes the construction of the imperial palace?” Gu Hai asked.

“We have already recruited carpenters and the various artisans to work on it day and night. However, Adoptive Father, might the imperial palace that you want built be too big? It is going to encompass the entire Hulao Pass?” Gu Qin replied with a somewhat complicated expression.

Hulao Pass was a vast territory, a quarter of the previous Chen Nation. Furthermore, this was not constructing a mega imperial city but just the palace, the so-called Gu Residence? This was simply too big.

“Big? According to the Heavenly Dynasty Outline, a middling imperial dynasty’s imperial city is already as big as Nine-Five Island. This is just a small piece of land. Is this big?” Gu Hai smiled.

“Huh? Yes!” Gu Qin nodded blankly.

“The world is however large your heart is! Yes, our accumulations are extremely sparse, but we can slowly build them up. I firmly believe that one day, we can reach such heights too. Furthermore, we need to do that. Otherwise, we will never avenge your adoptive mother. That enemy is from a major faction!” Gu Hai said through clenched teeth.

“Yes!” Gu Qin showed a solemn expression as he nodded.

“Tell Shangguan Hen to meet me. I have some instructions for him!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” Gu Qin answered before leaving.

After Shangguan Hen arrived, Gu Hai quickly made arrangements. Right now, his entire territory suffered from a great drought. Food supplies were short, and he needed to find large amounts of food supplies quickly.

It was not just for gaining gratitude from the hungry citizens and obtaining beneficence and providence. There was a more important reason: gaining the citizen’s confidence.

Right now, there was a great natural disaster. By doing his best to save everyone, he would obtain the confidence of the citizens. Although he had destroyed many nations, the ordinary citizens would generally think well of him. Naturally, they would not listen to people with selfish intents and oppose his governance.

One month later, in Gu Hai’s study:

Gu Qin and a group of old managers stood in two rows before Gu Hai’s desk.

“Master, congratulations! Gao Xianzhi’s army broke into the Zhao Nation’s imperial capital and completely destroyed the Zhao Nation!” one of the old managers said excitedly.

“Gao Xianzhi has a group of Innate Realm cultivators, and the Peony Sect did not intervene in the Zhao Nation’s matters at all. It would be strange if we still could not conquer the Zhao Nation,” Gu Hai said indifferently.

“Huh? Yes!” The old manager nodded as he suppressed the excitement in his heart.

“The Zhao Nation is also suffering from a drought. Gu Qin, go and inform Manager Zhao to quickly make arrangements for the suffering citizens and help them tide over the disaster!” Gu Hai instructed.

“Yes!” Gu Qin answered.

“The ordinary people are already suffering greatly from the natural disaster and the war. Instruct Gao Xianzhi to uphold military discipline. If there are any citizens trying to take advantage of the chaos, strictly punish them according to military law!” Gu Hai said.


“Instruct Shangguan Hen to send rations to the Zhao Nation right away in case of a shortage there!” Gu Hai instructed.


“Instruct Scar to protect the newly appointed officials with all his might. Don’t let anything happen while things are chaotic. I do not want something like the assassination at the Jin Nation’s Jin Border City to happen again!” Gu Hai said.


Gu Hai was issuing commands when Chen Tianshan suddenly called out from outside the study. “Milord!”

“Come in!” Gu Hai said, feeling some misgivings.

Isn’t Chen Tianshan currently recruiting cultivators? Why is he here?

Chen Tianshan immediately entered the study. When he saw Gu Hai, he showed a serious expression. “Milord, the hall master is here!”

“The hall master? Long Wanqing?” Gu Hai appeared slightly confused.

“Yes! Furthermore, the hall master’s emotions seem to be…seem to be…” Chen Tianshan showed a strange expression.

Gu Hai’s countenance turned solemn.

“Alright, the meeting ends here. Go do what you should!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” the various managers answered before quickly leaving the study. Gu Qin left as well; only Gu Hai and Chen Tianshan remained.

“What’s wrong with the hall master?” Gu Hai asked as he stood up.

“The hall master appears to be in a sorry state. I can’t exactly describe it. Milord, you should see for yourself!” Chen Tianshan said bitterly.

“Where’s Venerable Liu Nian?” Gu Hai asked, feeling bewildered.

“There’s no Venerable Liu Nian, only the hall master! She seems to have suffered a lot,” Chen Tianshan explained.

“Lead the way!”

Chen Tianshan quickly led Gu Hai out of the study and headed for a hall in the distance.

Long Wanqing’s three servants stood outside respectfully. While treating their injuries at the Gu Residence, they had lent Gu Qin the White Cloud flying ship. After several months of recuperation, their injuries had improved significantly.

Upon seeing Gu Hai arrive, the three servants said respectfully, “Division Master Gu, the hall master is inside.”

Gu Hai nodded before entering the hall. Chen Tianshan remained with the three servants outside the hall.

When Gu Hai stepped into the hall, he immediately saw Long Wanqing. At this moment, Long Wanqing appeared to be in a sorry state—covered in dust with soot on her face, her hair in disarray, and her clothes somewhat tattered. However, she did not seem to care about her image as she anxiously clutched a teacup.

When Gu Hai stepped into the hall, Long Wanqing suddenly raised her head.

The instant she saw Gu Hai, her eyes turned bloodshot.

“Gu Hai, I finally found you!” Long Wanqing rushed over while crying.

Then, she grabbed Gu Hai’s sleeve as though afraid that Gu Hai would run away.

“Hall Master, what’s wrong with you? Where’s Venerable Liu Nian?” Gu Hai asked in shock.

Long Wanqing’s crying appearance looked exceptionally pitiful. She clutched Gu Hai’s arm, refusing to let go, like she was holding on to her last hope.

“Gu Hai! Quickly save the venerable, save them, please. Sob! Sob! Sob! They are all going to die. They turned into stones! They all turned into stones!” Long Wanqing cried.

“What? Turned into stone?” Gu Hai appeared slightly bewildered.

“Not stone but Go stones. They were turned into Go stones. I nearly turned into a Go stone, too, except Venerable Liu Nian saved me at the last moment, pushing me out. He said to come and find you, that only you can rescue him. Sob! Sob! Sob! Please rescue Venerable Liu Nian! Venerable Liu Nian raised me; he is like a father to me, accompanying and protecting me. Now, he is going to die, turned into a Go stone. Save the venerable!” Long Wanqing spoke incoherently as she cried.

“Turned into a Go stone?” Gu Hai revealed a bewildered expression.

Humans can turn into Go stones?


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