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Book 2: Chapter 83: Call for Surrender

Ten days later, during the royal court’s assembly in the Jin Nation:

An extremely suppressive atmosphere shrouded the royal court. The officials remained silent as they looked at the emperor, who sat on the throne.

A yellow-robed official stood between two rows of officials, making a report with an unsightly expression.

“Your Majesty, the Chen Nation has declared complete loyalty to the Gu Residence. The entire nation submitted to it. Now, Gao Xianzhi is leading the Chen Nation’s army—no, it should be the Gu Residence’s army now—into my Jin Nation’s territory. He came with a ferocious display of power, rushing to the other four nations at the same time. We have already had short skirmishes at the frontline and lost!” the yellow-robed official said with an unsightly expression.

“The Chen Nation? Chen Liangyi submitted to Gu Hai just like that? He did not resist at all?” the Jin Emperor asked with an unsightly expression.

“There was no resistance. I don’t know what Gu Hai promised him, but Chen Liangyi cooperated wholeheartedly. Gu Hai apparently was long prepared for this; the change in officials was quick and orderly. It also seems that Gu Hai had placed many of his people among the Chen Nation officials long ago!” the yellow-robed official said with a complicated expression.

“There was no resistance at all?”

“There was. Some of the city lords refused to submit to the Gu Residence, so they rebelled. However, they quickly got suppressed. The immortals participated, washing the place in blood. While there are still plenty of people unwilling to submit in the Chen Nation, they soon turned quiet. The general trend already points to the Chen Nation no longer existing and everything belonging to the Gu Residence!” the yellow-robed official said respectfully.

“The ordinary citizens did not object?”

“Few. Very few. Extremely few. Gu Hai is the wealthiest man of the six nations and has accumulated an outstanding public reputation over the past few decades. The Chen Nation just underwent a great upheaval one year ago, which impacted ordinary people’s hearts. They think even more highly of the Gu Residence than the Chen Nation’s royal court, so the citizens remained peaceful throughout the handover!” the yellow-robed official said bitterly.

“Gu Hai! How ambitious! He wants to rule the five nations with just the power of his residence?” The Jin Emperor turned sullen.

“Your Majesty, although the Gu Residence is just a residence, its influence is no lesser than a nation’s. Take our nation, for example. In the business world, the Gu Clan’s business has always been the leader. It is a business empire, the sixth nation hidden among the five nations. It just remained named a residence!” The yellow-robed official smiled bitterly.

“Most importantly, Gu Hai has entered the cultivating world and has three thousand immortals under him. I’m afraid our army is made up of only mundane people,” the yellow-robed official said with an unsightly expression.

“Gu Hai is going against the rules; he cannot remain smug for long. Humph! He has three thousand immortals? My Jin Nation still has the Dragon Pinning Sect, an immortal sect, behind it. The other nations also have the First Song Sect and the Clear River Sect. Gu Hai is angering the immortal sects and will suffer a calamity soon!” the Jin Emperor said coldly.

“I have a report! The third prince seeks an audience!” An anxious cry came from outside the hall.

“Oh? The third prince? The third prince who joined the Dragon Pinning Sect to cultivate immortality has returned?” The officials immediately rejoiced.

“Permitted!” the Jin Emperor shouted.

Soon, the guards carried a stretcher in. A red-clad man in a sorry state lay on that stretcher. There was blood on his legs, wounds covered him, and his hair was in complete disarray.

“Third Prince?” Everyone looked at the red-clad prince in shock. Why was he carried back?

“My royal son! What happened to you?” The Jin Emperor immediately stood up from his throne, his expression changing.

Although the third prince was not the crown prince, he was more important than the crown prince to the Jin Emperor, as he had greater potential than the emperor. The third prince cultivated to be an immortal. Although the Jin Emperor was the emperor, he had a limited lifespan. Several decades later, the emperor would just rule the same land. How could the emperor compare to an immortal?

“Imperial Father, this son heard the reports from the frontlines when I just returned. Not daring to tarry, I immediately came here!” The third prince smiled bitterly.

“What is going on? Who injured you? Weren’t you at the Dragon Pinning Sect?” the Jin Emperor asked in shock.

“The Dragon Pinning Sect? Ha! It’s gone!” the third prince said mordantly.

