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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 81 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel entered the portal after everyone else, he looked at Asmond who still hadn’t realized that he lost skill and one skill got reduced. Mykel couldn’t stop smiling as he watched Asmond who look so excited to fight a demon lord.

[Your second trial is beginning]

[Estrel, The First Demon Lord of Lucifer, The Tenth Follower has been waiting for this moment]

“Are you cold?” Mykel asked as he blocked the blizzard from Edith.

“I’m fine, I have attained Cold Resistance since we have been here so this much is still okay. Thank you for your concern, Mister Mykel,” Edith answered with a smile on her face.

“Just tell me if it gets too cold, I will put heat around me,” Mykel said, Edith nodded with understanding as she put her hand on her mantle.

“I can’t see anything! What is this?! This is too cold!” Caesar said as he put his hand above his eyes to look at the distance.

“It’s cold but it’s still bearable, just endure it and we can immediately charge at the demon lord once we see him,” Kastor said as he tightened his grip.

The sound of wings flapping could be heard from in front of them, and they saw an angelic figure descend from the sky. The blizzard didn’t stop and they couldn’t see anything unless they walked closer to Estrel.

“That’s him! Everyone, get in position!” Kastor shouted and pointed his sword at the silhouette of Estrel.

All of them walked so slowly to the sides and tried to surround Estrel in the middle. The closer they were, the clearer the appearance of Estrel and how big the wings were.

“Is that really a demon?” A guy asked as he tried to walk closer to look at it but then a spear pierced through the guy’s skull.

Nobody realized that one of them had fallen because of his own curiosity and then another one was impaled by the spear. Once a scream could be heard, everyone immediately charged at Estrel because they were so vulnerable because of the blizzard.

Mykel warned his own people to stay away until the blizzard calmed down a bit. He didn’t want them to waste their lives by following Kastor and the others.

The screams were so loud that it made the rest of them so nervous and scared. Kastor didn’t care about it and kept on charging toward Estrel with Caesar, Enma, and Asmond.

Emma saw the spearhead was being thrust at Caesar, and she immediately walked forward him and held the shield with both of her hands. The shield was sturdy enough to block the spear, but not her body and arms.

Enma got thrown away and she broke her left shoulder because she blocked the attack. Caesar couldn’t do anything but keep on charging forward with Kastor and Asmond.

“Asmond, just go all out now!” Kastor said as he looked at Asmond that ran next to him.

“Understood!” Asmond said as he tightened his grip.

The moment Asmond saw Estrel’s giant body and massive wings, he used [Nemesis] skill at him. He leaped forward and swung his sword down vertically at Estrel, but Estrel dodged his attack so easily as if his body was as light as paper.

Estrel swung his left fist at Asmond who was still in the air, and because he couldn’t dodge it, he blocked it with his sword. Knowing how big Estrel was, it didn’t stop Estrel from hitting Asmond’s right ribs and enough to throw Asmond away.

For the first time in his life, Asmond felt an immense amount of pain that he couldn’t do anything but scream. Kastor and Caesar were shocked when they heard Asmond’s scream, but they couldn’t check on him because they themselves were in a dangerous situation.

Slowly the blizzard was calming down and everyone could see more clearly. The bodies could be seen around them, and the snow had turned red because of their blood.

Kastor and the others looked at Asmond who was still screaming in pain and they couldn’t believe that Asmond would make such a scream. Kastor immediately ran toward him and looked at his condition while the others were focusing on dealing with Estrel.

“Asmond! What happened?!” Kastor asked as he slid on the snow and then grabbed Asmond’s shoulders.

“It hurts, it hurts so bad! I can’t do this…” Asmond answered as he groaned in pain.

Kastor squinted his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows with disbelief. “Asmond! What are you talking about?! We need you so stand up!”

“I…” Asmond paused before he finished his sentence and looked at Mykel who looked disappointed as he shook his head. Asmond breathe heavily as he remembered that he wanted to become strong for Jeanne and to take her back.

Asmond stood up as he groaned in pain while he put his left hand on his right ribs. “I can do it,” he said as he grabbed his sword from the ground.

“That’s it, come on!” Kastor said as he gently shook Asmond’s shoulder.

Asmond walked back to the battlefield where the others were struggling to even block Estrel’s attacks.

“I’m glad you’re back, Asmond,” Caesar said as he covered in sweat. “We need you to finish this job,” he continued and wiped his forehead.

“I wasted my Nemesis skill, I can’t do much but as long as you guys give me an opening, I will be able to kill him,” Asmond said as he put both hands on the sword’s handle.

“Alright, let’s do the usual then,” Caesar said and looked at Kastor.

“Everyone! Don’t stop attacking! We will give Asmond an opening!” Kastor shouted and everyone nodded with understanding.

Mykel was watching from the distance and he couldn’t wait until Asmond realized that he didn’t have enough strength to fight Estrel. The moment he thought about that, he saw Asmond charging at Estrel and swinging his sword vertically, but it shocked everyone that Asmond couldn’t even cut Estrel with his sword.

Estrel looked down at Asmond who was still in shock, Estrel thrust his spear at Asmond’s shoulder and impaled him. The scream of pain could be heard on the whole floor, and they were shocked when they saw Asmond was impaled and lifted up in the air.

The voice of Asmond panicking, in pain, and in disbelief is like music in Mykel’s ear. The scream slowly lost its voice and nothing but the air that came out from Asmond’s mouth was the cherry on top.

“Asmond!” Kastor screamed as he looked up in the air where Estrel was smiling and looking at Asmond who was on top of the spear.

Estrel thrust his spear on the ground and it was the most painful moment in Asmond’s life. He couldn’t move because his body was stuck on the ground and it was impossible for him to free himself.

Estrel grabbed’s Asmond’s right leg and tried to pull it off but then Kastor swung his sword at Estrel’s hand. Kastor looked so angry and used fire on his sword then he swung it at Estrel even though it did nothing, but at least he could protect Asmond.

Asmond started to cry and sob, it was unsightly for the other Awakeners, some of them even showed their disgusted face, and some were smirking. Mykel couldn’t help but chuckle quietly and shook his head.

Everyone fought for their lives and it was their only chance because Estrel wasn’t holding his spear anymore. One thing that they didn’t know was that Estrel didn’t need his spear to kill them, his brute strength was enough to tear a human in half without even trying.

People were dying and they all lost their hope, they had accepted their death the moment they realized everything was futile. Kastor went on his knee as he used his sword to support his body, he looked at Caesar and Enma who was still trying to prevent Estrel from killing the rest of their team.

Asmond was sobbing as he wiggled his feet to try to free himself, Mykel wasn’t expecting that the hero of the story would make that kind of expression.

“Mykel, please, help me!” Asmond screamed at Mykel who stared at him in the distance.

Mykel had been waiting for Asmond to say that word, he immediately opened his blazer and used [Telekinesis] on them. His knives were moving so fast like a bullet that nobody noticed them until Estrel’s body slowly was chopped off into pieces like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

[You have defeated Estrel, The First Demon Lord of Lucifer]

[Congratulation you have cleared the tenth floor of Lucifer Tower!]

[The portal to the eleventh floor is now open!]

Caesar and Kastor looked at the floating knives and they flew back to Mykel with disbelief. They never thought something like that would be possible, and knowing what kind of skill Mykel had, made Kastor realize how weak he was compared to him.

Mykel stood next to Asmond who was begging Mykel to help him while he was on his back. Mykel grabbed the spear and pulled it out so slowly and painfully that he enjoyed Asmond’s scream for one last time.

“You’re not going to die today, my friend,” Mykel said as he reached his hand at Asmond.


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