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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 76 Bahasa Indonesia

All of them fell on their back as soon as they heard Mykel’s words. He could change all the Awakeners’ levels as he pleased, but he didn’t want to use it since it would only make him less superior to them. There was no reason for him to do that to Gunnar and the others since they could do things on their own, so he wanted to keep it that way until it was necessary to change their level.

“What’s he trying to say, Euros? What did he do?!” Kurgreo asked as he looked at Euros with fear and curiosity at the same time.

“He changed my level to 50 in an instant,” Euros answered and it made all of them stare at him with disbelief. “He did it so easily, I didn’t even feel anything when my level rose to 50!” he continued and gulped nervously.

Mykel planned to make all of them to level 50 but he already used [Admin] skill to modify the system twice. He didn’t bother if they were level 50 or above since they didn’t live in his world and he didn’t want to make them inferior to the Awakeners that would come to Helmga. He wanted these six heroes to be independent of the Awakeners but dependent only on him at the same time.

Mykel grabbed a few scrolls from his bag and then threw them at Euros. “Take those scrolls, it will help you,” he said as he looked at Euros.

“This is?! These scrolls are for giving me skills, and you want me to have them?!” Euros asked with the scrolls in his hands.

“Of course, I have prepared it all just for you,” Mykel said as he closed the bag and threw it back on the sofa. “Unfortunately, I have used my power and I need to rest for today before I can rise the other’s level,” he continued.

All of them stood up and immediately pointed at the door, they were being respectful to Mykel after he showed them what he was capable of. They escorted him to the king’s chamber and they were planning to give him all the food but he didn’t want them so then they left him alone in the chamber.

“You can come in if you want to see me,” Mykel said as he grabbed a bottle of vodka from his bag. Phirzia and Costrezeir entered the room and they both just stood in front of the door while looking at Mykel. “Do you need anything?” he asked as he looked at them.

Phirzia and Costrezeir wore sleeping dresses and they both immediately removed their dress. Mykel furrowed his forehead as he looked at them both completely naked in front of the door.

They both approached him and gently put their arms around him. “I know it’s not much, but we both can offer our bodies,” Phirzia said as she looked Mykel in the eye.

“As our savior and for everything that you have done to us, I want to offer my body and you can do whatever you want with it,” Costrezeir said and she was so embarrassed that she averted her gaze.

Mykel raised his eyebrow as he put the bottle of vodka back in the bag.

Mykel went on and on from noon until late at night, he got up from the bed after he was satisfied playing with them while Phirzia and Costrezeir were sleeping on the bed with a blanket covering their bodies. He grabbed the bottle of vodka and drank it as he watched the kingdom still being rebuilt by the knights and the villagers even though it was late at night.

[The Goddess of Love is requesting to summon you to her world, Mount Olympus]

[Do you accept The Goddess of Love’s request?]

[Yes.] [No.]

“Were you watching me the whole time?” Mykel asked.

[The Goddess of Love is nodding with excitement]

“What a nymphomaniac,” Mykel said as he tapped on the [Yes.] button.

The moment Mykel entered Aphrodite’s chamber, he was welcomed by her and pushed him down to the floor. Her face was so red, she breathe heavily, and was covered with sweat while she was staring at Mykle full of lust.

“I have brought someone with me,” Aphrodite whispered into Mykel’s ear.

A woman with dark brown hair and a piece of cloth that only covered her breasts and waist stood on top of Mykel, Goddess Hedone, Aphrodite’s granddaughter, Goddess of Pleasure. Mykel could see it from down there and she knew that he saw it so she sat on his face and started to moan in pleasure.

Mykel exhaled deeply as Aphrodite and Hedone were clinging to his body. He had no idea for how long he was making love with those two nymphomaniacs but he was exhausted from dealing with them.

“I heard from Aphrodite that you gave her a million Arcana Coins, is that true?” Hedone asked as she played with Mykel’s left nipple.

“Why do you ask?” Mykel replied as he looked down at her.