“It’s gone? What do you mean? Your Dragon Pinning Sect has thousands of disciples. How can it be gone?” the Jin Emperor exclaimed.

“Gu Hai went to the Dragon Pinning Sect. Including the sect master, nearly everyone in the Dragon Pinning Sect died. Only dozens of us survived. This child managed to survive by luck and fled back,” the third prince replied mordantly.

“What?” the officials exclaimed at the same time.

“Gu Hai? How can that be? Didn’t he just start cultivating? How could he possibly make enemies with your Dragon Pinning Sect?” the Jin Emperor asked in shock.

“Making enemies with my Dragon Pinning Sect is nothing. Imperial Father still does not know, right? When Gu Hai returned this time, he first destroyed the Great Feng Mafia Family. Then, he destroyed the Clear River Sect before destroying the First Song Sect. Not long ago, he destroyed my Dragon Pinning Sect!” the third prince said mordantly.

The many officials: “…!”

The Jin Emperor: “…”

He destroyed four immortal sects, one after another? The entire hall fell deathly silent.

“That’s impossible. Is Gu Hai that incredible? Didn’t he just advance to the Innate Realm not long ago?” the Jin Emperor said with an expression of disbelief.

“I heard that the First Song Sect disciples died the most miserably. Gu Hai alone slaughtered five thousand-odd First Song Sect disciples!” the third prince said mordantly.

The Jin Emperor: “…”

The many officials: “…!”

An eerie silence descended upon the hall again.

“I have a report!” A messenger rushed into the hall.

“Reporting to the emperor, there is news from Jin Border City! We failed to defend Jin Border City, and Gao Xianzhi’s army already broke in!” the messenger reported as he knelt.

The many officials: “…!”

The Jin Emperor: “…”

The Great Feng Mafia Family? The Clear River Sect? The First Song Sect? The Dragon Pinning Sect? Four major immortal sects?

Gu Hai slaughtered them all? No wonder he wants to rule the world. No wonder! He even destroyed the Jin Nation’s backer?

“Gu Hai! Gu Hai!” The Jin Emperor appeared sullen as he clenched his fist. For a moment, He felt helpless.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Drumming came from outside the hall.

[TL Note: The magistrate’s offices, which doubled as the courthouse and the magistrate’s residence, had drums outside for people to beat on when they sought an audience with the magistrate for any grievances they suffered, and wanted the case heard by the magistrate. This system was similar for higher offices, even up to the palace. Of course, the drums at the palace were not that readily accessible to everyone, as not everyone could enter the palace.]

“What’s going on?” The Jin Emperor looked towards the outside of the hall.

Soon, a guard rushed into the hall and said, “Reporting to the emperor! The Gu Residence Merchant Association’s general manager, Tang Chu, seeks an audience with the emperor. We stopped him, but he beat the Heaven Shaking Drum to get an audience with Your Majesty!”

“The Heaven Shaking Drum? The people who suffered extremely great grievances would beat the Heaven Shaking Drum for the heavens to hear. No matter the grievance, all who beat the Heaven Shaking Drum would receive eighty lashes first to establish imperial prestige before the citizen’s grievance would be addressed. The Gu Residence’s general manager actually beat the Heaven Shaking Drum?” the third prince said in shock.

At this moment, no one mentioned whether to administer the eighty lashes first.

“Bring him in!” the Jin Emperor said sullenly.

“No! Assistant Minister of Rites, go and receive him!” The Jin Emperor promptly corrected himself.

“Yes!” An official immediately left the hall.

The atmosphere felt suppressive in the hall.

The third prince was carried to the side. At this moment, he showed an extremely complicated expression.

Soon, the assistant minister of rites brought over a white-haired old man. Although this old man had white hair, he appeared very spirited with sharp eyes. Two black-clad men followed behind him, apparently protecting him at all times.

“Manager Tang, please!” the assistant minister of rites said extremely politely.

Manager Tang smiled faintly, smugness flashing in his eyes. Previously, when the Jin Nation supported the Gu Residence’s businesses, he had to face the cold gazes of many people. These officials looked down on him, all behaving aloofly except when it came to his money, which they loved.

