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Book 2: Chapter 77: Bone Wings


The ground burst open around the Dragon Pinning Sect as many mountains crumbled.

The countless cultivators who came but could not enter the Dragon Pinning Sect immediately retreated.

“Aren’t they just solving Go puzzles? Why is there such a violent earthquake?”

“Something happened in the Dragon Pinning Sect. They even activated their ritual array. Something must have happened in there!”

“What an intense earthquake! Quickly, move away! Hurry!”

The outside of the Dragon Pinning Sect turned chaotic.

The inside of the Dragon Pinning Sect also turned chaotic.

Ding Rui’s expression changed drastically as she looked anxiously at the Go puzzle world. However, she could not see anything aside from the dragon vein. What exactly happened in there?


As the ground shook, the cultivators in Leisure Valley continuously dodged countless falling rubble.

“What’s going on? Does this have something to do with that floating island?” The cultivators panicked.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out. The Dragon Pinning Sect’s protective ritual array exploded, and countless shattered rocks around the ritual array immediately fell.


The cultivators quickly fled.

“The Dragon Pinning Sect’s ritual array broke open!”

“We can go out now! Quickly leave!”

“Ah? The earthquake is happening outside too?”

“What exactly happened?”

The surroundings of the Dragon Pinning Sect were chaotic. The intense earthquake prompted countless cultivators to flee. As they looked at the shuddering floating island, they revealed expressions of shock.


The Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship sped over to the Dragon Pinning Sect from afar.

“Faster! Hurry up!” Li Haoran shouted.


The flying ship accelerated to its fastest speed.

Inside the Go puzzle world:

Long Wanqing tried using the Dragon Luring Jade to collect the dragon vein. However, she failed several times, which fanned her anxiety.

Sea waves soared up in the surroundings as a storm raged. The dragon vein’s body squirmed intensely as Gu Hai plundered the dragon vein through the bone spikes stabbed into it.


Gu Hai trembled for a moment.


Gu Hai withdrew the bone web coming from his palm. Then, he moved away from the dragon vein. Surging energy gushed around inside his body, giving rise to discomfort.

Gu Hai’s bones absorbed the one-thousandth energy fed back from the Life Ender Saber. When the surging energy accumulated, his bones felt like they reached a limit.

The dragon vein’s energy was overly vast.

The energy in Gu Hai’s bones was only a simple accumulation of energy. It could not bring about a qualitative change. If this energy remained accumulated in his body, he might explode from it sooner or later. He needed to transform qualitatively in order to absorb more.

“Providence? I need providence!” Gu Hai showed an unsightly expression.


Gu Hai stopped absorbing the dragon vein’s energy. However, the dragon vein had already gone berserk, squirming endlessly.

“Argh!” Long Wanqing let out a miserable shriek.

Gu Hai rushed over and saw the dragon vein knocking Long Wanqing into the air.


Gu Hai quickly caught the flying Long Wanqing.

“Hurry! The Dragon Luring Jade! The Dragon Luring Jade!” Long Wanqing pointed anxiously at the ball-like object that fell off.


Suddenly, a black figure shot over in the sky, also rushing to the ball-like Dragon Luring Jade in the air.

“Oh no!”

Gu Hai pushed hard with his feet.


The extreme force allowed him to rocket over instantly.


Gu Hai grabbed the ball-like Dragon Luring Jade and descended while carrying Long Wanqing.

The black figure did not try to snatch the Dragon Luring Jade. Instead, he threw a palm strike at Gu Hai.


A huge manifested palm carrying destructive power seemed to want to smash Gu Hai to bits.

“Go!” Long Wanqing suddenly shouted as she tossed out a small blue ball.


The instant the small blue ball made contact with that manifested palm, it exploded and destroyed the manifested palm.

Gu Hai and Long Wanqing landed on the ground.

Then, Long Wanqing hugged the Dragon Luring Jade, and a golden light barrier suddenly formed and encased her.

Gu Hai kept his guard up as he looked at the figure across him.

“Meng Tai!” Gu Hai said with a cold expression.

Meng Tai held Feng Ling as he narrowed his eyes and looked at Long Wanqing. “Hall Master? You are really slow. Until now, you have not collected the dragon vein into the Dragon Luring Jade?”

Long Wanqing’s eyelids twitched wildly.

“You are Meng Tai? You have been lying in wait, wanting to snatch my Dragon Luring Jade?” Long Wanqing shouted angrily.

“After trying for such a long time, you still could not collect it. Even I feel anxious on your behalf. Hand the Dragon Luring Jade to me. I’ll do it!” Meng Tia sneered.

Long Wanqing’s expression changed.

“Meng Tai, you are Elite Hall’s Earth Division Master. Are you going to do the same as Ding Rui, rebelling against your superior?” Long Wanqing asked coldly.

