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Book 2: Chapter 64: Plan to Start a Nation

Gu Hai finally managed to kill Li Qinghe after five days of relentless pursuit.

Gu Hai stabbed the Life Ender Saber into his chest, turning it back into a rib bone. Then, he found a small brook and washed himself. After changing his clothes, he examined his surroundings.

Having run for so long, Gu Hai had no idea where he ended up.

One day later, Gu Hai found a city.

“This is the Jin Nation? It is in the same mundane region as my Gu Residence but in the southwest.” Gu Hai frowned as he entered the city.

Gu Hai started as the wealthiest man of the six nations. The Jin Nation was one of the six. Soon, he found one of his shops.

“Master! Master, you turned young! When this insignificant one followed Master around in the past, Master looked exactly like this!” an old manager greeted excitedly as he looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai looked at the old manager and sighed, “Rest assured, you will become young as well!”

“Yes, yes! Thank you, Master! As long as this insignificant one can follow Master, this insignificant one is willing to do anything! However, this insignificant one has been responsible for the business in the Jin Nation these years and has not gotten to see Master for a long time already,” the old manager said happily.


“By the way, Master, many ‘immortals’ came previously, seeking Master’s whereabouts. They were like madmen, but things are better now. They have not come seeking Master for a while now. However, it seems there was word of them going to the Dragon Pinning Sect. I wonder what they are doing there,” the old manager said.

“Oh? The Dragon Pinning Sect?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

The Dragon Pinning Sect was one of Nine-Five Island’s five major sects. However, that was not what caught Gu Hai’s attention but Meng Tai’s mention of it in Meng Tai’s memories he had watched with Ding Rui and Song Pingsheng. It seemed that Long Wanqing’s mother and Meng Tai discovered the dragon vein in the Dragon Pinning Sect twenty years ago. After that, Ding Rui rushed off from the Great Feng Mafia Family, likely heading to the Dragon Pinning Sect.

The Dragon Pinning Sect?

“Master, the Jin Nation is subordinate to the Dragon Pinning Sect,” the old manager reported.

The Dragon Pinning Sect? Dragon vein? Ding Rui?

Gu Hai frowned, entering deep thought. Then, he rapped on the table with his fingers. The old manager stood respectfully at the side, waiting quietly.

Gu Hai took a deep breath and said, “Since the cultivators are all heading to the Dragon Pinning Sect, I shall go and take a look as well, so I won’t be going back for now!”

“Ah? Yes!” The old manager nodded.

“Prepare a brush, ink, and paper. I am going to write letters to all the general managers of the five nations!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” the old manager answered while his expression changed.

All the general managers of the five nations?

Gu Hai was the wealthiest man of the six nations. After he destroyed the Song Nation, five nations remained. The general managers were the spokespersons for the Gu Residence in their respective nations, responsible for all the business there, and held the greatest authority.

It was just like how Gu Han previously managed the Song Nation’s business. While the old manager before Gu Hai held great prestige, he was not the manager with the greatest authority in the Jin Nation.

Naturally, Gu Hai had something major to announce, given that he was writing to the general managers of all five nations at the same time.

Not daring to tarry, the old manager personally ground the ink for Gu Hai.

[TL Note: In ancient China, ink did not come in liquid form. It came as a solid ink stick, which you had to grind on an inkstone to get liquid ink. Here is a video explaining it and showing the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjFAen8wgzQ. The terms are different, as the person in this video uses Cantonese rather than Mandarin. Now, we only do this for calligraphy, and there are even premade liquid inks that can be used immediately. However, during ancient times, people had to do this every time they wanted to write something.]

Gu Hai thought for a while before starting to write the letters.

“You may read it but remember to keep it a secret!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Yes!” the old manager said respectfully.

As Gu Hai wrote the letters, the old manager ground ink at the side while tilting his head to read the letter.

As the old manager read, his eyelids twitched. Then, he started to flush with excitement.

“Master…Master, you…you are going to rule the world?” the old manager said somewhat breathlessly, feeling thrilled.

“Hmm?” Gu Hai frowned.

The old manager immediately suppressed his excitement. After breathing deeply for a while, he said, “Yes. This insignificant one did not see anything. I did not see anything at all!”

