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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 88 Bahasa Indonesia

Both Bitria and Armata immediately hopped on their horses and ran away leaving Kier’s dead body with Mykel. Gunnar and the others looked at Mykel with a surprised expression, they never thought he would kill Kier immediately.

Euros and the others looked at the headless Kier and noticed the blood was black. “Wait? Why his blood is black? The fallen heroes that we fought on the thirteenth floor bleed red blood,” Arvel asked.

“It’s because he was raised from the dead,” Mykel replied as he stood up and wiggled his hand that was covered with blood.

“It would be a waste to leave the armor behind, why don’t you wear it, Kurgreo?” Rinon said as pointed at the silver armor that Kier wore.

“It’s cursed, you better burn it instead of wearing it,” Mykel said and wiped his hand with Edith’s handkerchief.

“Shame,” Arvel said as he looked at the national treasure armor of the Peom Kingdom.

Gerrard whistled and everyone looked at him, he nodded up at the city. They looked at thousands of people coming out from the gate, and all of them wore different colors of armor.

“Are those an army of fallen heroes?” Gunnar asked as he stood next to Euros.

“Yes, all of them used to be heroes like us and I don’t think we can fight them all,” Euros answered as he looked at Mykel.

“The more the merrier, isn’t that right, Gunnar?” Rozan asked as he elbowed Gunnar on the waist.

“I have been dreaming of fighting thousands of opponents, I never thought that my dream would come true,” Gunnar’s whole body was shaking in excitement. “Boss can we go?” he asked as he looked at Mykel.

“You guys can have fun, I don’t care,” Mykel said as he burned Kier’s body into ashes.

“Let’s go!” Gunnar shouted as he ran toward an army of fallen heroes.

Rozan pointed his staff and produced a whirlwind and then combined it with fire magic. A massive firestorm was moving towards the army while the others went to the other side since Rozan already cast his magic.

Agnez cut her own palm and then ran in front of Gunnar once she was close to the army. She dragged her sword on the ground and it cut like butter then swung it upward. All the fallen heroes that were in front of her got cut into half then she swung it horizontally and cut a dozen of them in an instant.

Gunnar jumped over Agnez’s head and landed in the middle of the enemy line. He immediately got attacked by the fallen heroes and his [Fever] skill got activated. He swung his axe around him and slaughtered those who were around him then he slammed his axe to the ground. The ground shook and created a small shockwave that was enough to knock them down and got swallowed into the ground.

“Excuse me? Can you not?” Agnez shouted at Gunnar because the dust was hitting her eyes while she was dodging the attacks and rubbing her eyes.

“My bad!” Gunnar replied as he swung his axe and cut four people in half.

Gerrard grabbed Nagy and Lillith’s hand and teleported them to the backline of the army. They both started to assassinate the fallen heroes on the back and they were undetected while Gerrard took care of the archers on top of the wall.

Vincze stabbed his spear and launched himself into the air and flew into the middle of the crowd like Gunnar. He spun and thrust his spear rapidly so that it almost looked like a woodpecker since Estrel’s spear was so light and it was impossible to dodge his attacks.

Sven rested his scythe on his shoulder as he walked toward them so casually. When the fallen heroes were in range, he swung his scythe and decapitated their heads immediately. “Who’s next? Give me all your precious heads!” Sven said as he ran toward them and swung his scythe like a maniac.

Jeanne looked at everyone who was busy fighting the fallen heroes, she took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and unsheathed her sword. She opened her eyes and saw all the weakness of each fallen hero in front of her, she then charged and started swinging her sword so swiftly.

“No matter how many times I watch them on the battlefield, it always amazed me how amazing and strong they are,” Edith said as she offered a sandwich to Mykel.

“Are you not interested in fighting demons, Edith?” Mykel asked and grabbed the sandwich from the lunchbox.

“I do but I’m afraid I don’t have the talent for that,” Edith answered.

“If you’re not talented I wouldn’t pick you up, Edith,” Mykel said and ate the sandwich.

Edith smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. “But you only need my skill, not really my talent,” she replied.

“Although it’s true, I never said that to you,” Mykel said as he looked at Edith. “You want me to teach you? Since you have been staying by my side, you must have observed everyone’s fighting style and it should help you understand using a weapon, right?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but if Mister Mykel wants to teach me, I’ll gladly accept it,” Edith answered with a smile on her face.

“Good, let’s have a date once we leave the tower,” Mykel said as he watched the army of fallen heroes getting massacred.

“Please, Mister Mykel, don’t joke around,” Edith said as she chuckled quietly.

Mykel stared at Edith with a smirk on his face. “I’m amazed that you can hold your desire. Is it because you barely see me in the eye ever since you work for me?” he asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mister Mykel,” Edith answered as she looked away.

Mykel chuckled and shook his head. “I’m not going to do anything to you since you still love your late husband and I respect that. You’re a capable woman and a caring mother, that’s why I chose you to be my assistant,”

Edith stole a glance at Mykel while he wasn’t looking at her. Mykel knew that she had been stealing glances at him ever since she met him but she could hold her desire which was really plausible.

“It seems the battle is almost over, we should go and enter the city,” Mykel said as he stood up, and then he offered his hand to Edith. Edith nodded and grabbed his hand.

They approached the battlefield and the fallen heroes retreated back into the city the moment the trumpets were sounded. They knew they had no chance against Gunnar and the others but that didn’t stop Gunnar and the others from killing those who were trying to run away.

Mykel looked at the dead bodies and all of them were resurrected back to life, so he burned them all with Hellfire so they couldn’t be resurrected again. Euros and the others still couldn’t believe that Mykel could create such fire in a blink of an eye that could burn everything into ashes in an instant.

“What are we going to do now? The gate has been closed and it’s impossible to break in because that gate is made from very thick steel,” Arvel said as he pointed at the gate.

“How strong? I can try and bust it open,” Gunnar said as he cracked his knuckles.

“It’s impossible, even the demons couldn’t break it for decades because it’s indestructible. Even the foundation of the walls had the same steel inside it, but since some of the demons can fly, that gate and the walls are useless against them,” Arvel answered as he looked at Gunnar.

“Really? Let me try it while my Fever skill is still active,” Gunnar said and then he walked toward the giant steel gate that was as tall as the wall itself.

Gunnar screamed as he charged at the gate and used his shoulder to hit the steel gate. The loud banging sounds were enough to make the guards on top of the walls panic because the whole walls were shaking because of Gunnar.

“Wow, you’re not lying about the gate being indestructible,” Gunnar said as he rubbed his shoulder. “Can you melt the door, Rozan? Your fire magic is strong enough to melt steel, right?” he asked as he looked at Rozan.

“It’s impossible, the wall is imbued with magic so even magic can’t do anything to it,” Arvel said. “But you can try if you want to,” he continued.

Rozan pointed his staff at the gate and used fire magic on the gate but nothing happened.

Mykel sighed and approached the gate. “Let me,”

Mykel clenched his fist and punched the gate in a blink of an eye but it only made the gate bend. All of them were shocked because even Mykel couldn’t break it, but then Mykel kicked the door open so easily.

They were speechless and dumbfounded that the city was a big mess. Turned out that Mykel’s punch was strong enough that the impact and the shockwave flattened the buildings near the gate and destroyed the rest.

“No time to be shocked, kill everything that you see,” Mykel said as he entered the city.


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