“Hall Master, you are now like an ordinary person, and Gu Hai cannot lay ritual arrays; he is just an ordinary Innate Realm cultivator. Do you think that you two are a match for me? Hand it to me now, and I can spare you!” Meng Tai said coldly.

However, as Meng Tai spoke, he kept his guard up against Gu Hai.

Long Wanqing showed a sullen expression as she extended her hand. Whoosh!

Suddenly, a box appeared in her palm.

“Gu Hai, use this saber to block him!” Long Wanqing said gravely.

“Huh?” Gu Hai felt slightly bewildered.

“Although my cultivation is sealed, I still have treasures. Use it. My younger sister stole it from my maternal grandfather’s treasury for me!” Long Wanqing said.

“Huh?” Meng Tai’s face sank.


Gu Hai quickly opened the box.


Boundless crimson light erupted from the box, instantly dyeing the surroundings red.

A saber lay in the box. It was about one hundred thirty centimeters long and thin as a cicada’s wings. It was crimson with many green veins stuck to it. The green veins pulsated, making the crimson saber give off even more crimson energy.

Gu Hai quickly grabbed the saber’s handle.


Suddenly, crimson energy rushed into Gu Hai’s body, immediately dyeing him red. He gave off a crimson flame from his body as intense bloodthirst filled his mind.

“What saber is this? It contains a strong power!” Gu Hai said in shock.

“This is an imitation of Blood Prison. Grandfather collected it, as it was a good imitation. Use it first. It will allow you to gain the strength of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator temporarily!” Long Wanqing said.

“This is just an imitation?” Gu Hai felt slightly stunned.

“Blood Prison?” Meng Tai’s expression changed.

“You block Meng Tai. I already found the trick and can collect the dragon vein soon!” Long Wanqing said as she clutched the Dragon Luring Jade.

“Alright!” Gu Hai smiled bitterly.

As Gu Hai spoke, he swung the crimson saber in his hand at Meng Tai.


A crimson saber qi suddenly appeared in the air. This saber qi was at least a hundred times stronger than what Gu Hai could send out with the Life Ender Saber. When he swung this saber, it felt like heaven chopping down, tearing through space. Everywhere it passed, the rocks and mountains on the island immediately shattered.

Meng Tai’s expression changed. With the flip of his hand, he took out a sword and swung it.


The sword qi and crimson saber qi clashed. The explosion shook space.

“Great saber!” Gu Hai said in shock.

At this moment, Gu Hai looked completely crimson. When he stepped forward, he felt replete with strength. His speed instantly increased countless times.


Gu Hai sent another saber strike at Meng Tai.

Meng Tai also swung his sword again.


Now, a crimson manifested saber and a manifested sword clashed in the air. They appeared to be even. Using the power of the crimson saber, Gu Hai instantly pushed his strength to the limits. Even when facing the ferocious Meng Tai, he did not fall behind.

“Truly worthy of being Blood Prison’s imitation. To think that it raised your strength by so much!” Meng Tai said with a ferocious expression as he held Feng Ling with one hand.


Gu Hai stepped forward and used the manifested saber to press Meng Tai.

On the other side, Long Wanqing clutched the Dragon Luring Jade and faced the dragon vein, releasing a beam of golden light.

“Dragon vein, enter my Dragon Luring Jade!” Long Wanqing shouted.


A suction came from the Dragon Luring Jade, trying to draw in the dragon vein. However, the dragon vein was overly vast; the Dragon Luring Jade could not move it at all. This caused Long Wanqing to feel anxious.

“Ha!” Meng Tai shouted as he tried to knock Gu Hai’s saber aside.


The crimson saber barely budged before it swung at Meng Tai again.

When the saber swung, crimson light filled the sky. A surging crimson storm swept towards Meng Tai.


Meng Tai leaped while carrying Feng Ling, vaulting into the sky. The crimson manifested saber could not reach him at all.

“The crimson saber is incredible. To think that it can push your strength and speed to the Nascent Soul Realm level. However, you are still an Innate Realm cultivator in the end. Innate Realm cultivators cannot fly. You will never be a match for me!” Meng Tai said coldly.

Gu Hai’s expression turned cold as he stomped on the ground.


Gu Hai shot up like a fired cannonball. The strong impetus pushed him into the sky, charging at Meng Tai.

Then, the crimson saber sent out a manifested saber at Meng Tai again.

However, Meng Tai’s eyes lit up as he showed a sinister smile.

Meng Tai immediately ducked, going a little lower than Gu Hai. Then, he thrust his sword up.


The sword and the saber clashed. The powerful impact immediately knocked Meng Tai down to the sea. However, Gu Hai rebounded into the sky.


When Gu Hai flew higher into the sky, his expression suddenly changed.

“Hahahahaha! Right now, you have no purchase. So what if you have the crimson saber? You can only remain there for me to chop down!” Meng Tai charged back into the sky with a ferocious expression.

Meng Tai swung his sword at the sky, wanting to chop the falling Gu Hai in half.

