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Book 2: Chapter 82: Returning Home

Rubble filled the surrounding five hundred kilometers.

Not long after Gu Hai’s group’s departure, the Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship, with Long Wanqing and Venerable Liu Nian aboard, set off as well, leaving behind shocked cultivators still trying to digest what happened.

In a certain corner:

Meng Tai leaned against a boulder, hiding behind it as Feng Ling applied medicine on his wounds.

As Meng Tai looked in the direction Gu Hai had taken, his face turned sullen. “This Gu Hai is uncanny. He grows stronger when meeting stronger opponents. How incredibly monstrous! Had he remained to compete for the dragon vein, he would have been a headache, yet he gave it up? That’s good too!”

Meng Tai turned his head and looked towards the Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship.

“The Peony Sect? I should have thought of it long ago. Unfortunately, the Peony Sect has sealed off the sect and rejects all guests. Humph! It looks like you can no longer keep it sealed this time, right?!” Meng Tai said coldly.

“Hus…husband, I’ve finished bandaging your wounds,” Feng Ling stammered in a quivering voice as she bit her lip.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid of me?” Meng Tai raised his eyebrows as he looked at Feng Ling.

“I’m not…not afraid!” Feng Ling said with some fear in her eyes.

Meng Tai sighed. Then, he embraced Feng Ling and said, “Alright. All this will pass. When I get the dragon vein and start my empire, you will be my empress. I will treat you well!”

Feng Ling bit her lip, not saying anything.

“Let’s go. We are going to the Peony Sect, the last sect of Nine-Five Island!” Meng Tai said.

Gu Hai led his subordinates to a hidden collapsed valley and stopped there.

After placing the crimson saber in his authority token’s compressed space, he waited quietly.

Gu Qin ran over from a nearby mound and said, “Adoptive Father, the Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship has left.”

Gu Hai nodded.

“Adoptive Father, the dragon vein is in the Peony Sect. Are you really not going?” Gu Qin asked out of curiosity.

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “I won’t hold any advantages if I go now. On the contrary, I would be restrained. What is the point of going?”

“Is Adoptive Father still going to fight for the dragon vein?”

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “I’m not sure yet. I’ll try if there’s a chance. However, if there are no opportunities and I force it, I would end up hurting myself.”


“Milord, here is Ding Rui’s corpse!” Shangguan Hen said as a few nearby evil men carried over Ding Rui’s corpse.

However, Ding Rui’s corpse was in a sorry state.

“Adoptive Father, what do you want this corpse for? You just need to take the Fire Division Master’s authority token,” Gu Qin asked, feeling curious.

Shangguan Hen handed the Fire Division Master’s authority token to Gu Hai. It looked very similar to the authority tokens of the Water Division Master and Earth Division Master, except with the picture of a flame on it instead.

As Gu Hai looked at Ding Rui’s corpse, he explained, “There is nothing unfortunate about Ding Rui’s death. However, she does know about the death of Long Wanqing’s mother. Even though she died, her corpse is still here. While we cannot gain any information from her now, when the Unborn Man returns, perhaps we can use her corpse to find her mortal soul.”

“Mortal soul?” Gu Qin parroted in bewilderment.

“That’s right. Construct a grave for her. Hopefully, that will prevent her mortal soul from scattering. That might be helpful to Long Wanqing and the others in the future.” Gu Hai nodded.

“Milord, you might be disappointed, then,” Shangguan Hen said with a bitter smile.


“Li Haoran’s palm strike appeared casual. However, he struck Ding Rui’s crown and should have used some energy that can destroy souls. He probably completely destroyed Ding Rui’s three spiritual souls.”

“He destroyed her three spiritual souls?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Shangguan Hen nodded but did not explain how he knew.

“Li Haoran, you truly silenced her!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Milord, what should we do with Ding Rui’s corpse?” Shangguan Hen asked.

“Bury it, then!” Gu Hai sighed.


The evil men quickly buried Ding Rui’s corpse.

Afterwards, Gu Qin took out a ring and waved gently.


Suddenly, a flying ship appeared before everyone. This was Long Wanqing’s White Cloud flying ship.

“The hall master’s three servants lent this to me. Naturally, we have to return it when we get back!” Gu Qin smiled.

Looking at Gu Qin, Gu Hai smiled bitterly as he said, “Never mind. You could have just returned it to Long Wanqing earlier. Since you did not, so be it. Anyway, she is with Venerable Liu Nian; he has another one. Let’s go back home!”

After Gu Hai spoke, everyone boarded the flying ship.

There were subordinates responsible for piloting the flying ship. After the flying ship soared into the air, it quickly flew off into the distance.

Gu Hai went to a room in the flying ship and changed out of his dirty clothes. Then, he checked Ding Rui’s authority token.

Since Ding Rui already died, it was very easy to refine the authority token. Soon, he sensed the compressed space within it.

There were tens of thousands of superior-grade spirit stones in the compressed space. When Gu Hai saw this, he sighed. Spirit stones aside, there were only some miscellaneous items belonging to Ding Rui—some books, including a few cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, some daily necessities, and some weapons.

“Ding Rui does not have a flying ship? It’s not here?” Gu Hai felt some slight regret.

Aside from the somewhat useful cultivation techniques, the other things were nothing new to Gu Hai. However, when he searched through the items, he discovered a small box.

“Oh?” Gu Hai took out that box.

This box looked incredibly exquisite and had been set apart in the authority token’s compressed space.

Feeling curious, Gu Hai opened the small box and found a letter inside.

Gu Hai picked up the letter and remained silent for a while. In the end, he did not open the letter but carefully placed it back in the box.

