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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 9 Bahasa Indonesia

An hour had passed as Mykel watched the rookie Awakeners run for their lives while the experienced Awakeners that heard what happened started to run and prevent the demons from entering the city. He watched how many Awakeners that came to defend the city but he knew they weren’t enough against the hordes of demons.

As Mykel enjoyed his drink, he heard a little girl sobbing and he immediately looked in the direction of the sob was coming from. He saw two little girls, the one was older than the other, and the younger one was the one who sobbed very loudly. He ran and immediately approached them as he deactivated his [Intimidate] skill.

“What are you doing here, little girl?” Mykel asked the older one as he brushed the young girl’s hair to comfort her.

The girl pointed at the crowds of Awakeners. “Mama! Save our mama!”

Mykel nodded with understanding as he grabbed the girls and brought them to the tavern.

“You guys stay here, okay? I will bring your mama here,” Mykel said as he went on his knee.

The older girl nodded with understanding as she wiped her little sister’s tears on her cheeks. The younger girl kept sobbing but he had no experience with kids so he left it to her older sister to take care of her.

“What’s your mother’s full name?” Mykel asked as he stood in front of the door.

“Edith Levine,” The older sister answered.

Mykel left the tavern as he saw Awakeners running away from the battlefield. He looked at the crowds and immediately ran there to find the mother of those children.

Mykel opened the command prompt and wrote the mother’s name in there. Edith Levine’s name immediately showed up, he noticed that she was an Awakener and realized why those little girls were out there in the first place. He tapped on her name and used a command to find her location and track her movement using the system.

“612’50.8″S 10638’11.5″E” Mykel mumbled as he looked at the screen and his surroundings at the same time. “She’s not moving and I’m close,” he said as he checked his own coordinate.

A woman was lying on the side of the road with blood covering her stomach, he looked at her and he immediately approached her. She was conscious but her condition was quite serious, he then lifted her up as he looked her in the eyes. “Are you Edith Levine?” Mykel asked.

The woman looked Mykel in the eye and nodded weakly. “Don’t worry, your daughters are safe, I will bring you to them now,” Mykel said as he carried her away from the crowds and back to the tavern.

Mykel safely brought Edith into the tavern and her daughters immediately ran toward her. They both were crying as Mykel put her on the couch, he looked at her condition and he couldn’t do anything since he had no knowledge about treating wounds like that. He decided to go outside and looked around but because there were so many people running around he couldn’t focus on searching for people who could treat a wound.

Mykel stood on top of the table and took a deep breath. “Is there anyone here who’s a doctor or a nurse?! There’s a woman with an open wound in the stomach inside this tavern!” he screamed so loud that everyone stopped moving and looked at him with confusion.

A man raised his hand immediately. “I’m a doctor! Where’s she?!” he said as he approached Mykel.

Mykel pointed his finger at the door as he jumped down from the table. “Hurry!”

The doctor nodded and followed Mykel into the tavern and he immediately checked on Edith’s condition. “She’s not looking good!” The doctor said as he pressed the wound with a piece of cloth.

“What do you need?” Mykel asked as he looked at Edith’s face which started to pale.

“Grab one of those bottles, a clean cloth, a needle, and a thread!” The doctor answered as he tried to stop the bleeding.

Mykel jumped over the counter and grabbed a bottle of vodka and then he saw the clean cloth in the drawer underneath the counter. He ran back to the doctor and put them on the table, he then went to each room in the building to find a needle and a thread.

“Found it,” Mykel said as he grabbed a spool with a needle wrapped in the thread.

Mykel went back and gave it to the doctor.

“Please help me put the pressure on her stomach!” The doctor said as he cleaned the needle with vodka and then put the threat in the needle.

Mykel carefully put pressure on Edith’s stomach and he was a bit worried that his strength was too much and would only make it worse.

“Alright, please clean the blood around the wound while I’m closing the wound!” The doctor said.

Mykel nodded and slowly moved his hands away from the wound, he saw how big the wound was and the blood was running down like a stream. He felt a bit sick to see an open wound for the first time as he carefully wiped the blood from Edith’s stomach.

As Mykel helped the doctor a group of people barged in and it startled him, he turned around and saw a man with missing limbs being carried by four people. He saw bones and hanging flesh for the first time and immediately looked away and just focused on helping Edith.

The screams of pain of the guy made him anxious and a bit of scared, he couldn’t help but check on him but the moment he saw the wounds he immediately turned around and shook his head.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

Mykel glanced at the notification and he decided to check what kind of skill he got. The moment he saw the skill he attained he sighed with a bit of relief because the skill he got was [Mind-Stability]. He immediately activated the skill and it gave him a bit of peace of mind, but that didn’t last long when another group of people entered the tavern while carrying half of a body of a man.

The stress was that Mykel had already reached the roof and it was a matter of seconds before he exploded.

“We are done!” The doctor said as he wiped the sweat on his forehead with his forearm. “I will take care of the other now! Please keep an eye on her and keep me updated if anything happened to her,” The doctor continued as he shook Mykel on the shoulder since he could tell that Mykel was on a brink of insanity.

The two little girls hugged Mykel so tightly as they cried and thanked him for saving their mother’s life. Mykel wanted to hug them back but he realized the blood all over his hands and how bad his hands trembled.

[You have increased a skill!]

[Mind-Stability (Lv.1) Mind-Stability (Lv.2)]

Mykel finally could breathe because before the skill raised its level, he felt like he was choking. He tried to reach his blazer pocket and grabbed a cigarette with his trembling fingers, but he managed to grab one and put it in his mouth.

Mykel walked to the back room as he saw a few dead people in the tavern, he couldn’t handle them and then he entered the backroom and he closed the door behind him. He tried to light his cigarette but his hand couldn’t stop trembling, he was so frustrated and pissed at the same time that he threw the cigarette on the wall.

The screams of the people outside the room made him tremble and rubbed his face to calm himself down.

[You have increased a skill!]

[Mind-Stability (Lv.2) Mind-Stability (Lv.3)]

The moment his skill increased, his hands stopped trembling and his head was so clear that he didn’t feel any anxiety at all. He was a bit confused about why he was so scared in the first place, and it felt really weird.

Mykel opened the door and saw everything more clearly as if the dark clouds and the weight on his shoulders suddenly disappeared. He walked past those people and looked at Edith with her daughters on her side. He looked at a guy who was doing nothing and grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged her to Edith.

“Stay there and keep an eye on here, if you see anything weird inform the doctor, do you understand?” Mykel asked as he glared at the guy. The guy nodded with understanding and then Mykel removed his hand from the guy’s shirt and left the tavern.

Mykel looked at the situation outside, and the demons already breached the city and the Awakeners fought them in the city. He looked in the other direction and saw the people were trying to save themselves with their children. He grabbed his cigarette and put it in his mouth as he walked to the south where the hordes of demons were.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” Joan asked Mykel with his friends standing behind him.

Mykel stared at them and noticed those guys were the rookies he saw earlier. He then removed his blazer and his wristwatch, he threw them at Joan. “Hold it for me for a second,” he said as he kept walking and folded his sleeves.

“What? Where are you going?!” Joan asked as he held Mykel’s blazer and a wristwatch.

Mykel lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply then puffed the smoke. “I’m going to end this,” he answered.


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