Gu Hai fell from the sky as he held the crimson saber. As he had no purchase, he could not bring out the strength of the saber. Soon, it looked like Meng Tai would kill him.

On the other side, Long Wanqing could not collect the dragon vein, inflaming her anxiety. When she turned her head and looked, she saw the scene of Gu Hai in danger.

To Long Wanqing, this scene meant that it was over for Gu Hai. Gu Hai had no purchase and could not maneuver as he pleased, only waiting to get chopped down by Meng Tai.

“Die! Unless you can fly!” Meng Tai swung his sword with even more force.

“Oh no!” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

Meng Tai showed a ferocious expression.

It looked like Gu Hai would soon get chopped in half.


Suddenly, the clothes on Gu Hai’s back tore. Then, a pair of thirty-meter-long white wings erupted from his back. It was a pair of bone wings.


The bone wings flapped hard, and Gu Hai’s figure suddenly stopped.


Meng Tai’s sword qi missed, hitting nothing but air.

“What?” Meng Tai’s expression changed.

Long Wanqing also looked at the wings on Gu Hai’s back in surprise. Why does he have wings?

The huge wings stabilized Gu Hai’s figure. Then, they flapped hard again, sending Gu Hai shooting downwards as he swung his crimson saber at Meng Tai.

As Meng Tai had just missed, he could not counter with his full power, only able to block the crimson saber hastily.


The two weapons clashed again. A loud sound rang out as Meng Tai’s sword exploded. Saber qi shot all over the place, instantly shredding Meng Tai’s entire body.

“No!” Meng Tai’s expression changed. He covered himself with some energy as he carried Feng Ling, protecting her with all his might.


The crimson saber cut Meng Tai’s body, tearing open a large gash on his back. The bloody wound looked deep and scary, exposing white bones.


Gu Hai landed beside Long Wanqing. Then, the bone wings suddenly disappeared.

“What?” Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai’s smooth back in confusion. Where are the wings? Did I see wrong?

“What an incredible saber!” Gu Hai marveled.

On the other side, blood covered Meng Tai as he carried Feng Ling. He looked at Gu Hai with an unsightly expression.

“Gu Hai, I still underestimated you. You can fly as well?” Meng Tai said coldly.


Space shook as the dragon vein’s struggles intensified. It seemed like it would crush this independent world at any time.

“Hall Master, why are you not done yet?” Gu Hai asked anxiously.

“I don’t know, either. It seems impossible. This dragon vein is too strong; the Dragon Luring Jade’s suction is not strong enough!” Long Wanqing replied anxiously as she held the Dragon Luring Jade.

“The Dragon Luring Jade’s suction is not strong enough? Oh no! This is not where the dragon head is!” Meng Tai’s expression changed.

“The dragon head?” Not far away, Long Wanqing showed a bewildered expression.

Meng Tai looked at the Dragon Luring Jade in Long Wanqing’s hands. Greed flashed in his eyes, but when he saw Gu Hai holding the crimson saber, his face sank. The wound on his back was still bleeding. He knew that it would be pointless to maintain this stalemate.

“Feng Ling, let’s go!”

As Meng Tai spoke, he carried Feng Ling into the sky.

“Catch them! Don’t let them run!” Long Wanqing yelled to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai showed a faint bitter smile as he said, “Hall Master, do you really think that I’m a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?”

Gu Hai did not give chase. He had managed to injure Meng Tai severely only through luck, making use of an unexpected turn of events. Furthermore, this was the first time he used the bone wings. How could he be as agile as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator when flying? If they continued fighting, who knew who would win in the end?

“But we can’t let him run!” Long Wanqing insisted anxiously.

Gu Hai shook his head. Ding Rui was still outside. He did not want to listen to Long Wanqing’s reckless commands.


The dragon vein roared, squirming frantically again. The island Gu Hai and Long Wanqing were on immediately crumbled.

“Oh no! This Go puzzle world is going to crumble!” Gu Hai’s expression changed as he picked up Long Wanqing and jumped away.

The ground continued shuddering around the Dragon Pinning Sect. The surrounding mountains and rivers crumbled, turning to rubble. Countless cultivators fled in all directions.

As Ding Rui stood on the floating island, she appeared anxious.

“Is it going to break? Is the Go puzzle world going to break? Long Wanqing, why have you not collected the dragon vein yet? Without the Go puzzle world sealing it, the dragon vein will escape. It will escape! Don’t you have the Dragon Luring Jade? Hurry up!” Ding Rui felt incredibly anxious.

However, Ding Rui could not do anything, as she was outside.


Suddenly, a berserk gale arrived from a distance. Then, a large object stopped by the floating island’s side. It was the Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship.

As Li Haoran stood on the flying ship, he glowered furiously at Ding Rui, who was above the floating island.

“Ding Rui, you old bitch! How dare you lie to me?!” Li Haoran said with cold fury.

Ding Rui turned her head, her expression changing.


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