“Venerable Liu Nian did not rush to retrieve this authority token. However, he likely did not just forget. Rather, he probably wants to get me involved? Ha!” Gu Hai showed a slightly conflicted expression on his face.

Clack! Gu Hai closed the box and returned it to the authority token’s compressed space.

After Gu Hai finished changing his clothes, he exited the room and went to the deck. As he stood on the deck, he watched as the flying ship flew quickly.

“Adoptive Father, Nine-Five Island has five major sects grasping the six mundane regions. With four of them already destroyed, leaving only the Peony Sect, most of these mundane nations will belong to my Gu Residence in the future. Adoptive Father, should we go and take a look at the six mundane regions?” Gu Qin asked with some anticipation.

“Perhaps when we have time in the future. Right now, Nine-Five Island is not peaceful. We should return first!” Gu Hai shook his head.

“Alright!” Gu Qin said, slightly disappointed.

“Take things step by step. The mundane region we stay in already has five nations. There are many things to do when we return!” Gu Hai said with a smile.


On the Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship:

In one of the many palace halls on the flying ship, Venerable Liu Nian placed two palms on Long Wanqing’s back as he tried to break the seal on her cultivation.

From a distant place on the deck, Li Haoran looked at Venerable Liu Nian with a sullen expression, appearing to be in a bad mood.

An armored man with a youthful face stood before Li Haoran.

“Gao Liusheng! I have a mission for you,” Li Haoran said.

“Yes. Battalion Commander, please issue your command!” the young-looking man said seriously.

“You reached the Nascent Soul Realm not long ago, right? Lead a team to go and kill Gu Hai,” Li Haoran commanded.

“Huh? Yes!” Gao Liusheng answered, not rejecting.

Li Haoran leaned against the railing as he looked into the distance. “Nine-Five Island is a setup of Old Mister Guan Qi. That earlier Heavenly Go Pavilion disciple valued Gu Hai highly. Gu Hai must have something to do with this. Although he said he would not participate in the fight for the dragon vein, accidents might happen. I do not want any accidents, so Gu Hai must die. Since it is not convenient for me to take action, you have to do it.”

“Yes. However, this subordinate worries that…” Gao Liusheng said with a frown.

“I know that Gu Hai is incredible. Take one thousand of the Divine Strategy Battalion disciples. Furthermore, don’t take personal action. I’ll give you some treasures. Use them to hire mercenaries to kill Gu Hai,” Li Haoran said seriously.

“Yes. This subordinate happens to know a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators currently in Nine-Five Island.” Gao Liusheng nodded.

“There are some treasures in this ring. Go and pick your team!” Li Haoran handed over a ring.

“Yes!” Gao Liusheng answered.

Then, Gao Liusheng promptly left to pick his subordinates.

The flying ship stopped at a peak for a while. One thousand Divine Strategy Battalion disciples disembarked and rushed off into the distance.


Long Wanqing spewed out a mouthful of blood. Then, surging energy spread out from her body.

“Venerable Liu Nian, the seal is lifted. Many thanks, Venerable!” Long Wanqing looked at her hands excitedly.

“Fu Xue’s seal was rather strange, so it took some time!” Venerable Liu Nian smiled as he stood up.

“Huh?” Long Wanqing raised her eyebrows. She happened to see the one thousand Divine Strategy Battalion disciples leaving the flying ship.

Just at this moment, Li Haoran walked over.

“Battalion Commander Li, why are they leaving?” Long Wanqing asked, feeling suspicious.

“I sent them on a mission. There’s no need to worry.” Li Haoran smiled.

“Is that so?” However, Long Wanqing showed a slightly complicated expression.

After chatting for a while, Li Haoran returned to his room.

As Long Wanqing stood on the deck and looked at the Divine Strategy Battalion disciples who left, she felt worried.

“Venerable, do you think that he sent those one thousand Divine Strategy Battalion disciples to go and deal with Gu Hai?” Long Wanqing looked somewhat worriedly at Venerable Liu Nian.

While Long Wanqing was inexperienced in the ways of the world, that did not mean she was stupid. She could guess it with just some thought.

“I hope he did.” Venerable Liu Nian smiled as he looked into the distance.

“Ah?” Long Wanqing said worriedly.

“Don’t worry. This Gu Hai is not easy to deal with. Gao Liusheng should not be able to beat him,” Venerable Liu Nian said seriously.

“However, what if he launches a sneak attack?” Long Wanqing frowned.

“A sneak attack would be even better. It would be more likely to anger Gu Hai. Ha!” Venerable Liu Nian laughed.

Long Wanqing: “…”

“Don’t worry. Gu Hai will be fine. He is very hardy. You, on the other hand… Be very careful when you enter the Peony Sect,” Venerable Liu Nian said seriously.


After four hours, the White Cloud flying ship arrived at the Gu Residence.

At this moment, the surroundings of the Gu Residence were extremely busy. After Gu Hai issued his commands, the managers of the Gu Clan’s businesses had mostly guessed his plan. All of them rushed about excitedly.

Master wants to rule the world?

No one considered this impossible. Their many years of reverence for Gu Hai made the managers believe this to be a matter of course, as this was Master.

Soon, these managers would no longer be just managers of shops but possibly officials. Who would not work hard?

When Gu Hai returned on the flying ship, countless people received him at the Gu Residence, presenting a scene of incredible vitality.

“Milord! You’ve returned! Gao Xianzhi’s army already reached the frontlines and is attacking the four nations!” Chen Tianshan welcomed Gu Hai with a smile.


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