Hedone jolted from the bed and immediately sat on top of his body. “Can you give me some as well? I need them for my recipient,” she answered while she was trying to make Mykel hard again with both of her hands.

“What can you offer if I’m giving you my Arcana Coins?” Mykel asked as he looked at Hedone who started to smile because he got hard again.

“Myself and all of my recipients if you gave me the Arcana Coins,” Hedone answered as she lifted her waist and put it inside her. “I don’t care about Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon. Right now you’re the only God that I want to serve,” she continued as she rode Mykel and bit her finger in pleasure.

Mykel breathe heavily as he gulped. “How much do you want?”

“The same as her,” Hedone answered as she hugged him and started to move her waist faster.

“There, take it,” Mykel said but Hedone’s head already went blank, and couldn’t say anything but moan then her whole body shook in pleasure.

“Can I devote myself to you as well, Mykel Alester?” Aphrodite asked as she gently rubbed the back of her hand on Mykel’s cheek. “I will leave Ares behind and be yours,” she continued.

Mykel looked at her and raised his eyebrow. “Are you going to do the same as her?”

“Yes, I will,” Aphrodite said as she leaned her head forward and kissed Mykel so passionately.

The morning came and Mykel didn’t get the chance to sleep, he was sitting on the sofa in the hall.

Euros and the others came and they looked at how exhausted he was. “God Mykel? Are you alright? Did it really take a toll on your body after what you have done to us yesterday?” Euros asked.

“No, it’s because of something else,” Mykel answered as he stood up and approached Phirzia.

Mykel looked at her status screen and modified her level to 50, then he walked toward Costrezeir and modified her level to 50 as well. They both looked so happy and they both went down on their knees as they bowed their heads at Mykel.

“I’m sorry that I can’t give your life back, Costrezeir,” Mykel said as he looked at her.

Costrezeir shook her head with a gentle smile on her face. “It’s alright, this much is enough and it’s too late to regret it,”

Mykel gave them the scrolls to increase their basic skills to max them out. Both of them were so happy and couldn’t believe they could become so strong in an instant.

Five days had passed since Mykel’s stay in Helmga world, he raised all the heroes’ levels to 50. He watched the six of them help the knights and the villagers to rebuild the kingdom.

Euros had become Loki’s recipient which was quite surprising but the reason why Loki chose him was to show Mykel that Loki showed his support to him. Arvel, Kurgreo, and Costrezeir became Hera’s recipients because she was moved by Costrezeir’s background and for what she did for the people.

Mykel was surprised by Rinon because his Benefactor was Hel, Loki’s daughter. It seemed that Loki wanted her to make a move and started to show herself in the eyes of the Gods and Goddesses. Lastly, Phirzia became Aphrodite and Hedone’s recipient, Mykel was a bit worried about Phirzia but it was none of his business since it was Phirzia who chose them.

Euros and the others walked up the castle and saw Mykel enjoying his cigarette and a bottle of vodka next to him. “Hero Mykel,” Euros called with a smile on his face, the reason why he was called a hero instead of God was that he didn’t want anyone to know about it since it would affect him later when Awakeners entered Helmga.

“Are you going back to your world today?” Euros asked while he was catching his breath.

“Yes, it’s already a week and I have to go back since my job here is done,” Mykel answered. “I would like to ask you a favor,” he continued.

“Yes?” Euros asked.

“Do you think you can handle the twelfth floor?” Mykel asked as he put out his cigarette.

“With our current condition, it would still be impossible since we don’t know what will await us on the twelfth floor,” Rinon answered as he looked at the others.

“I’m not asking you to go there on your own, but with my team in three days from now,” Mykel said.

“If we go with your team, will be able to clear the twelfth floor without a problem,” Kurgreo replied and the others were nodding in agreement.

“Alright, I will bring my team here in three days. Until then, train your skills,” Mykel said as he stood up. “I will be waiting for the good news,” he said and then entered the portal.


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