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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 64 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel was enjoying his cigarette in the middle of a vast abandoned area near the Azazel tower. He looked at his skills and made sure he got everything he needed, but suddenly the night bright sky turned dark as the clouds started to form from his right. The chill and slow winds turned into strong and fierce winds as if it was going to have a huge storm.

It was impossible for him to smoke his cigarette anymore since the winds put out the fire on his cigarette. He flicked the cigarette as he walked to the middle where an empty space that used to be an open football field.

The thunders rumbled and lightning started to strike the tall buildings. He looked up at the dark clouds and rain started to pour on the dry grasses under his feet.

A quiet splash sound could be heard from in front of Mykel, he slowly looked down and saw a person hidden behind a cloak with the face covered with a hoodie. The person slowly removed the hoodie with its sharp claws, and then there she was smiling sinisterly at Mykel.

“Are you not surprised?” Zherthlsh asked as she walked on the wet grass without making a sound.

Mykel put his hands in his pockets as he stared at Zherthlsh. “I knew that you would seek revenge but I never thought it would be this soon and in this place,”

“Me neither, but now I’m out here, let’s end this small and useless talk,” Zherthlsh said as she tore the cloak and immediately her wings and tail appeared at the same time as the lighting struck the ground behind her.

Zherthlsh pulled the spine-like whip from her back and whipped it so hard that the shockwave was enough to stop the rain from falling. She turned herself into black smoke and made herself invisible, but Mykel immediately blazed his surroundings with hellfire.

“Hm, you know it won’t work against me,” Zherthlsh’s voice echoed. “I was born with fire, and live all my life with it,” she continued.

“I know, but the steam is enough to see where you are,” Mykel said and immediately dashed forward and threw a punch at something on his right and enough to create a massive shockwave.

Zherthlsh smirked as she blocked his punch with her bare hand and it wasn’t really surprising since Mykel knew what she was capable of. He smirked back and it was enough to make Zherthlsh’s smirk disappear then he pushed his fist with his shoulder and was enough to throw Zherthlsh to the buildings.

Punches after punches that Mykel threw at her and hurt her body were enough to make her angry. Zherthlsh screamed and stopped the heavy rain from falling, she then flew up into the sky as flame started to appear around her body. She covered the whole sky with the flame and it was so bright that it looked like a sunset from the distance.

Zherthlsh poured the hellfire on Mykel but it didn’t affect him at all thanks to his [Fire Resistance] skill. Unfortunately, everything on his body turned into ashes except the artifacts on his fingers and made him completely naked even though the material on his clothing he used was made from Gargoyle that had fire resistance on it.

“It seems you are immune to hellfire as well,” Zherthlsh said and started to chuckle mischievously. “I see that the scars that I made have disappeared, how interesting,” she continued.

“Are you done talking?” Mykel asked.

Zherthlsh giggled and bursted out laughing then immediately teleported in front of Mykel with her whip swung at him. He couldn’t dodge it and got himself wrapped by the whip that slowly burned with hellfire.

“No matter how immune you are to fire, the hellfire is strong enough to burn everything into ashes,” Zherthlsh said as she choked on Mykel and lifted his body.

Mykel’s body started to feel the burn, instead of groaning in pain, he smiled as he stared at Zherthlsh.

[Fever has been activated!]

[All skill level is tripled!]

[Max skill levels are over-limit and are doubled instead]

Mykel broke free from the shackle and it caught Zherthlsh off guard. Before she could react to it, Mykel already grabbed her hand on his neck with his left hand and made her unable to move.

Mykel clenched his right fist and punched Zherthlsh’s face really hard while he was still holding her hand. She immediately fell to her knees with her deformed face, but she chuckled and her face slowly reformed back.

“I really underestimated you, Mykel Alester,” Zherthlsh said with a smirk on her face while Mykel kept holding her hand. “Enough with this nonsense!” she suddenly yelled and the veins in her body started to pop up.

Zherthlsh hand was so fast that Mykel couldn’t see it at all and he started to feel the pain as he got thrown away onto buildings behind him. Before he could do anything, Zherthlsh was already flying on top of him and punched him in the face.

A small crater was made from the impact of his body, he coughed blood as Zherthlsh put her leg on his face. Zherthlsh kicked his body and got thrown away again like a ball.

Mykel’s recovery rate was off the chart and he immediately recover almost all the injuries on and in his body. He tried to stand up and saw Zherthlsh was ready to punch him again but she suddenly stopped moving because Mykel used [Telekinesis] on her.

“My turn now,” Mykel said as he clenched his hands and then threw punches at her before she could free herself.

They both flattened the buildings around them as if it was nothing and the loud banging sounds of the shockwaves were similar to the sound of the thunder rumbling. Thanks to [Fever] skill his power was almost equal to Zherthlsh and if it kept going like this, he knew he could defeat her.

After hours of exchanging punches and kicks, they both ended up in a dire situation. Mykel’s stamina started to deplete and he was a bit worried that his [Might] skill would be deactivated.

“You have used everything on your sleeve, I see,” Zherthlsh said as she staggered. “Unfortunately for you, I still have one on me,” she continued and started to giggle.

Zherthlsh covered her with hellfire and it slowly burned her skin, she screamed as if she was in pain but it actually wasn’t. She just turned herself into her true form which was nothing like a human-like demon appearance. Her face, body, and skin turned black and the wings were slowly getting bigger and bigger as her body started to grow as well.

Mykel knew exactly what happened to her and he knew that she activated her trump card and her exclusive skill called [Unmatched]. It was the combination of [Fever], [Strong-Will], [Empower], and [Puissant] where all skills were tripled or doubled with all status resistance, and lastly deal double the damage.

Unfortunately, that [Unmatched] skill wasn’t in the system since it belonged to a demon. Only skills from players and Benefactor’s exclusives were listed in the system so he couldn’t get that skill for himself.

Mykel smirked as he looked up at Zherthlsh who was quadruple his size. “I have been waiting for this moment,” he said.

[Nemesis has been activated!]

[The target is Zherthlsh]

[Skills and Level have been equalized!]

[Duration is 5 minutes]

Zherthlsh bursted out laughing and her laughter was echoing throughout the sky and whoever heard it would give a chill down their spine. “Are you really that desperate to match my power? It’s all futile because you will never ever be able to pass me!” she said as she kept laughing.

[Puissant has been activated]

[You have 10 minutes before the skill expired]

“Is that all you got? I’m quite disappointed,” Zherthlsh said as she slowly walked forward toward Mykel who was still overwhelmed by the power in his body.

Mykel just chuckled and ignored her as he was still busy with his skill.

“What’s it? You’re acting tough while your death is inevitable?” Zherthlsh asked as she stood in front of Mykel.

“For someone who had made a mistake once, you sure don’t learn from your own mistake, huh?” Mykel asked back.

Zherthlsh tilted her head and stared down at Mykel who looked a bit confused.

“I admit you’re nothing like those humans, Mykel Alester, and I will personally make you my servant so I can enjoy your body and soul for eternity!” Zherthlsh said as she giggled mischievously.

“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I have been waiting for this moment,” Mykel said as he pressed a skill on the system screen.

[Activate [Duplicate]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button.

[Please select a target]


[Which skill do you want to duplicate?]


[[Unmatched] skill is successfully duplicated]

[Activated [Unmatched]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel smirked and glared at Zherthlsh. “Yes,”


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