“Do your work properly. Not only will you follow me to rule the mundane world, but you will also follow me to rule the cultivation world. So what if they are immortals? In the future, these immortals will only be like insignificant, low-ranking officials to you all!” Gu Hai said, confidence flashing in his eyes.

“Yes!” the old manager answered.

“Use the Gu Residence’s method of sending letters to pass on my instructions to the various general managers. Spare no expense. As long as it is done well, it will be fine even if you spend all the money,” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” the old manager answered.

“Send these letters to my Gu Residence. Make sure they reach Gu Qin’s hands. This matter is critical; nothing can go wrong!” Gu Hai said in a serious tone.

“Yes. Master, rest assured. I will get my eldest son to send the letter to First Young Master personally. If anything goes wrong, I’ll have my neck ready for execution!” the old manager said with a solemn expression.

Gu Hai nodded.

After resting in the Jin Nation for an entire day and purchasing a large number of goods, Gu Hai set off for the Dragon Pinning Sect.

Eight days later, Gu Residence, Hulao Pass:

The news from the First Song Sect arrived.

When the countless cultivators in the surroundings heard that Gu Hai slaughtered the entire First Song Sect by himself, they all felt a chill in their hearts.

“Alone? Senior Brother, you must be joking, right?”

“Who is joking with you? I saw it myself. It was too brutal!”

“Gu Hai? Then…then, what are we still doing here? Are we still going to snatch the Century Lifespan Immortality Peach?”


The Gu Residence’s surroundings broke out in a hubbub. Countless cultivators discussed the events at the First Song Sect. Many cultivators who did not see the scene of dry bones blanketing the place drummed up their courage to investigate the First Song Sect. However, after some people returned from the First Song Sect, no one else wanted to go anymore. It was too horrifying.

Inside the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array:

Gu Qin summoned the four legates, gathering them in a large hall.

A middle-aged man stood before them.

“First Young Master, my father told me to deliver these letters. As I had to leave in a rush, Master did not tell me anything about them!” the middle-aged man said respectfully.

Gu Qin nodded. Then, he waved his hand to dismiss this middle-aged man.

Only Gu Qin, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, Scar, and Shangguan Hen remained in the large hall.

“Legates, these are letters from my adoptive father. Of course, there is also one for me. Take a look first,” Gu Qin said.

The four legates showed bewildered expressions as they received the letters. Then, they read carefully. After a while, everyone raised their eyebrows.

“Milord is…is planning to rule this patch of the mundane world?” Scar said, feeling surprised.

“Nine-Five Island has five major sects. The Great Feng Mafia Family, the Clear River Sect, and the First Song Sect have already been eliminated. Indeed, it is time for a reshuffle. However…” Chen Tianshan frowned.

“However, what?” Gu Qin looked at Chen Tianshan.

“So what if he rules Nine-Five Island? How could it compare to Elite Hall?” Chen Tianshan asked, feeling confused.

“Legate Chen, there’s no need to doubt my adoptive father’s words. I think that my adoptive father might not have thought as far as Legate Chen did,” Gu Qin said.

Chen Tianshan felt slightly stunned as he nodded.

“Right now, all we need to do is what Adoptive Father said in the letters!” Gu Qin said.

The four legates nodded.

“Legate Chen, according to my adoptive father’s letter, you will be responsible for convincing the Chen Nation. You are permitted to make Chen Liangyi a baron, and that title can be inherited. Quickly deal with the Chen Nation’s handover to my Gu Residence. Will there be any problems?” Gu Qin asked.

Chen Tianshan nodded and said, “Of course, there are no problems. Without the Clear River Sect’s support, the Chen Nation will have to subordinate itself to another sect even if it does not submit to the Gu Residence. I’ll go convince Chen Liangyi!”

Gu Qin nodded.

“Legate Chen, your mission is quite important. Aside from convincing Chen Liangyi, your Earth Legion is also responsible for recruiting the surrounding cultivators into my Gu Residence!” Gu Qin said seriously.

“Recruiting the surrounding cultivators? This…!”

