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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 57 Bahasa Indonesia

“You guys can go back first, I want to enjoy my stay here for a moment,” Mykel said as he saw everyone enter the car except for Jeanne who was still in front of the door.

“Okay, I will bring the private jet back here once we get back to District 1,” Lyneth said as she looked at Mykel from the open window. “Come on, Jeanne,” she said as she looked at Jeanne who was still standing in front of the door.

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows because Jeanne didn’t seem to want to leave yet. “I guess she wants to stay and spend the time with Asmond,” he said as he looked at the tower where people were surrounding Kastor and his team.

“Well then, she can stay here with you,” Lyneth said as she grabbed something a black sunglasses from the dashboard. “Here wear this, people might notice you since you don’t like the attention,” she said as she gave the sunglasses to Mykel.

“Thank you, and also I’m going to take the train since I want to enjoy my time,” Mykel said and put on the glasses.

“Okay, bye,” Lyneth said with a smile as she closed the window and waved at him.

Mykel waved at them as he watch the cars leaving, he then looked at Jeanne who had been staring at Kastor and the others. “Go ahead and see Asmond. You said that you wanted to hang out with him right?” he said.

Jeanne nodded and then walked past Mykel and then he followed her from behind. “Eh? Are you going to see them as well?” she asked as she looked at Mykel.

“Am I not allowed? I can leave you don’t want me here,” Mykel replied as he grabbed a cigarette from his pocket.

“No, I didn’t mean to say that,” Jeanne said while panicking.

Mykel just smirked and walked next to her and watch Kastor and his team from the side.

Jeanne looked at Asmond and he was immediately welcomed by the people, and she looked happy until a bunch of women surrounded him. Asmond seemed overwhelmed by those women and he dealt with them nicely one by one like the good person he was.

In the original story, Jeanne was the one who prevented all the women from getting close to him. Now, that Jeanne wasn’t there for him, he would do something that he didn’t do in the original story, and Mykel was curious about it that was why he was there in the first place.

Asmond looked in the distance and he didn’t see Mykel and the others cars, he thought they had left already. He was planning to hang out with Jeanne but he thought that she forget so he didn’t bother about it since he had so many people waiting for him there.

The reporters were surrounding Asmond and asked him about the attempt, and since they already heard about their success in clearing the tenth floor, they bombarded him with questions. Asmond said that it wasn’t just him but Kastor’s team was cheering for him and told the reporters that he was the one who killed the demon lord.

Asmond’s ego started to raise because of the atmosphere around him and acted like he did clear the tenth floor. He told them what he did while Kastor and Caesar looked at him proudly and it made him more excited to tell his achievement to the world.

“What are you waiting for? Go on,” Mykel said as he looked at Jeanne.

Jeanne shook her head as she showed her sour smile. “I don’t think it’s the right time to approach him, so let him with his friends first,” she answered.

“Aren’t you his friend as well? Come on, don’t be like that to yourself,” Mykel said as he pretended to care for her.

“No, I’m okay, maybe next time,” Jeanne looked at Mykel and smiled at him.

Mykel sighed and smiled back at her. “Want to join me instead?” he asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, I would love to since I have never been here before,” Jeanne said and walked away from the crowds.

“To be honest with you, this is my first time here as well, so let’s go and check all the good places they have here,” Mykel said as he put his hand on Jeanne’s head while Jeanne was chuckling.

Jeanne left with Mykel without even taking a single look back.

The time flew by and they both ended up in a fancy restaurant and they were having a nice dinner together.

Jeanne looked at her surroundings and suddenly smiled. “Why are you smiling so suddenly?” Mykel asked as he looked at Jeanne.

“No, I’m just remembering the first time we met, you brought me to this kind of place and I was embarrassed that I was looking at someone’s steak and you noticed that,” Jeanne answered and started to chuckle and hid her face in embarrassment.

Mykel looked around him and hummed. “Right, you were so shy back then and you were too scared to pick something on the menu because of how expensive it was, wasn’t it?” he asked while he was chuckling with Jeanne.

Jeanne had a nice and comfortable dinner with Mykel and then they decided to watch the city lake which was the main attraction of the city. Mykel brought a bottle of wine and bought two wine glasses so they could enjoy the view while drinking.

“Please drink responsibly, you have a very low tolerance to alcohol,” Mykel said as he watched Jeanne pour a small amount of wine into her glass.

Jeanne laughed and nodded with understanding. “I know, I will be careful this time,”

They both were sitting on the bench and stared at the lake while people walked past them. Those people talked about Asmond and only Asmond that which started to annoy her for some reason.

“What with the face? Something bothering you?” Mykel asked as he poured himself a full glass of wine.

“Nothing, I’m just tired of listening to people talking about Asmond. I’m not saying that I hate it, but it’s just really tiresome to listen to it,” Jeanne answered as she started to feel tipsy.

“I guess no more drink for you, Jeanne,” Mykel said as he grabbed the glass of wine from her hand.

“Yeah, I think so,” Jeanne replied while chuckling nervously.

“Want to go somewhere quiet so you’re not bothered by anything? You seem tired, want to get a room so you can rest?” Mykel asked as he stood up and stood in front of Jeanne.

Jeanne just nodded and she started to stagger when she walked, Mykel sighed and grabbed her hand to help her walk.

“Come here, let me carry you on my back, it’s going to take a while if you walk like that,” Mykel said as he lowered his back.

“Is it really that amazing to clear the tenth floor? Why everyone is talking about him all of a sudden?” Jeanne asked as she wrapped her arms around Mykel’s neck from behind.

“I think you forget that he was the hero who prevented the breakout, but yes, that’s how it works when people started to pay attention to you,” Mykel answered as he walked carefully so Jeanne didn’t get nauseous.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand,” Jeanne asked as she stared blankly at the sidewalk road.

“Becoming the center of attention feels nice at first, but then it started to annoy you because everyone is judging you for every move you make,” Mykel explained as he looked at the empty road. “You will start to feel that your meaning of life slowly taking a turn and then you will end up in a place where all you care about is to make those people satisfied,” he continued as he remembered his life in the past.

“Then what happens next?” Jeanne asked as she stared at Mykel’s neck tattoo.

“You will lose the people around you because they are not important to you anymore. You will live in solitude in a castle you built, you will lose yourself in the emptiness of meaningless fame,” Mykel answered with a smile on his face.

“And then?” Jeanne asked again and stared at Mykel’s lips.

“And then, it’s either you live in a bigger castle or you will fall down into the depth of the valley right next to the castle you were living in. You will see your castle from down below and people started to destroy it and looked down at you with despise and want nothing from you anymore,” Mykel answered and started to chuckle. “Fame is dangerous, Jeanne,” he said as he turned his head and looked at Jeanne in the eye.

“I don’t know why, but it feels like you have experienced it before,” Jeanne said as she stared at him back.

“I did, and it was painful,” Mykel answered with a bit of a smile.

Jeanne gulped and leaned her head forward to kiss Mykel, and they both shared a passionate kiss in the middle of the night. Jeanne jumped down and walked to the front so she could kiss him more freely and passionately.


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