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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 61 Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone was still in shock after what they saw except for Agnez and Lillith. They never thought that Mykel would do something like that and they were curious about the reason behind his decision to kill that man.

“I can feel your gazes, you know that?” Mykel said as he glanced at Gunnar and the others.

“Can I ask you the reason why you killed that man, Mykel?” Jeanne asked nervously.

“There are so many constellations out there, and not everyone wants the same thing,” Mykel answered as he looked back. “Some just want to have some fun, they don’t care about what we are against as long as they have their fun. That guy was one of their toys and we don’t know how many of them will be in the future,” he continued as he sighed and looked at them.

The reason why Mykel killed them was that it was Loki’s idea, and that idea was to overthrow Thanatos from the throne of Death Arcana. Loki wanted more Norse Gods and Goddesses to be sitting on the throne at the heptagon table.

Loki knew that Nyx was the mastermind behind the incident. Her son, Thanatos was the only one who had gotten a favor from Lucifer and they wanted to keep themselves on the heptagon table. With Thanato’s help, Lucifer had been taking over hundreds of worlds thanks to him.

Loki’s plan was to reveal that Hades, Zeus’s brother was taking part in Nyx’s scheme and her son. Hades who had been hiding in the underworld and pretending to not be interested in the heptagon and factions, the Olympus Gods and Goddesses would be furious.

The first step was done, Loki had been laughing the whole time by sending the notification to Mykel. Loki informed Mykel that the 11 Gods and Goddesses of the Olympian noticed that Hades was working with Nyx, their own enemy.

There was an event in the original story called the war between Constellations, and that was when the separation between Awakeners happened. Those who weren’t their allies would forbid their recipients to interact with the Awakeners who weren’t in the same faction or alliance. The world became a big mess and it made Asmond and his companions defeat the demon kings because of that.

Why Mykel agreed to Loki’s scheme on overthrowing Thanatos was because it benefit him for his goal. The more Gods and Goddesses from the heptagon table that supported him, the more influence he got. Loki had been waiting for a moment like this and wanted to put his own daughter, Hel, on the heptagon table.

Although the scheme benefited Mykel, he had to be careful around Loki because he was the most dangerous one on the heptagon table. With a single wrong move, Loki could plot something on Mykel and kick him down to the depth of the valley, and he didn’t want something similar to happen to him for the second time.

At the moment, Mykel already had Hera and Loki on his side, he could do something to Aphrodite so she would favor him as well since she was already head over heels for him. Mykel already got at least three in his palm, and if the scheme succeeded, Hel would also be in his favor. His path was still far from achieving his goal, and he wanted to be careful about it.

“We are here, Mykel,” Lillith said as she pointed at the abandoned building.

Everyone looked at the building and the condition was so bad that they wouldn’t even check the building since there were barely any walls on it.

“This doesn’t look like a place to do a ritual, is there a basement in that building?” Mykel asked as he looked at Lillith.

“Yes, there’s a hidden entry to the basement, follow me,” Lillith said as she walked past Mykel.

Gerrard whistled to warn Lillith as he grabbed his bow and arrow then pointed at something behind the wall. Lillith didn’t bother about it and as Gerrard expected, dozens of Awakeners came out from the buildings near the abandoned building.

“Mykel, can I?” Lillith asked as she glanced at Mykel.

“Go ahead, these guys are the same as the guy from earlier, do what you want to do,” Mykel answered. “You don’t have to help her if you can’t hurt a human, Gerrard,” he said as he looked at Gerrard. Gerrard nodded but he kept pointing his bow at them just in case Lillith needed help.

Lillith nodded and grabbed the dagger on the back of her waist then she immediately dashed forward. Lillith’s [Merciless] skill played a big part when it came to fighting Awakeners because it made things easier for her.

Lillith dodged all the attacks by spinning, jumping, and flipping as if she was born to be a killer. Lillith and Nagy were similar but one specialized in killing Awakeners and the other one specialized in killing demons.

Neck and chest were the only places Lillith chose to stab her dagger in because she knew that Jeanne and Nagy weren’t like her and Agnez who would kill without hesitation so she had to be careful not to make them uncomfortable by the scene. She killed all the Awakeners so quickly and quietly that Jeanne was surprised once she looked back and all of them were already laying on the ground dead.

Hera should be proud of her right now because she killed Nyx, Thanatos, and Hades’s recipents.

“Sorry that you guys had to see this,” Mykel said as he looked at Gunnar and the others with concern on his face.

“It’s alright, boss, if these guys are planning on harming the innocent life, I don’t think they have the right to live,” Gunnar said with a serious expression. Rozan, Gerrard, Sven, and Vincze were nodding their heads in agreement.

“I’m sorry, Jeanne, Nagy,” Mykel said with the same expression.

“It’s okay, I think it’s for the better,” Jeanne answered with a slight smile on her face while Nagy just nodded at Mykel with understanding.

Lillith led them into the abandoned building and she tried to remember the path until she stopped walking and crouched. “This should be it,” she said as she rubbed the dirty floor and saw a plank that covered something under it.

Lillith lifted it up and the pungent smell struck their nose that it was worse than the one from the house.

“Come on, it’s still quite far since the basement was so big that it looked like a parking lot,” Lillith said as she walked down the stairs.

It was as Lillith said, the basement looked like a parking lot but it was so big as those people from the demonic cult made it bigger. It was so dark that they couldn’t see anything until Mykel decided to use his phone’s flashlight.

“Holy fuck!” Rozan said as he jumped back and hit Gunnar’s body. “This is sickening!” he said as he saw dozens of dead bodies piled up in the corners, some of them even hung on the ceiling as if they killed themselves.

“These people died just to summon a demon? What kind of sick bastard did this?” Gunnar said as he covered his nose with his shirt.

“The right question is what kind of demon lord they summoned if they sacrificed this much of people,” Agnez said as she walked past Gunnar. Everyone looked at Agnez and realized the real terror was out there roaming freely.

“Mykel, I think Vincze, Sven, and Nagy couldn’t handle the atmosphere, should we bring them back outside?” Jeanne asked as she looked at those three walking close next to each other.

“Let them stay, they have to get the mind stability skill from this. It’s for their own good,” Mykel said as he looked at those three. Jeanne nodded with understanding and walked toward them to give them comfort. Gunnar and Gerrard were also doing the same.

“There’s a door in front of us, quite a big one as well,” Lillith said as she pointed her flashlight at it.

“Did you see what’s behind this door in that guy’s memories or those guys that you fought earlier?” Mykel asked as he looked at the good-quality wooden door.

“Yes, and it’s not something that I couldn’t explain because you have to see it for yourself,” Lillith said as she glared at Mykel.

“Alright, let’s open it,” Mykel said as he walked to the door and then opened it.

“My god…” Jeanne said as she covered her mouth and tears started to fall on her cheeks.

Dead bodies of children and even fetuses were scattered in the small room. The adults were nailed to the walls upside down, and their eyes were wide open as if they were glaring at whoever opened the door.

“Don’t get inside, stay out here,” Mykel said as he walked inside with Agnez and Lillith.

Agnez and Lillith were taking photos of the dead bodies while Mykel looked at the summoning circle in the middle of the room. Tongues, eyes, hearts, teeth, intestines, and other parts of the body were circling around the circle.

“Uh, Mykel…” Agnez said with a bit of nervousness in her voice.

Mykel turned around and looked at Agnez who pointed at a photo on the wall. He walked toward it and looked at it, he then closed his eyes when he saw his photo on the wall.

“I know which demon lord that they summoned,” Mykel said as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Zherlthsh,” he said as he stared at his own photo.


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