“I know that it is difficult. However, my adoptive father said that many independent cultivators of the Thousand Islands Sea have gathered in Nine-Five Island. You might as well give it a try. It does not matter if you cannot recruit them!” Gu Qin said gravely.

“Alright!” Chen Tianshan nodded.

“Legate Gao, according to my adoptive father’s letter, you are installed as the grand commander of my Gu Residence. You will lead the soldiers and prepare to fight the other four nations!” Gu Qin said gravely.

“Alright!” Gao Xianzhi answered without hesitation.

“Don’t worry. My Gu Residence has deeply infiltrated the five nations. However, my adoptive father previously did not want to fight for supremacy. Now, my adoptive father has issued the call. My Gu Residence’s strength definitely surpasses your imagination. It should not be difficult to deal with the other four nations!” Gu Qin smiled.

Gao Xianzhi nodded with a complicated expression. How ignorant was the Song Nation back then? To think that they dared to clash with the Gu Residence.

“Adoptive Father’s letter said that the primary objective in ruling this mundane region is to nurture soldiers. Legate Gao, we need to put effort into raising some talented generals.”

“Yes!” Gao Xianzhi nodded.

“My adoptive father has long been preparing talents. There are some managers in various locations and a few talents that we collected. They will gradually take over governing the cities. Legate Scar, my adoptive father assigned ensuring the safety of these people responsible for the takeover to you. Protect these people well!” Gu Qin said gravely.

“Leave it to me!” Scar nodded.

“Legate Shangguan, my adoptive father’s instructions for you are to bring the Regal Legion to receive him!” Gu Qin said.

“We will set off immediately!” Shangguan Hen nodded.

“Legate Shangguan, don’t rush off just yet. I’ll prepare some customs clearance documents for you. I’ll also send out messenger pigeons. Everyone from the Gu Residence’s businesses will assist you with everything they have!” Gu Qin said seriously.

“Alright!” Shangguan Hen nodded.

After the short meeting ended, the three thousand evil men and the Gu Residence’s businesses became busy.

Most of the Gu Residence’s old managers were shrewd people. From the moment Gu Qin started issuing orders, they sensed something extraordinary. It seemed like they guessed something that spurred their excitement, so they went to complete all their tasks with zeal.

Three days later in the Chen Nation’s imperial palace:

Chen Tianshan sat across from Chen Liangyi.

“Great Granduncle, this…this is Gu Hai’s intent?” Chen Liangyi’s expression kept changing.

“Chen Liangyi, don’t get befuddled. Without the Gu Residence’s support, the Chen Nation’s destruction would be close. Milord already promised that you would become a baron and could pass the noble title to your successor. Are you still not satisfied?” Chen Tianshan asked.

“No, no. That’s not what I’m worried about. It was Gu Hai, no, Milord, who gave me the Chen Nation. Back then, the Chen Nation nearly collapsed. Although I’m somewhat reluctant, I understand the greater picture. However, I’m worried that some people might not be willing.” Chen Liangyi smiled bitterly.


“My Chen Nation has a group of deeply rooted nobles. I’m worried that they will protest,” Chen Liangyi explained.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Just take care of the handover. As for those nobles who rebel? My Earth Legion will deal with them. We will kill anyone who dares to disrupt the peace.”

“Yes!” Chen Liangyi’s expression continued changing. However, he eventually nodded.

“Liangyi, don’t think that the title of baron is too low. Perhaps…perhaps this is your opportunity. You can follow me and enter the cultivating world. Your lifespan will no longer be limited to a mere century,” Chen Tianshan explained.

Chen Liangyi’s expression changed as he said, “Cultivators can establish nations as well?”

Chen Tianshan laughed, “That is natural. There are countless cultivator nations in the Divine Continent, including the strongest heavenly dynasties. That is not something you can imagine. The salute of ‘long life for ten thousand years’ is a true ten thousand years. It is not like what you have, just a mere greeting.”

“Ten thousand years? A heavenly dynasty’s emperor can really live ten thousand years?” Chen Liangyi said while goggling.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about these impractical things. Call together your most trusted men and begin the handover,” Chen Tianshan said seriously.

“Ah! Yes!” Chen Liangyi answered.


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