Now that the Jin Nation was going to fall and their statuses change, how could Manager Tang not feel smug?

When Manager Tang entered the hall, he did not greet the Jin Emperor first. Instead, he looked at the two black-clad guards behind him.

“Many thanks to the two of you for protecting me along the way!” Manager Tang said with a slight bow.

“Manager Tang, we are here on the legate’s orders. There’s no need to bother with us. Just go about your business!” one of the black-clad men said seriously.

Manager Tan nodded.

The many officials only just noticed Manager Tang’s two guards. These two are two of the three thousand immortals under Gu Hai? He uses immortals to protect an ordinary person?

At first, the officials felt confused. After that, they felt horrified, as they could make out Gu Hai’s determination from this scene.

“Gu Residence’s Jin Nation branch general manager, Tang Chu, greets the Jin Emperor!” Tang Chu bowed slightly.

Tang Chu used the word “greet” rather than “salute.” Clearly, he already considered his identity to be that of an envoy rather than a humble citizen of the Jin Nation.

“Manager Tang? Are you here to represent Gu Hai?” the Jin Emperor asked seriously.

“Yes. That is my master!” Manager Tang smiled.

“Your Gu Residence is invading my borders, but even so, you dare to barge into my royal court?” the Jin Emperor said coldly.

Tang Chu did not feel any fear at the Jin Emperor’s cold shout. Instead, he smiled slightly.

Tang Chu was the general manager responsible for the Gu Residence’s businesses in the Jin Nation. He had many people under him, and he had his own prestige as well. Furthermore, once the Gu Residence conquered the Jin Nation, he might end up managing this place. Soon, he might replace this emperor. What did he have to be afraid of?

“Jin Emperor, I am not here to argue over anything with you today. There is nothing to argue about. The third prince is here. I believe he already told you everything!” Manager Tang smiled.

The Jin Emperor coldly eyed Manager Tang.

“Jin Emperor, various officials, there’s no need to look at me like that. My Gu Residence does not owe you anything. Rather, you all owe the Gu Residence a lot. Has no one here—from the Jin Emperor to the various officials—ever taken money from my Gu Residence?” Manager Tang sneered.

“Huh?” The various officials fixed their gazes on Manager Tang.

“Don’t think that your Jin Nation’s governance is that stable. Over the past few decades, the Jin Nation suffered from five floods and six major droughts, along with the subsequent plagues. Who was it that saved the citizens, preventing chaos when the nation’s treasury was empty? It was my Gu Residence. Without my Gu Residence, your Jin Nation would have plunged into chaos long ago. You rely on the Dragon Pinning Sect’s immortals? Have they ever bothered with you?” Manager Tang smiled.

“This year, the Jin Nation experienced a great drought. You reaped no harvest from the fields for thousands of kilometers around. If not for my Gu Residence’s emergency relief, how much grain could your storehouses have taken out? The ordinary citizens would have had nothing to eat. Then, they would have taken up arms and revolted, toppling the government. You would not have been able to resist!” Manager Tang said in a heavy voice.

“Manager Tang, what are you trying to say?” the Jin Emperor asked coldly.

“This time, I am here on behalf of my master to call for the surrender of the Jin Nation’s royal court. I hope everyone will think about it carefully and treasure this chance to avoid the people suffering from a terrible situation.” Then, Manager Tang took out a silk scroll.

“A call for surrender?” The Jin Emperor glared.

This development set the various officials abuzz. They stared at Tang Chu angrily, wishing they could strip his skin off and eat him alive.

“Here is the letter. Whether you surrender or not is up to you. It is just a matter of time. The ordinary citizens will not suffer; the only difference is your fate. Oh, by the way, the neighboring Cai Nation already surrendered!” Manager Tang handed over the letter for surrender and stepped back.

“Jin Emperor, various lords, this humble one will take my leave first. Do discuss it among yourselves. When you are ready, inform me. I will be staying at the Gu Residence’s restaurant outside the palace!” Manager Tang smiled faintly.

After speaking, Tang Chu turned around and walked out of the palace hall. The two black-clad escorts followed close behind.

The Jin Emperor’s chest heaved up and down as he suppressed his rage. The various officials cursed angrily. However, some among them entered deep thought, with a strange expression in their eyes.


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